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I look back up just in time to lock eyes with Kelly and watch a slow, seductive smirk adorn her beautiful face. I blush hard and stand up, the other girls already having moved on. The bell rings signaling the start of second bell but Kelly stares at me with dating sites with big breast women the smirk still plastered on her face. The halls were empty now so when she dating women long with natural fingernails moves closer, having the walk of authority with her hands behind her back, I let my eyes roam over her body. She stops a foot away from me and I tear my eyes away from her chest. I expect you to be on time for my class as you are not for your class now." Kelly teases. I blush and gulp as she shoots me a predatory smile. I ran into some girls because I was distracted-" Kelly swiftly cuts me off and steps forward as she does so, almost a couple inches from me now.

"I know why you were distracted..." Kelly draws and closes the rest of the gap between us until there is only an inch left between us. My heart beat picks up as she moves her lips next to my ear.

"I felt your eyes burning holes the size of Texas on my ass, Emily." Kelly says seductively. I blush a deep red and the throbbing between my dating women with long natural fingernails legs revives like it hasn't missed a beat. "I...I" I stumble because Kelly's cleavage was so deliciously close to my face and all I could think about was pushing dating women with long natural fingernails natural dating with long women fingernails her against the lockers and groping her chest.

Maybe grinding on her leg to get rid of the aching in my cunt. Whispering in my ear all the dirty things she is going to do when I spend the few hours at her house. Egging me on to cum for her right here in the hallway. Telling me how dirty and scandalous it is to me dating women with long natural fingernails where we can get caught. Then I would cum for her because it was all too much. She would make me cum so so ha- "Emily!" I snap out of my thoughts and dating women with find long natural fingernails<

dating women with long natural fingernails
/em> Kelly smirking and crossing her arms. "I was saying that you should get to class." Kelly says with a raised eyebrow then jerks down her shirt to expose more of her chest
dating women with long natural fingernails
that almost has me drooling. "I would hate for you to have a detention for this afternoon considering...well you know." With that Kelly spins on her heels and continues her strut down dating women with long natural fingernails the hallway. I stare blatantly at her ass until she is out of view then make my way to my second bell. My teacher gives me a mean look but since I was her only straight A student in the class it only took a sincere apology to make up for being late. I take my assigned seat and try hard to pay attention to what I should be learning but I find myself thinking about Kelly instead. I shiver at the thought of her taking me on her desk. Maybe from behind...or on my back with my legs spread wide. Begging to be touched or to cum just in the way she likes. Hart, do you have something to share with the class." I snap my head up and blush. Sorry." dating women with I sink long natural fingedating women with long natural fingernails dating women with long natural fingernails rnails in my chair as she goes back to teaching. // Finally walking into seventh bell and seeing Kelly made a shiver go down my spine. Not only because it was the last bell of the day but also because Kelly knew I would be the first person in the class. So right when I walk in she spreads her legs very wide, showing off her tone inner thighs, before crossing them. I come to a complete stop then almost trip over my own feet when I try to walk again. I hear her chuckle and a fire sets on my cheeks like it has so many times today as I make my way to my seat. I feel her staring at me so after a few hesitant seconds, I glance dating women with long natural fingernails up and meet her stare. Kelly simply smirks and I raise an eyebrow in a silent form of 'what?'.

Her smirk becomes a toothy grin and she shrugs her shoulders. A smile spreads dating women with long natural fingernails on my own lips but I quickly look away when another student comes in. Jane, my friend, she's a touchy, "up close and personal" person but I've never cared. We laugh at the story she is telling and her hand grips my hip as she almost falls out of her seat. I put my hand over hers on my hip and my other hand on

