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"Emily, get back here or I'm ing myself- and you're not allowed to touch!" A blush reaches my cheeks as the guy's jaw drops open.

She likes her dessert first." I shrug and close the door in the now drooling teenager's face. "I think you may have pushed that poor boy over the edge." Kelly bursts out laughing and I join her on the couch after setting down the pizza. Kelly finishes laughing and I pull her into a kiss. Harper?" I mumble against her lips and Kelly grabs my hips and lays black and white gay men dating me back against the couch. She positions her cunt over my hip and grinds down hard. "Somewhere around here darling." Kelly breathes out and moans when I raise my hips to add to black and white gay men dating her pleasure. "Oh that's right." I say with a smirk and grab her ass. I move her harder against me and Kelly's arms give in and she falls to her forearms next black and white gay men dating to my head.

"." Kelly grunts out when I thrust my hip against her. Her breathing becomes harsh and her hips jerk with the want to release. I move my right hand down black and white gay men dating black and white gay men dating between our bodies and easily thrust two fingers inside of her dripping wet cunt. I use my left hand to move her back on my fingers and Kelly whimpers. Emily!" Kelly screams as black and men gay dating white I move her back harder and faster and use the heel of my hand to press against her hard clit. With a few more jerking motions of Kelly's hips she is coming undone. I moan and nibble at her ear and kiss her neck until she is calming down. I remove my fingers and wipe my hand on the robe I was wearing. "I want black and white gay men dating pizza." I tell her and Kelly chuckles and leans up. "Good girls have their desserts after dinner." I sit up and Kelly moves off of me. "Yes but I'm a bad bad girl."

black and white gay men dating
I whisper huskily before giving her a quick kiss. I go get plates from the kitchen as Kelly pouts in frustration.

I come back and find her struggling to eat a piece of white men pizza and black dating gay. I chuckle and hand her a plate which she takes gratefully. Kelly starts a movie and we snuggle into each other after we finish as much pizza we can. // I wrap black and white gay men dating my arm around Kelly's waist and nudge my nose into the top of her breast. I really didn't know you were scared of scary movies." Kelly whispers to me and I black and white gay men dating black and white gay men dating jump at something on the screen. Really, I'm fine- Ah!" I scream and turn my face into her neck. Stop laughing at me!" I pout and Kelly looks at me with guilt. You'black and white gay men dating re just so cute when you curl up to me like this." I smile and tilt my head up. "Well...I like it when you protect me from the scary monsters." I whisper men dating gay black and white against her lips and Kelly hums in agreement. I lean the rest of the way in and press my lips to hers. Kelly quickly deepens the kiss with her tongue brushing my lips black and white gay men dating for entrance. I moan and her hand moves down to the knot of my sash yet again. Kelly surprisingly unties the knot quickly and cups my breast with my now hard nipple pressing white black gay men dating and black and white gay men dating into her warm soft palm. I whimper when she pinches my nipple lightly and tongues my mouth deeply.

Kelly pulls back and moves us so she is on top between my legs and kissing my neck. I moan and arch my white men and black women dating back to get more of her touches. When her lips latch onto my nipple I claw at shoulders to pull down her robe. Kelly reaches black and white gay men dating for her shoulders and pulls down her robe and throws it over the couch without taking her mouth off my nipples. Kelly moans and breaks the kiss to kiss down my body dating when should you have sex until she reaches my thighs. Kelly moans softly and licks my pussy lips and I moan. I grip the sides of my couch and roll my hips up to

black and white gay men dating
black and white gay men dating her. "Kelllyyyyy." I whine and Kelly kisses my pussy lips. You want my hot tongue in your pussy." Kelly muses and I bite my lip hold back a moan. Kelly suddenly smacks my black and white gay men dating outer thigh and I jump and look down at her. "I better hear those moans Emily or someone isn't going to be cumming on this couch any time soon." Kelly threatens. I give her a small glare back before rolling my eyes with a smile. Just me already." I tell her and Kelly growls hungrily as she leans down and licks my pussy lips eagerly. I white black men black celebrity men dating white women gay and datingblack and white gay men dating > don't restrict any of my moans and I moan loudly and arch my back. More!" I gasp out and Kelly moans and flicks my clit. My toes curl in pleasure and I black and buck white gay men dating my hips up for more of her tongue.

