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She has sticky fingers James.” she explained, looking sternly at Ginger. “Oh, I won’t do that again!” Ginger professed. Cathleen slapped her tit, “Shut up, just because you say it doesn’t mean you won’t.

Trust is earned and you have to prove yourself to me young lady.” she admonished. “Second chances, remember?top united state online dating sites ” he reminded her, “Besides, who better to watch her than a former cop?” “Alright, but if I hear one complaint from Bobbi, out she goes.” she top united state online dating sites relented, then turned to Ginger, “Got it?” “Oh yes! They’ll be happy, I promise!” she assured her.

Those were for trainees that had their first day top state united dating sites online in training. “Ying, from now on, if they aren’t wearing a collar and you don’t know them, you are to leave them alone no matter what, ok?” online top sites dating state united state top online dating united sites top united state online he dating sites instructed, placing the collar on Ginger. “Yes master.” Ying replied, submitting to his orders.

“Why does she keep calling you that?” Ginger asked, looking at James curiously. “I don’t know if I could remember to do that all the time.” “I am her master just like Trent could be yours.” he explained, “top united state online dating sites top united state online You’d datingtop united state online dating sites sites have to call Trent master and Bobbi mistress while you are here. It just takes a little getting used to but you’ll catch on fast.” “James, she would have to go through training first. She can learn all of that then.” Cat pointed out. He nodded his agreement, “Yes, should I call them in here and see if they’d consider her?” he asked. “A good idea James, go ahead and call them.” Cat agreed. “Let’s tie her up and present her like a gift. Bobbi will love it.” she instructed, “Trent will flip out too.” “No, wait. I can’t be naked when they see me.” Ginger argued. “Too bad, as a special servant, you don’t have the privilege of wearing clothes unless your master or mistress tells you to.” Cathleen explained. James made the phone call instructing Trent to bring Bobbi to the play room while Ying and Jeff tied her up. She questioned whether or not to put clothes on and Cat insisted she remain as she was, only sporting the collar that James put on her. If they want to play, would you be ok with that?” “I think I could handle that.” she said proudly. “Ok, if it gets too rough for you, just yell ‘Thief!’ and we’ll make them stop.” Cat explained, “You have top united state online dating sites top united state online dating sites top united state online dating sites our word, you won’t bleed from any of it. Remember, no matter what it seems, it’s just a game.” “You know, I’ve heard of this before top united state online dating sites top united state online dating but sites<top united state online dating sites top united state online dating sites /b> I never thought I’d be doing it.” Ginger stated, “Ying, top dating sites in united kingdom how do you like being a… slave?” she asked point blank, bringing Cathleen to cringe. I top united state online dating sites no worry for anything; I got good master.” she confessed, nodding her head. “I already love this!” Jeff confessed, kneading helpless Ginger breasts in his hands. Cathleen lashed out top united state online dating sites with the whip, “No playing with the toy present.” catching Jeff on his ass. She was getting quite good with that whip James thought, watching Jeff rub his newly top united state online dating sites colored ass cheek. Ying grabbed a nipple rope and put them on a worried Ginger. It was a memorable sight, seeing the girl bound with strips of velvet thigh to ankle, arms bound at the elbows behind her back, forcing her to stay in a kneeling position. Her wide-eyed gasp at the pressure her nipples received as each loop tightened them into little balloons was very erotic for James, seeing her tense against the bindings holding her in place. The consequences of her actions wore heavily on the girl as makeup had run top united state from online dating sites her eyes and dried. Her hair was disheveled from lying on the rack so long with Ying’s liquid pleasure matting it up and her breasts still bore some light pink stripes from the lashings she received. The cold air and Jeff’s caress made her nipples jut out even more than the lassoes would allow and hid the little ropes behind the buds, just begging for attention. If he were to be honest, James would say that it was a very stimulating scene. Ying wasn’t finished however, and placed a clamp top online dating united sites state on her clit, having the chain reach to her collar and clicked on the ring there. Ying did a good job of making the lassoes tight enough to make the buds top united state online dating sites pop out and loose enough not to cut off the blood supply. Those lassoes were an excellent choice for James as it presented an alternative to piercing so that they could top united state online dating sites look like Ying without any permanent marks. Many of the kinks Ying had tended to spread like a plague among the recruits. “Ok guys, you two can leave.” bringing top united state online dating sites a protest from them both. Jeff looked behind him one more time, taking in the erotic sight of the bound blonde’s boobs, and shut the door.