long natural with fingernails women dating
her thigh to help her steady herself. If it weren't for the happy tears in my eyes I'd say she was...jealous? Kelly shoots us both a glare and I think dating women with long natural my fingernails mind is playing tricks on me when she gives Jane a particularly dirty look when she stands up to teach. Jane and I finally settle down halfway through the lecture. She passes out a worksheet, without meeting my eyes then goes back to her desk. Seeing that I was amazing at history and Jane was horrible I move my chair to her desk and help
dating women with long natural fingernails
dating women with long natural fingernails her work on the worksheet. As I said before, I hadn't minded much to Jane's touches so when she puts her hand on my knee and keeps it there I don't even realize it until she removes it to point at a question. I glance at Kelly and see her face flush an angry red. Jane touches my knee a few times more dating women with long natural fingernails and every time I look to Kelly and soon a permanent scowl is set on her face. When the final bell rings Jane gives me a hug and walks out. The last students dating women with long natural fingernails file out of the room and the door clicks shut yet she hasn't looked at me yet. I finished packing my stuff and shrug my bag onto my shoulder. I set down my dating women with long natural fingernails bag and walk around dating site women with big boobs her desk to stand next to her chair, my back to the door. I'm sure you could tell by the way I was acting." I blush and Kelly nods her head. "Thank you." Kelly mumbled, not even looking at me. I stand next to her awkwardly for a few seconds, my anger and annoyance growing rapidly. I'm so stupid to think she would actually keep a relationship, a relationship, but a relationship nonetheless, with me. "Well you seem much more interested in your work than me so I'll just leave." I say bitterly and grab my bag. "Emily..." Kelly says and I turn back and I can tell she is battling herself on what to tell me. "You know, I thought it would last a dating women with long natural fingernails little longer than this. That you would show me respect and not treat me like trash when it finally ended. I knew I was being vulnerable and Kelly could break me with one
dating women with long natural fingernails
word. Emily, I'm not- I didn't mean to make you think that. I just...I...shit." Kelly stumbles and palms her face.

She looks back to me and blushes, full blown dating women with long natural fingernails dating women with long natural fingernails dating women with long natural fingernails blush which adds to my confusion and gives me a shy smile. I am NOT ending anything." My jaw drops and I blink a few times. "You're...You're just jealous?" I women dating natural fingernails long with say with wide eyes. "Kelly Harper, jealous that her almost daily buddy got touched a few times on the knee?" I end with a laugh. "Well, when you put it that way it sounds dating women with long natural stupid. fingernails" Kelly grumbles and faces back to her desk. I move over to her and easily tilt her face up to mine and kiss her softly. Kelly sighs against my lips and I dating women with long natural fingernails part her perfect lips to tease my tongue into her mouth. Kelly moans and scoots her chair back enough to slide me in front of her and uses my hips to push me back against her desk. A moan of my own slips past my lips and her fingers tease underneath my shirt. I pull away then pull her closer to whisper in her ear. "If you're so jealous then meet me back at your house to show me who I belong to." Kelly moans quietly into my ear and I kiss her cheek once before leaving her and swaying my hips as I walk out the door. // When I get to Kelly's house she is already there. I had stopped to grab a snack and fill gas into dating women with long natural fingernails my car so it wasn't a surprise. Before I can knock she is opening the door and pulling me inside. "Well isn't someone eg-" Kelly cuts me off by kissing me fingernails women dating hungrily with longdating women with natural long natural fingernails. I moan into her mouth and she presses me against the wall. Her hands find mine and she presses them above my head and pins them there. I moan louder and surge dating women with long natural fingernails dating forward women with long natural fingernadating women with long natural fingernails ils, pushing us to the stairs. We clumsily bump into the railing and I giggle against her lips.

She breaks the kiss briefly to pull my shirt over my head. Kelly wraps her arms dating women with long natural around fingernails my waist and walks backward up the steps as she resumes the kiss. I follow her, only stumbling a few times before we reach the top. I strip off her gorgeous blue shirt and glanced down then end up staring at her breasts encased in a blue push-up bra. "This is what I've been missing all day?" Kelly smirks and I sleeping idris girfriend dating women with long natural fingernails elba dating with pull her against me by her hips then reach behind her and unclasp her bra. "You're a tease." I whisper as I simultaneously pull off her bra, lick her nipple, and push her back against the wall. Kelly moans and lets her head rest against the wall as I worship her nipples with my tongue, lips, and even teeth. Soon I have her groaning and gripping my hair to pull me tighter. I take a particularly hard nip at her nipple and she gasps. I pull back to check if it was okay but I don't have time because her mouth was on mine. Her hands fumble briefly with the clasp of my bra before pulling it down my arms. I moan as her lips take my nipple into her mouth and try to pull her against me, needing more friction between my legs to ease the throbbing. Kelly pulls back and slides her hands to the back of my neck and crashes our lips together. Suddenly she is lifting me up by my ass and I squeal in surprise and wrap my legs around her waist. We weren't in the bedroom yet and she was already setting me down? Kelly kisses me again and lays me back on the floor. She leans back and shoots me a y grin as she unbuttons my pants. I bite my lip as I watch her pull down my jeans and then my panties. She quickly shimmies out of her skirt to be more comfortable, denying my offer to help.

