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I felt like a spy who had seen a special secret, and flushed and looked away as she started to turn towards her office door. I acted as if I what are some online dating scams hadn’t seen her until she was standing right next to me – and then from that position I could not avoid an up-skirt view of her firm tanned thighs and today’s panties, a red thong in a satiny material. Louise said it was time for me to wind down – she had a few routine chores left, but I needed to go and shower soon, and when I came back from that she would let me out by the side door, as the front was locked and the alarm there had been set. She gave me a bright smile, which I returned, saying ‘OK, you’re the boss!’, and I trotted happily off to the ladies’ changing room. After showering and drying off, I stuffed my gym outfit in my carry-bag and put on a clean pair of tight shorts in a rich pink colour and a green T-shirt that went well with them. As I gathered my things, I heard Louise calling out to ask if I was ready, and I went out into the foyer area. Louise led me along an unfamiliar what are some online dating scams corridor to the side door of the building, and then hesitated curiously for a moment, putting one hand on my shoulder and regarding me quizzically. However, after a couple of seconds, she gave a slight sigh, and unlocked the door to let me out. As I stepped into the cool sweet twilight of the summer evening, feeling thrilled and excited by my progress, what are some online dating scams I turned back for a second and – acting on a sudden impulse which came from I know not where – I rose on my tiptoes and planted a quick kiss

what are some online dating scams
on her cheek, saying breathlessly: ‘Thanks so much, thanks for everything!’ I felt suddenly abashed at my girlish enthusiasm and childish action, but Louise took one of my hands in hers, twining our fingers together, and drew me closer to her. A strange smile played for a second about her lips and, in a wry but warm voice, she replied: ‘Oh well, honey, if you want to thank me that way ...’ And then – to my astonishment – she kissed me on the mouth, not too firmly or intrusively, but I could feel her tongue flit across my lips. There was no doubting that this was something much more than a friendly farewell gesture – in fact, it was unmistakeably an opening what are some online dating scams gambit, even someone as naive and inexperienced as me instinctively knew that! Whether it was due to surprise or some deeper need, my lips parted slightly and I found myself returning her kiss. The space between us had suddenly vanished, and I was up against her, held close by the arm which she had slipped round my waist. I was very aware of
online scams what are dating some
what are some online dating scams
what are some online dating scams the pressure of her breasts against my developing chest, and of the sudden hardness of her nipples, poking into me through her singlet. I melted into her embrace, opening my lips wider for the questing entry of her tongue, meeting it with the tentative probing of my own. My head was spinning, and there was a roaring in my ears as if there what are some online dating scams was a waterfall nearby. My palms felt sweaty, my stomach light and fluttery, and my pelvis as if it had turned to wet concrete. After nearly a minute of wet smooching, I drew back slightly and broke contact with a gasp, hardly believing what I was doing. Louise searched my face with her gaze, and must have found what she was looking what are for some online dating scams in my wide eyes, flared nostrils, flushed cheeks and panting breath, and confirmed by my acquiescent stunned silence. do you want more, babe?’ she asked, with devastating directness. My throat online what some are dating scams had gone dry and I could not manage to speak, so I just nodded a mute but definite assent.

Her smile became a wolfish grin, and she drew me back into what are some online dating scams the building and closed the door. ‘Yeah’, she said in a satisfied tone, ‘I was pretty damn sure you would – you little hottie!’ Swiftly, she pressed my what are some online dating scams smaller, slighter frame against the corridor wall, resuming her kiss whilst her hands roamed all over my upper body, tugging my T-shirt out of my shorts and up above my small breasts. Her what are some online dating scams fingers found these in their plain white bra, fondling them and what are the bases of dating tugging on my suddenly-firm nipples, causing me to moan and – driven by instinct – to spread my hips what are some online dating scams

scams are some dating online what
apart. Her hands ran down my back to seize and squeeze my buttocks, and then one hand swept around my waist and stomach, and reached down to press against where my shorts covered my pussy, stroking up and down on my slit through the thin terrycloth material. I was almost swooning from the ual rush which overwhelmed me and from the tidal waves
what are some online scams dating
what are some online dating scams of extraordinary, novel and wonderful sensations that were surging through my virgin body. She paused briefly in her swift conquest of any defences that I might have had, and looked at what are some online dating scams what are some online dating scams me with sudden seriousness.