“Do I look ok?” Ginger asked, surveying the work that was done on her and shaking her head to get the hair out of her face. “You look delicious.” James replied, while

top united state online dating sites
top united state online dating sites Cat brushed the hair that clung to her cheek back. “Trent will shit a brick when he sees you.” bringing a smile to the worn image of Ginger. A minute later, a knock sounded on the door and James opened, saving the need to input a passcode. Bobbi entered first, wearing shorts and a halter top with Trent right behind, top united state online dating sites still wearing his work pants but without the shirt, sporting a wife beater. “What’s up James?” Trent asked, and then saw the thief strapped down in a kneeling position. “Now wait just a minute man.” he started, “I don’t know what that little bitch is telling you, but I have her on tape pilfering drawers and pocketing silverware.” he stated, growing angry at the possibility that his job was questioned. The concept of her being nude and restrained struck him at that point and added with dwindling volume, “Wha… er, why is she, um, naked?” James couldn’t answer as Bobbi started in, “Are you punishing the crook?” slowly walking over to Cat. “We were in the process and still have 5 lashings to give her. We’d thought it might have more of a lasting impression if Trent could complete her discipline.” Cat explained. “Five doesn’t begin to be a suitable punishment for the crime.” Trent commented, looking at the girl bow her head in embarrassment. “She should top united state online dating sites be in jail.” he added, a strict advocate for the law. “We started with twenty.” Cathleen said, “But then we ran into a snag of sorts.”
state online dating united sites top
“Snag?” Bobbi asked, “What happened?” “It seems she…” Cat started, “climaxed from it.” eyeing the bound blonde.

“You mean she… liked it?top united state online dating sites ” Trent asked; a little amazed at that information. “Oh, I suppose that if you can orgasm from it, you probably liked it… a lot.” Cat mused. “You’re kidding!” Bobbi replied, just as amazed, “She creamed on you?” “Well, on the whip anyway.” Cat admitted. I thought perhaps you two could help with the top united state online dating sites rest of her punishment.” “So… what then? You want us to finish it?” Trent asked, more confused than anything. “Yes, she wants to play games with us and we thought you two would like to help.” Cat replied, and winked at the couple. “I can help with that.” Bobbi said, and leered at the thief. Kicking off a flip-flop, she stuck her foot in her face, “Lick it!” she said, and waited for Ginger to respond. Her eyes looked up at the woman leering over her and then to the foot that was offered. As if tasting a foreign food for the first time, she hesitated a moment or so, studying exactly where her tongue top united state online dating sites was going to touch. Her tongue came out for an instant and disappeared back inside. With more will power, it exited once again and she leaned in to caress the big toe up to the top of her foot. “How did that taste?” Bobbi asked, and offered her the bottom of her foot without waiting for an answer, “Suck that, top united state online dating sites top united state online dating sites and I better feel tongue too.” she demanded, pressing her foot on the girl’s lips, rocking her back a little. They watched Ginger nurse on the bottom of her foot and saw Bobbi’s reaction to it, “Nice; that feels kind of kinky!” Trent studied his wife and then looked at James. James shrugged and leaned over to top united state online whisper dating sites to him, “Ginger is looking for a master.” he explained as softly as top rated online adult dating sites possible, and watched the thoughtful expression come over his face. “Her safety word is top united state online dating sites ‘Thief’” he added, and grinned when he saw the revelation on Trent’s face. James had learned to know the man over the past year and the two were state online top united sites practictop united state online dating sites top united state online dating sites ally dating best friends.