Kelly moans against my clit and the vibrations make me moan again. She wraps her arms around my thighs to keep me somewhat in

black and white gay men dating
place but my hips had a mind of their own and they weren't slowing down. I let out a surprised squeak when Kelly's teeth graze my little nub. She does it again and I realize I like the feel of her teeth on my clit. Kelly resorts to sucking my clit and I arch my back high with a moan. Kel-Ah!" I scream incoherently black and white gay men dating
black and white gay men dating
black and white gay men dating and I swear if Kelly wasn't burying her face in my cunt she would be laughing. My legs quiver against her cheeks and my hands grip the couch like my life depended black and white gay men dating black and white gay men dating on it. After my orgasm runs its course Kelly backs off my clit and moves up my body to give me a soft kiss. "You're beautiful." Kelly whispers to me and I smile lazily. I pull her closer and kiss her chest to show my affection. Thankfully the scary movie had ended so we lay there in silence. "I love you Kelly." Kelly strokes my hair dating and back gay white black men and dating and marriage practices in morocco presses a kiss to the top of my head. We'll move upstairs in a little while." I hum in response and cuddle closer to her. Sleep takes over my body and I fall asleep in her arms. They chuckle nervously and shake my shoulder a little. My mom just called and she'll be here in 10 black and white gay men dating minutes." That gets my attention and I pull myself out of sleep. "What?" I grumble and open my eyes to see an apologetic Kelly.

"My mom is on her way here." My eyes widen in surprise. "Oh shit- I have to leave!" I indian woman and black men dating squeal and jump off the couch. Kelly chuckles lightly and pushes me towards the stairs. "Come on we both need to get dressed." black and white gay men dating Kelly ushers me up the stairs and we quickly find my clothes and then we both get dressed. I groan as my stomach grumbles hungrily at the same moment Kelly walks downstairs. I'm sorry I have to kick you out like this." I finish with my shoes and stand up with a smile and link my fingers in Kelly's. "Don't worry about it." black and white gay men dating I lean in for a kiss but a knock on her front door stops me. Kelly's eyes widen and she quickly moves me to the back door. "Wait." I grunt and Kelly black and white gay huffs men dating impatiently as a louder knock sounds on her door. I smile and wrap my arms around her waist and give her a firm kiss on the lips. I pull back with a black and white gay men dating smile of my own and playfully smack her ass.

"Text me or call me." I wink and Kelly sneaks one last kiss before I turn away. "Ice your jaw." Kelly tells me before black and white gay men dating dating men and gay white black black and white gay men dating I walk out the door. // It was finally the seventh bell on Monday when I get to see Kelly again. We could only text and call because her mom decided to stay black and white gay men dating men white gay black dating and gay dating white and men black for the weekend. Even then it was risky because Kelly said her mom was being more nosy than ever. Today I was dressing differently because in one of my classes I had a black and white gay men dating

and dating men white black gay
fake interview. I had dressed in a black skirt that looked like it should be worn by a porn star playing a school girl, with a white blouse and black ankle boots. I walk into Kelly's class and immediately connect our eyes. Kelly's eyes widen noticeable as she takes in my new attire other than jeans and a t-shirt. I sit down at my desk and cross my legs so my skirt rides up my thighs. I clear my throat loudly and Kelly snaps her eyes up to mine. I raise my eyebrow with a smirk and Kelly black and white gay men dating smiles back then looks away when another student comes in. Throughout the class, Kelly makes a point of looking at my legs every three minutes. Which sounds like an exaggeration but I promise men black dating and it gay white is not. When it is time for us to hand in our essays I write a little note in a folded piece of paper and staple it to my essay.