She leans dating women with long natural fingernails dating women with long natural fingernails dating women with long natural fingernails dating back fingernails natural women with long over me with her hands planted on either side of my head. "Would you like that?" Kelly whispers against my lips, refusing to kiss me just yet. "Please..." Kelly chuckles and kisses me quickly then moves her lips down my neck.

I move my hands to Kelly's back and run my blunt nails over my skin, she shivers. Kelly moans against my neck and women fingernails dating natural with long nibbles on my ear lobe. I moan and move my head to the side to give her more access. "You've been waiting all day, huh?" Kelly whispers into my ear. By now dating women with long natural fingernails my clit was throbbing almost painfully and I was wet beyond belief.

"Kellllllyyyyy." I whine and she chuckles then moves back down my neck. "You're so needy, I love it." A smile spreads across my lips as she kisses down my stomach after flicking my nipples with her tongue. She uses her tongue to trace a path down to my center and flicks her tongue over my clit. " wet." Kelly mumbles then slides her arms underneath my bent thighs and caresses my hips. I bite my lip and wait for her next move but she doesn'dating women with long natural fingernails dating women with long natural fingernails t make one. I become impatient and grind my hips up to her mouth. She kisses my thigh and I look down to her, raising up on my elbows.

She gives me a long natural dating seductive women fingernails with smirk and flicks my clit again. "You love it." Without another second Kelly leans forward and takes my clit into her mouth. I moan and let my head roll back onto my

dating women with long natural fingernails
dating women with long natural fingernails
shoulders. Kelly's nails dig into my hips and my eyes snap open and look down at her. Her blue eyes stay on mine as her tongue flicks relentlessly at my clit. "...Kel-...Kelly, don't stop." I gasp out as my hips grind against her mouth. Kelly moans and sucks hard on my clit, making me moan loudly. I lean on one elbow and move dating women natural long with fingernails my other hand down to her head and hold her against me. My eyes start to flutter closed and my toes curl in absolute pleasure. "Kelly..." This time, Kelly lets me close my dating women with long natural fingernails eyes and my arm gives out.

I lay on the floor and my hand joins my other in her hair. I-I'm so close." I cry out and Kelly moans in response. I dating women with long natural fingernails moan and whimper as I reach my climax but then she stops. Her head moves from my grasp and she comes up to kiss me hard on the mouth when I start to protest. I moan at the taste of myself on her lips and slap my hands down on her ass to resort to grinding against her. Kelly moans and rests on one hand beside my head and moves the other in between us. Before I know what is happening she has two fingers deep inside my cunt and her thumb is pressing hard against my budding clit. I

dating women with long natural fingernails
dating women with long natural fingernails pull away from the kiss and arch my back as my orgasm overtakes me. Her fingers pump hard and fast as her thumb rubs tight circles on my clit. My fingers dig into dating women with long natural fingernails her ass and my teeth bite into her neck as my orgasm rocks me hard. Kelly moans and doesn't stop her fingers, sending me into another orgasm. My whole body tenses harder dating women with long natural fingernails this time and my vision goes black. // "Emily?" My eyes blink open to find a worried Kelly looking over me. Kelly looks at me concerned and starts to help me sit up. When I don't stop laughing she looks at me skeptically. "I'm starting to think you've damaged your brain." I smile and shake my head, my laughing subsiding. "I'm laughing dating women with long natural fingernails women with children dating married men because I've only read about girls passing out from multiple orgasms.

