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I was shaking and shivering from hot and cold flushes, feeling almost delirious as she alternated between my breasts with her mouth, whilst using her hand to tweak the nipple jb van hollen teen dating violence jb van hollen teen dating violence jb van hollen teen dating violence dating violence hollen jb teen van of whichever tit was not getting oral service. My eyes were closed so that I could ride the tides of feeling, and so I sensed rather than saw her reach behind me jb van hollen teen dating violence to unclasp my bra and remove it. The next bit, however, had my eyes open wide – as I gasped in even greater pleasure and arousal. Her tongue left my nipple and jb van hollen teen dating violence traced its way over the lower part of that breast and then downwards, across chest and stomach, to its target of my pussy. As it neared my navel, swooping around it and new york speed dating black professionals licking its centre, Louise dropped to her knees and simultaneously pulled my panties down to my ankles; I lifted my left foot an inch off the

jb van hollen teen dating violence
floor and she slipped the panties over my trainer, leaving them still looped around the other ankle. With tantalising slowness, her tongue then began the next part of its downwards quest, as her hands with gentle pressure eased my legs into a wider and more open stance. With the simultaneous precision of a D-Day landing, Louise’s tongue reached the top of my pussy jb van hollen teen dating violence cleft as the fingers of one hand reached up to touch and delicately probe the very bottom of the teen dating violence statistics in georgia slit, and the other hand spanned the middle, pressing on each side of
jb van hollen teen dating violence
my labia to encourage them to separate and open. I had never, ever felt anything like this in all of my tentative explorations of my own body, in all of my crude jb van hollen teen and dating violencejb van hollen teen dating violence em> childish masturbatory experiments. I was sobbing, tears of ecstasy rolling down my cheeks, the kind that you get from uncontrollable laughter, and someone in the room was making short inarticulate van jb violence hollen teen dating cries – I guessed it must have been me, for Louise’s mouth had slid down to the middle of my vagina and was sucking like a vacuum cleaner! As her agile jb van hollen teen dating violence tongue wormed up and down my pussy, she shifted the grip of her hands to my lower buttocks, squeezing them and pulling them apart, giving her greater and deeper access at the jb van hollen teen dating violence dating front hollen violence jb van teen. Her mouth moved upwards to make my clitoris its prisoner, and I lost all control – if any had been left by this point – as my pelvis shook in orgasm. With a long, low wail, I released myself into the growing orgasm like someone clinging by their fingertips to the cliff edge above a raging torrent – as I, too, was swept under, churned about, bouncing from one rock of sensation to another, and then was flung up again onto the shore in a shower of spray, gasping for breath. Looking flushed and excited, Louise removed her lips from my labia and rose to her feet, with evident pleasure and satisfaction tasting the juices that had streaked her face. ‘That’s one first for you, honey; the first time you’ve been pussy-eaten by a woman. Now – stage two!’ I had remained standing through all this, my back leaning against the wall. Now, she took dating violence teen jb hollen van me by the hand and laid me down on the soft towels that were covering the exercise mat, as gently as if she were lowering me onto my bridal bed – which, jb van hollen teen dating violence jb van hollen teen dating violence of course, in many ways it was. I was on my back and she spread herself out beside me, lying on her side and with one elbow propping up her head. She
jb van hollen teen dating violencejb van hollen teen dating violence violence jb teen van dating hollen h6> ran her other hand gently over my body, almost in wonderment that such a sweet young prize had fallen into her lap. Then, sure that I was comfortably settled in place, she kissed me briefly on the lips before rising and going to one of the lockers. From my angle on the floor I could see that she rummaged in a kit-bag for jb van hollen teen dating violence jb van hollen teen dating violence a moment, before straightening and turning back towards me. In her hand was a vibrator – a smooth silver tube, slightly curved at the point. It looked huge to me, but in jb van hollen teen dating fact violjb van hollen teen dating violence ence was no more than average; I learned later that it was a six-inch model of medium diameter. ‘I thought this might come in handy sometime,’ she commented with a jb van hollen teen dating violence jb teen violence dating van hollen mischievous grin, adding that she had been keeping it in her locker for the last two weeks, hoping for a chance to use it on me – and also, when our close proximity had aroused her too much, slipping in to this staff changing-room to use the little silver pleasure-machine on herself. As I watched in fascination, she switched it on but did not violence jb dating van hollen teen immediately begin to insert it into me.

