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The sun was getting higher and the temperature had reached a pleasant level, so Katie suggested they enjoy the day and go outside for a swim. “No early start on the weekend chores today?” He half-teased, knowing she normally liked to get these out of the way early so she could relax and enjoy the remainder of her free time. Secondly, are matt and shayne still dating I can think of a number of things I’d rather do, or have done to me. Thirdly, I haven’t been here and it looks like you’ve done a are matt and shayne great still dating job keeping the place neat and tidy! You can shove that idea where the sun doesn’t shine!” He held up his hands, grinning as he surrendered. No more talk are matt and shayne still dating of housework!” He laughingly conceded. They went outside, pausing to enjoy the sun’s warming rays on their skin. Dean opened the large shade umbrella while Katie slipped inside and came are matt and shayne still dating back with a pair of towels. The dove into the crystal clear water together, swimming steady laps for a while until Katie climbed out and lay back on a lounge to watch matt still and are shayne dating her husband continue his strong, rhythmic action as he moved up and down the pool. As she watched her thoughts drifted to the strength of their marriage. She knew she was fortunate are matt and shayne still dating that he still took care of himself, as she tried to do also, and he still looked good in simple pair of shorts. Some of her girlfriends complained bitterly that their husbands had let themselves go, putting on weight and not bothering to exercise. One had even commented that when her husband made love to her it was like being ed by an asthmatic still dating matt are shayne and whale! She was thankful that Dean rode his bike whenever time permitted, and was careful with his diet and general lifestyle. She’d even considered buying a bike of her own, and knew Dean would be happy to ride with her, but the only way she could avoid holding him back was to make sure hers had an engine, so there wasn’t much are matt and shayne still dating point. So she had joined a local gym, and smiled when she recalled her first meeting with her trainer Julia, a woman around her own age that had the taut body of are matt and shayne still dating a twenty year old. Julia had asked why she had joined, what she wanted to achieve, and what she felt were her shortcomings. Katie had started to reply, detailing her concerns are matt and shayne still dating about her thicker waist and hips, and the effect of gravity on her previously perky breasts. At that point Julia held up her hand and bluntly told her how things worked. “Honey, when you’re born a woman the one thing you learn is that are real and chance still dating gravity sucks, and are amber and brett still dating the older you get the harder it sucks!” She said simply. “When you’are matt and shayne still dating are matt and shayne still dating ve had a couple of kids you can kiss your tiny waist and slim hips goodbye, and there’s not one damn thing you can do about that unless your best friend still are dating and is matt shayne a cosmetic surgeon.” At this point Katie had pointedly looked up and down Julia’s firm body, and was surprised when she smiled back at her. “If you’re are matt and shayne still dating are looking matt and shayne still dating at me honey, there’s a couple of things you need to understand. First, I’ve never had kids, and that’s not because my old man and I didn’t are matt and shayne still dating want ‘em.

We tried IVF and all sorts of things, spent a ing fortune and got nowhere, so it looks like the good lord didn’t want that to happen for are matt some and shayne still dating reason.

Second, I’m here every day, flogging this old body to keep it in shape because that’s what I’m here for. You’re not going to black men shayne still dating matt and are are matt and shayne still dating dating older white women take me seriously if I’m telling you what to do, but I look like the back end of a bus. And let me tell you, every year are matt and shayne still dating are matt and shayne still dating I’ve gotta work a bit harder, because I put on a few pounds and everyone notices! The good news is there’s plenty you can do to slow old father time down some, and it ain’t that difficult but I can’t do it for you; you gotta be prepared to do the work yourself.

If you’ve got a few hours are matt and shayne still dating a week we can get you trimmed and toned, and make sure when hubby’s feeling frisky he’s looking at you while he’s havin’ his fun, not looking anywhere else

are matt and shayne still dating
are and dating shayne matt still are matt and shayne still dating to make sure things don’t go soft at the wrong time! This making sense to you honey?” Katie smiled and nodded in agreement, so Julia went on. “You’re are matt and shayne still dating
are matt and shayne still dating
in pretty fair shape for a gal your age with a couple of kids. You could lose a few pounds, but that goes for ninety percent of the people I see, so we can do that easy.

What I wanna do is get you started on series of toning and strengthening exercises to keep those tits proud and perky, and make sure that little butt of yours doesn’t get a hankering to slide south for the winter. That soundin’ good to you honey?” Katie nodded enthusiastically and they got started, and over the are matt and shayne still dating following months and years they had celebrated Katie’s successes and became firm friends. Katie’s mental stroll down memory lane was interrupted when a shadow obscured the sun, and she looked up to see Dean, dripping wet as he stood in front of her. I think I was a million miles away!” He took the towel and started drying off. “I are matt and shayne still dating hope you were somewhere pleasant.” “I was actually!” She smilingly assured him. “Ummm….is it too early for a glass of wine?” He looked down at his are matt and shayne wrist still dating knowing he wasn’t wearing his watch, and looked thoughtful for a moment.

