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Erica filled her aunt in on all the things she had been going through with her mother. All she could do was shake her head in disbelief about how internet dating her service submit a site sister was raising her Neice. She was so old fashioned and out of touch with reality. It was the reason she had left herself, unable to stand to be around internet dating dating sites that use paypal services service submit a site internet dating her service submit a site and her judgemental attitude. Of course, she hadn't told her Neice that she preferred women over men and once she had confided to her sister that fact all hell broke loose. That was the main catalyst as to why she left like she did. If her Neice had any of those issues, no wonder she couldn't talk to internet dating service her submit a site mother. She would have gone crazy on her, just as she had done to her. As they talked Julie saw a roadside diner and asked Erica if she were hungry. "Yes, I'm starved Aunt Julie, I'd love something to eat." "Great, but from now on I want you to call me Julie. I know we're family and all

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, but I want our relationship to be more like friends. You can talk to me about anything you like no matter what it is. I want you to trust me, dating service site submit internet a I'm not going to judge you regarding anything." "Thank you, Julie, you have no idea how much that means to me. I do have one question, how much younger are you than my mother anyway. She would never tell me anything about you, other than what I already knew." "That's easy, I'm 20 years younger than your mother. I submit service site a internet datininternet dating service submit a site g was one of those unexpected pregnancies and it surprised the hell out of everyone. It was tough growing up having such a resentful, uptight older sister. She never liked anything
a internet dating service submit site
internet dating service submit a site internet dating service submit a site I did, anything I said or anything about me, period. I was different than her, more outgoing, happier, and I wasn't afraid to try something new or different. She, internet service submit a site dating on the other hand, was so uptight she couldn't do anything but judge me." "So that's how it all started. You look so beautiful at 42, you could pass internet for dating service submit a site 32 easy." "Why thank you, Sweetie, that means a lot to me. As for you mother, she ended up pushing the ones she should love the most away from her. You internet dating service submit a site are here with me, you are going to have a fresh start, so just relax and enjoy your stay. Now, let's eat, I'm hungry as well." Once they internet dating service submit a site internet dating service submit a had site ordered their food, Julie listened while Erica talked. She talked incessantly but she had a lot to get off her chest. She was such a beautiful young woman and internet dating service submit a site service dating a internet submit had site so much going for her, it was a shame she had been forced out of her own home. Julie couldn't help looking at her Neice's beautiful shoulder length internet dating service submit a site
service internet submit a dating site
brown hair, her beautiful brown eyes not to mention she had a beautiful body, totally the opposite of her mother.

Julie felt a little funny as she realized that she who is justin gaston dating now was becoming aroused looking at her beautiful young Neice. She should be ashamed of how she was feeling but she couldn't help herself. Afterall, internet dating service submit a site she was into women and she loved the pretty young woman like Erica. She loved seducing them and making sweet love to them. She scolded herself for thinking like that as dating site service submit internet a Erica continued. As Erica continued talking Julie felt this tingling between her legs. She tried ignoring it but she just couldn't help herself. She knew the only way she was going to get rid of it was to do something about it. The problem was, they were in a public place, what if someone saw her? As hard as she tried she couldn't ignore the tingle between her legs. Quickly looking around to make sure no one was looking, Julie moved her left hand down, slipping it under her short internet dating service submit a site skirt. She found that her panties were wet from arousal and Erica continued talking. She began rubbing the front of her panties with her fingers but that only made it worse. Looking one more time, Julie moved her fingertips along the top of her panties, sliding it down the front, over her mound, and between her swollen lips. Then she waited until she felt comfortable enough to risk sliding her finger into her pussy. She slowly worked her finger between her lips, to the edge of the opening to her pussy. Then she internet dating service submit a site internet dating service submit a site slowly eased her finger into her pussy, working her clit with the palm of her hand. She parted her legs slightly giving her better access as she added a second internet dating service submit a site finger. Now she was finally getting what she needed, some much-needed relief.

While Erica continued telling her about her troubles, Julie was thankful she had a lot to say, giving her

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time to hopefully get herself off. As Erica talked she looked at Julie, noticing her nipples were now getting hard and pushing against the thin fabric of her blouse. Seeing her internet dating service submit a aunt's site nipples hard was suddenly turning her on. If only there was a way to tell her how she really felt about women. The only problem was, what if internet dating service submit her a site aunt had the same attitude about that as her mother? Then Erica stopped talking suddenly saying, "I'm sorry for talking so much Aunt Julie, I mean Julie. I've site dating service submit internet a missed seeing you, we need to catch up." "Yes, I know, it has been a long time. I don't know what your mother has told you about me if anything. I'internet dating service ve submit a site been here for a while now as you know and I love it. It's not too big but then I don't need a big house. I work internet dating for service submit a site a company that manufactures computer equipment. I make a good living working there." As Julie caught Erica up on what she was doing in her life, Erica couldn't help noticing how beautiful her aunt was. She had such pretty hair and pretty eyes, not to mention she had a very y body. As much as she wanted to share internet dating service submit a site internet dating service submit a site that with her aunt, Erica couldn't find the courage to tell her. Instead, she just focused on her aunt's breasts and her hard nipples. She noticed her aunt look internet dating service submit a site down and her eyes squint like maybe she was in pain.

