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26-Oct-2019 08:28

Especially in Canadian weather where the reviews online said the battery would drain faster when outdoors. The packaging is very simple and not a whole lot of hoopla in the box. I have the live camera web stream in a separate browser running continuously in the background on the bottom right corner of the screen while I work. It also turns out that the spider web that was stuck on the window stopped fluttering in the wind. I called their tech support and was told that it times-out every 20 minutes. Doesn’t that defeat the whole purpose of a live streaming web cam? BUT, we could only afford one Nest Cam because we didn’t want to re-mortgage our house. Here is a 720p view of my office below from the i Phone app.

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21-Jun-2020 05:08

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13-Sep-2019 12:34

Please pray for me because there are those who do not respect God's law or man's law and have been committing various sinful acts on.

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Currently our own rule is ‘ Be Excellent To Each Other’. If you are harassed by another user or have trouble with this chat room, please email us.

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