“We got out of bed after nine…..had breakfast…..I slid my cock into your hot little ass and ed you for a while…..then we had a swim….so yeah. I think you’re ok babe!” He finished with a grin. “Thank heavens for that!” She shot right back. “A girl could die of thirst just waiting for you to make up your mind!” He went inside and returned with a bottle and two glasses, pouring and passing hers over before she could protest any further. In the meantime she was still thinking along her earlier lines, but with an element of progression. “I’m probably in the best shape I’ve been since the kids were born, thanks to Julia.” She mused to herself. “And gravity may suck but there are plenty of other ways are matt and shayne still dating I can keep my man interested.” While she was away she had considered various new scenarios they could try, including some with a strong role-play aspect that she found enticing, and thought Dean would also. Her shopping trip had provided the opportunity to purchase outfits and toys that would enhance these fantasies, and she felt the time was right to see if are matt and shayne still dating this added a new dimension to their -lives. “I guess there’s one way I’m going to find out!” She thought to herself as she sipped her wine. She are matt glanced and shayne still dating over at Dean who was lying back on a lounge, his eyes closed as he enjoyed some private thoughts of his own. “Hey stud!” She called over, interrupting his are train matt and shayne still d

are still and shayne dating matt
are matt and shayne still dating ating of thought. “There’s…..a game I’d like to play this afternoon, but you’re going to have to be prepared to improvise and go along with me. Are you up for it?” He looked thoughtful and rubbed his chin before replying. I think you’re going to have to give me a little more to go on before I
are matt and shayne still dating
can commit to that.” She realized he was teasing, and quickly rolled her towel before throwing it at him, missing him completely as it sailed over his head and splashed into the water. She sat up and turned to face him, spreading her legs wide apart before snapping them together. “It looks as though your favorite shop just closed up….tight!” are matt and “Whoa!&rdquo shayne still dating; He responded with a look of semi-concern. In fact, I’m a ing genius at improvisation!” She giggled; a sly, teasing laugh. “I thought that would help and still matt dating shayne are you to see it my way! Ok, I’m going to need an hour or so to get ready, and this will work better if you don’t see me until the are matt and shayne still dating game starts, so this is what I want you to do. I want you to get your robe and have a shower in the main bathroom while I get ready in our are room matt and shayne still datingare matt and shayne still dating. Then get your cell and I’ll text you when I’m about five minutes away.

When you get my text I want to you to go into the den and put a hot movie on, and when I knock on the door I want you to pause it, but don’t turn it off. The girl at the door will be…..Chrissie, are matt and shayne still dating and your wife has gone out and won’t be back until later tonight. The rest of it we’ll make up as we go along, ok?” Dean was more than are matt and shayne still dating a little curious as to what Katie had in mind, particularly when he noted the y gleam in her eyes and how hard and pointed her nipples were. There was no are matt and shayne still dating doubt she was highly aroused, her libido working overtime as she put her plans in place. “I’ll go get my robe and my cell and wait for Chrissie to arrive.” They went to their bedroom, where Dean took his robe from the hook and headed for the main bathroom as Katie gently closed the door behind him. It didn’t take are matt and shayne still dating Dean long to shower and towel dry, and he slipped the robe on and went to the den. Katie’s stack of DVDs was sitting on the coffee table, and he flicked are matt and shayne still dating through them, trying to decide which one to watch. He hadn’t finished “Carnivale Orgies” last night, so he decided he may as well watch that one through before starting on another. He inserted the disc and scrolled through the chapter menu until he found the point where he had stopped, and left it queued and ready to play. Still with time to are matt and shayne still dating spare, he went outside and scooped up the sopping towel that Katie had thrown into the water and draped it over a lounge to dry, before picking up the glasses they had are shayne and matt dating still left in their haste to get started. At that point his cell beeped, and he checked the screen to see that Chrissie was five minutes away. He went back into the den are matt and shayne still dating are matt and shayne still dating and started the DVD, settling back on the lounge to enjoy the show as hard-bodied young men and nubile young are tanith and evan still dating women enjoyed the pleasures of ing in an entirely uninhibited manner.

His cock was stirring from the graphic visual stimulation, and he almost missed the soft knock on the front door. Remembering Katie’s instructions, he paused the action and went to open the matt are dating and shayne still door, his jaw dropping when he saw what was waiting for him. Katie’s transformation into Chrissie had him spellbound and speechless.

