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I licked it and even though it sort of tasted like my brother’s cum. I found that it was fun to make her squirm like she kept making me do. We made each other cum several times before we stopped with our faces and pussies soaking wet. Mom thanked me for everything and left for her own room. I washed up again and collapsed in bed thinking about how I had ed both my mom and brother in the same night. We never talked about it that next week, and mom acted like nothing had happened and so did dating a divorced woman with kids dating a divorced woman with kids dating a divorced woman with kids I. I wasn’t going to let out our little dating a divorced dad with kids secret and I hoped she wouldn’t either. A few weeks later mom found me alone and wanted to talk about something. “Hey your brother is staying over at a friend’s house Friday,” She said, “Do you think you could stay at a friend’s house too?” “Why?” I asked. “dating a divorced woman with kids Your dad’s having some friends over and I said I’d provide the entertainment.” “I can stay in my room,” I told her, “I won’t bother them.” “Well.....mmmmmm, I was kind of hoping to borrow your room.” Then it hit me that my mom was going to suck off my dad’s friends! “I want to dating a divorced woman with kids help!” I told her, “No one can tell us apart......please!” Mom looked thoughtful for a minute, “You sure about that?” I was tired of sucking and ing my brother all the time, and wanted to try something new. “ really want to.” Mom got a devilish grin, “Okay it might be and me together dating a divorced woman with kids dating a divorced woman with kids doing something like that.” We made plans where I would drive my car a block away and walk back. Mom would sneak me in while the guys were downstairs. It was so wild kids dating with woman divorced a it made me horny all the rest of that week waiting for Friday to show up. The plan worked like a charm, and when I got to my room mom had left a small dating a divorced cooler woman with kids full of beer for me! I started drinking and getting hornier by the minute wondering what my dad’s friend’s cocks would be like. At midnight mom came in and locked my dating a door divorced woman with kids behind her. She was pretty drunk and so was I as we turned off all the lights and got naked. We got in the closet and waited by the hole in the dating a divorced woman with kids wall. Pretty soon I heard a bunch of noisy men tromping up the stairs whooping and hollering about something. They went into my brother’s room and in a few more minutes a big cock and balls were pushed through the hole and mom went to work on it. We had a little night light partially blocked so they would have a hard time seeing us if they dating a divorced looked woman with kids through the hole. It looked bigger than Corey’s and when mom stroked it the big knob was revealed. It was bigger and fatter than my brothers and looked....well older. Mom started sucking on it and looked like she was really enjoying it. Mom would stop once in a while and tease the big pair of balls with her tongue or rub the knob on dating a divorced woman with kids her nipple.....and then go back to sucking and stroking it hard. I heard a muffled moan and watched mom’s throat moving up and down as she swallowed the load she was getting. She dating kids with a divorced wodating a divorced woman with kids man sucked and milked it until it was dry and then sat back against the wall wiping the cum from her chin up into her mouth with a finger. Just then another cock pushed through the hole and it was already hard and ready. so I grabbed it and tried to do like I had seen my mom doing. It tasted different than Corey’s and felt a dating little a divorced woman with kids thicker and longer in my mouth. I tried to see how far down my throat I could take it and got almost all of it. I felt good when I heard a dating a divorced woman with kids voice yelling, “OH !” from the next room. It was starting to throb and the man who was driving it began to pump it as I sucked his knob hard. This time I dating a divorced woman with kids could tell he was about dating a divorced man with kids to blow, but I wasn’t prepared at how much cum he gave me. I locked my lips behind the rim of his knob and sucked it just as hard as I could. “UNH UNHOOOOOHHH !” came from the next room.

It was twice the load my brother ever gave me but I swallowed almost every drop. Some dribbled out of my dating a divorced woman with kids dating a divorced woman with kids mouth and onto my boobs but I guess whoever it was loved it because I kept hearing him yelling as he shot his load down my throat.

Mom was waiting for the next cock when it came into our private little closet. I tried to learn from her by watching as this time she ran her tongue up and down the long shaft.

