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Her cries told of the pain my dick was inflicting but her hunching never wavered as she begged me not to stop, to empty my balls inside her as she sex dating social and in cyprus screamed how long she had needed to feel me cum in her. It felt like she was draining my life forces from me as her pussy squeezed and milked my jerking women with children dating married men dick. She wrapped my waist with her legs and hugged me like she was hugging a tree in a hurricane as her body shuddered and dating and sex social in cyprus shook, pussy undulating around my still spewing dick while she moaned constantly. My legs gave out as a weakness washed over me as she drained my balls completely. I sat down on the toilet with her astraddle me and her feet fell to the floor and she began lifting and falling as she ed me rapidly, forcefully as she drove my dick into her pussy. God I loved her pussy and the way she made me feel with it. Her pussy was hot, seething and drowned me with her cum continuously. I had never been hotter in my life and she was experiencing the same fate. It hit me suddenly that I should be softening but my dick never faltered an instant as her

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excitement became mine and I stiffened anew as I stood and bounced her on my long fat cock as she screamed her plight, her head flailing wildly. I'm not sure how dating and long sex social in cydating and sex social in cyprus prus we ed in the rest room but it wound up with her standing with thighs spread, hands on the wall bending over the commode ramming her pussy back onto my dick as I met each of her rearward thrusts with forceful thrusts of my own. When we cum that time it left us both gasping, spent, until my dick slid from dating and sex social in cyprus dating and sex social in cyprus her pussy and she turned and sat on the toilet and began to laugh hysterically. Her laughter was infectious and soon I was laughing with her and didn't know why. When cyprus dating in sex and social she finally slowed she said, I'm sitting here streaming cum like I'm peeing, completely exhausted and wanting you to keep ing me and there might be people in dating and sex social in cyprus dating and sex social in cyprus the dining room hearing all this waiting to be waited on. Then she looked up at me and said, "That was nothing like the romantic encounter I thought it would be when we ed the first time but it couldn't have been any better than that was". Then she wiped herself off with toilet paper and stood and flushed the toilet and turned to me and we kissed again, this time savoring the taste and emotions that filled us. Breaking our kiss she smiled at me and said, "Well you fixed that pretty good for me, maybe I won't miss John ing me after all." Then as she turned and walked away she said, "Pull your pants up, you look stupid standing there like that", and as she left she was twirling her panties on her finger laughing her ass off. We no longer exchanged barbs and there was more hand holding at the counter and more intimate talk. There was still that ual air that enveloped us whenever we were near. We dated a few weeks and I found out how much her daughter dating and sex social in cyprus social cyprus and sex dating in meant to her. The girl was her entire reason for living it seemed. Alexia or Lexi as she was called was a spoiled brat and wasn't particularly fond of me and blamed me for breaking up her mom's marriage, which I didn't do at all. I couldn't understand why that marriage meant so much to her because John, dating her and sex social in cyprus ex, was not her biological father. Shirley had been married to another man named Jim Black and that was Lexi's real father. I later found out that John had told her he would buy her a new car for her 21st birthday and now that was out the window. When Shirley told me she would have to move out of dating and sex social in cyprus dating and sex social in cyprus dating and sex social in cyprus
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house when they finalized the divorce we decided to get married so we bought a house and the three of us moved in with Lexi protesting the whole time. I felt like Lexi should get a job and help support herself but Shirley made excuses for her and I didn't want to exacerbate her feelings about me any more than they were so I let it go. We had been in the house for about six months when things began changing. The house was a normal three-bedroom ranch with a full dating and sex social in cyprus finished basement that included a best adult sex personals and dating mini kitchen and a fourth bedroom that had been added. We had placed a large screen tv and a couch and online sex adult dating and personal computer table down there so Lexi chose to live down there. Oh yeah, there was also a high wattage 7 channel audio system down there that she regularly rocked the house with, much to her mother'dating and sex social in cyprus dating and sex social in cyprus and cyprus sex social s and in dating my own objection. On one such occasion Lexi had a girlfriend, Karen, spending the night with her, a truly beautiful young woman of twenty or so that raptly held dating and sex social in cyprus
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dating my and sex social in cyprus attention every time I saw her.

