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She smiled at me and then said, “You know what to do, slut.

Don’t make me tell you.” I reached out slowly, grabbed her “penis” and opened best dating website for mid fifty my mouth. The strap-on slid across my tongue and I closed my lips. “Oh yeah, baby, that feels soooo good,” she said, repeating what I said the few times she best dating website for mid fifty website mid dating for fifty best sucked my cock. As my mouth got used to the size of the member inside of it, I began bobbing my head back and forth it. My wife slipped her hand around best dating website for mid fifty the back of my head and controlled my motions as I sucked her off. I quickened my pace and let more and more slide in. I reached down and started to stroke best dating website for mid fifty my cock, but I was quickly reprimanded by my wife and told not to touch myself unless given permission. Then I felt pressure being applied to the back of my head and my throat at the same time.

It’s OK, bitch.” She was making me deep throat her cock. She worked patiently, easing in a bit more each time as my throat

best dating website for mid fifty
best dating website for mid fifty opened. After a few minutes, the entire 7 inches were down my throat, the base resting against my face and she held it there. She slowly backed her hips away and let dating mid website best for fifty the strap-on slide out. And just as I thought I was getting a reprieve, she pushed back in; faster this time. She began ing my throat as drool escaped my mouth and best dating website for mid fifty my eyes began to widen. I had always wanted to do this and never been able to and here she was doing it to me the first time I “sucked &rdquo dating website for mid
best dating website fifty for mid fiftfor website mid best fifty dating y
; No breaking me in easily here! It left my mouth with a “pop” as I continued to try to suck more. Now get on the bed and lay on your back.” My wife climbed onto the bed after me, remaining on her knees, strap-on still protruding forward. She reached into the drawer of her nightstand and removed a tub of lube. “Every little bitch deserves to have her cherry popped in the missionary position,” she said as she squeezed lube onto her fingers.

“And everyone doing the popping deserves to get to watch her face as she’s entered.” She leaned forward and dangled her breasts in front of my face and told me to suck her nipples. I preferred to think she was being nice with a subtle reminder that she was, in fact, a woman, but it was more likely in the interest of her own pleasure. “Oh, and lift best dating website for mid fifty best dating website for mid your fifty legs to your chest.” As my mouth once again began to suck, this time on a woman’s breasts, I felt the cold lube on my wife’s fingers hit best dating website for mid fifty my anus. She circled my hole a couple of times to smear the lube around and then I felt her index finger slide inside of me. My ass tightened but she stayed persistent and kept penetrating me. Eventually my hole unclenched and I felt her stop the finger as just the tip was left in. I could then feel her middle finger touch my best dating website for mid rim fifty and soon joined the index finger inside my ass. I was used to a couple fingers from my own private play and it was all I could do to teachers dating best dating website for mid fifty students teachers friends date not touch my penis.

Eventually a third finger was inserted to continue my loosening and I continued sucking her fabulous tits. After a few minutes, the finger slid mid dating for fifty website best out and her breast was removed from my hungry lips. I watched as my wife grabbed the lube again and poured some on her strap-on. “Enough loosening, it’s time to best dating website for mid fifty get your little ass ed, slut.” This was it, the fantasy was about to come true. “ I can’t wait to do this,” my wife said excitedly. “And if it hurts, I want to hear you scream.” My wife moved into position and placed the head of the dildo at my ass hole. She tried several times to penetrate for mid best fifty website dating my virgin ass. OH !” “That’s right, bitch, take my cock up your ass. Tell me it hurts.” She was getting into this in a way I had never best dating website for mid fifty imagined. It hurts so badly right now.” Just the head was in and I couldn’t fathom taking the rest. At the same time, as badly as it hurt, it was best dating website for mid fifty

best dating website for mid fifty
a rush feeling that knob pop inside of me. Guys always try to tell you that it’s a good pain and you’ll start to like it. Let me know if that’s true you slut.” My wife slowly moved her hips forward while pulling my legs toward her slightly to gain leverage. Then a little more and I could feel the veins best dating website for mid fifty on the life-like design run across my inner rim. It was about a third of the way in when she pulled back for the first time and I felt the dick sliding out of me. It hurt so much that I hoped she would take it out and we would be done. But as soon as I felt the ridge of the bulbous head best dating website for mid fifty best dating website for mid fifty best dating website for mid fifty best dating website for mid fifty rest against the rim of my anus, she reversed course and began pushing back into me. Yes, this hurt – more than I had ever imagined it would – but I wanted this to continue. I wanted to find out if this would start to bring me pleasure like my fingers and the vibrator always had done. Each thrust put the “penis” about another inch inside of me before she pulled out and then began her forward assault again. She was fully inside of me now and I felt like I was being split in best dating website for mid fifty two. I felt the base of her dildo rest against my ass and I could feel the heat pulsating off her pussy. My wife started to pick up the pace of her best dating website for thrusting mid fifty and I hoped it would start to feel good quickly. But there was no more pain and I could focus on being the one taken now. Take my cock!” She began thrusting even harder now. The strap-on sawed in and out of my virgin hole, almost with ease now. I reached out and grabbed my wife’s ass and pulled her into best dating website for mid fifty best dating website for mid fifty me more. She reached down and stroked my cock a little and the precum that had been slowly flowing out dripped like a leaky faucet. I’m not done with my anal slut yet!” She pulled out, this time completely, and told me to get up on my knees. “I want to be able to watch myself you and the expressions on best dating website for mid fifty your face.” I positioned myself on my hands and knees. I looked up into the mirror and watched my wife move behind me with the strap-on dildo bobbing from her waist. She best dating looked website for mid fifty amazing with her large breasts and large dick both bouncing towards me. I then felt one hand go to my hip while the other steered the dildo towards my ass.