"No men dating black and gay white panties, if you were wondering", reads the note. When she reaches my row I put it on top and smile as I hand the pile to her. Kelly eyes me suspiciously but dismisses black and white gay men dating it and lets us start on our homework she gave us in the beginning of class. I had finished it quickly and it was already tucked away in my history folder. I sit white black men dating gay and black and white gay men dating back and watch Kelly look at the pile of essays. Her brows furrow and she grabs my paper off the top and rips the paper from the staple. I smile softly and move my black and white gay men dating eyes away so she knows I wasn't staring. A few white woman dating black men advice student look up but go back to their work just as fast. When I look up I meet her gaze and she black and white gay men dating black and white gay men dating narrows her eyes and I smirk. For the rest of class, we steal glances at each other and I even risk a wink. An idea pops into my head and I quickly start black and white gay men dating my devious plan. When class ends I gather my things quickly and lock eyes with Kelly. She smiles and I sneakily slide another note onto her desk that read; "I'll be at black and white gay men dating black and white gay men dating black and white gay men dating your house." Risky yes but so worth it. // I hurry into Kelly's house, knowing the older woman wasn't too far behind me. Kelly had practically ran out of the school

black and white gay men dating
black white gay men and dating building just as I was turning out of the parking lot. I take two steps at a time up the stairs and jump on Kelly's bed with a giggle. It felt weird to be in her bed without her but I unbutton my blouse and take it off only to take off my plain white bra before sliding it back into the shirt, leaving it open. I black and white gay men datingblack and white gay men dating > flip the back of my skirt over the small of my back after getting on all fours. As I had mentioned earlier, I was going commando today. Only seconds later I hear the front door open and close. Then I hear Kelly hastily tossing her heels off as she walks upstairs. I look over my shoulder as she pushes into the bedroom. Kelly's eyes black and white gay men dating black and white gay men dating were wide and dark with lust as she stares at me and more importantly my wet pussy. "Are you going to just stare or are you going to my hot cunt?" I wiggle black and white gay men dating my ass suggestively with a smirk. Kelly groans and hurriedly strips off all of her clothes except for the garter belt and stockings that she knows I love. Kelly climbs on the bed behind black and white gay men dating me and grips my hips tightly. She suddenly pulls me back against her groin and pulls me up to be flush with her body. I moan softly and move one of my hands to caress the back of her neck as her lips brush lazily over the skin of my neck. "After being tortured by not seeing you all weekend, why would you even dare to black and white gay men dating wear this little skirt?" Kelly husks and tugs at the said clothing.

My heart was hammering in chest when her hands start to roam over my body.

"I figured you'd like

black and white gay men dating
black me and white gay men dating to show off my legs for you." I get out then moan as her fingers pinch at my nipples. I close my eyes and Kelly moans softly as she cups my breasts and squeezes lightly. "Dear I love watching your legs but the undeniable throbbing of want between my thighs made me want to bend you over my desk and you senseless right then and there..." black and white gay men dating black and white gay men dating I moan at her words and her fingers pinching my nipples harder. Kelly moans as she pushes her hips forward and gains friction on her clit. "But I couldn't do that so black and white gay men dating it was absolute torture." Kelly tells me and I whimper as her fingers release my nipples. Kelly pushes me forward and I land on my hands and knees again. "Mmm...should I you with the biggest cock I have or should I make you sit on my face so I can eat out that delicious pussy you've been hiding under this cute skirt?" Kelly whispers black and white gay men dating in my ear. "Both it is then." Kelly purrs and rights me up again. I stay still as she moves around me and lays down in front of me with a smirk.

I'm going to suck that pretty little clit of yours." Kelly teases and makes a come hither motion with her fingers. I move up her body until my knees are on either side of black and white gay men dating her head and my cunt is positioned at her mouth and I am holding up the front of my skirt so she has enough room. Kelly immediately gives my lower lips a reverential kiss and looks up at me affectionately. I give her a small smile and run my free hand through her blonde hair. Kelly grips my hips and pulls me down more so her black and white gay men dating black tongue and white gay men dating can swipe through my folds. When she was talking I figured she wanted to tease the hell out of me, apparently not. Kelly's tongue almost violently attacks my clit and I black and white gay men dating find myself crying out and curling forward to grip the pillows on her bed. This position gives her, even more, access to my swollen and needy clit and she sucks on my small black and white gay nub men datblack and white gay men dating ing ruthlessly. My legs shake in sheer pleasure and I'm not able to even form words. I cry out even louder when her tongue repeatedly flicks my clit. Oh, yes!" I manage to black and white gay men dating

men and black white gay dating
scream and whimper in ecstasy when Kelly thrusts two fingers inside of me. I pant hard for breath and close my eyes tightly to focus on my orgasm. Kelly swiftly pulls her fingers black and white gay men dating black and white gay men dating black and white gay men dating out of my pussy only to push three fingers back in. my pussy." I moan out and my hips jerk on her face. Kelly pumps her fingers and faster and sucks my clit black and white gay men dating black and white gay men dating black and harder white gay men dating until I am cumming so hard I see stars.

