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He packed it so full that it forced his cocktip back out through her cervix.

His cock continued to spew his incestuous sperm into his lovely niece, filling her no-longer-virgin channel with soothing warm spunk. All Megan could think about through the whole thing was "I want to do this every day for the rest of my life!" Ten minutes why how carbon 14 dating done later they lay, arms around each other, kissing and talking as they caught their breath. "I wasn't kidding when I told you I've wanted to do that with why how carbon 14 dating done why how carbon 14 dating done you for years. But you don't want to have my baby." "What will you do if I AM pregnant?" she asked. She didn't think she was, but then teenaged girls NEVER think they'll get pregnant, do they? I really do love you Megan, and I've felt this way for a long time. I have plenty of money, why how carbon 14 dating done so that's no problem." He stared off into the stained glass. And now that I've been raped, I'm really glad it happened." He snorted and she explained "What I mean is, I'm glad it was you. Except that I don't think I'd have let you do it if you'd have asked nicely, and then why how carbon 14 dating done I wouldn't feel like I do now.

I like this feeling." She was thinking about Boo, and how she'd felt last night after his sperm splashed on her. Now why how carbon 14 dating done that she had actually felt a man's sperm splashing her insides, she was even more interested in what her brother's nice big cock might feel like. Your parents will be wondering where you are." He watched her as she got up. With her bra hanging around her neck loose, and no bottoms on she looked delicious. "Go on, or why how carbon 14 dating done you'll get raped again." he smiled tiredly. I'll take how is carbon 14 dating done care of it tomorrow." she leaned over and gave it a kiss on the tip.

She'd left her how done dating carbon why 14 carbon dating why done how 14 bag down in his office, so he walked her back down the spiral staircase and they got dressed together in his office. Their kiss confirmed that she wasn't unhappy with him at all.

CHAPTER THREE When Megan got home, supper was almost ready. She dashed upstairs and jumped in the shower to get the smell of Uncle Bob's cum forts dating back to the 1800s off of her. She liked that smell just fine, but if anyone else in the house smelled it they might ask questions. She couldn't

why how carbon 14 dating done
believe that just an hour ago her Uncle's big prick had been stuck in it, spurting it full of that wonderful warm pearly cream. She left her hair wet and in a pony tail for supper. Supper was normal too, except that Boo mentioned "Wasn't today a Speedo Day?" Her mother began to rant about how it wasn't 14 dating how done why carbon right at all for young girls to parade around in outfits like that. All the while her Daddy just rolled his eyes and smiled at her. Boo sat quietly, knowing he'd opened a can of worms. As she excused herself from the table Megan looked pointedly at Boo and said "I'm going to go dry my hair." She was dating in 14 how why carbon done the same position as the night before when Boo showed up. "You just HAD to mention that at supper?" she said, with mock severity. "I meant to bring my car by if it was a Speedo Day." "You just got your car washed yesterday you boob!" she said. "Yeah, but it would have been worth it to see you in why how carbon 14 dating done why how carbon 14 dating done one of those bikinis. I don't suppose you brought it home with you?" She looked at him in the mirror. Wouldn't you pervert?" He looked down at the floor. "So you really want to know what I look like in the little yellow bikini?" Hope dawned in his eyes. When Mom and Dad go to bed I'll come why how carbon 14 dating done why how carbon 14 dating done show you." She went back to combing out her hair. "Thanks Bumps, you have no idea what this means to me." he left all excited. Megan changed into one of her why how carbon 14 dating done Daddy's old T shirts, curled up on the couch and did some reading. She had signed up for college credit she could get during the summer, but she had to read a lot of books to get it. "I'd have liked to see that" he said, not realizing he'd said it loud enough for Megan to hear. You'why how carbon 14 dating done carbon done how dating why 14 ve been to Uncle Bob's lots of times for Speedo Day. You've seen all the girls there in the bikinis." He leaned down to kiss her cheek. He looked down the neck of the T shirt and saw her teen queen breasts. "I haven't seen you in one of those bikinis" he said. He meant to kiss her why how carbon 14 dating done cheek, but she raised her face and kissed him on the lips. It was a soft warm kiss that went too long for a Daddy-daughter kiss, but she kept her tongue in her mouth. When he stood up his jammies had a tent in the front. He how to alter carbon 14 dating looked embarrassed and she said "My sweet sweet dirty old man Daddy. Maybe Mommy will take care of your problem." He ducked out. She had some pink lip balm with glitter in it and she rubbed some of that on each perfect nipple. She why how carbon 14 let dating done her hair down and it fell around her shoulders. It wasn't ego that made her realize she looked good. Boo was lying on his bed reading when she let why how carbon 14 dating done herself in. He had only his reading light on, and an old pair of gym shorts. When she walked in stark naked he didn't know what to do. The why how carbon 14 dating done first thing he thought was that she was suddenly older. Her hands came up and she pointed with each index finger. "But if I had, and I was wearing it, it why how carbon 14 dating done why how carbon 14 dating done why how carbon 14 dating done would be here" she drew a triangle around her left nipple, "here" she drew a triangle around her right nipple "and here" she drew a triangle starting in the dark area between her legs then up and around her pubic hair. "There are strings that go here" she drew lines up high on her hips and then turned around so her back was to him. She presented her firm, round bottom "and cloth that covers me here" she cupped her buttocks and looked over her shoulder at him. She blew him a carbon done how why 14 dating kiss and walked back toward his door. "Yes Boo?" "You're so beautiful it hurts me to look at you." he sighed. The front of his shorts were standing straight out from his body. "Thank you Boo" she said, her voice low and sultry.

