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“I think we need to make sure he is satisfied as well since he can’t take care of his himself. Tommy could only gulp as he looked at the two nude forms looking down at him. CHAPTER 5 Trussed up with both arms in casts from his bicycle accident, the young man could not have been any less mobile if he had been dating and sex tips for men tied to the bedposts. While he had been utterly enjoying his newfound ual activities of the past few dating tips for men over 40 weeks, seeing the two adult women descending on him was a bit more than he ever expected. That one of the women was his mother went beyond anything he could have imagined. He had already cum several times that day, but like all teenage boys his stamina was beyond compare. Despite the blowjob from his little sister just a short while ago, he was already hard and ready. His homebound teacher gripped his shaft with a slow stroking motion while his Mother lightly ran her dating tips for men over 40 fingertips along his sack as she bent forward and kissed him deeply. While their tongues danced, he felt the moist warmth that could only be Miss Cooper’s mouth slide down on him.

Breaking from his mouth she softly kissed his neck and chest while glancing down to see Alicia running her lips and tongue along dating tips for men over 40 dating Tommy’s tips for men ove

dating tips for men over 40
r 40 hard cock. Moving down, Sue joined the other woman in letting her tongue lick the boy as well as her friend’s tongue. Each woman started dating taking tips for men over dating tips for men over 40 40 turns bobbing their mouths over the boy’s dick while running their hands on each others body. Alicia looked at her friend and smiling told her to enjoy dating tips for men over 40 tips over 40 men for dating herself as she moved up and kissed the boy on his lips. Standing she carefully stepped over his chest, lowering herself down so that her dripping cunt came dating tips for men over 40 tips men 40 over dating for dating tips for men over 40 down on his mouth while she watched her friend not only take his full length down her throat but also reach beneath and slowly insert a moistened finger into his ass. Tommy was licking Miss Cooper for all he was worth. When he felt the new sensation at his backside he went from confused to uncomfortable tips 40 men over dating for to approaching an orgasm in mere moments. Sue realized that her son was approaching sensory overload and backed off to prolong his pleasure and hers. She had a definite plan and knew how to get to her goal. As the boy raked his tongue through his teachers gash and tasted her flowing juice he felt a hand tighten around the base of his cock. It didn’t hurt and wasn’t overly tight, what he didn’t know is that it would delay his ejaculation dating tips for men over 40 and that is precisely what his mother wanted. Holding her hand tightly around her son’s cock, Sue mounted him and sank down feeling his hardness press past dating men over 40 tips for her lips and go inside her. She could feel him going deeper and deeper, stretching her. His was the first cock she had had since the death of her husband, Tommy’s father five years earlier. Never had she expected that she would her own children, but now that it was happening she could not envision ever stopping. As Sue bottomed out on Tommy’s cock she began to rhythmically grind against him, feeling him inside her, setting off long forgotten feelings of lust. She leaned forward to Alicia who had her pussy planted firmly on the boy’s face, his tongue lapping at her clit. The two women kissed and as each enjoyed the stimulation for the youngster their tongues danced together.

It was all that was needed to send both into orgasm as they started rocking hard against the boy.

Waves of pleasure went through their bodies as they simultaneously reached the point of no return. The frenzy of the two women was more than Tommy could take and he erupted sending his cum deep inside his mother while drinking everything he could from his teacher’s flowing cunt. He had never felt such intensity before dating tips for men over 40 and his body functioned on instinct, pumping more of his seed then he ever had produced before. As the three finally slowed, they collapsed together, panting and sweating from the exertion. The room smelled of , the sheets were soaked with their combined fluids. Holding each other tight, the four drifted off dating tips for women over 30 to sleep satisfied adult lesbian dating tips for men over 40 dating hot springs arkansas and not knowing exactly where life would take them but determined to enjoy the voyage together. END copyright: Lesley Tara, 2009 It was just dating tips for men over 40 dating tips for men over 40 after 8.00 a.m. on a sunny Thursday in early June, with the promise of a warm day ahead, when Ashley left her small apartment in the dating tips men outer over for 40 suburbs of the city. She was twenty-six years old, and worked in the central business district at the offices of a shipping and storage company. In the summer months, when the city often got stuffy and humid, she liked to dispense with wearing panties – she loved to feel the relative coolness of the circulating air for men dating over tips 40 on her pussy, and it made her feel more alive, more sensual and ual. This could also lead to some interesting opportunities, if she was careful – she did not want to encourage any men, as since the age of sixteen she had been strictly a girl-lover only. Ashley was a very attractive young woman, with dating tips for men over 40

dating tips for men over 40
an eye-catching figure. Her breasts were round and thrusting, their prominence helped by the support of her 30D underwired bra, and below a trim waist her hips flared to two jutting well-separated buttocks.