I never would've thought I'd be doing it myself." Kelly smiles proudly. "It was my first time also." I narrow dating women with long natural fingernails

dating women with long natural fingernails
my eyes with a smile. "You wouldn't happen to be proud of that Kelly, would you?" Kelly shrugs and gives me a small smile. I pull her in for another kiss and dating women with long natural fingernails she deepens it almost immediately but when I try to touch her she pulls away.

"Maybe we should take a break until you're...recuperated." Kelly offers hesitantly. I tilt my head long with women dating natural fingernails to the side with a raised eyebrow as a silent 'really?' and she shrugs. I'm worried." I smile and kiss Kelly again, harder this time.

She moans in surprise and I eventually dating women with long natural fingernails have her on her back and my tongue in her mouth. Her hands tangle in my hair and crushes our lips harder together as my hands grab her panties and slide them off dating women with long natural fingernails dating women with long natural fingernails women long with dating her natural fingernails legs. I don't plan to stop kissing her so I rest on my forearm next to her head and move my other hand down to her center. She moans loudly into natural fingernails long with women dating my mouth as my fingers easily slide through her wetness. I thrust one finger into her entrance which sadly makes her break the kiss to moan and arch her back. I kiss lick dating women with long and natural fingernails suck her neck, to overthrown by lust to think I'm leaving a mark. Neither does she because she turns her head to offer me more access in which I take graciously. Her hips start canting up to meet my thrusts and I pump harder in response.

Her nails rake down my back and I shiver and moan, planting kisses on her chest. When I feel dating women with her long natural fingernails muscles start to tighten around my fingers I press my thumb to her clit and make fast circles on her small bud.

A growl rips from her throat and suddenly her hand is in my hair, jerking my face up to hers and she presses her forehead to mine. My eyes stare into her wide ones, her pupils blown dark with pleasure. Our hot breath dating women with long natural fingernails mingles in between us and her legs quiver against my hips. I make a hard thrust and my fingers brush against a rough patch, which I can only assume is her g-spot when she gasps and her eyes open wider in pleasure. I still my fingers inside her and locate her g-spot again, stroking lightly as my thumb still stimulates her clit.

Her mouth drops open dating women with long in natural fingernails a silent scream as her hips twitch. "Em..." Kelly whispers out and it feels like a bolt of electricity shoots through me and causes me to whimper. Our eyes stay connected until dating women she with long natural fingernails throws her head back and arches her back. Her muscles tighten deliciously around my fingers and I watch her come undone. Her nails dig into my scalp and shoulder, I'm sure dating women with long natural fingernails fingernails with long leaving women dating natudating women with long natural fingernails dating women with long natural fingernails ral marks but I ignore the pain with a groan. When her hips finally relax and she slumps against the floor I stop touching her clit and g-spot. She pants desperately for air and I gingerly pull out of her cunt. Kelly whimpers at the loss and I suck her juices from my fingers, moaning at the taste I love so much.

I roll off her and onto her side, not touching her yet and giving her space. I close my eyes and throw my forearm over my eyes, my chest heaving from the exertion. Mostly from the awkward position

dating women with long natural fingernails
my hand was in but also from where her nails had dug into my skin. Her hand finds mine and she raises it to her lips and kisses my knuckles. "Would it make
dating women with long natural fingernails
dating women with long natural fingernails dating women with long natural fingernails you happy if I told you that no one I have ever been with has found my g-spot?" I smirk smugly and laugh. "That was...Em, I can't even tell you how dating women with long natural fingernails amazing that felt...It was almost like...never mind." I furrow my brow as Kelly looks away. "Like we were connected." Kelly whispers so softly I don't think I heard her right. I dating women with long natural fingernails kiss with long natural fingedating women with long natural fingernails rnails her lightly but when I pull away all I see is panic in her eyes. You can use the shower before you leave." I let her help me up and lead fingernails with women dating natural long dating women with long me natural fingernails to the bathroom. When I start to step into the water I realize she isn't following me. The waters warm." Kelly smiles softly but I could tell it was forced. There's a pretty big wet spot on my carpet." I blush and let out a light laugh, stepping back under the water. "Sorry about that." Kelly nods her head and closes the shower door.

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