She had dressed as a y schoolgirl, something he would

are matt and shayne still dating
have thought was impossible given she had left those years well behind her. Nonetheless she achieved the desired result effortlessly, with her long brown hair tied up in a pair of pigtails, bright red lip gloss, and makeup that accentuated the size bachelor matt and shayne still dating and depth of her sparkling eyes. She had even dotted fake freckles on her cheeks, and the stem of a Chupa are matt and shayne still dating Chup protruded past her cherry-red lips. She had dressed in a simple white blouse that was not buttoned, but tied in a knot just below her ample, braless breasts. His gaze drifted are matt and shayne still dating matt shayne dating are and still down to the very short pleated navy skirt, white ankle sox and black leather buckle shoes. She was standing there patiently as his eyes roamed over her body, until she smiled broadly. How are matt and shayne still dating ya doing?” “Umm…hi….Chrissie.” He stammered. “What brings you to my door today?” She shuffled coyly from one foot to the other. “Well…my are matt and shayne still dating are matt and shayne still dating folks have gone away for the weekend and my brother’s supposed to be babysitting me….but as soon Mom and Dad left his girlfriend showed up. They’re busy making out; are matt and shayne still dating are still shayne matt and dating a real case of two’s company but three’s a crowd, and I saw your wife leave a little while ago so I thought I’d come over and see if I can hang out with you for a while?” Dean glanced down briefly to make sure his semi-hard cock wasn’t poking through the folds in his robe before smiling at are matt and shayne still her dating. “Chrissie….to be honest….this is not such a good time. I was kind of in the middle of something.” She breezed past him before he had the chance are matt and shayne still dating are matt and shayne still dating to stop her, heading for the den. “There’s not really anywhere else I can go.” She said matter-of-factly over her shoulder.

You are in the middle of something, aren’t you?” She had pulled up when she saw the frozen image on the screen, and he hastened to close the door and follow her.

Dean had no idea how this are still dating matt and shayne was going to play out, and waited for Chrissie to make the next move. He didn’t have to wait long, as she stood with her hands on her hips and gave him a lascivious smile. “So, your wife has gone out for a while and you thought you’d sit back, watch some porn, and give your cock a good stroking. So how long is Katie away for Dean?” “She won’t be back until later tonight Chrissie.” Dean confirmed. “Now I think you’ve seen too much already, and I apologize for that, but you did kind of bust in here without being invited.

You should run along home.” “You know….I don’t think so.” She said with a defiant smile. “I wonder what Dad would say if I rang him and told him you invited me in to see this? I figure he’d be back here in no time, and I’m not sure what he’d do first, ring the cops, or kick your door in and punch you in the ing mouth! I’m sure he’d do both, I just can’t work out in what order.” Dean was starting to feel more comfortable with the Katie/Chrissie role play, and ad-libbed into character. You’ve lived beside Katie and me for years, and now you’re going to extort me because you busted into the privacy of my house at the wrong time? That’s a really shitty way to behave, so how ing much do you want to keep quiet?” He strode over and picked up his wallet, peeling fifties out as he waited for her response. She are matt and shayne still dating walked up behind him and took the wallet from his hands, placing it back on sideboard. Her fingers traced lazily up his bare, muscular arm. “I’m not after your money, and it doesn’t have to be like that, but you need to understand you’re in a pretty tough spot. If you play your cards right I’m sure we can work this out between us, and no one else needs to know.” “I’m not in the mood to play these silly games Chrissie.” He spat back at are matt her and shayne still datare still and shayne matt dating ing. “What’s it going to take to get you off my back and out of my house?” She grinned at him, hardly the reaction she expected, and took a shayne dating and still are matt are matt and shayne still dating step back as she undid the knot on her shirt, pulling the fabric back to expose her breasts. I’ll bet they’re in better shape than your wife’s boobs. They must just about bounce on her knees when she takes her bra off. Wouldn’t you like to fondle my tight little titties? Look how hard my nipples are just thinking about your hands on my skin!” She moved closer, taking his hands and placing them on her breasts.

He pulled his hands back, getting the hang of how this was going to play and deciding he wasn’t going to make it too easy. “I like Katie’s breasts just fine Chrissie.” He assured her. “the definition of a dating relationship And I know I’m lucky she keeps herself in shape.” Once again she smiled, before taking his hands and again placing them on her breasts, this time holding them are matt and shayne still there dating. “Oooh…loyalty in a man, now that’s a quality I respect! The boys at school are only interested in when they can get their cock wet!” Dean could feel Chrissie’s nipples firm against the palms of his hands, and despite the misgivings of the contrived situation, he started moving his hands in lazy circles as he massaged her breasts. “

are matt and shayne still datinare matt and shayne still dating g
Now you’re getting the hang of things!” She encouraged. You and I are going to have to have some fun; I mean, you were going to jerk off anyway so why not let me help you? We can show each other a good time; I can be long gone when your wife gets home, and no one will be any the wiser. Or you can keep giving me shit and I’ll get pissed off and go and ring my darling daddy.” She took her hands away and knew she was winning the battle when his hands stayed firmly in place. “So what’s it gonna be stud?” He gave her a pained glare, feigning defeat and exasperation. “You make it are matt and shayne still dating sound as though I have a choice when really I have none at all, do I?” She gave him a condescending victory grin. I think we should have a celebration drink before we get started. Have you got any bourbon?” He made one last attempt at being a responsible adult.

“You’re not old enough to drink Chrissie.

How old are are matt and shayne still dating you…fifteen…sixteen?” She cocked an eyebrow. And if I’m old enough to I’m old enough to drink.

I’ll have mine with coke please!” Dean shrugged his are matt and shoulders shayne still dating and went to the bar, pouring a drink for Chrissie before deciding he should have one himself, returning with two glasses as she picked up the DVD remote and pressed Play.

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