Trent gave him a nudge with his elbow after seeing James ogle at him and turned back to the girls in embarrassment. Bobbi pulled her foot back, letting Ginger’s lips make a slurping ‘pop’ sound. Cathleen leaned in and whispered something in Bobbi’s ear, bringing a smile to her face, probably filling her in like James did dating united state online sites top Trent. Trent offered his thoughts, “You should make her go through what she would have if she went to jail Bobbi.” and glanced at James to see his reaction. “top united state online dating sitestop united state online dating sites trong> You know that’s right, you’d be slobbering on a dike right about now, huh girl.” Bobbi conveyed. “Let’s see if you’d enjoy that.” and shimmied out of her shorts. Bobbi was a liberal when James met her and she’d gotten a little wilder since her arrival. She had as much modesty as she top united state online dating sites had panties, which was none and James had become desensitized from seeing her nude so much. What was new, however, was the dominate side of her showing in the way she united sites state top online dating forced the helpless girl into her crotch. Treat it as if it were yours.” she ordered, hiking a leg up over Ginger’s shoulder and placing her foot on the ropes top sites united online that dating state held her arms behind her. After a few seconds of Ginger adjusting to the angle, Bobbi humped on her.

Those short thrusts occurred every so often at first as she top united state online dating sites top united state online dating sites top united state online dating sites maintained her balance for her. Trent knew the outcome in advance and stepped up behind his wife. She raised her arm and placed her hand behind his neck, giving him access to her breasts. He took full advantage of her and placed both hands under her halter top, lifting up to her breasts.

Bobbi flinched when Trent pinched her nipples, causing Ginger’s teeth to scrape her clit. “Bitch!” Bobbi protested, and applied pressure on the ropes behind the girl with her foot, causing her to lean further back and tighten top the united state online dating sitop united state online dating sites state sites united top online dating tes chain from her collar to her clit. She slapped the girl across a cheek, “Watch it slut!” and then focused the girl back on her with a hand top united state online dating sites full of the enslaved girl’s hair. She settled in again, nuzzling against her husband, enjoying his fondling and groping while the convicted serviced her. James took a seat once more beside Cathleen so he too could get a good view. Without a word, Cat placed his hand in her lap and forced his fingers on her labia. Obviously, she wanted some attention top united state online dating sites herself and he decided to take it one step further, after massaging her there for a few. Pulling up her tight skirt, he found her spot, having to turn towards her dating state top online united sites top united state online dating sites and away from the threesome. He lost his good view but received her in its place. He was thankful that Cat didn’t have panties on either and had her spread top united state online further dating sites to accept him. Trent removed Bobbi’s top and tossed it on the floor with her shorts. He grabbed the arm she had around his neck and guided her to top united state online dating his sitop united state online dating tes sites crotch. She kneaded his package, feeling him stiffen in her hand.

“Hmm, turning you on babe?” Bobbi asked. “I can’t deny it and you know that.united state online sites top dating ” he replied, and slipped his hand on her ass cheek to squeeze that special spot she had beside her brown star. Gripping it firmly, he tugged and grinded in a slight top united state online circle dating sitetop united state online dating sites top united state online dating sites top united state online dating sites s, forcing her hole to open and close, winking from the attention. His hand left her breast and caressed her stomach and going further. He found her mound and then her top united state online dating sites labia where Ginger’s chin was snuggled in. Working his fingers in, he spread her lips apart, giving the bound blonde full access to his wife’s increasingly wet pussy. James top united state online dating sites entered Cat with two fingers and reached for her top online dating sites in us breast with his other hand. His thumb stroked her clit while he gripped her in his hand. His fingers ran over her nipple and clutched her breast while his fingers went deeper in her. The visual got better for Cat as she watched Trent drop his pants and shorts. James noticed her attention and turned to see what caught her eyes. A cock right behind him was being thrust up between Bobbi’s ass cheeks. At first, she thought he would take advantage of that but then felt him go further forward to her pussy. Trent knew what he was seeking and found Ginger’s tongue on his wife. She was a little surprised to see top united state online dating sites a cock come from the crevasse of the lady’s cunt lips. Although he didn’t enter his wife, he found an entrance anyway as Ginger sucked on his head. James’ masterful play on Cat’s clit was having an effect on her as well and his pinching and rolling her nipple was adding to her pleasure. Just as she was getting top united state online dating sites aroused with his play, he removed his hands. Standing up, James removed his polo shirt and dropped his kakis. Leaning back on the padded horse, he urged Cat to get up