First, she aroused me further – which I would not have thought was possible – by giving my pussy a firmer massage with her fingers teen dating hollen van violence jb

jb van hollen teen dating violence
and another series of probing kisses and licks from her tongue. Then, as the latter moved upwards to zero in on my breasts, I felt the rubbing pressure of the vibrator’s tip at the puckered open mouth of my vagina. I gave a soft gasp, and wordlessly showed my acquiescence by spreading my legs as wide apart as I could and thrusting jb van hollen teen what leads to dating teen violence dating violence my hips upwards against its pressure. The vibrator slid easily into my well-lubricated cunt, until the tip bumped gently against the dark membrane of my hymen. I gulped, tensing my abdominal muscles,
jb van hollen teen dating violence
and Louise raised her head from her tit-lapping to watch my face.

I understood that she needed one last confirmatory signal and so, despite an errant doubt that made my thighs suddenly

jb van hollen teen dating violence
glisten with sweat, I licked along my lips and then gave a brief but firm nod of assent. Louise nodded back, and the excitement of taking her first-ever virginity (she confirmed my suspicion on this point afterwards) showed on her face. At first, she cautiously pressed the wonderfully humming tip of the vibrator a little harder against the barrier, which proved less flimsy than jb van hollen teen dating violence jb van hollen teen dating violence jb van hollen teen dating violence jb van hollen teen dating violence either of us expected. She looked more determined, and pushed hard for an instant. My hymen parted to admit the metal rod, making me jerk and yelp – the sensation was curiously jb hollen teen violence dating van similar to banging one’s knee on a door frame: a brief flashing pain which was both disorienting and stimulating in a strange and tingling way. My virginity was no more, and
jb van hollen for teen dating violencejb van hollen teen dating violence h6> the first time something from outside penetrated down my vaginal tube, pressing me open, rubbing against nerve ends along its walls which I had not dreamed existed. Louise withdrew the vibrator, and wiped it quickly on the nearby towel – I could not see this at the time, but later, when I stood up, I noticed the small browning smear of blood, which somehow made the whole thing more real. With barely a pause, she slid the vibrating shiny cylinder back into me, slowly working it in and out, and pressing a little further each time. Meanwhile, her fingers stretched open the top part of my slit, seeking for and finding my clitoris, and alternating between rubbing it and flicking it with her fingertips. This had jb van hollen teen dating violence jb van hollen teen dating violence jb an van hollen teen dating violenjb van hollen teen ce dating violence effect like the discovery of the combination number of a safe: my legs spread apart, my back arched and my buttocks lifted clear of the towels, and my vaginal muscles relaxed jb and van hollen teen dating violence loosened, admitting her thrusts further and allowing her to up the tempo. It seemed like no time at all before I was shuddering and trembling in the throes of my second jb van hollen teen dating violence orgasm, which was even stronger than the first. My head lashed from side to side; I was whimpering and uttering broken words of beseechment, all of them entreaties to me more, harder, jb van hollen teen dating violence jb van hollen teen deeper dating vijb van hollen teen dating violence olence; my nipples were so stiffly erect and hyper-sensitive that I thought they would explode from my chest like fireworks; sweat gleamed on my face, stomach and thighs, and my hips were jb van hollen teen dating violence pushing spasmodically back against the intrusions of the metal dildo. Then, the coup de grace: Louise deftly removed the vibrator from my hole and thrust its throbbing tip against my clit, whilst violence teen jb hollen the dating van hand that had been stimulating me there drove two fingers deep into my vagina. I think I screamed as this stimulus blew me over the edge, but if I did it was a scream of exhilaration, of discovery and of joy. It was as if a tempest had raged through me, tossing everything up in the air, and I knew that I would jb van hollen teen dating violence never feel or think the same ever again – a threshold had been crossed that was much more than just losing a small scrap of skin, however much it was prized by society. As the tidal wave receded, I lay sprawled on my back across the rumpled white towels, and gazed up at the jutting breasts of my instructor in lesbian love. Rather jb van hollen teen dating shyly viojb van hollen teen dating violence lence, I asked her: ‘Was I OK?’ Louise looked surprised at the question.

