Keanu reeves who is he dating


He gave her a small smile and she picked up her speed, giving his member a serious ing with her ass hole. “I could really get off on this,” she thought as she brought one hand to her pussy, placing it so that her clitoris came down on her finger with each of her strokes. P’s breath was coming faster and she was beginning to groan in the back of her throat with the building of her own climax. “I hope we time this right,” Kitty thought to herself,

keanu reeves “I who is he datkeanu reeves who is he dating ing
would love to feel him shoot in my ass at the same time as I cum.” It was not to be.

P reached up and grabbed her hips, holding her firmly down on his member. Turn around again and lay back against me.” Kitty spun around happily and laid back. This was even a more comfortable position and his cock seemed to penetrate even deeper into her ass. Planting her feet on his thighs she began stroking again. P brought one hand to her breast and the other cupped her mound, keanu reeves who is he dating keanu reeves who is he dating with his middle finger slipping between her pussy lip and holding her firmly as she pumped. With each pump he would press his index finger against whos keana reeves the actor dating her clitoris a little more firmly keanu reeves who is he dating and then release. When he shifted slightly to reach farther and hooked his finger into her love hole, a wave of lust came over her mind and Kitty began pumping her ass

keanu reeves who is he dating
as quickly as she could. Slamming down hard and coming back up until only the head of his cock was still in her ass. P removed his hand and bucked his keanu reeves who is he dating hips pulling out of her completely. Why do you always have to do that to me?" she asked in frustration when she had gotten her breath back. Because you always cum harder when you are made to wait. But mostly for this evening, you haven’t gotten to the main event yet,” Mr. “Oh; you, you, jerk,” she exclaimed bringing her he is who elbow keanu dating rhe reeves who keanu is dating eeves down into his ribs. “Now, now, temper,” he admonished her, “you can climb back on and use your pussy for a few minutes, or you can move right on to the main event.” Kitty heard Thumper laugh next to them and looked over at her. “I would if I were you,” Thumper advised her, “it will make what is coming much easier if you are opened up a bit first. Take my word for it,” she finished with a wink to trust her. Kitty gave her
keanu reeves who is he dating
a scowl, but did as she suggested, reaching under herself to position his cock at her love hole and pressing down. I wonder what Thumper meant by, ‘what is coming’,” keanu reeves who is he dating she thought to herself, glancing toward Mr. Kitty soon lost herself if the sensations from her pussy. She didn’t even try for a rate or ferocity that would build to an keanu reeves who is he dating orgasm. She stroked up and down slowly, savoring the feeling of him sliding inside her while watching his eyes for a minute or two before closing hers and letting the beautiful keanu reeves who is he dating sensations from her pussy take over her mind. P touch her arm and she opened her eyes to look down at him. “That’s enough, slide off and roll on to your back,” he told her. He has been almost drooling for the last two days to get a chance at you,” Mr. C stepped from behind the short screen where keanu reeves who he is he dating had been seated watching the proceedings. Kitty’s eyes grew wide and her mouth fell open. “You expect me to put that inside me?” she said, pointing with a keanu reeves who is he dating trembling hand and a squeak in her voice. C’s member was not just huge, it was huge with a capital H. “Jesus Christ,” she thought to herself, “it’s at least three inches across: and he isn’t even fully hard yet.” “You have got to be ing kidding!” Kitty exclaimed loudly, “he’ll split
keanu reeves who is me he dating
apart with that thing.” She looked at Mr. P and could see in his eyes what he expected from her.

She either went through with this or she would most likely be asked is diane keaton dating keanu reeves to leave. And if she left she would have no further contact with Mr. That: was not something she wished to contemplate as she realized how firmly attached to him she had allowed herself to become. It was the largest penis she had ever seen in real life. She had seen one that was even bigger in a porn film he dating who is reeves keanu

keanu reeves who is she he dating
had seen a couple of years back, but one even this size was a completely different experience when it was right in front of her. “Crap, that girl’s twat in that film looked like the Brooklin Tunnel after that guy was done with her. Do I really want to go through with this?” Kitty asked herself in real fear. “keanu reeves who is he dating I don’t know if I love him or hate the son of a bitch, but if the girl in that film could survive it, so can I.” Kitty looked up keanu reeves who is he dating at Mr. “What do you want me to do?” she asked in a whisper.

