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You could have had me this way if you wanted.” She whispered softly to the walls. Her aching legs made it to the couch and she lay down, black dating women picky too in drifting away as slipped into the best night’s rest she had enjoyed for longer than she could remember. Dean saved the story and shutdown his computer, rubbing his tired eyes picky in too women black dating black women too picky in dating as he arched his back in a long, languorous stretch to soothe his tired muscles. Katie had long since kissed him goodnight and headed off to bed, asking if she could read his story in the morning. He had smilingly agreed, and switched off the few remaining lights as he moved toward the bedroom. He gently slid the covers down before easing in beside his slumbering wife, kissing the back of her neck gently as his arms wrapped around her warm body and he drifted away. He woke the next morning and

women dating too picky black in
black women too picky in dating was amazed to see he had slept until ten, and not surprised that Katie was nowhere to be seen. He showered and dried off before walking through the house, finding her
black women too picky in sitting datidating black picky ng
in woblack women too picky in dating
black women too picky in dating
men too at the table in a short house coat as she sipped from a mug of coffee. “I was starting to wonder if you were ever going to wake up!black women too picky in dating ” She greeted him with a smile, standing to make him a cup. “Late night huh?” She asked as she poured his coffee, and moved to make breakfast. “
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black women too picky I don’t iblack women too picky in dating n dating
know how late…or early to be honest! I got so involved in Melanie’s story that I just kept tapping away until I’d finished. I
black women knew too picky in dating
it was getting late and I was feeling tired, but I was on a roll and just wanted to keep going. So, did you read it?” A dreamy smile came to her face. “Sure did, in fact I read it twice while I was waiting for you.” He waited expectantly, curious to hear her thoughts as this story
black women too picky was in dating
totally different to his first.

intense!” She breathed as she cracked fresh eggs into a pan and slid some bread into the toaster. “It took my breath away black women too picky in dating in places….I mean….it was just amazing how you escalated the action. The further I read the hotter I became…..and I thought it was incredible. When I read her

black women too picky in dating
black women outline too picky in dating I wondered how you could write it so that it wasn’t…..just some kind of male exploitation gang-bang, but you did it so that she was a willing black women too picky in dating participant and it wasn’t a quasi-rape theme. I think she’ll really like it….I know I did!” She poured glasses of fresh juice and took the butter from black women too picky in the dating refrigerator as the toast popped up, and soon they were eating breakfast as she smiled across the table. “I do have one question for you though?” He wondered what she wanted to ask, and nodded for her to go on. “Is that something that you’ve ever fantasized about? Do you ever see me like that, being ed black women too and picky in datin black too women dating picky ing used by a group of men?” His jaw dropped and displayed his amazement, and he shook his head violently. She was a little taken aback by the passion women black picky too in dating intoo in black women picky dating black women too picky in dating b> his reply, and gave him a curious look so he explained his reasons. “This was a story, nothing more than that, and….it was something that came from a complete stranger so it’s not one of my fantasies. Look….it’s one thing to write about it when it’s nothing more than a work of fiction, but there black women too picky is in dating picky dating no way I would put you, or anyone else for that matter, in that kind of situation.

There is no way it could be controlled and if things got out of hand, how would you stop it? There’s a saying that a stiff dick has no conscience, and something like that could get real ugly, real fast. Does the dating picky too women black in black women too picky in dating idea of some kind of gang-bang turn you on?” She shook her head and stroked his arm in a gentle, calming gesture. I agree that it would be very risky….and that it could easily get out of control with unpleasant…or even dangerous consequences. It was just that the way you wrote about it made me wonder.

In fact I’m happy that you’re so passionately against it!” He breathed a sigh of relief, realizing that the line between reality and fantasy could be inadvertently crossed very easily.

Nothing women dating picky in too black in women dating picky too black I should change before I post it and email Melanie?” She shook her head. “I think it’s exactly what she’s hoping for Dean.

Though I’ll be women dating too black in curioublack women too picky in dating s picky to see what kind of comments readers post. It’s a lot….stronger than your first story, so I’ll be interested to see how it’s rating in black women too picky a few in dating days.” She gathered the empty dishes and placed them in the dishwasher. “Did it really get you hot?” He asked. Rather than respond directly she walked over until she was standing in front of him, undid the tie on her robe, and took his hand in hers and slid it between her thighs. He could immediately feel black women too picky in dating how wet she was, her juices still coating the folds of her smooth labia. “Does that answer your question?” He nodded and grinned as he slid a finger easily into her warm pussy, stroking slowly as her probed her. Did you play with yourself while you were reading it?” “Oh yes!” She laughed. “When I black women too picky in dating read your stories it’s like my pussy is a magnet, and my fingers and just drawn to it; it’s sooo good!” He couldn’t help but laugh at that comment. “I think it’s more that you’re just a slut!” She squatted slightly, forcing his probing finger deeper. “Of course I’m a slut, but black women too picky a selective in dating one. It’s your friend Chrissie from next door who’s just a complete slut for cock! By the way…did you enjoy her visit yesterday? I hear you gave that little tramp a seriously good ing!” He laughed again, enjoying the delightful memories of Katie’s dress-up fantasy. “Chrissie is my second favorite -buddy, after puerto rican men dating black women you black women too picky in dating black women too picky in dating of course. And she can knock on my door any time she wants!” Katie gave him a wicked grin and slowly slid up and down on Dean’s sticky finger. “black Then women too pick