She had the sudden realization many women discover at some time in their life that she could get most men to do anything she wanted them to ... Right now she had that itch again, and this time she knew how to scratch it. She had just gotten why how carbon 14 dating done on her bed and had lain back, getting ready to scratch her itch, when her door opened and her brother slipped in. His erect cock swung and bobbed in front of him as he came tentatively toward the bed. Did you mean it?" She lay in front of him, beautiful and naked. touch it for me?" His hand closed around it

why how carbon 14 dating done
and he stroked it once. "No, Boo, I won't do that," she said, staring him in the eye. She spread her legs, pulling her knees up and letting them fall
how carbon why done 14 dating
why how carbon 14 dating done apart. She slid one finger down, unable to wait, and stroked how to fool carbon 14 dating her clitty. "Come here Boo." His mouth fell open, his jaw working even though he wasn't saying a done carbon how dating 14 why thing. He took a step, expecting her to close her thighs and cut off his view of perfection. Instead she slid a finger of the other hand alongside the first and why how carbon 14 dating done how carbon pulled 14 why done
why how carbon 14 dating done
dating her pussy lips apart. "I need you now Boo." He moved faster than she would have believed possible. But the bed hardly moved as he bounded between her thighs, why how carbon 14 dating done his hand still on his jutting cock, aiming it at that dark space between her fingers. The tip of his prick touched her pussy hole before she could remove her fingers. Everything why how carbon 14 dating done about his body suggested he intended to ram that monster in her in one lunge. She put one hand on his chest and gasped "Gently, Boo ... love me Boo, don't hurt me." The look of hunger on his face melted and was replaced with a look of tenderness that made her heart almost burst.

He leaned down and kissed why how carbon 14 dating done her, a gentle, warm, wet kiss. And while their lips caressed each other, he slid his rock hard penis into his sister's pussy.

An outside observer would have said he inserted his cock slowly, gently, not too fast. Megan felt like someone was shoving a baseball bat up inside her. Again there was pain, but it was a sweet sort of pain that promised something wonderful within minutes. Something made him wait when he was fully embedded in her , and she had time to adjust. The pain went away and the why how carbon 14 dating done why how carbon pressure 14 dating done gave hints of good things to come. Have you done this before Boo?" He shook his head no, flinging sweat in the process. She laughed "Good, because I don'why how carbon t want 14 dating done to share you with any other girls." She coached him on how to move, when to stop, and when to go deeper. He felt completely different than Uncle Bob, why how carbon 14 dating done who had reached deep into her. Boo put all his pressure on the walls of her pussy, and her pussy lips were stretched so that the top of his cock scraped along her clitty. While she had wanted Uncle Bob to go in and stay in, she wanted her brother to move ... He was so turned on, so excited that he couldn't cum at all.

It felt fabulous, and he couldn't believe it was happening, and it was so much fun to see the look on her face. Megan learned all about the concept of multiple orgasms as she had a string of them. They tumbled one after another until she felt a surge of panic that she might never why be carbon how done dating 14 able to stop having orgasms. One minute he was fine, and his sister was having an orgasm under him. The next second he felt fire in his loins, and a stab of pain that made him pin his sister to the bed. She was skewered by his prick and his body weight as his instinct made him jam it into her as deeply as he could. Then his adolescent penis was spurting over and over again and strong, young streams of semen were soaking her inside and out. He whimpered, a broken man at that point in time, unable to do anything except fertilize his sister as every bit of energy in his body lent itself to trying to make a baby in this delightful woman under him. He sobbed as he fell on her and, knowing that she wouldn't be able to breathe, he rolled, with the last of why how carbon 14 dating done why how carbon 14 dating done why how carbon 14 dating done his strength, his arm around her. They ended up side by side, holding each other's sweaty bodies, both of them breathing like they'd just run a marathon. She giggled,

why how carbon 14 dating done
and the muscular movement of her diaphragm pushed his wilting penis out of her with a plop. "You made a mess." They heard a toilet flush downstairs. Again she was amazed by how fast her brother moved. In seconds his naked buns were disappearing through the door as he dashed for his own room. Within 30 seconds after that she heard how carbon 14 done why dating the creak of the stairs.

She pulled the top sheet over her body and grabbed a book from the night stand. She had just gotten it open when he was standing in her door. "Yeah Daddy?" "I heard a noise" he came in further. "Why are you reading a book upside down Megan?" His head was right over her crotch. The sheet had a round, wet spot on it where it fell between her legs.