You are such a little bitch!” She then pushed forward and entered my ass again.

I had to watch my lovely wife plow into my used ass. She was moving at a rapid pace; as fast as I had ever given it to her before. You could hear the loud plopping sound as her hips slapped against my ass over and over and over again.

I watched as her breasts bounced up and down due to the force of her movements. My wife continued calling me her little slut and a cock whore as she pounded away at my ass. The verbal abuse was just as exciting as the physical. But as much as I wanted this to continue, my penis wasn’t going to allow much more. Each penetrating thrust that hit against my prostate milked me a little more. A puddle of precum had formed below me and it was threatening to be filled more with a full load of cum. I’m about to cum,” I desperately explained. “Yeah, I ed you so good you need to cum without me even touching your cock? You really best fifty website mid for dating best dating website for mid fifty are an anal whore, aren’t you?” “Yes, I am. It feels so good that I can’t control myself much longer.” I expected that best dating sites for portsmouth nh to be followed by best dating website for mid fifty

best dating website for mid fifty
even faster thrusting; an attempt to the cum right out of me. I hoped for that to be accompanied by a reach around and her hand jerking me off to completion. I felt the dildo press flat against the crack of my ass. I felt her breasts dangle against and then rest on my back. I felt her breath against my ear as she best dating website for mid fifty whispered to me.

“I found your other fetish while watching those videos, too.” Had she really figured it out? Don’t make me tell you what to do.” With that, I pulled my legs up above my head and doubled over myself. As I assumed the position, my wife removed the strap on. My rock hard cock was now positioned directly above my face.

With the strap-on now removed from her waist, she pushed the dildo down into my rectum once again. “This is called cum eating instruction, right? That’s the term best dating website for mid fifty best dating website for mid fifty you type into the search bar? Well all good sluts should swallow a load at the end of a good ing!” She closed her fist around my cock and slowly stroked best dating website for mid it fif

for best website fifty dating mid
ty. Like it had been for the entire session, precum continued to flow from the tip of my penis. The only difference was it was now dripping towards me and I was told to open my mouth and accept it. Don’t cum until I tell you to!” “I can’t hold out much longer. I need to cum so badly.” best dating website for mid fifty One of my wife’s hands moved slowly up and down the full length of my penis. The other moved the dildo in and out of my ass more. Tell me how much you loved my cock, bitch!” “I loved it! I loved you ing my ass!” “Do you want to take your load? Feel it drip down your throat?best dating &rdquo website for mid fifty; “Yes, please let me cum. I want to taste it so badly!” “OK,” she replied. “I think you like these to end with … what is it? Don’t you dare cum until I’ve finished the count down!” She stroked my cock a little harder. “10 … 9 … 8 … 7 …” she started. “6 … 5 … 4 …” I couldn’t imagine being able to hold on the rest of the way. My mouth was wide open in anticipation of its reward. Take that ing load like a good little bitch!” I exploded as my wife aimed my cock at my mouth. It continued spurting and covered my cheek and then she
best aimed dating website for mid fiftybest dating website for
mid best dating website for mid fifty best dating website for mid fifty fifty again and it went back into my throat. After the main load finished, my wife continued milking the remaining drops into my mouth until I was finished. She took her fingers
best dating website for mid fifty
best dating website for mid fifty and scooped up the little bit of cum dating websites for men seeking women that missed its mark and pushed it into my mouth. I closed my lips around her fingers and sucked the last of my load. And best dating website for you’lbest mid website for fifty dating l mid fifty be a good little slut again soon enough. Great purchase with this new toy!” She smiled at me. “Now gay dating website for middle east that you’ve cum, I need to get best dating website for mid fifty off.” She lifted her leg and straddled my chest. My wife knee-walked up my body and positioned her pussy above my head, continuing the domination theme of the night. “Now ing eat me until I’ve cum.” I gladly obliged and slid my tongue through her slit … Over and over and over again. Bra Shopping With Uncle by Lubrican Chrissy was happy to be spending the summer with her Uncle Bob. He was her favorite Uncle because he was always so happy to see her. Whenever he looked at her and gave best dating her website for mid fiftybest dating website for mid fifty ng> his special hugs, she always felt so special. When her mother had decided to go to Europe with her father to set up the new branch of his company, Chrissy had best dating website for mid fifty best dating website for mid fifty begged to be allowed to stay in the United States. Her father had estimated that it would take a year to get the new branch off the ground and making a profit.

