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"Bad girls," I said, making the dog and mouse shy away. Momo came up, holding a piece of paper and looking very eager to tell me something. "Momo, did you make another picture for me?" "Master, can Momo please have one of these?" She handed me the picture but I was unsure what she was trying is nick jonas dating miley cyrus is nick jonas dating miley cyrus is nick jonas dating miley cyrus to show me. "What is it?" "Momo saw it used in one of the porns yesterday. Two girls were playing with it." Jesus, she was asking for a vibrator! It is nick jonas dating miley cyrus was one of those big neck massager ones, which normally had to be plugged into the wall. This is exactly why I didn't want you watching these videos!" "

is nick jonas dating miley cyrus
is nick jonas dating miley cyrus
is nick jonas dating miley cyrus Pleeeeeeeeease, Master? Both Sonja and Chloe were looking at us, curious as to the outcome. I really didn't like the idea of Momo having a toy. For one thing, she spent enough time playing with herself already. Plus, I was afraid of further stimulating her curiosity. First she would ask for a vibrator and then who knows what. But on the other hand, it might be fun if I used it on the girls. I could see them now, moaning and squirming in bliss, calling me again and again. Hell, they might end up squirting like fire hydrants. "I'll tell you what, if you make dinner for all of us for seven nights, I'll get jonas nick miley cyrus dating is is nick jonas dating miley cyrus you a vibrator." Her eyes sparkled. I'll make plans for dinners this week and get the ingredients, and it will be up to you to prepare them. That also is nick jonas dating miley cyrus is nick jonas includes dating miley cyrus washing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen." "Momo will do it!" "Ok, but I'm trusting you with this, just like I'm trusting you with a computer. You have to share with Sonja and Chloe, and if you misbehave, I'll take it away. Deal?" "Deal!" ---------------------------------------- Rather than wait for Momo to prove herself, I decided is nick jonas dating to miley cyrusis nick jonas dating miley cyrus i> have faith in her and order the vibrator that night. It would arrive in the mail sometime that week, and hopefully the girls wouldn't notice and Momo is nick jonas dating miley cyrus is nick jonas dating miley cyrus is nick jonas dating miley cyrus wouldn't screw up. As much as I liked the idea of giving the girls vibrator reach-arounds, I couldn't break the rules I had established. I had to be careful about spoiling the girls, making sure that rewards only came with responsibilities. For the rest of that week, Momo cooked everything I had taught her. She spent the evenings in the kitchen, wearing nothing but an apron, and had a look of almost predatory focus. Whenever I taught the girls how to prepare meals, I made sure to is nick jonas dating miley cyrus write it down in a notebook for them. Hearing her sounding out words and seeing her stare at the pages as she worked, I was filled with pride. At the end of the week, I gathered all the girls at the table, having just finished eating some particularly good chicken nuggets (it's not like I was teaching the girls how to make souffl├ęs). I gave you a challenge and you passed with flying colors." Momo purred at the praise, an adorable smile on her face and her is nick tail jonas dating miley cyrus twisting. Momo, have fun." I reached under the table and pulled out the vibrator, handing it to her like the Olympic torch. It was a smaller version of the neck massager model, battery powered rather than needing an outlet. Knowing Momo, I made sure to stock up on batteries. She took it gratefully, her eyes wide as dinner plates. She pressed the button on the side and the toy activated, a low hum echoing through the kitchen with the rubber head clearly shaking. Not only Momo, Sonja was gazing at the toy with a hungry expression. While she didn't play with herself as much as Momo did, she couldn't wait to try it herself. ---------------------------------------- I had never heard Momo cry out so loud. I was kneeling perpendicular to her, giving steady thrusts while Sonja held the vibrator to her clitoris. Momo's cheeks were nick wet is cyrus dating miley jonas with tears and her tongue swept across her lips. One might think she was in pain (sitting in the corner, Chloe certainly thought so), but if I stopped is nick jonas my dating miley cyrus thrusts or Sonja stopped the toy, Momo would beg to have them returned. I leaned over Momo and nibbled on her ears, the last bit of stimulation needed for her to cry out from a tidal wave of orgasms. Her voice echoed through the house, until at last, she lay limp, glistening with sweat. "Sonja, are you ready?" is nick jonas dating miley cyrus The blonde pup bounced on her knees, shaking the bed with her big yellow ears flopping.