Then she actually sucked the man’s balls into her mouth and I heard him groan. She rubbed her thumb back and forth on the opening in his penis and sucked on his shaft from the side. I drank half a beer to get the big lump of cum washed down that seemed stuck in my throat.

It went down and I felt better as mom started humming loudly on the strange knob, massaging the big balls and then taking the load easily as more groaning came through the wall. Mom leaned over and we kissed as she rubbed my boob and I rubbed her pussy that was very wet. Another cock appeared and I knew it was my turn again. I sucked my first pair of balls into my mouth one at a time like mom had shown dating a divorced woman with kids

dating a divorced woman with kids
me. It felt weird but the owner tapped on the wall and yelled, “ YEAH! Suck my ing nuts!” I massaged his bag that was now a hard ball in my hand, and dating a divorced woman with kids bobbed my head back and forth on his knob fast. I was sucking it as hard as I could when I heard him yell and his dick started shooting big long spurts of cum dating a divorced woman with kids into the back of my throat. I swallowed the warm thick gravy and kept sucking him until it stopped. Then I milked his shrinking shaft until a big drop of cum appeared at the tip. I sucked it off and then wiped my chin like mom had. She gave me a look, and it was one of like how proud she was that I was learning how kids divorced a with dating woman dating a to divorced woman with kids suck a mean cock. This time mom got up and put her butt against the wall, her pussy right in the middle of the hole and leaned down over the bench. I got
dating a divorced woman with kids
up and gave her a kiss as she took the next cock up her twat. “Oh that’s a hot little pussy!” I heard someone yell as he began to my mom through the hole in the wall. Mom winked at me and started to pump her body back on it in short little pumps. Her eyes closed and I could tell she loved the strange cock in her pussy. I played with her nipples as she began to moan with her mouth closed. It wasn’t long before I heard loud groans, and Mom’s eyes snapped open dating a divorced woman with kids as she took his load up her cunt. “Oh God......I love it when they cum in me!” She grunted, and pumped her pussy against the wall getting every last drop of dating a divorced woman with kids the strangers cum. She got down on the floor again as the creamy cock disappeared from view. She had her legs apart sitting on her heals and knees, rubbing her crack and coming up dating a divorced woman with kids kids with woman divorced a dating with cum and licking it off her fingers. She offered me some and I sucked it off her fingers while waiting for another cock. It wasn’t hard, and hung down way past dating a divorced woman with kids dating a divorced woman with kids the big set of balls. I wasn’t sure what to do with it because it was so fat and long. I just picked it up and put the knob in my mouth and dating a woman with no kids adult dating divorced woman with kids felt it starting to grow.

I sucked it and stroked it until it was almost hard and then decided to see what it would feel like in my pussy. I turned around and guided it to my opening and pushed....the big knob popped inside of me and I kept moving back slowly taking more of it, until my butt was against the wall. Mom was in front kids divorced a with dating woman of me, like a cheer leader whispering. “How’s that nice big cock feel?” “Oh !” Was all I could say as it started to slowly me. I could feel dating a divorced woman with kids it getting longer and harder as it began to slowly me. I had to bite my lip as mom pushed my shoulders backwards keeping my ass flat against the wall. It kept growing longer dating a divorced woman with kids dating a divorced woman with kids dating a divorced woman with kids and I could feel the huge knob deep in my pussy...further than anything I’d ever felt before. It was sliding back all the way until I felt like the big knob would dating a woman divorced kids with pop out of my pussy, and then slowly drive back in. It was stretching me wider and deeper than anything I’d ever felt before. Mom was pinching my nipples and kissing me hotly as I took it. “That’s your daddy’s cock,” She whispered in my ear. I tried to bolt but she kept me pushed back by the shoulders, “Don’t dating a divorced woman with kids dating a divorced woman with kids worry, he doesn’t know who you are. Just enjoy it baby I have for years.” I couldn’t believe it! My dad was ing me through a hole in the wall and it felt fantastic! It was so wrong and such a turn on that I came twice before he did. After I came the second time, my pussy just went nuts and started contracting on his huge ing cock buried deep in me. I think it would have hit the end if it wasn’t for the wall between us. It was pulling back slow and then dating a divorced woman with kids driving hard and deep back in. All of a sudden I heard a loud grunt that sounded like my dad’s voice and I felt his huge knob go all the way up dating a divorced woman with kids in me as it started to squirt in quick blast. I felt his semen splashing against my cervix and it made me cum one last time. It finally stopped and I moved forward letting it pop out of my dripping pussy. The big cock was hanging there all cummy and dripping from the end. I grabbed it and started sucking it as mom got on her back under dating a divorced woman with kids me and started sucking on my dripping pussy.