Shirley always pulled me to the bedroom early on the nights she had been over saying, "Come on horse dick let's see how dating and sex social in cyprus you're gonna Karen dating and sex tips for men tonight". She knew I was attracted to the girl in a ual way and instead of being mad would take advantage of that attraction by role playing her as we ed and being honest, I was turned on by it and probably did her more earnestly than normal. On this particular night I had been subjected to a couple of hours of Karen's presence upstairs and I thought it was my imagination but she seemed to be flirting with me. She was wearing shorts and a halter top that cyprus dating showed social in adating nd and sex social in cyprus sex off her body even more than usual when she wore jeans. It was an ongoing effort to keep my dick from stiffening until it would have been noticeable. I saw the smirk on my wife's face and knew that she was aware of my unease and enjoying it immensely. No sooner had the girls went downstairs than she came over and began massaging my dick saying, "Close your eyes now and imagine Karen is massaging your dick baby, see that cute young ass and imagine having your hard dick ing her asshole." I knew there was no sense in fighting the visions in my mind as she would persist until she got what she wanted. When she finally dragged me by my exposed dick to the bedroom I was ready to tear her proxy/pussy up and did for a couple of hours. For once she lay gasping, exhausted and her eyes closed and dating and sex social in cyprus dating and sex social in cyprus she murmured, Hmmm, I'm gonna sleep good tonight, remind me to thank Karen tomorrow will you? We hadn't noticed the sound of music while we ed but now it dating and sex social in cyprus was obvious. Hearing the music immediately put Karen back in the forefront of my mind and to my astonishment my dick twitched at the memory of her in those shorts.

"Go tell Lexi to turn that music down or off honey, it's too late for all that." "Are you sure you trust me with Karen down there, she might get frisky dating and sex social and in cyprus I wouldn't be able to resist maybe." She laughed and murmured, "Don't have to trust you, Lexi would be up here in a flash to tell me I'dating and m sure sex social in cyprdating and sex us social in cyprus.

Oh, if you get all horny looking at her ass don't wake me, just toss off thinking of her, I won't mind", and she closed her eyes dating and sex social in cyprus in sex and dating cyprus social with a big smile on her face. I had to think to myself, "How many women would find it funny if their husband was turned on by a 20 something year

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dating and sex social in cyprus old girl and then pretend to be her as she ed him.

I put on my robe and walked down and was about to say something when I noticed Karen was cyprus in social sex and dating dating and sex social in cyprus dating and sex social in cyprus laying on the floor on her side facing the couch with a pillow and a thin cover over her.

Lexi was on the couch laying with her back towards me facing the back of the couch and appeared asleep also. The cover over Lexi was slightly pulled up partly exposing what appeared to be her bare ass. I couldn't help standing dating and sex social in cyprus there staring at Karen's form beneath the thin cover. She had an ass like Shirley's and I felt my dick rising as I looked at it's imprint on the dating and sex cover social in cyprus. As I watched she rolled over on her back and it appeared she was watching me from lowered eyelids. The light in the kitchenette was streaming in from its partly open door and that was all the light there was. As I stood there gazing at her I began feeling slightly perverted. My gaze was roaming her outline beneath the covers when I noticed her chest was rising and falling slightly quicker than it had been. Her tongue slid across her lips and her lips remained slightly parted. Her who is lance dating and sex social in cyprus armstrong dating 2010 long blonde hair framed her face and lay tousled upon her shoulders. Suddenly her thighs opened and raised till she was in a missionary position and her chest was now rising and falling rapidly. I saw her hand fall to her crotch beneath the cover and was sure her hips were undulating gently. I watched as her hand slid into the waistband of her shorts and I thought, my god she must be having a wet dream. My gaze was focused on her hips and the obvious groping of her pussy until I heard a soft moan. When I lifted my gaze to Karen's face I found her eyes open and staring towards me, her tongue rapidly laving her lips. It was then I realized my dick was hard and protruding from my robe and she was staring at it and becoming aroused. I was transfixed by her arousement and my dick dating and sex social in cyprus was now demanding attention and I gripped it and began stroking it. I wanted to her and I was positive she wanted me to, BUT, Lexi was right there and I knew she would tell if she awoke to find us ing. I was about to lean down and suggest we go somewhere else when her hands dropped to her shorts and she began pressing them down her hips. Then she stopped and lifted her upper body and gazed at Lexi to ascertain she was asleep and then hooked her thumbs in her dating and sex social in cyprus dating and sex social in cyprus dating and sex social in cyprus panties and pressed both her panties and shorts off her feet.