‘Are you sure you want this?’ she queried, ‘I’m not gonna force you into anything.’ I found enough strength from somewhere to reply: what are some online dating scams ‘Yes ... I want you!’ Her eyes gleamed, and she breathed back at me: ‘And I want you – I’ve wanted you for weeks, ever since you walked in here in that y schoolgirl getup! And I want to be your first.’ I understood her meaning at once, and was doubly thrilled. Here and now, and with her – nothing could be better than this, nothing! I answered in a choked, husky voice: ‘I want YOU to be my first!’ And then, to make quite sure she knew what I intended and wanted, I added: ‘please, take my virginity – ME!!’ She looked eager but also slightly scared, and I wondered fleetingly if she had ever taken what are some online dating scams a virgin girl before – the idea that I might be her first in that way sent another drenching feeling down my pussy, which was already feeling wetter and looser than I what what are the stages of dating are some online dating scams dating are what some scams online what are some online dating scams what are had figuring out what dating dealbreakers are some online dating scams ever thought possible. Louise still had just a fragment of doubt, saying: ‘You might not be a lesbian, like me, you know – lots of girls, most really, are what are some online dating scams biual.’ But I was having none of this, for I knew with a sudden sweet certainty, like coming home out of the rain, where I really stood and who I really scams are online was dating some wwhat are some online dating scams hat. So much that had seemed out of kilter to me, so much that had felt like it was somehow not right, suddenly fell into place. Of course this was why I didn’t want a boyfriend, didn’t want boys shoving their paws inside my shirts or up my skirts – and why I felt that strange embarrassed curiosity when we girls were changing for school sports, or the way I liked to watch what are the top dating services the cheerleaders practice even though I knew I wasn’t pretty enough to be chosen for the squad, and it explained the burgeoning feelings that were troubling me about a couple of my prettiest school friends and two of the most handsome and charismatic of the younger women teachers. I had not the slightest remaining doubt, and said to Louise with a confidence which afterwards she told me had both amazed and impressed her: ‘Yes, I am. I am a what are some online dating scams lesbian – I’m glad I know that now, and that’s what I’ll always want to be. You’ve helped me to see and understand – it’s only right for you to take me first, and I’ll remember you for ever. Show me what to do, Louise, take me and me – and not just now, not just tonight!online dating are what &rsquo somescams online what dating some are scams; She whistled softly through her lips in surprise at my certainty, and at the maturity with which I was offering my body to her, knowing exactly what I wanted to happen. The air of tension left her, but was replaced by a crackling sense of anticipation and excitement which electrified us both, joining us in a harmony of attraction and pure unadulterated desire. ‘OK, hon, if you say so – if ed you is wanting, then ed you is surely gonna be getting!’, she said, giving me a totally over-acted evil leer. ‘But not right here – there’s a much better place, c’mon!’ Holding hands, we almost ran back down the corridor, and she took me along to a what are some online dating scams small private room which I had not really noticed before. It had a ‘Staff Only’ sign on the door, and Louise had to unlock it.

There was a row of what are some online dating scams lockers along the left-hand wall, doors to shower and toilet cubicles in the facing wall, and a couple of benches in the middle of the room. Louise quickly pushed these over against what are some online dating the scams lockers, and then indicated a large foam rubber exercise mat which was standing upright in one of the corners, rolled up and held closed with straps. It

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was quite heavy, and it took both of us to drag into the centre of the floor, and unroll it – after a few seconds, its own weight made it rest flat on the floor. Next, Louise took three of the large white cotton towels that the gym provided for its members to use, and she laid these out on what are some online dating scams top of the mat to make a more comfortable resting place. We were both still fully clothed, but I knew with eager certainty that this would change within seconds. For all
what some dating are scams online
the passion that she was feeling, Louise did not rush me – we stood for a while, kissing again, and her hands explored my bust and buttocks less feverishly than before, but with a sensuous slowness that I found to be even more arousing. Then she pulled my T-shirt up over my head, caressed my breasts in their soft cotton bra cups, and what are some online dating scams some online dating what scams are what are some online dating scams slid a hand down to my shorts.

One dextrous movement undid the front button, a second pulled down the zip, and a third slipped her hand inside – the shorts falling three or four inches down my thighs as she did so. Her fingers cupped my Venus mound through my thin pink cotton panties, and I gasped at the feeling of her hand what are some online dating scams pressing against me in such an intimate place – down there!! But this was only her overture, and her hand rose slightly to the waistband of the panties before sliding back down again – but now on the inside, her palm smooth and warm against my bare skin, her fingertips seeking the top of my cleft and then teasing and rubbing along it. I was more than lost by this stage – although a much truer term would be to say that I was found, and had found everything that I was looking for.

I what are some online dating scams slumped slightly backwards against the wall, and she tugged the shorts down my legs until I could easily step out of them. Now all I had on was my bra, what are some panties online dating scams, socks and trainers, and it didn’t seem right to let this one-sided situation continue. Acting purely on instinct, I reached for her breasts, taking a firm grip and pressing my thumbs against the hard nipples. Louise gave an appreciative gasp, and begged me to give her tits more attention, so I gave her purple singlet the same treatment that my T-shirt what are some online dating scams what are some online dating scams had received a few seconds before – up, over, and flung away to land on one of the benches at the side. Now I could see her bra: it was red, what are some online dating scams matching the panties which I had glimpsed earlier, but more daring in style than I had expected – an underwired plunge bra in a quite revealing demi-cup design. As I hesitated for what are some online dating scams a second, Louise quickly reached behind her back, undid the clasp and then let the bra fall away from the front of her breasts. She was now naked above the waist, what are some online dating scams below which she still had the short white tennis skirt, the red panties underneath it, cotton ankle socks and her trainers.