I could feel her drawing out the cum in me and it was making me crazy! She sucked dads cum out of my pussy like a dating a divorced woman with kids kids dating divorced with woman a vacuum cleaner on steroids! Another dick replaced my dad’s and I sucked the hell out of it until it gave me a nice hot load. I came again, and are ochocinco and cheryl burke dating mom just kept sucking on my twat. Finally I sat down on the carpet as mom got up and put her pussy up to the hole again. She was panting hard dating a divorced woman with kids dating a divorced woman with kids dating and a divorced woman with kids whispering, “Cum baby.....cum in my ing cunt!” I reached under her and rubbed her clit hard, and she let out a stifled moan and started Cumming. When she was done dating a divorced woman kids with her pussy dripped cum as we closed the plug and headed for the bathroom. It was the craziest and most fun I’d ever had! I’ll never forget that night as long as I live. Just writing about it has me wet and I need to masturbate before I finish this story.

I’m sitting here in my room naked and my pussy is still tingling dating a and divorced woman with k

dating ids a divorced woman with kids
its wet again, as I think about what happened a couple of weeks later. It was a Monday morning and I was running late for school. Mom had kissed me goodbye and I’d heard my brother’s car start up and drive away. Daddy was still home because he was leaving on another business trip in a few hours. When I finished my shower I went dating a divorced woman with kids in my closet to pick out what I was going to wear. I didn’t have anything at all on yet, and it took a while before I figured out what to wear to dating school a divorced woman with kids. I was about to take my clothes and leave the closet when I noticed the plug from my little gloryhole lying on the floor. At first I was startled and stood there dating a divorced woman with kids looking down wondering why it had fallen out. I got down on my knees and was about to put it back in place, when a huge hard cock poked through the hole. I recognized dating a divorced woman with kids dating a divorced woman with kids divorced kids dating a with woman it immediately from that night mom and I had done all those men. He was the only one home, and he must have been spying on me as I ran around the closet naked. The with divorced woman a motion dating kids snapped me out of it, so I reached for it and felt how hard and thick the shaft was. I stroked it a couple of times and I was on auto-pilot kissed the warm knob. It was warm and soft and looked bigger than the last time I’d seen it. I guess all the beer I drank that one night sort of fogged my brain but God it was huge!

Have you ever peeled a hard-boiled egg and stuffed it all the way into your mouth at once? That’s what dad’s knob felt like in my mouth, except it was warm and seeping his juice when I took him in my mouth.

I liked the taste of his cock it felt so good in my mouth!