She had clear grey eyes and almost jet black hair, thickly layered in a cut which tapered down to the nape of her neck. Ashley dating tips for men over 40 was wearing a smart combination of Italian-styled clothes. Her light-grey straight skirt came to just below her knees when she was standing up, but that coverage was

dating tips for men largely over dating tips for men over 40
for tips over 40 men 40
dating negated by the fact that it had a full-length front opening with six large black buttons; Ashley had calculatedly left the lower three of these undone, so dating tips for men over 40 that her every step afforded views of an expanse of thigh, almost to the top band of her sheer black hold-up stockings, and the skirt also fell open quite revealingly when she sat (before going into her work, she would demurely button it up). Above this, a smart thin black belt encircled her waist, and into dating tips for men over 40 her skirt was tucked a plain white fly-front shirt, neatly tailored with shaped sides to accentuate her figure; this was artfully unbuttoned almost down to the band of her over men 40 tips for dating
dating tips for men over 40
plunge bra.

On top, she wore a short single-breasted jacket which matched her skirt, swinging open with its only button undone. She had on a pair of black strappy shoes with a two-inch heel, and a stylish black leather bag, slung over her right shoulder by its gold chain, completed an ensemble which was a carefully-chosen dating tips mixture for men over 40 of professional, fashionable and downright y. Every day, Ashley turned heads, and she both knew it and enjoyed the sensation. She had timed her departure just right, dating tips for men over 40 and only had a wait of two or three minutes before catching her usual bus into the city. Most of the seats in the buses faced forward in pairs, dating tips for men over 40 but near the front there was a wider open area with a section of bench-seating for three or four people along each side of the vehicle, facing across to a matching seat on the other side. It was one of Ashley’s favourite spots, and as she joined the route not long after the bus began its inwards journey, she usually secured it. On this morning, she was amusing herself by observing the group of three young schoolgirls who were sitting in the opposite dating tips for men over 40 seats, facing her.

She had noticed them several times before, as they also regularly travelled this route – their school was located near to it, just over halfway dating tips for men over 40 men for dating tips 40 over men over dating tips for 40 in to the city centre. They could be not be more than sixteen years old, and today they were giggling about something together and sneaking covert glances at Ashley’over tips men dating for s shapedating tips for men over 40 ly 40 legs. Feeling that the world was going her way, Ashley unobtrusively shifted her position a little, so as to slowly and apparently unintentionally let her knees drift apart. The three schoolgirls were thus granted a clear view up between her legs and a glimpse of her bare and pinkly-shaven cunt. Two of the three dating tips for men over 40 dating tips for men over 40

dating tips for men over 40
schoolgirls were shocked and abashed, and they turned away, blushing and pretending to look out of the front window.

However, the strikingly pretty brunette who was the most dating tips for men over 40 mature-looking of the trio had quite a different response, and no longer even tried to disguise where she was looking. Emboldened, after checking that the other commuters were unable to see or were engrossed in their books and newspapers, Ashley undid the third button down of her skirt, spread her legs a bit wider still, and slipped dating over men tips for 40 her right hand through the front opening until her index finger was caressing up and down her cunt, teasing open the wet pink slit. The schoolgirl was transfixed by this, and, almost without realising it, her own legs spread a bit apart. The young girl slowly lifted her eyes from Ashley’s crotch, to linger for dating tips a moment for men ovedating tips for men over 40 dating tips for men over 40 r 40 on the extent of bra and cleavage visible under her loose jacket and partly-open shirt, and then to meet Ashley’s direct gaze. Unabashed, the little dating tips for men over 40 minx smiled shyly, and in response Ashley silently pursed her lips as if to blow a kiss. To her delight and pleasure, the schoolgirl – after a quick sideways glance to confirm that her friends were now studiously ignoring everything – first returned the silent kiss, and then sneaked a hand under her own short school uniform skirt to touch the front of her panties, on which a dark stain of dampness was rapidly spreading. Ashley decided to go with this opportunity as far as dating tips for men over 40 it might take her – she was on a flexitime basis, and could arrive at her work later and then stay on to make up the hours. So, dating tips for men over 40 when the schoolgirls’ stop approached, she was ready for it. As the trio rose almost simultaneously, the responsive girl made sure that she was behind her two companions,

dating and tips for men over 40 men over 40 Ashley moved swiftly to stand immediately behind her. In the press of bodies as the commuters waited for the vehicle to stop and the doors to open, Ashley dating tips for men over 40 pressed forward and her chest pushed against the young girl’s back. Seizing her opportunity, Ashley deftly slipped a hand underneath the girl’s skirt from behind, and dating tips for men over – s40 tips men for dating over dating tips for men over 40 omehow 40 sensing the intrusion – in response the pretty teenager slightly opened her thighs, allowing Ashley to push her hand through between them, slide her fingers inside the youth’s panties and give her cunt a quick caress. Ashley could feel the wetness, and she also felt the girl’s back arch against her, pressing dating tips for men over 40
dating tips for men on over 40
her breasts, as she gave a few seconds of swift massage to the teen’s pussy. Then the bus stopped, its doors opened, and they all stepped dating tips for men over 40
dating tips for men over 40
down together onto the sidewalk. The girl’s two companions at once set off to walk briskly towards the school entrance, but the pretty brunette lingered, looking coyly at dating tips for men over 40 Ashley through half-lowered lashes. Ashley smiled warmly at her, and introduced herself: ‘Hi, I’m Ashley.’ The girl, slightly flushed and clearly excited, replied: ‘Hi, dating tips for men over 40 I’m Christina – Tina to my friends’. It was just the flirtatious opening Ashley needed, and at once she came back with: ‘I hope we will be friends!’ Encouraged, the teenager threw all caution to the winds: ‘Oh, yes!’ she responded breathlessly, and then, without any subtlety but with clear meaning, dating tips for men over 40 dating tips for men over 40 dating tips for men over 40
dating tips for men over 40
dating tips for men over she 40tips em> men for 40 dating over added: ‘I’d like us to be very close friends’, giving her hips an enticing wiggle. The other passengers had all moved away down the street
dating tips for men over 40
by now, and the girl’s two companions were almost out of sight. With a glance in either direction, Ashley grasped the girl’s hand, and tugged her behind a large nearby tree, out of view from the road. Quickly pushing the pretty teenager back against the tree trunk, she kissed her firmly and deeply, and the girl’s lips parted willingly as she thrust her own tongue into Ashley’s mouth in return.