I exhaustively roll off of her and pant for breath. She gives me a long passionate kiss and I moan softly into her mouth. "Take off your shirt." Kelly instructs then slides off the bed. "Where are you going?" Kelly gives me a smile over her shoulder and walks into her closet. I toss my shirt onto the floor along with my skirt. When she does I am stunned by the huge purple dildo between her legs. "Y-You think I can take that?" I stumble and Kelly smirks. "Darling, you white and men dating gay black just took three of my fingers which is bigger than this baby. I promise." Kelly tells me as she walks over to me. I relax and moan against her lips while I caress her wrists. "We don't have to if you don't want to." Kelly whispers to me and I shake my head. I'm okay...I want your big cock in my pussy." I tease and Kelly moans while biting her lip. "Mmm, is that right?" I smile softly and nod my head. She connects out lips in a searing hot kiss and rubs the tip of the dildo against my clit. My hand strokes the fake cock as Kelly claims my mouth with hers, nibbling and sucking at my lips when we need air. Her mouth travels down and white black dating men gay my neck and I arch my back and tug gently at the strap on. Kelly moans quietly against my skin and moves back up to kiss me on the lips again. I move my hand from the cock and cup her cheeks and kiss her as she gingerly slides inside of me. She feels amazing inside of me, just think how tight it would feel if she was ing me from behind. "I bet you feel so ing tight." Kelly's lips brush against mine when she whispers to me. I moan softly and nod my head, my breathing becoming gay dating white black men and ragged. Kelly moans and pulls out slowly before pushing back in. I moan and kiss her deeply, my tongue sliding against hers. Kelly takes her time to work me up and I let her, feeling my orgasm rising slowly. Kelly starts thrusting faster and I end up breaking the kiss and breathe in air. Kelly resorts to kissing and licking my neck, her hot breath sending black and white goosebumps gay men black and white gay men dating dating gay black and men white black and white gay men dating dating across my skin. I moan and slide my hands down to her ass and give it a good rough squeeze. I start to ask her what she's doing but then she is black and white gay men dating grabbing me behind the knees and spreading my legs wider. I moan and throw my head back against the mattress. Kelly bites her lip and gyrates her hips against mine. Kelly spreads her own legs a little wider then pumps into me so deep I gasp and shudder. "Oh my god." I groan out and Kelly starts a steady and oh so pleasurable rhythm. Your pussy'men gay white dating black s soblack and white gay men dating and wet I can hear you." Kelly groans out. I moan and move one hand down to my neglected clit and rub tight circles. Kelly's grip tightens on my thighs and

black her and white gay men dating and white gay men dating thrusts become harder. I love to watch it pump in and out like this." Kelly growls. I feel my walls tighten around the cock at her words and I throw my head back in pleasure. Kelly releases my legs and leans forward to rest on her hands on either side of my head. Her body traps my hand in between us and I moan at the black and white gay men dating new pressure.

The angle manages to hit my g-spot and that's all I need to be thrown over the edge of climax. That's my girl." Kelly makes another thrust and it black and white gay men dating black and white gay men dating hits my g-spot again. I squeal and bury my face in the crook of her neck.

I grab her back and press her closer to me so our breasts are pressing together.

Kelly black and white gay men dating runs her palms over my arms and sides in soothing circles.

When I finally get my breath back I give Kelly a kiss. "That was amazing Kelly." Kelly smiles softly and pushes back a few strands of hair from my face. "I'm going to pull out, okay?" I nod my head and Kelly gently pulls out of me. I watch Kelly take off the strap black and white gay men dating on and set it aside. She climbs back on the bed and I pull her into a kiss. "What would you like beautiful?" Kelly smiles and runs her hands over my ass and thighs.

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