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“Ready to move onto the bed?” She nodded just slightly in reply, and he took her hand, and led her next to the bed. She walked more sure-footedly than he knew he would have. He realized she was entrusting herself completely to him, and marveled again at her ability to give herself absolutely and without fear. He turned her around, then gently pressed her down to the bed. He then turned her and laid her down completely on the extremely comfortable bed her mother had created for them. She didn’t even bother to straighten her skirt or sweater, but simply rocked her shoulders to get situated, then waited patiently for Brandon to continue. He softly average time dating when should i have sex dating couples have sex average ran time dating couples have sex his fingers around her ear, and then across her cheek, and to her lips. She lightly kissed them when he lingered there for a moment, and then he proceeded down her chin, over the side of her neck, and then lightly down her dating when should you have sex arm, finishing by caressing his fingers over her upturned palms and fingers. Her fingers fidgeted a few times as he paused there for a brief moment, as they seemed to want to be able to hold his hand. He lifted away from her then, and waited a half a minute, allowing her senses to enhance themselves again while searching and waiting for a touch. He looked up and down her body, wondering where to go next. Then dating have sex average time couples he spied her nipples pointing prominently through her light sweater, which was thin enough he though he could almost see through it. He lowered his head and kissed the sex time average have dating couples one closest to him gently, and was rewarded with a gasp from his lover. He moved across and kissed the other one, this time encircling it with his lips, and sucking it in lightly for the briefest of seconds. She gasped again, and thrust her chest up into him, trying to make the momentary pleasures endure longer, but he pulled average time dating couples have sex away farther than she could arch her back. He made her wait even longer this time, acting as if he was punishing her for her movement.

We can’t have time sex couples average have dating you losing control again, or I may just leave you here like this.” he teased her, knowing that would get the best reaction. “I’m sorry,” she whispered back, “I’ll be good. Don’t leave.” Assured that he had her cooperation in their little game, he kissed her wrist slightly, seemingly going back a average sex dating time have couples few steps of intimacy due to her disobedience. Then he tested her, and ran his tongue in a circle around her exposed belly button from where her soft sweater average time dating had couples have sex ridden up. She moaned, but kept her cool even with his surprise attack, and he rewarded her with a lick at the top of her belly button, which made average time dating couples have sex her purr with continued pleasure, and with the expectation of what she hoped were the forthcoming movements of his tongue much lower on her body. He realized he was losing his patience a little as well, and was torturing himself almost as much as he was torturing her. He desired to pleasure her completely just as badly as she wanted average time dating him couples have sex to. He decided to make this just a little easier for himself by giving himself a little better view.

He lifted her sweater up and over her firm and beautiful breasts, and allowing himself the ability to gaze at her very womanly and infinitely enticing assets. He knew she would expect him to go there first, as she would assume her feminine charms would be too much for him to withstand. Instead, he went to her feet, and removed the shoes and cute schoolgirl socks with ruffled tops she average time dating couples have sex average time dating couples have sex had been wearing. He then bent over and nibbled the underside of her big toe, causing her to squirm and giggle as he tickled her feet. He pretended to be a puppy next, gently biting on her delicate toe, and swinging his head side to side as if it was a toy he was trying to take away. This elicited have time sex couples average dating peals of laughter from Jeanette, and the playfulness they shared brought a grin to Brandon's face. He brought his fingers up and then began to fully tickle the under side of her foot, luckily pulling his face away just before her foot whipped by him in its endeavor to escape his clutches.

Brandon loved the way her twisting caused her breasts to jiggle and sway, and was momentarily captivated by their movements.

Her kicking also had the unintended consequence of flipping her skirt up, now giving him an unobstructed view of all of her most private areas. Her lower lips were already slightly parted, and there was a slight sheen of moisture as their game had already aroused her, average time dating couples have sex her imagination going into overdrive due to the loss of her vision, and her anticipation filling in the moments when he wasn't directly contacting her flesh. The sight of her soft and pink pussy drew him in, and he gave up the game to kiss on the outer lips gingerly. Her thighs went over his shoulders and her legs pressed against his back, trying to hold him in place and keep him from being able to pull back again. Her nether lips parted a little more as he kissed them, giving him unfettered access to her innermost sanctum. He dragged his tongue through her slit, and she moaned her pleasure as he licked her moist crevasse. He savored average time dating couples have the average time dating couples have sex sex taste of her succulent juices, and moved up to twirl his tongue around her clit, teasing her hard button with the point of his tongue. He figured there had been more than enough build up so far, so he slid two fingers inside of her while continuing his focus on her clit.