Chrissy didn't want to go to a strange school in a foreign land. But they wouldn't let her stay at home alone in the best dating websites for african americans big old house. And, since Uncle best dating website for mid fifty best dating website for mid fifty fifty website best dating for mid Bob lived across town, She could keep an eye on the house and stay with him while he kept an eye on her. It was the perfect arrangement, assuming Uncle Bob would consent to being "babysitter" for a teenage girl. When his sister asked him, Bob had acted like it was a bummer, but had agreed to take his niece in. She was beautiful, a good hugger, and intelligent too. Bob didn't want to admit it to anyone, but he'd had several excellent beat off sessions with her in mind after seeing her in a thin T shirt, or that little blue bikini she wore in the back yard to suntan in. So it was that Chrissy arrived at Bob's house with two suitcases in tow, and a worn Teddy bear under her arm. Fran, her mother, told Bob that if she needed more clothes, they were in the house, and gave him a key. Then, with a quick kiss goodbye, and an admonishment to Bob to take good care of her baby, she was off. Bob had married his high school sweetheart right after school, and had lost best dating website for mid fifty her a year later in a terrible accident. He'd been too devastated to re-enter the dating game and, other than his frequent beat off sessions, he'd just done without in the ten years since then. Their original bedroom had been left just as it was and he'd moved into a downstairs bedroom. There was another one down the hall, and he gave best dating website for mid fifty that one to Chrissy. Bob conducted most of his business on the internet, so he didn't have to go anywhere to work most days. He spent hours in front of the computer, while Chrissy spent hours working on her tan.

Chrissy, after tasting bachelor food, taught her Uncle to cook. It was during one of these sessions that things started to cook. Chrissy best dating website for mid fifty best dating website for mid fifty was dressed in her customary gym shorts and tank top. As she showed Bob how to read and interpret a recipe he leaned over and got a good look down the loose tank top. Her modest breasts were perfectly white where her bikini covered them, but the surrounding flesh was dark, almost brown. In the middle of each white area was a circle of for dating best fifty website mid pink, with a nice perky nipple perched on each one. He knew what his beat off fantasy would be tonight. He managed to get through the recipe, but had to excuse himself best dating website for mid fifty to go to the bathroom, where he pounded his meat and shot off in the stool so he could get his cock to go down. It was delicious, he decided, just like his cute niece.

Later that night, while he was watching TV, Chrissy was taking a shower. When she got out she wrapped a towel around her long blond hair, and another around best dating website for mid fifty her torso. It covered her from chest to thigh and she thought nothing of walking into the living room to ask her Uncle where the body lotion was. "Are you OK?" Bob was staring at the bottom of the towel, imagining that it was only about two inches from a juicy teenaged and probably virgin pussy. What was it you wanted?" "Body lotion" she said again. There's some of that up on Mary's dressing table." Silence.

I'll go with you." He stood up and immediately turned around. His dick was stiff again, and best dating website for mid fifty best dating website for mid fifty it was making an obvious tent in his silk pajama bottoms. Quickly he snatched an afghan off the back of the couch, muttering "Let me just straighten this up." and held it in front of him as he led the way to what he now called "Mary's room." When they got there the hinges squeaked as he opened

drug alcohol to abuse dating related
the door.

"I don't come in here much any more." Chrissy was staring around at fashions and decorating that was ten years out of date. Bob walked over to best dating website for mid fifty the vanity and picked up a dusty bottle.

"Mad Jack's Scented and Edible Massage Oil" he read out loud. Who would want to eat massage oil?" She came and took mid fifty best for website dating best dating website for mid fifty it from his hands, turning over to read the contents. "This will do just fine" she said and rising on her tip toes, she hugged her Uncle. His stiffened penis probed directly best dating between website for mibest dating website for mid fifty d fifty her legs, just under the edge of the towel. His arms went automatically around her and his hand brushed where she'd tucked the towel in to keep it secure. That end popped out and the towel fell to the floor... or would have, except that it caught on the tent in his PJs where it pressed into her. There, in plain sight, were her magnificent milky white breasts with their luscious strawberry nipples. Chrissy stepped back, grabbing at the towel and lifted it to drape across her front. That exposed the now huge lump

best in dating website for mid fifty mid fifty the front of Bob's PJs.

Chrissy stared at the lump while Bob stared at Chrissy. Again, Bob said "Oh Shit!" and his hands jerked to cover his erection. sorry" he said and he turned and fled downstairs to his bedroom. That night, when it came time for his cum to arc out onto the towel he'd spread on his bed beside him, Bob had to get up. He'd shot past the towel, and his spooge was all over the floor. The next morning, as they ate breakfast, neither of them could look at the other.

They managed to get through breakfast and Bob went to the computer. He had a new email, inviting him to a party at the yacht club.

He sat and best dating website for mid fifty tried to think of a woman he could invite, but he really didn't know any he would like to take except some married women, and that wouldn't go over. He best dating website for mid fifty best dating website for mid fifty found her on the lawn, beside the swimming pool. She was in that tiny bikini he liked so much, the one that was responsible for the super white skin around her pink nipples.

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