I wanna try!" Without me needing to tell her, she got on all fours, shaking her butt at me. How surprising that her favorite position is doggy-style. I mounted her from behind, her tail falling slack and an erotic smile on her face

is nick jonas dating miley cyrus
as she felt me penetrate her.

As I started slamming into her, she brought the vibrator to her clit, starting her own choir of ual bliss. Normally, she would is nick jonas dating miley cyrus stay on her hands and knees, letting her breasts clap together like a Newton's cradle. This time, however, the stimulation was too much for her to stay upright. She was face down, her rear end sticking up, her drool damping the sheets as bliss overwhelmed her.

"Mmmmmasterrrrr… this feels soooooo gooooooood," she groaned, looking like she had is nick jonas dating miley cyrus cyrus is dating jonas miley nick just taken a hit of acid. "I can actually feel the vibrations through you, and I'm enjoying it as well." Sonja didn't even give any warning, she just howled when she came. ---------------------------------------- For several days, buzzing and moaning could be heard almost nonstop. Momo spent even more of the daylight hours in the bedroom than before, is jonas putting nick cyrus miley datiis nick jonas dating miley cyrus ng the vibrator through its paces and switching out batteries like they were shotgun shells. Her masturbation habit had gone from being cute and y to being rather concerning. And

is nick jonas dating miley cyrus
while I had originally gotten the smaller vibrator because it was cheaper than the plug-in model, the cost of batteries was burning through the savings like thermite. One night, cyrus jonas is nick dating miley upon coming home, only Sonja and Chloe greeted me. I sighed loudly and moved upstairs, finding her on top of some tangled and damp sheets. Whether it was the sound is nick jonas dating miley cyrus of the vibrator or her own moaning, she hadn't heard me come up the driveway. I stood over her, her nick jonas dating miley cyrus agaim back to me and her butt in the nick jonas cyrus is dating air miley, completely unaware that I was there. This was actually the same way I had found her and she first started flicking her bean. Listening matthew gray gubler to dating
is nick jonas dating miley cyrus
kat dennings
her moans, a peculiar idea came to me. A catgirl pleasuring herself would probably attract a lot of fetishists, fetishists with money. Maybe she could become one miley is cyrus dating jonas nick of those webcam girls with the premium sites, pay to watch.

Hell, her cutesy way of miley cirrus and nick jonas dating talking might drive some people wild, and if I put some tape on her is nick jonas miley dating butt cyrus and gave her some realistic-looking fake human ears, viewers would just assume that her ears and tail were just some really well-made props. Sonja and maybe even Chloe is nick jonas dating could miley cyruis nick jonas dating miley cyrus s also get involved. For one thing, all my effort had to be put into hiding the girls rather than exposing him, plus… it felt like I would be taking

is nick jonas dating miley cyrus
is nick jonas dating miley cyrus advantage of them. They were in my care, so while having with them was one thing, putting them on the Internet to make money was approaching pimp levels. And is nick jonas dating miley cyrus is nick jonas dating miley cyrus they didn't know any better, so I didn't like the idea of making them do this when they couldn't comprehend it and understand the meaning and consequences. "Momo." She spun around, nearly falling off the bed as if she had just seen a cucumber. "Momo, you and I need to have a talk." "Did Momo do miley is jonas cyrus nick dating is nick jonas dating miley cyrus something wrong?" Crap, she was being cute again.

"Momo, you've been using the vibrator too much." "But Momo lets Sonja use it when she asks!" "I know, and I'm proud of you for that. But you're spending way too much time up here, playing with yourself. I got you books and art supplies and you can use the computer now, plus it's still plenty warm out if you put some clothes on, so maybe go run around with Sonja.

I'm not taking it away, but from now on, you can only use it once a day, and I don't mean until it runs out of batteries." Momo's ears drooped. "Come here, give me some love." She crawled over and gave me a kiss, then curled up with her head in my lap. I stroked her hair and her cheeks, making

is nick jonas dating miley cyrus
her purr. ---------------------------------------- "Master!" miley cyrus and nick jonas dating x3 I woke up, quite unwillingly I might add. The girls no longer needed me to prepare breakfast for them, so I was finally able to sleep in on the weekends. They had left the bed to go eat, but immediately swarmed back.