It only took a minute to bring her to the edge, and she plummeted quickly into the frenzy of a forceful orgasm, her entire body bucking and heaving with the force of the internal release. Once she had finally come down, and the aftershocks were to a minimum, he straightened himself up and walked up to the head of the bed, where he pulled down her blindfold. Her eyes squinted in the sudden light, and once her dilated pupils had contracted enough, she opened them fully. Brandon raised a single finger, and she looked at him in confusion. He wriggled his eyebrows at her, and laid on the bed next to her. He took one of her still erect nipples into his mouth, and sucked on it average time dating couples have sex couples firmly sex have average time dating, while his hand went lower to manually tease her clit again. After a few minutes of concentrated efforts, he finished her again, and this time held up his middle average time dating couples have sex finger as well when she was done. He cuddled up to her for a little while after that, letting her sensitivity diminish from her two intense orgasms. Once she had average time dating couples calmed have sexaverage time dating trong> couples have sex enough from her prior exertions, Brandon started kissing down the center of her chest, and down to her navel. “This isn’t all about me you know.” He smiled up at her. Plus, you already said you could take care of me during this week. However, I get the impression you won’t be letting me take care of you. So, I’m trying to ensure I give you as many as I can to hold you over. Is that workable for you?” She assented reluctantly, couples time average dating have sex dating have time average sex couples not being able to find any major flaws in his logic. He continued his earlier path down, and soon was rewarded with being able to hold up another finger for her. I think we only will have time for one more, and I want that one done right.” She finally raised herself up to a sitting position, grunting slightly after being prostrate for so long, and after her previous orgasms had drained so much of her energy. She pushed him down then, and deftly started to undo his average time dating couples have sex pants. She hastily had them off of him, and then lowered her head to his groin, and kissed him there warmly. Brandon’s head fell back onto the bed, and average time dating couples have sex average time dating couples have sex he closed his eyes, just luxuriating in the sensations of her mouth and tongue playing across his shaft.

After a few minutes of being completely lost in the moment, and letting himself be pleasured, he felt her head rise up, and the chill from the air shocked him as the warmth was taken away. It only lasted a few moments though, as it was replaced by a whole new fiery heat, as she straddled him and lowered herself onto him.

He opened his eyes just in time to see her lean forward, and she kissed him sensuously, while grinding into him the entire time. She drew back from his lips then, and leaned in and whispered to him. This time, let me do all the work.” With that, he felt her palms on his chest as she steadied herself, and she began to rock up and down on him, average time dating couples have sex and also swirl her hips in gyrating patterns, and he felt like he was being moved to best stimulate every nerve ending of her tight channel. She was breathing heavily average time dating couples with have sex the exertion, but showed no signs of slowing down or stopping, and he watched her as she rode him hard, and her dating someone with same girls dating girls average time dating couples have sex average time dating couples have in sex clinton ms birthday the movements seemed to maximize both of their pleasure. He was being launched to the extreme end of euphoria, and she was completely lost in her average have couples dating time sex own little world as she worked to bring their love to its passionate peak. Finally, he could hold back no more, and he came forcefully, spurting deep inside her. She average time dating couples have sex average time dating couples have sex average time dating couples have sex came shortly after, her walls closing around him even tighter than he thought possible, the contractions inside her pulling every last drop out of him. She collapsed on top of time have sex couples dating average average time dating couples have sex him when she had finished, a deeply contented sigh emanating from between her perfect lips. Brandon wrapped his arms around her, and they laid there for minutes. He was still average time dating couples have sex average time dating couples have sex semi-erect, and so started moving his hips to pleasure her again, but she stopped him. Just lay here and hold me for a little while.” He of course average time dating couples have sex did so, and he soon heard her breathing slow until it softened to a shallow pace as she slipped into slumber. Chapter #4 - Daydreams and Nightmares Brandon stayed awake, alert for any noise that may mean her parents had returned home. He knew that her parents were smart enough not to come upstairs and interrupt them, but he didn’t want to take any chances of them being discovered asleep in this position if they called to them and they didn’t answer. So, he allowed her to sleep average time dating couples have sex average time dating couples have sex