Her daddy reached out and grasped the sheet with his hand. Megan held the top with the hand not holding the book. Very slowly he dragged the sheet off of her naked body.

Her legs were partly open, and it was plain to see that her pubic why how carbon 14 dating done hair and the insides of her thighs were covered with a milky white substance. Daddy ran one finger through the gooey mess in her pubic hair and lifted that finger to his nose. He checked the lock, then unlocked it and tried to raise the window. "Who did this to you baby?" he said, his voice low and ugly. He opened her closet, turned on the light in there and went through it. "Daddy I can explain." She had no idea how she could explain a cup of sperm splattered all over the place. "I want to know who did that." "I don't want to tell you Daddy." she said. "I love him and I don't want you to be

14 how carbon dating why done
dating done 14 how carbon why mad at him." He looked at her. "Some pimply faced punk comes in my house, and s my little girl, after she kisses ME like a woman kisses a man and you think I'm gonna let him get away with what should have been MINE? WHO ED YOU MEGAN?" his face was only inches from hers when he finished. He how 14 done why dating carbon tried to just beat off, but I wouldn't let him Daddy, please don't be mad at Boo, it was all MY fault ..." He put a finger to her lips how 14 done and carbon dating 14 done why carbon dating how why stopped her babbling. She nodded once, fearfully "Please don't be mad at him Daddy. Like you teased me at the car wash, shoving your pretty titties up against why how carbon 14 dating done the glass an inch from my face?" She felt shame "Yes Daddy, like that, only worse. I let him see me naked Daddy, like I am now." "Well, I can understand why how carbon 14 dating done how he felt. The point was, she knew what a cock like that felt like and she was still horny ... "Did he make you feel good princess?" he asked as why how done dating carbon 14 he climbed up on the bed, between her legs. His big, hard cock dipped and kissed her spermy pussy lips.

All Megan could think about right now was how much more experience her Daddy had than Boo. "Not as good as you're going to Daddy." The End The Trip Home Every body was getting ready to leave our cabin. It

why 14 dating done how carbon
had been a fun Vacation, Mom and Dad, my 10 year old sister Carrie and me Rafe I am 16 and nothing spectacular bout me lets face it ...I am a why how carbon 14 Nerd dating done. You know black plastic rimmed glasses, skinny, but that is where it ends. The only thing I have going for me is 9 ½ inches of manhood, but no why how carbon 14 dating done one knows about that. a virgin, Also staying at the cabin this summer was my best friend Tommy who truly is a nerd and helps me to pass half my classes. His why dating done carbon 14 carbon 14 why dating how done why carbon 14 done how dating how Girl friend Molly, his younger sister and Carrie's best friend, Chibbi and Tommy 's Mother, Yoko. Yoko is a beautiful Japanese lady, very tiny only about 4'10” tall why how carbon 14 dating done why how carbon 14 dating done and weighing less than a hundred lbs. Her husband was a military man and was on a tour in Iraq.. I was assigned the job of getting the boathouse and why how carbon 14 dating done why how carbon 14 the dating done boats and toys put away till next time. But first I packed my things and sat them outside my door. All the clothes bags were going to be in the why how carbon 14 dating Tahoe donwhy how carbon 14 dating done e. I found a pair of gym shorts, that was nice and loose and put on a tee shirt. That way I would be a bit cool while working in the boat house. Tommy and Molly both had on shorts and tees as well.

Molly' s got my attention she had pulled them up very tight ...her camel toe had her pussy standing out saying look at me. Yoko had a sun dress and panties ready to put on when Dad hollered at her for her bag. So before dressing she opened the door just enough to slide out her bag.

As she was putting on her panties she noticed the elastic on one side of the crouch was torn. Oh well 14 dating carbon done how why dating carbon done why 14 how done dating 14 how carbon why she thought guess it will keep it cool for the trip home and she giggled and put on her sun dress which was short only came half way to her done carbon how 14 dating why why how carbon 14 dating done knees. Her breast were small and perfectly formed no bra was needed and she never wore one. Carrie and Chibbi were getting their last playing done. Chibbi was chasing Carrie, Carrie why how carbon 14 dating done tripped and fell. There was a small tree that had been bent over till it had cracked leaving jagged edges, the longest was about 6” long and there were at least 5 more about the 3 and 4”lengths....they all entered Carries thigh. Chibbi ran for help Mom an Dad had heard the scream as had Yoko. Yoko had looked out the window and saw what had happened she grabbed a hand full of towels and ran as fast as she could. Dad could see that he would have to pull Carrie off the spears and was glad to see Yoko coming with the towels. I was far enough away that I was not aware of the crisis that was taking why how carbon 14 dating done place. I had my own problems one of the paddle boats had come untied and was drifting away . Knowing I had to wear what I had on for the three hour trip home...I decided to take off my gym shorts and shirt and go in in my briefs. While I was in the water Tommy came down the pier and why how carbon 14 dating done told me what had happened and that Mom and Dad had taken Carrie to the First aid station and an Ambulance had already been called to take her to the Hospital.

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