Then you can use your lips and tongue to get it wet. Kitty sat up front of him with her legs crossed tailor fashion, his cock dangling right in front of her face. Reaching out with her hand she closed her fingers around the shaft and found that her fingers would not reach completely around it. Gripping it firmly she began to jack her hand back and forth. Her fingers were being forced apart and the head began to keanu dating who he reeves is

keanu reeves who is he dating
grow huge as blood was forced into it. Slowly she leaned forward and flicked her tongue out at the tip. Running her tongue in a circle around the head she lubricated it a bit before pressing her lips against the tip to begin sucking it into her mouth. He’s really huge now,” Kitty thought to herself when her mouth was as dating keanu who reeves he is keanu reeves who is wide he dating as she could make it. Kitty had only about three-quarters of the head between her lips. Her lower lip was below the head of his dick and she could touch the underside with her tongue, but her upper lip refused to go any farther. Experimentally she began running her tongue in circles around the tip and then under the lower part of the keanu reeves head who is he dating where most men were very sensitive.

It is too bad too: no one has ever been able to give me a full and satisfactory blow-job. A lot of women think they keanu reeves who is he dating keanu reeves who is he dating want a guy with a bigger cock.

That is until they meet me, or perhaps I should say my bruiser down there. Most seem to change their way of looking at keanu reeves who is he dating things at that point. P and could see the same question in his eyes, though nothing else of what he was thinking showed on his face. “What the hell,” she keanu reeves who is he dating keanu reeves who is he thought dating to herself, “if I don’t give this a try, I’ll never know.” Laying back she looked up at Mr. But you damn well better stop if I keanu reeves who is he dating tell you,” Kitty told him in no uncertain terms. “Of Course,” he replied kneeling down between her legs. “Bring your knees up, that should make it easier.” Kitty pulled her knees up and spread her legs.

Feeling the tip of his penis pushing against her pussy lips she reached down to help spread them for him. She could feel the head beginning to force it’s way into her love hole stretching her open. And it kept stretching until it became very uncomfortable. “Stop a minute and let me keanu reeves who is he dating get use to it,” she panted. Sweat was forming on Kitty’s brow and she had her hands clenched beside her.

“Damn, if he keeps going like that, he is going to tear me wide open,” she thought to herself as the pain increased. You are never going to get into me from that angle.

Pulling back he rolled onto the floor on his back with his member sticking straight up. Kitty breathed a sigh of relief when he pulled out and then controlled her breathing. “If I am ever going to get even the head of that monster into me I need to be in control of it,” Kitty muttered to herself as she threw her leg over straddling him. She keanu reeves who is he hear dating someone chuckle behind her and turned to see Thumper grinning at her. “Give me some of more of that KY jelly,” Kitty told her stretching her right hand out. Reaching under herself Kitty brought the palm of her hand up to her pussy, which was still partly open from the previous intrusion and forced as much of it up into her keanu reeves who is he dating keanu reeves who is he dating hole as she could.