Here this beautiful young girl was laying nude from the waist down beneath a thin cover playing with her clit and I was standing there as aroused as I had ever been in my life. I saw Karen's hand rubbing her clit and she lowered her other hand to reach beneath her thigh and begin fingering her pussy as she watched me stroking my long fat dick.

It was quite apparent she wanted to cum as her shoulder lowered and she and cyprus pressed in dating sexsocial cyprus sex dating and in social deeper into her pussy. Seeing all this transpiring beneath the cover was even more exciting than if she had been overtly allowing me to watch. I dropped to my knees between her open thighs and knelt there stroking my cock as her movements became more agitated. Not a word had been said by either of us and when I reached down and lifted the edge of the cover and drew it back to her stomach her body began tensing, her thighs closed till they were pressing against the sides of my knees and her hips turned down, jerking, her fingers rubbing her clit hard, her shoulders lifted, her head jerking up with each gripping spasm that roiled her body. Her thighs opened and closed repeatedly as wave after wave of orgasm wracked her body. When she finally relaxed, her hand pressing her clit tightly my balls began spewing my own hot cum. A large blob

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of cum shot directly on to her clit trailing a long white ribbon of cum back to my tip. Her hips lifted and she moaned in a whispered anguish, " me, put it in me please". I gripped my dick, strangling it right behind its head and directed it to her clenching pussy and forced it in her roughly. I felt her pussy
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squeeze my glans and it showed its appreciation by streaming another large load of hot cum into her needy cunt.

I was lost, nothing mattered as I ed my hot dick dating and sex social in cyprus and in dating social sex cyprus dating and sex into social in cyprus this girls hunching body. I watched her as her eyes gaped as she felt the full thickness of my engorged cock filling her, saw her biting her lips trying to keep dating and sex social in cyprus dating and sex social in cyprus from screaming and then her biting her pillow as she screamed into it. I knew I was hurting her pussy but her hands clawed at my ass, pulling me into her dating and sex social in cyprus pussy with her ankles over my thighs while hunching and rolling her hips. Karen kept cumming and cumming and each time she did instead of sating her it was like it dating and in cyprus increased sex social her craving for my dick. We were both covered in perspiration and I lifted my upper body up to try and cool off a little and when I did I dating and sex social in cyprus dating and sex saw social in cyprus Lexi lying on her back nude, thighs spread widely and her fingers rubbing her baby smooth pussy. Her eyes were glazed with lust as she lay there watching us and dating and sex social in cyprus dating and sex social in cyprus her clit was enormous, swollen till it appeared it would burst as her fingers rolled and rubbed it.

Her pussy was oozing wetness and the valley of her ass was drenched with her wet emissions. I leaned over and pulled her hips to the edge of the couch and began sucking on her clit, running my tongue as deeply as possible into dating and sex social in her cyprus sloppy pussy as she gripped my head tightly and hunched into my flailing tongue wildly as animal like noises and sounds erupted from her lips.