"There had better be a fire," I grumbled, face-down on the bed. As expected, Sonja was overjoyed, Momo was pissed off, and Chloe was terrified. In the window behind them, I could see white flakes falling from the lightening sky. Do nick cyrus dating is miley jonas you girls want to go play outside?" "Yeah!" Sonja cheered. Momo just pouted and shrugged, as if I was responsible for the snow. Beside her, Chloe was pulling her ears down over her face and squealing in fear. The girls and I got dressed and headed downstairs, then added on some extra layers and went outside. With a is nick jonas dating miley cyrus coat, hat, snow boots, and mittens, Sonja rocketed out the door and began frolicking through the yard. Snow!" I stepped out onto the deck, Momo beside me and Chloe is nick jonas dating miley cyrus behind me. Momo was scowling, and with her ears covered with a hood, she looked like your average bitchy teenager. "Momo doesn't like the cold, Momo misses her fur," she said as she pulled the strings of her hood. "Is it safe to be out here?" "Chloe, relax, it's just frozen water.

See?" I scooped up a handful of fluff and held it to her, the flakes as white as her hair. She leaned forward and sniffed it, wiggling her nose.

I blew into the pile, spraying is nick jonas dating miley cyrus is nick jonas dating miley cyrus them into her face like she was a powdered donut. She jumped back, her eyes wide, not looking scared so much as unable to process the feel of the dating jonas nick cyrus miley is is nick jonas dating miley cyrus snow touching her skin. "Come on, let's go for a quick walk before breakfast." The girls followed me into the woods, and as one would expect, Sonja zoomed around us, eyes always upwards and her tongue sticking out to try and catch the flakes. "Master, Momo's cold!" the feline whined, clinging to me like a koala.

The cyrus is miley dating jonas feeling nis nick jonas dating miley cyrus ick of my arm between her breasts definitely kept the cold at bay for me. She was paying more attention to her footing and steps, but appeared to have gotten is nick jonas dating miley cyrus is nick jonas dating miley cyrus used to the presence of snow. As she followed me, I crouched down and picked up a handful of snow. It was pretty cold outside, so there wasn't is nick jonas dating miley cyrus is nick jonas dating miley cyrus any moisture in the snow. I breathed into it, using the heat to melt the snow and then I formed it into a snowball. "Hey, Sonja, catch!" Down the path, nick dating cyrus jonas miley is Sonja turned around and I threw the snowball. ---------------------------------------- After going back home, we all had breakfast and then crawled back into bed for a bit. Before falling asleep, is nick jonas dating miley cyrus I thought back to what the realtor agent had told me, about this house easily losing power. I still had yet to buy a generator and I needed to sign jonas is nick dating cyrus miley is nick jonas dating miley up cyrnick jonas is miley cyrus dating us for the plowing service.

When we started getting real nor'easters, the last thing we needed was to be stranded out here without any power or food.

After jonas dating a brief cyrus nick m

is nick jonas dating iley miley cyrus
is nap, the girls and I got up, but Chloe only climbed out from under the bed so that she could crawl under the sheets and curl up in my warm spot. It seemed that she wanted to sleep a little longer. Momo, Sonja, and I headed downstairs and had lunch, and as soon as she had eaten, miley cyrus Sonja nick dating jonas is put on her coat and boots and ran back outside, of course leaving the door open behind her. "I'm going to go run some errands, I'll be is nick jonas dating miley cyrus back in a bit." "Oh, can we have raviolis tonight?" Momo asked. "Sure thing." After I left, Momo found herself sitting at the table, unsure of what to do. She usually felt bored after naps, this was nothing new, but it was an annoyance. She could always play with herself, but it would have to be on the couch. Chloe… is nick jonas dating miis nick jonas ley dating miley cyrus cyrus Momo's ears perked up and she made her way upstairs. Reaching the bedroom, she stood at the foot of the bed, looking at the sleeping Chloe. Momo'is nick jonas dating miley cyrus s tail was curling and her ears were twitching from her rising energy. She crawled into the bed, the shaking of the mattress awaking Chloe. Seeing Momo and knowing what she was going to do, Chloe whimpered and turned away. A deep purr in her throat, Momo pulled away the blankets, prompting Chloe to curl up the fetal position. Regardless is of nick jonas datinis nick jonas dating miley cyrus g miley cyrus her passive resistance, Momo managed to work her hand between Chloe's legs, her probing fingers slipping inside her. Chloe continued to whimper from Momo's tickles, is nick jonas dating miley cyrus lacking the willpower to try and stop her. Chloe's whine made Momo purr even louder, her own body beginning to react.