C’s cock, mounding it up on the tip and head. “Here goes nothing,” she said to herself as she lowered down to place his keanu tip reeves who is he dating at her opening. Very slowly Kitty began to let her weight sink down on the monstrous head forcing her pussy lips aside and beginning to open her hole. Kitty began to keanu feel reeves who is he dating real pressure forcing her open and paused, wiggling her ass to help ease things. Gradually her pussy accepted the stretching and she began lowering herself again, all the while continuing to dating wiggle he reeves keanu is wh

keanu reeves who is he dating

Just when she thought she could take no more, the ridge of the head popped inside her and she grunted in surprise. Kitty let out her breath, which she did not realize she had been holding, in relief. “Je…s…us!” she exclaimed, which brought a chuckle from several people in the room. Kitty had really had to strain to he reeves keanu reeves dating somethings gotta give keanu who dating get is the head inside her and she wiped the sweat off her forehead. “Way to go girl,” Thumper whispered to her causing Kitty to give her a quick grin. “keanu reeves who is he dating keanu reeves who is he dating keanu reeves who is he dating Well, he is in me, now let’s see how far I can push it,” Kitty thought to herself. “I just have to go easy.” Slowly she began to keanu press reeves who is he dating down with her hips. Kitty could feel the walls of her vagina beginning to stretch deeper inside her. It didn’t exactly hurt, but it wasn’t a pleasant feeling either.

Finally she managed to get another inch of him inside her and stopped trying to accommodate the extremely full feeling. Lifting her hips slightly she felt the shaft slide back until keanu reeves who is he dating only the head was still inside her before pressing down again. The first inch was easier this time until she came up against the second.

Gritting her teeth against the discomfort she he is reeves who dating keanu keanu reeves who is he dating pressed down even harder, wiggling her rear to help things along as best she could. Feeling her vagina expanding was both wildly lustful, and fear inducing, at the same time. “What if I really do tear something?” she asked herself. P seemed to be measuring by eye how little she had managed to get Mr. “I think he thought I might keanu reeves who is he dating back out; to hell with him. Easy does it, but I am going to beat this monster if it is the last thing I do,” Kitty thought, “that will keanu reeves who is he dating show him I can take it. In more ways than one.” Grimly, Kitty began forcing her pussy down over the huge member. Her breath began coming in fast whistles between her keanu reeves who is he dating teeth as she felt vagina expanding further and further. It didn’t hurt as much as before, it was just an uncomfortable stretching feeling, but finally her pelvic bone bumped into Mr. Kitty keanu reeves who is he dkeanu reeves who is he ating dating sat up a little straighter making sure he was as deep inside her as she could get him. There had been other times during that she had thought she had felt keanu reeves who is he dating full, but it was nothing to what she was experiencing now.

“My cunt must be stretched four or five times as large as normal,” Kitty thought to herself. After holding herself very still for a minute or so while she tried to squeeze down on the shaft with her vagina muscles, she decided it really didn’t feel all that bad. In keanu reeves who is he dating fact it was feeling better all the time, as she became use to the size. She didn’t want to move until her strength came back a little. “That has got to be the most amazing feeling I have ever felt,” she told everyone. C chuckled and Kitty could feel the vibration of it in her pussy and against her clitoris. Think keanu reeves who is he dating you can do anything else since you have gotten this far?” he asked. “I don’t know, but I sure as hell am going to try. I not keanu reeves who is wasting he datkeanu reeves who ing is he datikeanu reeves who is he dating ng all that effort for nothing,” Kitty told him with determination, which brought a wide grin to Mr. Bracing her hands flat on his chest, Kitty very slowly lifted her rear keanu reeves who is he dating using her legs. Only a half inch or so to begin with and then back down. She kept doing this over and over, a little farther each time. After five minutes, Kitty had a huge grin on her face when she was finally able to pump her pussy up and down Mr. In fact she found herself beginning to get very hot from the action, especially each time her clitoris bumped his pubic bone. “After this I’ll be able to anything,” Kitty thought with satisfaction. Slowly as heat built up in her keanu reeves groin who is he dating reeves keanu reeves and diane keaon dating who is he dating she began to move her ass faster. “Lord, this is fantastic,” Kitty thought to herself, “I never thought I could manage this. P had his doubts too.” Kitty found herself ing his cock faster.

