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In abject amazement he watched as she put that finger in her mouth and sucked the white dollop off of it. attractive." She climbed up onto the bed and straddled his legs. With why are you interested dating me her legs spread he could see right through the sheer panties. Then his view was blocked by a pair of swollen nipples protruding from the holes in the lacy bra. don't why are you interested dating me you Uncle Bob?" she said, and she shoved one of those delicious little bites against his lips. Then he feasted while she squealed and writhed, mewling and whining about how good it felt why are you interested dating me interested are why me you dating for him to suck her, and how he'd better not stop. He couldn't have told you how he did it, but he suddenly found himself on top of his niece, between me why dating you interested are her wide spread legs, the sheer gold panties dangling from one ankle. He didn't remember doing it, but his prick was buried in her teen pussy. He couldn't remember if she had been a virgin or not, if he had hurt her or not. All his senses were arrowed in to the feeling of hot, wet, pussy wrapped around his prick, and the feeling why are you interested dating me of stroking into that priceless pussy as her teenaged voice wailed in pleasure. Then, before he knew it was happening, and long after he should have thought about the fact that his naked prick was in her unprotected pussy, he was spurting long, thick ropes of sticky white sperm deep into her belly. His cock spat over and over again while his brain floated in a sea of cotton. He didn't know it, but in his wild mating with his niece he had pounded five or six orgasms out of her and left her a gibbering wilted heap why are of you interested dating me well-ed girl.

=============================================== Chrissy woke.

She still felt wrung out, and there was an odor in the air she wasn't familiar with. She sensed, more than felt her Uncle's body why are you interested dating in me the bed with her. Memory cascaded into her mind and she gasped at the remembrance. She'd planned on something happening, but she hadn't been prepared for the intensity of it all. There was a distant ache in her loins, a soreness of muscle, as if she'd done too many sit-ups or something. She slid a hand down her naked stomach to where she'd shaved all the hair off. She smiled in the dark as she remembered how he'd been mindless until he froze, growling. His penis, that same shriveled piece of sausage, had been deep inside her. It had transformed into something eight inches long and at the same time hard as rock and soft as a baby's butt. Then he'd given just a little push, like he was trying to get it even deeper and it had swelled. She'd known instantly that it was his seed, flowing into her. But once that pain was gone and the amazing overpowering feeling in her loins started, all that was thrown out. She knew right then that she wanted this wonderful thing in her again and again and again. She had to why are you interested dating me why are you interested dating me pee, so she slipped out of bed without waking her Uncle. She was finishing up waffles, sausage and eggs when her Uncle stumbled into the kitchen, fresh out of the shower himself. "I why was are you interested dating me afraid you'd be gone." He collapsed in a chair, his head in his hands. She didn't feel guilty, and she didn't want him feeling that way either. "The only thing I need to go out for today is linguini. We don't have enough for lunch." Bob looked up, confused. "But after what I did ..." Chrissy went, pushed him against the back of the chair and swung a leg over his lap. In the process her robe gaped open and it was obvious she was naked beneath it. "If I want something to pass the boner test, then doesn't that require someone to have a ... It was just the kiss of a woman who loves a man and wants him to know that. When she was done why are you interested dating hiswhy are you interested dating me me eyes were round and he had a look of hope on his face. You need a good breakfast so you can get through the rest why do men dating younger women of the day." She slipped off his why are you interested dating me lap and served him his plate. There's something I want to do today." "But I thought you said ..." Bob let it die as he heard her feet hitting the squeaky boards in the why are you interested dating me hallway.