She leaned over and nibbled on Chloe's ears, making her shiver in response. She began to writhe and twist, feeling Momo's tongue and lips massaging the sensitive cartilage, all while her fingers whisked up her virgin nectar. It took only a couple minutes for her to achieve an orgasm, prompting a particularly loud squeak. Momo sat up, normally leaving after managing to coax an orgasm from Chloe, but this time, she instead reached over to the bedside table, into a drawer. Licking her lips, Momo brought the head of the vibrator to Chloe's clit, drawing a continuous whine from the mouse. Momo was curled up against her, purring with a small smile as she rubbed Chloe's pussy with the vibrator. She was leaking like a sieve, the buzzing of the head making her body tremble like ripples in water. But Momo wasn't satisfied with just making Chloe feel good. She miley is dating climbed cyrus nick jonas on top of her, similar to the missionary position. With their smooth legs intertwined, Momo began rubbing up against Chloe, letting the vibrator buzz against both their pussies.

Due is nick jonas dating miley cyrus is nick jonas dating miley cyrus to the difference in height, Momo's breasts were smothering Chloe. At first, she thought it was just coincidental, but with the way Momo was rubbing her chest against her face, she realized that Momo actually wanted her to do something. Hoping it would get Momo to stop, Chloe opened her mouth and began sucking on her breasts. Momo is nick jonas dating miley cyrus is nick jonas groaned dating miley cyrus in bliss, relishing the feeling of lips on her nipples while the vibrator buzzed against her clit. Maybe Momo would finally leave, that's what Chloe was hoping is nick jonas dating miley cyrus is nick jonas dating miley cyrus jonas dating cyrus nick miley is for. But Momo looked down at Chloe, staring into her eyes, and the hungry look on her face told her otherwise. Without saying a

dating tips psychic love doctor word cyrus miley nick dating is jonas psychic
, she began to crawl over Chloe, moving towards the headboard. She stopped once Chloe's head was between her legs, suspending her dripping pussy over the girl's is nick jonas dating miley cyrus tearful face. Sniffling, Chloe slowly extended her tongue, not having the strength to refuse. "What the hell is going on here?!" Momo looked over, seeing me in the doorway. It jonas is miley dating nick cyrus was a good thing I had forgotten my wallet on the bureau. Momo jumped off Chloe and hid behind the bed, while Chloe, crying, rushed over to me. "What miley jonas have dating is cyrus nick you been doing to Chloe?" "Momo just wanted to play with her!" "Even when she clearly didn't want to?" Momo cocked her head to one side, not understanding is nick jonas dating miley cyrus why I was angry. Sure, I had seen Momo and Sonja lick my cum off each other's breasts, or finger each other, but they had never kissed or jonas miley dating is cyrus nick shown any real ual interest in each other. Dear, sorry about bothering you all the time, but my humanoid cat won't stop ually nick jonas dating miley cyrus again assaulting my humanoid mouse and I need help. I looked back and forth between them, from Chloe's ears to Momo's.

Momo isn't molesting Chloe because she's bi, she's bullying her because they're cat and mouse! She used to do the same damn thing when she was a kitten. She's catch mice and birds, and even when is nick jonas dating miley cyrus

is nick jonas dating miley cyrus
they were injured or dead, she would keep batting them around, trying to get them to fight back. I thought she had outgrown it, but Momo was still a is nick jonas dating miley cyrus
is predator nick jonas dating miley cyrus
and was picking on Chloe because she was small and weak. "Momo, you're not allowed to play with someone when they don't want to! You're going is nick jonas dating miley cyrus to spend the next few nights sleeping on the couch!" I then stormed over and took away her vibrator. "And you're not getting this back anytime soon!" ----------------------------------------
is nick jonas dating miley cyrus
is nick jonas dating miley cyrus is nick jonas dating miley cyrus For the rest of the day, Momo made herself scarce, hiding in the woods. It's better that she did, because I was furious for the way she treated Chloe.

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