Then she noticed that her aunt was shaking a little bit, sort of like a shudder or something. She didn't know what to say, wondering if she should ask her if she were alright. Julie in the meantime was cumming from her masturbating herself to relief. Finally, Erica asked, "Are you alright Julie, you look like something is wrong." "Oh, no Honey, I'm fine, just a little tired I guess. Are you finished, we should get going before it gets too hot.

My A/C isn't working very well in the car." Julie carefully slipped her hand from her panties and then from under her skirt as the two of them went back to the car.

Once they were on the road, Julie noticed that Erica was stealing glances at her. She was trying not to be too obvious but Julie caught her just the same. She looked down noticing her nipples were still hard pushing against the fabric of her blouse. She smiled asking Erica, "So, Erica is there anything else you'd like to talk about. I have the feeling that you haven't told me everything there is to know. You realize that you can tell me anything you know.": "Yes, I know I can, it's just that I'm not used to it. I'm so used to hiding everything I did not to mention watch what I said around my mother so she wouldn't go off on me or worse." "Or worse, what do you mean or worse?" "Well, when I was in high school she

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me masturbating one night. I started touching myself and the more I did the more aroused I got. Well, to make a long story short, she walked in on me, submit a dating site internet service internet dating service submit a site internet dating service submit a site caught me with my fingers in my, well you know." "Yes, she caught you with your fingers in your pussy, so what's so bad about that?" "Oh, you have no idea. She freaked out on me, calling me a slut, a whore, telling me I was going to hell. Then she started slapping me and hitting me with my Dad'internet dating service submit a s belt site. He did nothing to stop her, he just looked at my naked body until she went after him. Well after that, it took me weeks before I could sit internet dating service submit a site internet dating service submit a and site not feel pain. From then on I tried not to masturbate but when I did I made sure she was gone and I still locked the bathroom door." Julie was so upset she pulled the car over to the side of the road and put her arm around Erica, pulling her to her. She kissed her on the cheek and held internet dating service submit a site her for several minutes. She was beyond upset thinking that her sister was so backward in her thinking that she would do that to her own child.

Finally, she let service submit a dating site internet her go saying, "I'm sorry Erica, but that is just beyond crazy. To have someone to get so upset about something as simple as you taking care of your needs, it's beyond anything normal thinking. I would never do that to my daughter if I had one, or anyone for that matter. It's perfectly normal for a person to

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dating a service submit site masturbate internet when they are aroused. I'll tell you one thing Erica, should you feel the need to take care of those needs, you don't have to go and hide, lock the door or anything. I don't care if you do it in the living room while watching TV for all I care. Don't you ever worry about that with me, you understand?" "Yes, Julie I do and thank you for understanding. I didn't think it was any big deal but she sure does." "Well, she's nuts. Now, internet dating service submit internet dating sites good or bad a site what else is there that you have been afraid to talk to her about. I know there is something, I can sense it." "Yes, well there is, but I'm just not ready to talk about it yet Julie, please don't be mad. It's just hard for me." "The only way you're going to make me mad Hon is to shut me out. Now, we're almost home, let's get going again." About ten minutes later Julie pulled into the driveway. Once inside the house, Erica couldn'internet dating service submit a site t believe her eyes. "Julie, I love your house, it's so perfect." "Great, I'm glad you like it. Let me show you to your room and then I coffee internet dating service submit a site internet site submit dating service a lovers dating will online for singles show you around the house. The thing I like most is there are no neighbors and yet we are still close to town. Now, internet dating service submit a site this is your room here, it's right across from mine, so if you need anything I'm right next door. You can bring your things in here when you are internet dating service submit a site ready and unpack. My mother had so many I had to write them down." "House rules, let me see.

You can walk around naked all day if you want, you can internet dating service submit a site play your music loud, you can watch TV all night if you want. Between 8 and 5 you're on your own kiddo, just don't burn the place down, please." dating site Erica submit service a internet laughed and gave her aunt a hug saying, "I'm going to love living here Julie, I just might like it well enough to stay until I get a job and can get my own place. I hope that doesn't scare you." "Why would it do that? I'm tired of being alone, that's why I was so submit a site service internet dating anxious to have you here." "So that does bring up a question now that I think about it. How come you never got married and had kids of your own, if you don't mind my asking?" 'I don't mind, I just don't have an answer. Well, that's not exactly true, it's just like you aren't ready to share some things with me, and I'm not ready to share some things with you.