He kept examining his memory for looks of horror or hurt on his beautiful niece's face, but they weren't there, thank goodness. All he could remember were her arms pulling dating you interested why are me him closer, her hips slamming up at him and her warbles of ecstasy as she rolled from one orgasm into another. He felt his rod getting stiff again just from the memory. "Good" dating me he you interested are why heard her say as she came through the door. "I need your opinion about another outfit." He turned. "I don't think I'm actually pregnant yet." she said softly. "Do you why are you interested dating me why are you interested dating me suppose you might find time today to help me with that?" He helped her. He helped her in the kitchen, where she sat on the counter, her legs resting on his shoulders as why are you interested dating me why are you interested dating me he powered his first load of spooge into her teen pussy. He helped her in the bedroom, where she rode him, squealing like a cow girl until he washed her womb with his are me interested why dating you thick spend. He helped her in the bathroom, in the shower, as he pinned her to the wall and pounded another cupful of his sticky seed deep in her pussy.

They stopped and ate and talked about inconsequential things until his penis announced it was ready to go again. She gleefully learned how to conduct amazing oral on a man, to get him just as hard dating why you interested are me why are you interested dating me as it was possible to get him, before spreading her legs and welcoming another load of his incestuous baby butter into her inner secret spot.

In fact, he helped her for the rest of the summer, even though by late August it was obvious that Chrissy was doing what women were made to do - carrying a baby.

She loved this particular bun in this particular oven, because she loved its father.

She wasn't sure how it would all break out with her parents, but by the time they got back to the States the baby would have been born and be several months old. "Who knows?" she thought to herself as she softly rubbed the slight swell of her belly. "Maybe by then there'll be another one on the way." why are you interested dating Thewhy are you interested dating me why are you interested dating me me End It was almost dark by the time we woke up, Fiona still laying on top of me. Then we can watch movies downstairs all night long.” “Sure, Fi, I why are you interested dating me why are you interested dating me why are you interested dating me why are you interested dating me think there’s stuff to make sandwiches.” “Thanks, Bro. I’m going to cleanup and put PJ’s on.” We climbed out of bed, I went to my room to why are you interested dating me put a pair of boxers on, and then I went downstairs and fixed fruit and sandwiches for us. When I brought the tray of food out to the living room, Fiona was already why are you interested dating me there wearing an oversized tee shirt that hung to just below her ass and she was rummaging through the collection of DVD’s. Action, romance, comedy?” I put the tray on the coffee table. “Comedy would be fine,” I answered as I took a sandwich and began eating. Fiona put in a disc, took her sandwich, and we ate while watching the movie. Just you dating me are why interested about the time we finished eating, Fiona’s phone rang. Fiona answered it, “Hi, Mom,” I could hear Mom on the other end. “Hi dear, How’s everything?” “Everything is fine,” Fiona answered. “Is Matt taking good care of you?” Fiona looked at me with her devilish grin. “Yes, Mom, Matt’s taking very good care of me.” “That’s nice, you two are getting along. What are you doing?” “We’re sitting in the living room watching porn.” “There’s no porn at the cabin.” Mom admonished. We’re watching a movie.” “Have you eaten?” “Yes, Matt fixed fruit and sandwiches. We’re not starving.” “Then I’ll why are you interested dating me let you two get back to your movie. Love you, bye.” “Bye, Mom.” Fiona hung up the phone. “You’d better be careful what you say to Mom, she’why are you interested dating me s pretty sharp. We don’t want her catching on about anything.” “Stop worrying, little bro,” Fiona said cavalierly. “Mom’s not going to find out we’ve been ing our brains out up here.” She stretched out on the couch and put her head in my lap and a hand up my boxers. Yesterday that would have freaked me out and sent me running to my room. I pulled Fi’s tee shirt up over her hip and rested my hand on her magnificent butt. We watched the movie and slept the night on why are you interested dating the me couch, Fiona with her hand up my shorts rubbing my cock, and me with my hand massaging her ass. * * * We awoke late the next morning, the sun was already dating why you me are interested high in the sky and the dew had burned off the leaves on the bushes. “Let’s are you interested dating site reviews have some breakfast and then go out in the boat,” she announced. This was why are you interested dating me her vacation, so we go by her rules, and we fulfill her desires. We had coffee and cereal, and then dressed to go out on the lake. I dragged the dating site kiks off fat members boat to the waters edge and then alongside the floating deck. Fiona came down the deck with towels and a cooler full of cold drinks. She wore a tiny pair why are you interested dating me why are you interested dating me of red shorts with a white stripe on each hip and a white bikini swimsuit top. She looked particularly enticing in the morning sun. I helped her into the boat, and then got why are you interested dating me in myself. I just want fresh air, sun, and to relax.” I rowed straight out to the middle of the lake while Fiona stretched out in the back of the boat, eyeing why are you interested me dating me as I worked. After a short while, that suspicious wry grin came across her face. “I’ve been working out.” “I can see that,” she said. “Your shoulders are wide and your biceps are flexing, but that’s not what I’m talking about.” She stretched her leg toward me and put her foot in my crotch. “I’why are you m talking interested datinwhy are you interested dating me g me about here.” Then she began rubbing me through my shorts with her foot. My dick started to become hard as her cute little foot worked over my groin. “Fi,” why I said are you interested dating me, “you’re making it hard to row this boat.” “That was my intention, to make it hard.” “Well, you’ve succeeded,” I said. By this why are you interested dating me time my growing erection was beginning to bind in my shorts. I squirmed around in the seat trying to readjust everything into a more comfortable position while still rowing the boat. “Oh, little bro, are you having trouble there?” she asked while still continuing to rub her foot on my crotch.