I took dating a divorced woman my with kidating a divorced woman with kids a kids dating woman ds with divorced time and enjoyed it, dating a woman with 3 kids running my tongue all over his big shaft and balls. I held my left boob and rubbed my nipple on the opening of his huge knob. I heard him dating a divorced woman with kids dating a divorced woman with kids dating a divorced woman with kids groan from that and it turned me on that I was making him groan from the other side of the wall. My pussy felt like it was on fire as I put both hands on his big shaft and pumped it up and down with his huge knob almost gagging me. I could hear him moaning and groaning so I went even faster, sucking his big knob dating a divorced woman with kids dating a divorced woman with kids dating a divorced with woman with kids all I had. All of a sudden a huge blast of cum started shooting from his egg shaped knob and I had to swallow as fast as I could while he yelled out loud in the next room and pounded on the wall. and there is nothing better than having a cock squirting cum down my throat. My pussy is so wet right now writing about what dating a divorced woman with kids happened I might have to finish this later. I sucked his cock as it began to shrink and I was so horny that I didn’t stop. I wanted to make it hard dating a divorced woman with kids again and put it in my pussy. I wasn’t having much luck and it kept getting softer until I stood up and rubbed the big knob up and down my wet slit. That did the trick and it and I felt the shaft start getting stiff again. I kept rubbing the knob in between my pussy lips until the shaft was too big and hard to bend it down that far.

I turned around and guided the end to my pussy and started backing up on it. I pushed against the big knob really hard and then it just popped in dating a divorced woman with kids me all at once.

The penetration made me cum and I let out a huge yell and pushed back more and more until my butt touched the wall. Leaning down over my dressing bench on my forearms I just kept my ass tight against the wall. My legs were shaking from my orgasm and I felt so stuffed that I was afraid to move. I didn’t dating a divorced woman with kids have to because the big cock began to slide in and out of me. My little pussy was full of Daddy’s big old cock and juice was dripping down the inside of my woman kids dating with divorced a thighs as he ed me.

I was yelling out loud because I was so turned on, and I came at least three times before I felt his cock spurting deep inside of me. As much as I love to swallow cum, it doesn’t compare to how good getting cummed in feels! It actually feels warm and I love the feeling of each burst when it squirts dating a divorced woman with kids in me. I came once more and after he pulled out of me I had to run for the bathroom because I was dripping all over the floor. I ended up taking another shower dating a divorced woman with kids dating a divorced woman with kids and after I got dressed I ran down stairs because I was going to be late for school. I was surprised to see dad sitting at the table drinking coffee and reading the paper

dating a divorced woman with kids
like nothing had happened! I saw his suitcase sitting by the front door and said, “You leaving soon?” “Yeah, in an hour,” He smiled, “You better give me a kiss goodbye, and get to school before you’re late.” I was feeling confused and started wondering if it had really been his dick sticking through the hole in my dating a divorced woman with kids dating a divorced woman with kids me and cumming inside my pussy? Dad stood up and opened his arms, “Give me hug baby.” I went over to him and he gave me a huge hard hug and I could feel the bulge in his pants. It was soft but it wasn’t small and I knew it had been him. I guessed that the rules of not talking about anything were being divorced woman with dating kids a kept by him, my brother, and my mom. He kissed me, a disappointing peck on the lips after what we had just done. “I’m going to think about you every day,” He told me, “I’m looking forward to seeing you when I get back.” “Love you!” I told him, and left him standing there smiling and waving goodbye. On dating a divorced woman with kids the way to school I kept thinking about how to break the stupid rules that I’d made up. I wanted more than just a hole in the wall.....I wanted a lot more! It turned out that Mom actually broke the rules first, but that’s another story. This story as a little more drama in it but the perfect amount of delicious smut. Kelly is wearing a tight black pencil skirt that hugs her ass perfectly and ends just an inch or two above her knees. She doesn't even have a pantie line...oh God...was she even wearing panties? She has on new black me pumps that make her calves look more defined than ever. Lastly, she has a blue, thin, long sleeve with a "v" dipping into her gorgeous cleavage.

When dating a divorced wodating a divorced woman with kids man with kids I saw her wearing this I was walking to my second bell.

I was behind her and the view made me almost fall over with lust. My clit was throbbing just at the thought of touching that hot- "Umph!" I run straight into two girls who were turning the corner I hadn't even noticed I was about to pass. All our books drop to the floor dating a divorced woman with kids dating a divorced woman with kids and create a loud thump, making people turn and look. And, of course, with my luck it draws Kelly's attention also. We all three kneel down and collect our things, everyone apologizing profusely.

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