black picky too dating in y in women
dating I think that makes you a slut as well!” She slid free for a second, and motioned for him to stand. When he did she bent down and dating too black picky women in slid his shorts free, before pushing him back in the chair and spreading his legs as her head dipped toward his resting cock. Her small hand wrapped around his shaft, jacking slowly until a bead of precum oozed from his slit. “Let’s see if we can get this slut-er ready for action!” She hissed, as she opened her mouth black women too picky in dating and slid her moist lips down over his growing shaft. He leaned back and closed his eyes, giving himself completely to the sensations radiating from his groin, and wondering if it was just imagination that suggested her technique got better every time she went down on him. His wandering thoughts were interrupted when he felt her thrust down, firmly forcing the black women too picky in dating head of his cock deep into her throat, and then feeling her squeeze his shaft by attempting to swallow him whole. He couldn’t help but twist her hair in his hands, and when he had a firm grip he forced her further down until his balls were flattened against her chin. Her tongue performed an intense dance over his flesh, and his cock felt harder than he could ever remember. He was wishing he could find some magic technique to delay the inevitable conclusion, but the way she moved and took black women too picky in dating too dating in women picky black him was just so willing and wanton that there was nothing he could do to resist her. “If you keep doing this I’m going cum babe!” He groaned softly. She slid free and beamed up at him, his lips glistening.

“I’m feeling thirsty!” And with that she dipped her head again, he mouth sliding firmly up and down his shaft as her lips closed around him.

Ohhhhh….FUUCCCKKKK!!!” He moaned, as his balls pumped his hot cream up the length of his shaft and deep into her warm, wet mouth. “MMMFFFF!!!” She groaned around his cock as she felt his seed spray deep into her throat, and the vibrations brought another strong spray from black women his too picky in dating pulsing cock. Surprisingly, she didn’t release her oral grip when she sensed he had finally stopped pumping, but continued to work him over with her tongue and lips, refusing black women too picky in dating to allow him to go soft. When she was satisfied he was staying firm she stood quickly, facing him with a smile as she moved closer, until she was straddling his legs as she lowered down and his cock slipped easily into her wet pussy. “I told you that you’re a slut er!” She said in a lascivious tone too dating black picky in women as she squeezed his cock with her pussy muscles. He groaned at the sudden pressure on his still-sensitive organ, but managed to grin at her despite the distraction. “Then I black women too picky in dating black women too picky in dating must be doing exactly what I’m supposed to, because I’m pretty sure I’m ing my favorite slut right now. Or perhaps I should say; she seems to be ing me!” Her eyes were half-closed but blazing with lust as she took his hands in hers and placed them firmly on her breasts, her nipples extended and hard as her two pointed buttons pushed against his skin. He took the hint and started working on them, gripping both and stretching them away from her body. “I really don’black women too picky in dating black women too picky in dating t care who’s ing who, as long as I have a nice hard cock buried deep in one of my -holes!” She whispered as she leaned back to increase black women too picky in dating the pressure on her nipples. Does it get you hot to know that I’m turning into the world’s biggest slut?” “You have no idea how hot black women too picky in dating black women too picky in dating this makes me babe.” He agreed with heartfelt enthusiasm. “I’m loving every second of this!” She started moving up and down, sliding her slick pussy along his women in black picky dating too

black women too picky in still dating
rigid cock as though she was trying to feel every ripple in his flesh.

Her thrusts became increasingly urgent, a tiny squeal slipping from her lips every time she dropped black women too picky in dating

black women too picky in dating
black women too picky in dating down and took his full length, until finally she came and he felt his cock being drenched as she pumped her sweet cum all over him.

He responded by squeezing her black women too picky nipples in dating as firmly as he could as though trying to crush them flat, and her eyes flashed open and blazed at him again, until they closed and she pumped another black women too picky in dating strong spray. She came so strongly Dean could feel warm fluid oozing from her cunt and dribbling down over his tight balls, until she finally slumped forward against him, panting breathlessly. Finally black women too picky in datwomen in black too picky dating ing she managed to prop herself up and gave him a satisfied smile. “Now that’s what married white women dating black men I call the right way to start my day, and it’s not even lunchtime yet!” He wrapped his arms around her slim waist and drew her toward him, kissing her deeply.