You’re making it very difficult to row.” She removed her foot you and me are why dating interested<why are you interested dating me why are you interested dating me why are you interested dating me /b> knelt between my legs. Then she unfastened my shorts and pulled my fully erect cock out from the confines of my clothing. She fondled me for a moment, then leaned in and put her lips around my glans, the soft, moist sensation sending a shiver throughout my body. Somebody might see what you’re doing.” She stopped sucking my cock. “I’m below the edge of the boat, nobody will see. They’d have to be standing on the roof with binoculars to see anything.” She put her lips back around the head of my why are you interested dating me why are you interested dick dating me and proceeded to run her tongue over my glans. I looked at the houses around the lake and didn’t see anyone who could be watching, but I was still apprehensive.

My anxiety quickly faded as Fiona worked on my dick, the head of my cock quickly becoming numb from the intense stimulation.

Fiona began to slide her lips down my shaft, still working her tongue over and around the glans. She slid the entirety of my cock into her mouth and gagged slightly as the tip contacted the back of her throat. Then she worked her tongue why are over you interested dating mewhy are you interested dating me ong> the shaft and bobbed her head, pressing her lips around my girth as she slid up and down my length. “Fi, you’re going to make me cum,” I said while trying to row and not blow my load at the same time. “No you don’t, I want you inside me when you cum. You’re going to my brains out and why are you interested cum datingwhy are you interested dating me me in my pussy.” “We can’t screw out here. Somebody will see that, even if they’re not standing on the roof.” “Then go into the cove. You’why are you interested dating me re going are you interested dating service reviews to me blind, Matt.” I rowed furiously toward the cove while Fiona went back to sucking my cock. I had to take my mind off what she was doing to why are you interested dating me you me why dating interested are me and concentrate on getting us to the cove before I exploded. As soon as the boat cleared the entrance to the cove, I shipped the oars and removed my shorts. Fiona got up off her knees and removed the tiny shorts she was wearing. Fiona sat on the oarsman’s seat, leaned back, and supported herself by resting her elbows on the seat behind. She why are you interested dating me picked her legs up and spread them high in the air, parting her pussy lips and revealing her beautiful pink inner labia and glistening wet vaginal entrance.