‘You were amazing, sweetheart, truly – truly amazing. I never expected you to be so open for it, so free and so wild. You’re a knockout, d’y’know?’ Then she added, with a rueful laugh: ‘I should be asking that – was it OK for you, honey?’ Her words made me feel happier than I could express, and so I just emphatically nodded my positive response to her question. Then, trusting myself to speak despite jb van hollen teen dating violence a slight quaver in my voice, I asked her if she would want me again, if maybe we could do it more often, especially if I got my parents to continue my jb van hollen teen dating violence jb van hollen teen dating violence membership of the club. Louise rolled over from her side to lie mainly on top of me, settling her thighs between my still-spread ones, her breasts resting almost tit to tit on jb van hollen teen dating violence jb van hollen teen dating mine violence. Her mouth found my lips, and she kissed me slowly and lovingly. Then, breaking mouth contact for a moment, she stroked my cheek with her fingers whilst assuring me that she would want to me any time that I would have her, and that it did not need to be here – in fact, it could only be here if it was just us in the building – but that I was welcome 2009 teen dating violence awareness week to come to her flat. She told me that she shared with another, slightly older woman who was also a lesbian, but that they were good friends only and not attracted to each other as lovers. They had separate bedrooms, and one or the other often brought a girlfriend home for a night jb van hollen teen dating violence teen or violence dating jb van hollenvan jb teen dating hollen violence b> a weekend. I said at once that this sounded delightful, and so it has proven – during the six months since I lost my virginity, I have been Louise’s most-frequent lover (though not her only one, and neither of us would ask that exclusivity of the other, there are just far too many hot babes out there), sometimes at the gym on van dating violence teen nights jb hollen when she closes up, and other times on weekend afternoons and evenings (when my parents think I am at a friend’s house or a party), in the comfort of her bedroom. There has also been one unexpected bonus – her flatmate and I had an instant attraction to each other from the moment that we met on my third visit there, and jb van Louise hollen teen dating violence has no objection to my ing with her sometimes as well. Her name is Nadia, a trim 29-year-old brunette with a great ass and a taste for tight skirts and black jb van hollen boots teen dating viojb van hollen teen dating violence lence which show it to best advantage. She became my first for the last part of the trilogy of my lesbian initiation – taking me doggy-style with a strap-on cock. This was violence dating also hollen teen jb van a mind-blowing experience, and in the four months since she first impaled me with it, my cunt has opened wider and deeper. That first time, I only took five inches, and jb van hollen teen needed dating violence lube and careful coaxing to manage that; last Sunday, she ed me without restraint with her wide eight-incher, and I took it all, hard and deep, with relish, gasping for jb van hollen teen dating violence jb van hollen teen dating violence her to shaft it deeper, grind down on me harder. She has a taste for dominance, and I knew such talk would send her into over-drive, and so it proved – she was shrieking almost louder than me as she slammed it home for the last convulsive thrusts, her orgasm taking her just seconds before mine. My parents quite readily agreed to continue my

jb van hollen membership teen dating violence
of the gym, pleased that I was adopting a regime of regular exercise. Of course, they had no idea what my favourite method of burning off those extra calories had now jb van hollen teen dating violence jb van hollen teen dating violence become – they were just pleased that I looked so trim and had such a healthy glow, and I smiled quietly to myself and ran memories of my recent s with Louise violence van dating teen jb hollen or Nadia through my mind’s eye. If you enjoyed this, check out my other stories ... (to find them, follow the author link at the top of this story) I would turn 12 on our last day before summer vacation. I was looking forward to spending a lot of time at our ranch and expect respect teen dating violence curriculum enjoying the rolling hills, and the lazy summer days with my new friend Janet. She was a beautiful blonde, 5’ 4” tall with a body that just wouldn’t quit. I had found looking at other girls really was beginning to turn me on and I thought she would be that someone special that I could really “get into.” We had spent a few nights at our place but the only thing jb van hollen teen dating violence jb van hollen teen dating violence that had transpired was hugging during the night and a friendly good night kiss on the cheek. I had felt her tits a few times during the night, but I was jb van hollen teen dating violence afraid I might scare her off if I woke her. I never knew until later, that she had been awake and was enjoying my touch. She too was starting to become interested in the same .