As she let her arms fall to her sides, I took a moment to admire the bust now displayed to me. Louise was a very attractive young woman; her breasts were no more than average size in volume – perhaps even a what are some online dating scams little less – but they jutted forwards like small pyramids. It seemed as if a homing instinct told my mouth what to do, as I leaned forward to kiss her left breast, taking the right one in my hand to fondle at the same time. Louise murmured her approval, putting her shoulders slightly back in response and so lifting her tits even more

what are some online dating scams
outwards for attention. My kissing was tentative at first, and I think its delicacy – almost next door to tickling – was actually very arousing for her, as certainly was my innocence and her knowledge that she was initiating a virgin into her first lesbian ual encounter.

Realising how much I was turning her on, as she began to give short pants of breath, I grew in confidence and began to suck more boldly, now changing from side to side between each free-swinging mound of glory, sucking hard on her tit and pulling it out with me as I drew my mouth backwards; each time when I finally released one of her nipples in this way, she gave a curious whimper. After a few moments what are some online dating scams of this, she gasped that I was going to make her come, and she begged me to finger her pussy. I felt a wicked thrill, as for the first time in my what are some life online dating scams I lifted a woman’s skirt to gain access to her cunt and take her to the crest of ual release. My mouth did not falter in its worship of scams online dating what some are what are some online dating scams her lovely mounds, but I pulled the front of the tennis skirt up with one hand and pushed the other underneath it. I found my target of the front of her panties and, remembering her example, pressed my fingertips along her slit, feeling with slight shock the large patch of wetness which surrounded it. Louise gave a strangled groan, releasing her hands from what are some online dating scams what are some online dating scams their grip on my ass to reach frantically for the sides of her panties and shove them in one firm motion down almost to her knees.

At once, my hand was what are some dating scams online what are some online dating scams touching her bare cunt, which I found was delightfully soft and giving, smooth and shaven free of all hair. Again, it must have been instinct that helped my fingers slip into her what are some online dating scams what are some online dating scams what are some online dating scams vagina whilst my upturned thumb impacted almost roughly on her clitoral hood, slipping inside it to find the engorged glory spot itself. Louise began to give a mixture of deep, harsh what are some online dating scams online what dating are scams some grunts and high, sharp sounds, and I could feel her muscles trembling around my hand. Suddenly her hips thrust forwards and backwards galvanically several times, she gave a loud cry of ‘Oh!

Now!!’, and I felt a wash of wetness around the two fingers that I was pushing in and pulling out of her hole. I was amazed at what I what are some online dating scams had done, and felt a euphoric sense of triumph. Here I was, a young, totally inexperienced, virgin teenager – and I had taken an attractive and accomplished woman to the heights what are some online dating scams what are some online of dating scams uninhibited, uncontrolled orgasm. In its way, this was another and almost more profound barrier to cross than having my hymen broken and losing what everyone defines as ‘virginity’ – for what I had done to Louise made me far more adult: I was now a lesbian and a lover, someone who did as well someone who was passively done to.

Not, what are some online dating scams of course, that I was not eagerly looking forward to that part ... After I withdrew my fingers from her cunt, Louise – looking slightly stunned and breathless – stripped off her panties and briefly mopped her sodden pussy with them, before pitching them carelessly aside.

She unfastened the tennis skirt, which went in the same general direction, and was now naked apart from what are some online the dating scams socks and shoes. ‘Christ – I never expected that!’ she gasped; ‘that was amazing – kiddo, you’re a natural, there’s no doubt about it!’ what are some online dating scams She grinned at me ferociously, and I blushed but felt exultant at her accolade. Then she took my shoulders in her hands, and scrutinised my face again, affectionately but more seriously. ‘what are some online dating scams I want to be certain that you want this, babe,’ she stated, and then asked: ‘are you sure – really, really sure?’ She need not have worried, though what are some online dating scams I appreciated the care and concern that was motivating her enquiry – she was not just focusing on getting what she wanted, however desirable it might be. I had become more certain with every second, with every sight of her beautiful womanly body, with every touch of my fingers on her skin and of hers on mine. I looked her straight in the eye, knowing that she needed to know. Not wanting there to be any hesitancy, any holding back, when once she began to take me, I replied with simple, frank sincerity: ‘I have never, ever wanted anything so much in my life – or anyone. I know this is right for me, and you are right for me – just don’t stop, what are some online dating scams do it all the way, take me!’ The last wrinkle of frowning doubt vanished from her forehead, and her eyes gleamed with anticipation. Slowly, the hands on my shoulders slid what are some online dating scams under my bra straps and tugged them first sideways off my shoulders and then down to hang by my waist, in the process peeling the white cotton bra cups away from my young breasts. Releasing the straps, her hands rose to cup both of my titties, and as her mouth descended upon them I discovered for the first time how the pleasures which some what dating are scams online I had given her a few minutes before felt like from the other side. Really, there are no words good enough to capture the sensations that you experience when another woman’s lips, teeth and tongue suck, nibble and lick your own tits – amazing, stupendous, explosive don’t even come close, and erotic is a pale and useless term for the reality.

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