I moved between her outstretched legs, why are you interested dating me positioned my cock at her corona, and supported myself by placing my hands on the seat behind. I drove into her in one long smooth plunge, her vaginal walls expanding as my cock me you dating are interested why invaded her body. She gasped and kicked her heels high into the air, straightening her knees and spreading her legs widely. “Oh my god, Matt, your dick is amazing,” she said why are you as interested dating me she closed her eyes and leaned her head back. I plunged in as deeply as I could, the end of my dick contacting her cervix. I moved rapidly in and out of her slick pussy, plunging all the way inside, nearly knocking her off the seat with every thrust. The boat carried to the opposite side of the cove and came to rest against the bank. I continued thrusting inside her, plunging in as deeply as I could, the boat rocking and splashing as I did. I’m cumming.” I felt her kegel muscles tighten around my shaft. It brought me to the edge and the urge to cum swept over me in a torrent. I exploded inside her pussy, ejaculating as I plunged deeply into her vagina. “Ahhh,” why are you she interested dating me screamed as we came together. Her pussy juice and my semen combined and squished out from her vagina as I continued to thrust deep inside her body. “Ahhh,” she screamed once more as I continued to cum inside her, releasing a huge load and draining my balls. I was nearly out of energy and completely out of cum.

I slowed my thrusting until you me interested are dating why

interested why dating you me are
I came to a stop with my dick inside her vagina and my groin resting against her vulva. She wrapped her legs around my hips and held me in place. Her legs were soft, but very strong, and it was a good thing, because I was so exhausted I would have slid off of her if she hadn’t held me with them. I leaned in why are you interested dating me you why interested me are dating and kissed her soft, sweet lips and we stayed in that position until I could muster up enough energy to climb off of her. When I had recovered enough, I got off of why are her you interested dating me and collapsed into the bottom of the boat. “I can’t row back just yet,” I admitted as I lay in the bottom of the boat. “That’s alright, Matt, you just lay there until you’ve rested. We have all day.” She put her clothes back on and helped me put on my shorts. Then she lay down in the dating bottom you me why interested are of the boat and held me until I had recovered enough to row back to the cabin. * * * The next three days were much like the last two. Fiona would why are you interested dating me pick the place and we would until we dropped. She was an absolute glorious lay, with her tight body, perfect pussy, casual attitude, and willingness to do anything. I didn’t know anyone could have it so good, and her being my step-sibling didn’t dissuade me from wanting her constantly, nor her from wanting me. It was like a fairytale without an end and we acted accordingly.

It was too bad that at some point I knew it had to end. Story continued in Pt.3 It was summer and I was 13. For a couple of months why are you interested dating me I had begun to realize something. I had gotten my period this past year and that's when my boobs really started to grow. The bikini I had to wear was too small as well but my mother had not taken me to get a new one yet. I had worn it to the waterpark and to some friends houses. What I had begun to notice was how boys, or should I say men too, looked at me. I was standing in front of a mirror in my room in my suit.

I looked at my ass and noticed why it are you interested dating me too had begun to fill out. My boobs looked a little out of place with the rest of my body. In this top they were spilling out the sides some and I why are signs you are dating an alcoholic you interested dating me had a pronounced cleavage. I knew I would probably have to get at least a 34C. I had been over there recently and had noticed how her father was a little nervous around why are you interested dating me

why are you interested dating me
me and when he was outside with us I would catch him staring at me. I went to the kitchen to find my mom or dad to take me over to my friends house. He had been giving me quite a few hugs lately and I knew it was so he could feel my boobs.

My dad walked into the room and took one look at are interested why dating me you me and just shook his head. I asked him if he could drive me, but before he could answer my brother said he could. My dad made me put a tshirt on before we left and he told my mom to please take me shopping to get a swimsuit that fits. As we drove to my friend's house I saw that my brother was stealing little looks at me. He made the comment that I had grown a lot in the past year and I knew he didn't mean my height. He asked me if boys in why are school you interested dating me were trying to get me to hook up and stuff. I told him that the boys were always trying to hug me and I knew all they wanted was to feel my boobs.

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