Karen must have become excited by my actions because her hips began hunching and her hands held my hips as she ed my throbbing dick with a ferocity I'd never felt from a woman. When she dating and sex social in cyprus cum she tensed so hard I thought she'd break something and then she pulled my dick from her pussy and began sucking it wildly, licking, sucking, cleaning it of our dating and sex social in cyprus juices and then while stroking it said, " her, Lexi with it. I gazed at Lexi's face to see her reaction to Karen's words. She had a smirking smile on her face as she spread her thighs widely while staring at my swollen dick and said, "If you don't I'll be forced to tell mom about all this" "We wouldn't want that now would we Karen", I asked as I began pressing my stiff dick into my step-daughters swamp of a pussy. Oh yeah, me...oh sweet jesus your social and dating sex in cyprus dicks so fat... me hard" I watched as Karen kissed Lexi, played with her nipples as we ed, and then as if she had a sudden inspiration she said to me, "dating and sex social in cyprus dating and sex social in cyprus Sit on the couch and let Lexi get on top". I didn't know what she had planned but I was damn sure enjoying everything she had instigated so far so I withdrew and sat on the couch. Lexi straddled my hips facing me and Karen quickly said, "No, turn towards me Lexi so I can see his fat dick ing you". Lexi did as she was asked and began working my stiff dick into her pussy as Karen sat on her heels watching us. When she had half my dick inside her and dating and sex social in cyprus her moans were mounting with each downward thrust of her hips, Karen pushed her back against my chest and lowered her head and began licking and sucking on Lexi's clit and sucking the fluids from my dick as it emerged from her pussy. Lexi began cumming almost immediately, her hips gyrating as her body writhed atop mine. Her pussy slowly corkscrewed dating and sex social in cyprus down my dick as Karen sucked at her incessantly. She kept cumming and cumming as she held Karen to her clit tightly. Her head flailed violently as dating and sex in north cyprus she tried to escape the tumultuous pleasure that was filling her with an insanity that she knew would overwhelm her mind if not abated. I held her firmly atop me as Karen continued sucking and dating and sex social in cyprus licking her clit as my dick ed roughly up into her until my balls were slapping Karen's jaw as she sucked at her sensitive bud. When Karen finally relented and dating and sex social in cyprus dating and sex social in cyprus dating and sex social in cyprus again sat back on her heels I flipped Lexi to the side face down on the couch with her knees on the floor and began a rapid dog ing of her pussy with her pinned between me and the couch. "YES!..YES...oh god me.......don't stop....don't stop...aaaiieeeee.....aaiieeee....yes...yes...aarrghhHHH...oh you're hurting me.....oh god dating and sex social in cyprus its too big... me......cummin...oh" Karen was not one to let an opportunity pass her by and she scooted under Lexi's face and lifted her

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mouth to her pussy as she demanded, "Eat me cunt, suck my pussy while your dad s your slut pussy. You love his big dick ing your hot pussy don't social cyprus in sex dating and you slut", she asked as Lexi began excitedly licking and tongue ing her pussy. God I was hot watching this beautiful goddess of a young woman excitedly hunching her pussy into Lexi's face, her hands entangled in Lexi's hair as she roughly used her face to rub her pussy with while ordering her,"Lick me bitch, suck the cum outta my that....aarrgghhhhh...yeah...suck it...suckit hard....aaiieeeeee....aiieeeeee... her.....yeah ram her face into my pussy....aarrgghhHHHHH...give her that big dick." When Lexi cum dating and sex social in cyprus again hard, ramming her pussy back onto my dick so forcibly she was screaming her pain I allowed her to subside and then I pushed her aside and quickly rammed my dating and sex social in cyprus dick into Karen and began torturing her pussy with hard deep thrusts that had her breathing Lamaze like as I bottomed my dick in her with every rough thrust of my cock.

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