Bringing her self down a little harder each time to bump her clit. She began adding to each stroke by hesitating on each down stroke and swiveling her hips to rub her clitoris against his pubic bone. C seemed to appreciate this as well to judge by the groans coming from the back of his throat. She could feel herself building toward a climax slowly, but it was still a ways off. C, who had had his legs straight, brought his knees up and pulled her down on keanu reeves who is he dating keanu reeves who is he dating his chest, taking over her pumping action. Now he was ing her with his huge monster cock instead of her ing him. Laying on his chest changed the angle of entry slightly keanu reeves who is he dating and Kitty loved it as new feelings pulsed through her pussy and into her clit.

Her orgasm was getting closer now and she wanted it very badly. She wanted to feel her who reeves keanu is vagina he dating clamp down on his cock as she climaxed.

“Maybe I can get him to blow his load in me at the same time,” Kitty thought with wicked delight. “That would be the topper,” she thought as she realized how bad she wanted this to happen. “Cumming together with his huge cock spurting hot juice inside me. To feel his huge cock pulsing as I cum.” It was almost enough to send her over the edge and her mind spun with the idea. Suddenly Thumper’s hand came down keanu dating is he reeves who on the small of her back, stopping all movement. Kitty gave a screech of pure frustration and looked back over her shoulder. “Not yet,” Thumper told her with a wicked keanu reeves who is he dating grin. “There are just a couple of other small things first.” “You really can be a bitch when you want to. Now just hold still while I apply a little more jelly. You might need it,” Thumper told her as she squeezed some onto her index finger. Bringing it to Kitty’s rectum she proceeded to work it in dating as keanu is who reeves he she firmly held down on Kitty’s hips. Slowly she inserted the tip of her finger into Kitty’s tight ass. Kitty gulped and sucked in her breath at the intrusion. Slowly keanu reeves who is he dating the girl pushed her finger inside, turning her hand slightly to rotate her finger.

Soon she had it buried to the knuckles and was wiggling it around in Kitty’s ass. Kitty keanu reeves who is he datingkeanu reeves who is he dating groaned and bit her lower lip it felt so good. Thumper pulled her finger out and used the tube for squeeze more jelly directly into her anus. Putting the tip of her finger back in Kitty’s ass, she added a second finger and began to open her ass hole wider. “Getting you ready for the cherry on top,” Thumper told her grinning hugely, “at least if you look at in the right way.” Kitty looked back and saw Mr. “I’ll never be able to stand that too.” “Sure you will. Thumper slid a third finger in along side of the other two, further opening Kitty’s ass. At the same time Thumper withdrew her fingers to be replaced by Mr. Kitty suddenly realized that the head was already inside her ass past her sphincter and it hadn’t been bad at all. She even found herself looking forward to he dating is keanu reeves who this experience: two men at the same time. “If my mind isn’t already blown away, this is surely going to do it,” Kitty thought to herself. P pushed keanu he is reeves dating who forward and his cock seemed to slide in easily with all of the KY jelly.

Kitty found this to be a deliciously wicked feeling that was heightened by the massive cock holding keanu reeves who is he dating keanu reeves who steady is he dating in her pussy. P’s in her ass as he began stroking slowly in and out. Maybe even more than the one in my pussy,” Kitty thought. “I’m keanu reeves who is he dating turning into the biggest whoring slut on the planet, and I love every second of it.” Mr.

P picked up the pace, beginning to really pound his meat into her ass, keanu reeves who is he dating as Mr. Small sparks were flaring across Kitty’s eyes from the pleasure she was feeling, but after only a minute of this treatment, Mr. P slowed and stopped with his cock buried deep in her bowels. C began moving his hips gently at first, pushing up into her. The sudden shift of sensations from her ass to her pussy caused Kitty to keanu reeves who is he dating keanu reeves who is he dating groan in even more pleasure. C picked up his pace beginning to her harder, just as Mr. It didn’t hurt at all now as he how to evaluate teen dating problems keanu reeves who is he dating slammed up into her and she reveled in the feelings such a huge cock was giving her. Would both of you hold real steady for a minute?” Kitty asked the men.

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