“And to think, earlier you asked me if I wanted black women too picky in dating black women too picky in dating to share you with a group of other men. I’m keeping you all for myself!!!” She grinned back at him. “It’s nice to know I’m valued.” “And then some!” He assured her. She eased upward until her clenching pussy reluctantly released its hold, but she stayed in that position as her juices dribbled free and coated his cock and balls. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the intensely erotic feeling of her juices running down his body until she tapped top dating sites in united kingdom him on the shoulder. Oh well, I guess I’d better get down there and clean it up!” While this was pleasant prospect he knew it would simply black women too picky in dating

black women too picky in dating
be too much right now, and he took hold of her arm. “If those lips go anywhere near my cock for a while I think I’ll lose it! How about a shower instead?” A teasing, rueful smile appeared on her face. “Oh, baby’s still a little sensitive is he? Ok then, I guess a shower will dating women picky too black in black women too picky in dating black women too picky in dating black women too picky have in dablack women too picky in dating ting to do!” With that she took his hand and led him to the bathroom. They enjoyed a relaxing shower together, and then Dean left Katie to post Melanie’s black women too picky in dating story and send her a quick email. He started his laptop asian women black men virginia dating and soon had her story posted, wondering briefly what she would think of it but satisfied he had remained true black to in women picky dating tblack women too oo picky in dati
black women too picky in dating
ng her outline. Then he sent her a brief email advising her story was complete and included a link that would take her straight to it. He checked his own story black women too picky in dating and shook his head when he saw the number of times it had been read, which was now well into six figures, and scanned through some of the posted comments. These women picky in too black dating were still overwhelmingly positive, and many were now asking when the second installment was coming. That was something he hadn’t considered, and he chinese men and black women dating sat back and wondered whether he should start working on a sequel, or perhaps start a completely different story. He felt Katie’s hand rest softly on his shoulder and turned to smile at her. “All black women too picky in dating done?” She asked simply, and when he nodded she suggested they go out to local café that had a great menu of light meals and brewed the best coffee in black women too picky in dating black women too picky in dating black women too picky in dating town. He laughed and reminded her of the original suggestion that they wouldn’t leave the house that weekend, but she merely grinned as she replied.

“We’ve been married long enough that you really should know it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind. Besides, I have an ulterior motive, there’s a great little dress shop black in women too picky in dating the same block, and I think I need something special for tonight!” He shrugged his shoulders and held up his hands. Looks like its coffee and a light lunch then.” He conceded. They dressed and headed out, enjoying the sparkling day and light breezes, and when they arrived Katie asked him to order a coffee for her, and slipped into the dress shop as Dean was shown to a table in the café’s outdoor area. He ordered for them both and Katie arrived just after their coffees, a shopping in women dating picky black too bag tucked safely under her arm.

“Mission accomplished?” He asked, knowing the answer before she nodded in acknowledgment. “And I guess it would be pointless to ask what you have planned for tonight?” He went on, receiving a smile and another nod, so he went back to perusing the menu. They ordered their meals and chatted about too picky nothing black dating in women special, just enjoying each other’s company on a relaxing blue-sky day. Another round of coffees was ordered as their dishes were cleared away, and Katie leaned forward with a mischievous gleam in her eyes. “So, do you think Melanie will be happy with her story?” “I guess we’ll soon find out, but I think so.” black women too picky in dating He replied. “Her outline was pretty clear, and once I got started it seemed to flow pretty easily. I just seemed to slip into a groove and followed it. It’s funny though, it was totally different to writing the first one.

At lot easier actually.” She raised a questioning eyebrow.

“If she really likes her story, what happens from here? I mean, what are you going to do if she wants to…step things up a notch?” “I’m not sure I follow you babe.”

black women too picky He in dating
responded. “Well, what happens if she wants you to write another one? Maybe her character arranges another night with the bikers.” He rubbed his chin thoughtfully. “I hadn’t considered that, but I don’t see it happening. I think this is a one-off situation.” Katie was still pressing on. “OK, then what happens if she wants to keep in contact with us. Do you see that happening?” “I hadn’t considered that either.” He acknowledged. “From her emails she seems….normal, even if her fantasies are pretty intense!

I’m really not bothered either way, how do you feel about it?” “I’m not really sure either.” She agreed. And it has been interesting exploring another woman’s private fantasies.

It’s like…..well, it has a voyeuristic aspect to it that is quite erotic. I have to admit I did get turned-on reading about a perfect stranger’s private desires. It’s similar to reading the stories on the website, but knowing its real and not just someone’s imagination black women too picky in at dating work makes it much hotter.” As fate would have it his cell chimed announcing he had received an email, and he slid the phone from his pocket and black women too picky in dating black too in picky women dating in black too women picky dating read the message. He smiled broadly at Katie as he slid his cell over, and she read the email.

I cannot believe you wrote it so quickly, and when I received black too picky dating in women black women too picky in dating black women too picky in dating your message my first reaction was that it was too fast and it wouldn’t be very good, but it was absolutely amazing. I was spellbound from the opening line and black women too picky it in dating made me so wet! You have an amazing way with words and while we have never met, anyone would think you have known me for years, as you just seemed to know all my secret desires and private fantasies. I am so grateful to you, and before I go and read it again, I just wanted to ask one more favor.

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