top united state online dating sites
top united state online dating sites and sit in his lap. That brought wandering eyes to the couple as Ginger watched from the corner of her eyes. Cat reached between her legs, hiking her skirt up, and dating sites state online top united top united state online guided dating sittop united state online dating sites es him in her. Noticing the lusty eyes on her, she took the whip in her hand and swatted at Ginger’s hip, “Concentrate on what you’re doing.” top she united state online dating sites instructed, and rose and fell at a slow rhythm, adjusting to the large man’s girth. Bobbi tightened her legs on the cock that was working like a piston between them. Ginger
top united state online dating sites
developed sync with the couple, licking the cock when it appeared and the pussy when it disappeared. Bobbi had a fantasy in mind, wanting her husband to shoot his sperm in the face of the girl servicing her. She backed into him with each thrust, working on her three goals at once; getting herself off on Ginger, getting her husband off and lastly, soaking the little captive with her man’s cum. Ginger was fascinated with the scene but was too busy to fully enjoy it. The humping was tugging on the chain attached to her clit, causing little pings of pleasure pains to jolt from her pussy to her nipples. The cock plunging in between the cunt lips was more erotic of a view than she’d ever had and the swat on her ass from Cathleen still tingled a little where it struck. Just to test the waters, she looked over at
sites united online state dating top
the two copulating beside her. She could see the cock come in to view as the mistress rose up and could only wish it was going in her instead when it disappeared on Cathleen’s decent. Bobbi was trying so hard to get her husband off, she forgot about the effects it was having on her. With Ginger’s top lip on her clit and her bottom lip accepting the cock, it forced her husband to run his shaft harder over her . She tensed up, clamping on the cock that plunged between her. That united dating state online sites top act alone brought Trent over and he climaxed between the grip of his wife’s pussy and the tongue he kept slamming in top 10 newest online dating sites to. Ginger got her just deserts from both
top united state as online dating sites
she was shot by the cock up her nose. Trying to back away, she applied too much tension on her clit and was forced to sit there and take the next shot, “Stay on it!” Bobbi yelled, watching the girl struggle. That brought Cathleen’s attention, swatting her once more on her back side.

“jane fonda and dating and 2010 You better not fail me.” Cat growled, then swatted her again, “And that’s for making me beat you.” and then leaned back to plunge James further in. The second shot went in her mouth and Bobbi saw it in slow motion, “Swallow!” she demanded, catching the girl starting to let it spill out. The third top united state online dating sites shot splattered her chin and dribbled down her neck, pooling in her cleavage. Bobbi forced her head deeper between her and the trickles that Trent had left were rubbed in her top united state online dating sites face. The view was a fantasy-come-true for Bobbi as she saw the cream coated face and she trembled from another mini-orgasm. James couldn’t see very well at all but the conversations and moans told him all he needed to know. But after the sounds quieted down, he heard shuffling and Cathleen stopped in mid-air for a second. The next thing his senses picked up was a tongue pressed flatly on the back side of his cock. Bobbi had guided the girl toy to his and Cat’s connection and pressed her head in.

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