Ashley fondled the schoolgirl’s budding breasts, which were a little above average in size for her probable age, for surely she could be barely sixteen. Then, the young woman’s breath caught for a moment, as the girl dating tips for men over 40 boldly took the initiative – her hands dived down to grasp Ashley’s skirt and undo the two remaining buttons, letting it hang wide open, after which she pushed her eager fingers onto Ashley’s bare pussy. All of this ual activity had taken mere seconds, as both of them knew they would be seen if anyone dating tips for men over 40 should walk round the tree. Ashley put her hands on the brunette’s shoulders, and it needed only the hint of a push downwards for the girl to men over dating tips for 40 get the idea at once. ‘This little bitch has done this before,’ Ashley thought to herself in delighted amazement. Christina dropped to her haunches, her face exactly at the level of Ashley’s bare exposed pussy; her mouth latched onto it like a limpet, her tongue questing and wriggling its way in.

Whether from luck or experience, the tip of her tongue almost immediately found the hood of Ashley’s clitoris, making the young woman gasp in ecstasy. Between this stimulation and the dating tips for men over 40 erotic thrill of making love in such a public place, it only took a few seconds for Ashley to climax, and Christina withdrew a tongue coated with womanly dating tips for men over 40 juices. ‘I have to get to college’, she said regretfully; ‘If I’m late again, Miss Petersham will keep me after school and – punish me.for men dating 40 over tips ’ Something about the way in which that last phrase was said suggested a great deal more than appeared on the surface, and Ashley was fully convinced that this girl had tasted female pussy before. She came to a swift decision – whilst she would need to be very careful with ing an under-age girl, this dating tips for men over onedating tips for men over 40 40 was just too hot and willing to walk away from. Ashley took one of her business cards from her purse, and scribbled her private cell-phone number on the over for men tips 40 dating back. Then she slipped it into the girl’s jacket pocket, saying ‘If you want more, call me’, kissed the piece of jailbait quickly once again, and dating tips for men over 40 turned away. Behind her, the girl replied softly, but clearly enough to carry to her ears: ‘I’ll call you tonight.’ Ashley was on tenterhooks all day, wondering if the girl would keep her promise, or have second thoughts and lose her nerve. She was lying on the mattress of her double-bed, watching one dating tips for men over 40 of her favourite lesbian DVDs (Older Women & Younger Women 3), fingering herself during the scene where Sharon Kane as a school inspector s a trainee teacher, and she had more or less given up hope when her phone rang just before 11 p.m. It was Christina’s voice, and she apologised for leaving it so dating tips for men over 40 late; she had had to wait for privacy in her own room, so she had just got into bed; she added saucily, perhaps emboldened by the distance, david deangelo dating tips for men ‘40 men dating tips over for dating tips for men over 40 I wish you were in here with me’. ‘So do I, babe, so do I!’Ashley fervently assured her. She asked what the pretty teen was dating tips for men over 40 wearing, and felt her own juices loosening when the reply came: ‘nothing, nothing at all’. Christina posed the same question back, and seemed thrilled when Ashley recounted

dating tips for men over 40
what she had been doing, and described her present outfit of a red bra, black suspender tights and red strappy heels. Ashley then said that although she couldn’dating tips for men over 40 t be there to touch Christina herself, she would guide her hands as if she was. yes!’, replied the schoolgirl with bubbling enthusiasm. So they had phone , as dating tips for men over 40 Ashley instructed the girl’s hands to roam slowly over her own body, cupping her breasts, teasing her nipples, stroking up her inner thighs and finally massaging her dating tips for men over 40 pussy and slit. By this stage, Christina’s breathing had become ragged and more nasal, her lips clamped shut to prevent cries escaping which might call the attention dating tips for men over 40 of one of her parents. At last, she dropped the phone onto the bed beside herself, clapped her left hand over her mouth, and suddenly and frantically plunged the first two fingers of her right hand in and out of her vagina, rapidly taking herself to a whimpering crescendo and then collapsing back onto the soft mattress.

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