I think once we get used to one another, and feel a little internet dating service submit more a site comfortable we'll share those things.

What do you think?" "I think you are the best Julie. I don't care if you tell me or not, I think you'dating a submit internet site service internet dating service submit a site a service internet site submit dating re right though. Even though we are comfortable with one another now, there are still some things that are just going to take time to open up about. As for now, show me the rest of your house." "Follow me, Erica, right this way." Julie knew that she and Erica were more alike than either one of them realized. Julie showed internet dating service submit a site internet dating service submit a site Erica around the house taking her outside and showing her the pool in the back and all the work she had done on her patio to make it feel special. Erica liked the block wall around the yard to keep prying eyes from spying on them. She joked, "I like all the privacy you have back here Julie, I could lay out here naked if I wanted to." "Yes, you could.

You know, that's the second time you mentioned being naked." "Oh, I didn't mean anything by it, Julie." "Relax Sweetie

submit dating site service a internet
it's not a problem. You see, the thing is, I like running around the house naked myself. That was the only trepidation I had knowing you were coming to a internet dating site service submit stay with me. I thought I would have to keep my clothes on all the time and lose some of that freedom I enjoy so much if you know what I internet dating mean? service submit a site" "Oh no Julie, I have no problem with you taking your clothes off if you want to. I don't know why I said it, to begin with, I think internet dating service submit a maybe site it sounded so outrageous because I could never do that at home. I can't even imagine it and yet I said it twice like you said, sort of strange isn't it?" "Maybe not, maybe it's something that you want to do but only fantasized about. It doesn't matter really, I'll leave my clothes on, for now, it's not that big of a deal anyway. Should you feel the urge to rid yourself of your clothes feel free to do it. You'll be amazed at the feeling of freedom it gives you. Anyway, take your time, get used to everything and let whatever happen...happen." Erica spent the rest of the day looking around the house, internet dating service submit a site internet dating service submit a site talking to her aunt and getting used to being away from her overbearing, domineering mother. She felt so free and happy to be away from all that. Once she was alone Erica spent the morning just enjoying being by herself in her new home.

It was about noon and it was getting pretty warm outside. The pool in the back looked dating submit a internet site service so inviting that she thought about going for a swim, the thing was, she didn't have a bathing suit. Then she remembered the privacy she had so on a whim she decided to take her clothes off and go swimming in the nude. At first, she felt so guilty, going outside, totally naked where anyone could see her. She had

internet dating service submit a site
to remind herself she was alone and there was no one that was going to catch her naked.

She took off her clothes and walked out onto the patio. She felt internet dating service submit a site so free, her aunt was right when she said it was such a feeling of freedom. Erica walked to the edge of the pool and dove it, enjoying the feeling of submit site service a dating internet the water on her naked body. She loved the feeling of the cool water as it cascaded over her body as she swam. After several minutes Erica got out of the pool and walked over to the lounge chair and lay back.

It felt so good when the breeze wafted over her still wet body, causing her nipples to become stiff. Erica couldn't resist touching them as she ran her fingers over her nipples.

They tingled as she touched them and she was soon caressing her breasts. As she lay there internet dating service submit a site caressing her breasts and teasing her nipples a feeling of euphoria came over her. How wonderful it was to touch her naked body without the fear of someone finding her or worse yet, screaming at her. She continued, rolling her nipples between her thumb and forefingers as her arousal continued to grow. She was soon twisting and tugging at her nipples as her pussy began to tingle.

Erica moved her hand down her stomach through her thick bush, her fingers moving over her wet lips. They tingled as she began moving her internet dating service submit a site fingers over her ever moistening pussy lips. She worked her middle finger between her lips, moving it up and down as her passion grew. She didn't even hear when Julie internet dating service submit a site came out onto the patio having come home for lunch to see how Erica was doing. She was cooing and moaning as she added a second finger into her pussy, working them deep inside as her aunt looked on.

Julie knew she should probably leave and give Erica her privacy, yet she looked so beautiful laying there and masturbating. Julie felt her own pussy beginning to tingle as she watched, feeling an urge to take off her clothes and join Erica. Taking a chance, Julie quietly took off her clothes and stood internet dating service submit a site naked in front of Erica as she continued masturbation. For some reason, Erica opened her eyes to find her aunt standing there, naked and looking at her. What struck her was one, how beautiful her body was. Her breasts were so full and firm and her nipples were so hard. Second, she wasn't screaming at her for masturbating and being naked.

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