I knew Janet had a boyfriend who was several years older than she was and they had been petting pretty hard recently. He had felt her up on several jb van hollen teen dating violence occasions but she said they had not gone all the way yet. Then the last day before school ended, she came over to spend the night as we thought it would be

jb van hollen teen dating violence
violence hollen van teen dating jb our last night before school started again. We were talking about what we were going to do for the summer when it dawned on me to ask her to come with us. She jb van hollen teen dating violence got all excited and told me she thought her mom and dad would let her. My mom was still up so I told her to lets go ask her if it would be okay that way she could ask her mom and dad the next day. Before I go any further let me tell you my mom is a single mom, doing well financially and she had a thing for other women. That was the reason for my dad leaving her a few years back. I wasn’t sure if she liked younger girls or jb van hollen teen dating violence not but had hoped she did. When we walked into the living room, my mom was watching a movie I had not seen before. However, before I could get the drift of
jb van hollen teen dating violence
what it was she turned the set off. “Mom, Janet, and I were talking and wondered if she could come with us to the ranch?

If it’s okay with you she can ask her mom and dad tomorrow so we can make arrangements.” I had noticed my mom had been looking Janet over a bit more than any of the other girls I knew, She looked at me then at Janet, a lovely smile came across her face, and she said it would be an honor to have her along. Janet smiled jb van hollen teen and dating viole

jb van hollen teen dating violence
nce walked over and hugged my mom and gave her a kiss on the cheek. I had never seen my mom blush before but she hugged Janet back, looked at me, and jb van hollen teen dating violence smiled. Janet and I went back to my room and that is when she told me she had felt me feeling her breast.

I was about to apologize when she put her jb van hollen teen dating violence finger to my lips. At first, I was surprised to the point of not responding but then all I had dreamed of seemed to be coming true. I pulled her to me jb violence van dating teen hollen and let my hands move to her tits and she pushed her tongue into my mouth. I started to undress her slowly wanting to savior all her beauty I had so want jb van hollen teen dating violence jb van hollen teen dating violence to see. As I removed her dress, I saw the fantastic body I had only imagined was there. I moved my lips from hers and kissed her neck as I moved down jb van hollen teen dating violence her body to her breast.

I could feel her responding to my touch and feel her body tightening up. Janet started removing my clothes and in turn started to kiss me the jb van hollen teen dating violence same way. We moved over to my bed and lay down side by side, as I continued to love this wonderful y body next to me I began to wonder if I would be able to lick her pussy or would that be taking it too far when I felt her hand on my mound. She looked me in eye as if to jb van hollen teen dating violence jb van hollen teen dating violence jb van hollen teen dating violence ask if I wanted her to do more so I moved my hand down on hers and pushed her finger into my pussy. She smiled and started to move down my body jb van hollen teen dating violence until she had reached my pussy and she started to circle my love hole with her tongue. I felt the tip of her tongue as it slide into my wet pussy and jb van hollen teen dating violence heard her as she moaned and then I knew she was enjoying the taste of my precum. My body suddenly had a mind of its own as I started to hump her

dating teen jb violence hollen van
van jb teen dating violence hollen face and feel things I had no idea could come into my body. I was trying to do things to her but I couldn’t make my mind concentrate on anything but jb van hollen teen the dating violence feelings she was giving me. My body went into spasm that rocked my entire being. Every feeling in my body became totally uncontrollable and I went limp. She moved up my jb van hollen teen dating violence body, kissed me on the lips again, and smiled tenderly at me. “Did that make you happy?” “Did it make me happy,” I said, “I have never known anything so wonderful in my entire life.” She took me in her arms, comforted me, and asked if I wanted more. “Oh yes, much more but I think it’jb van hollen teen dating violence s your turn.” I started kissing her lips and ran my tongue into her mouth. I moved from her lips to her face then down her neck again to her tits.

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