average time dating couples have sex
for about an hour, and then gently rolled her over, still asleep, and put her under the covers while he used the bathroom and made himself look mildly presentable. He walked out of her bathroom, and gazed lovingly at this dream of a woman, her face so peaceful and relaxed, a contented look suffusing her countenance. He sat down at her desk chair and just watched her sleep. He thought about their future together, and what would become of them as they went through their lives with one another. He
average time dating couples have sex
knew they would be together no matter what, but he wondered what challenges would average time between dating and marriage define and shape them, and what kind of people they would be when they got older. There average time dating couples have sex were so many things about her he was looking forward to learning and discovering. He realized he had no idea what career field she was interested in pursuing, although he was sure she would succeed at whatever she had in mind. It was just not the type of thing they had discussed so far. For that matter, Brandon wasn’average time dating couples have sex t entirely sure what he wanted for a career either, so maybe she didn’t know yet. He let his brain travel aimlessly, not really worried about the future, but average time dating couples have sex more curious about how it might all end up. He thought about the possibility of kids, a home, their likely wedding, so many varied threads that their life could take. Eventually he shook his head to pull himself out of his, and he looked up to see Jeannette, smiling peacefully at him, wearing only the contented smile one tends to average time dating couples have sex have after a relaxing nap. “What were you thinking about?” she queried him. “Nothing really”, he replied, running his hands up and down his legs. “Liar”, she pouted, “now tell me what you were thinking about.” “Nothing, everything. I was just thinking about our future, where we may end up, all the things that could happen. Just letting my brain wander I guess.” She motioned him to come over, and had him put his head on her chest as she held him tightly to her. “And how do we turn out?” “Well, happy I guess. I wouldn’t like to imagine us cranky and irate.

That wouldn’t make for a very fun fantasy at all.” She laughed lightly then, bemused at his statement. Anything I should be aware of though?” “Don’t get me average time dating couples have sex a dog for a Christmas present.

It will end up peeing on the tree and ruining the carpet, and then attack the drapes. It ends badly for everyone involved, and average time dating couples have sex makes us lose our security deposit on the apartment we are in.” She laughed more heartily then. Fine, I will try not to get you a dog for any major holidays, at least not until we get our own house. Anything else?” “Yeah, you are my roommate for college. Otherwise, you get a girl who tries to average time seduce dating couples have sex me, and it becomes awkward for the rest of the semester. Then she says she has become a lesbian, which only serves to confuse me as to how one average time dating does couples have sex that, but either way she comes after you for her first lover. Which I had to admit was an interesting thought for me, until she came after me with a knife to try and get me out of the picture so she could have you all to herself. It’s too bad though, she was kind of cute.” average time dating couples have sex “Really? Did she have a name?” “I assume so, but I forgot it when she came after me with the cleaver, and I had to defend myself couples average dating sex from time have her homicidal tendencies. Especially when she pulled the move with the fire extinguisher, that one I was certainly not expecting. She was a crafty one.” “Ok, note average time dating couples have sex average time dating couples have sex to self: Don’t let Brandon’s mind wander. It is obviously a danger to himself and others.” She kissed him on the head then, and changed the topic. I just want you to always remember that.” Brandon lifted his head slightly, and looked up at her.

“Of course I will, although I hope that is not time sex have couples average dating a precursor statement to you telling me you are leaving for parts unknown.

Now, both of us should get up and get some work done, or else it is dating average have couples time sex average time dating couples have sex going to be a late night for all of us, and not in the way you want it to be.” Jeannette got up then, changed into more appropriate clothing,

average time dating couples have sex
average time dating couples have sex average time dating couples have sex and then settled in to do some work in the short time before dinner. Just before he left later that night, Jeannette pulled him aside, and kissed him gently on the lips. “Now, be careful when you go to sleep tonight. I don’t want you dreaming about psychotic girls with pickaxes, and then find out you didn’t get the rest you needed. Then again, that might require a nap for us tomorrow, and that is something I could certainly go for.” Brandon promised he would be careful to keep an eye on his dreams either way, and departed with the typical smile on his lips which seemed to be permanently etched there since he had first average time dating couples have sex kissed Jeannette. Chapter #5 - A Really Big Show The next day in school, they found Jeannette and asked if they could speak to her privately. She of course said average time dating couples have sex yes, obviously excited at the possibility that they would let her play more of her games, and much to her delight, that was exactly their intent. “So, are you have couples dating average time sex still interested in having someone new watch you?” Brandon started out, since they both knew she would be far more likely to take his suggestions. Can you tell me average time dating couples have sex who it is now?” “Not yet, that will be our little surprise still. First, we are trying to set it up so that after he sees you, you will get to see him next. Second, we want to make sure everything goes as safely as we can. We wouldn’t want him bringing friends, taking pictures and spreading them around, or trying something you are not comfortable with yet. So we were thinking that we would be there as well, making sure everything was on the up and up. Does all that sound agreeable to you?” Sandy’s eyes lit up when she found out that Brandon would be there too. He had also figured that his dating couples have presence average average time dating couples sex have sex time would ensure quite the good show, and that may help move things along as well. They discussed several more details, then they had Sandy write a note, her feminine couples have sex time dating average average time dating couples have sex average time dating couples have sex handwriting helping to make sure that Ray got the message: I’m looking for someone who I can share my interests with, and I am hoping you are that person.

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