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Maybe it had something to do with the big colored light up there. And if the girls wouldn't talk about it, she what its like dating a korean wasn't sure he'd girls what like when guys dating talk about it either. She wanted to know but she didn't know how to find out for sure. After work she hung around until everybody else left. She what girls went like when dating guys to his office and walked in, flopping down on the big couch he had along one wall. Her legs were open and she knew her nipples were poking out. If she could get him distracted by letting him look at her maybe he'd slip up and say something that would tell her what was in the tower. You still glad I hired you?" "Oh yes!" she bubbled. "I just love my job." She got up and pretended to look at something hanging on his wall. "when like girls guys dating what I was just wondering when you were going to take me up in the tower." Dead silence.

"So you want to go up in the tower." He said,

what girls like when dating guys
what girls like when dating guys his voice level.

"Sure" she quipped, acting like it was no big deal. "Megan, do you know what goes on in the tower?" His voice was low. she needed something that would give her a clue as to what the big secret was. "You're my favorite Uncle, after all." Surely he'd say something soon that would tell her what was going on. She tried to stand taller and stuck her teen breasts out. "I'm not so little any more you know." He put what girls like when dating guys what girls like when dating guys what dating guys when girls like one finger under her chin and lifted her face up. It was a kiss like she saw the actors do in the movies, where tongues were involved. Her weak knees began to give way and she had to grab onto his shoulders to hold herself up. His arms came around her in a crushing hug and his kiss got ... Megan suddenly felt like a mouse, staring into the mouth of a lion. CHAPTER TWO Bob stepped away from her and went to the desk. He popped open the security console and keyed in a series of numbers on the keypad. the door that had always been closed and locked, popped open. He held out his hand to what girls like when dating guys

what girls like when dating guys
what girls like when dating guys her and led her to the door. Boys had kissed her like that, while they were trying to get their hands in her blouse, or in her pants on what girls like when dating guys dates. She was panting from the climb and they were only about half way up. "That kiss ..." "Yes, it was good, wasn't it?" he said. His hands came girls dating guys when like what what girls like when dating guys what girls like when dating guys up to her waist and pulled her to him. His lips were so soft and hot, and his tongue slithered everywhere. She felt a ball of heat light up what girls like when dating guys what girls like when dating guys in her stomach and a little sound leaked out of her lungs in a soft moan.

He broke the kiss and said "You like that, huh." He turned his what girls like when dating guys what girls like when dating guys

what girls like when dating guys
head and nuzzled his lips into the side of her neck. Shivers ran down her spine and her nipples stiffened until they ached as he licked and sucked her what girls like when dating guys throat below her ear. His hand slid down to her buttocks and he slapped one. Megan was so shocked she didn't know what to do or say. So what girls like when dating guys she climbed and climbed until she was gasping for air. Then, suddenly there was a floor above her with a hole in it, where the stairway went through. She climbed through that hole into a world colored red and orange and yellow and green ...

all the colors of the rainbow as the sun shone through panes of stained glass. In what the girls like when datinwhat girls like when dating guys g guys center of the room was a big contraption that had a bank of lights on it, like the kind they had at the football field at school. It was on a pedestal that made it possible to turn the bank of lights all the way around in a circle. Her eyebrows rose as she saw a what girls like when dating guys what girls like when dating guys huge round bed, with satin sheets on it. There were mirrors EVERYWHERE, on the walls, in the ceiling above the panes of glass that made a circle around the room.

There were easy chairs and a stereo and TV and all kinds of electronics. She stood panting when she felt him come up behind her. His hands slid what girls like when dating guys around her sides to her stomach and then up. The sticky plastic things in her bikini bra didn't do their job at all as his hands slid under her soft breasts and then up. The bra popped up and suddenly he was holding handfuls of her naked breasts. His thumb and fingers squeezed her sensitive nipples gently as he put his lips on her neck again. Her pussy spritzed as she sagged and she let out a strangled "UNCLE BOB!" He spun her around again.

You what girls like when dating guys

what girls like when dating guys
have no idea how long I've wanted to bring you up here. I had to bring other girls up here and pretend they were you." He kissed her again, his hands sliding down into her bikini bottom, where they cupped naked buns. She was a virgin and hadn't even thought about letting anybody pick her
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cherry. Well, OK, there was that short time last night, after Boo had shot his spooge on her that she wondered what that might feel like inside her body. But the panic was pushed aside by the realization that ... Uncle Bob, her handsome favorite grown up man in the whole wide world, except maybe what girls like when dating guys for her Daddy, the man who was so rich and handsome he could have any woman he wanted ... She thought back to the girls who had blushed and gotten weird when she asked them about the tower. He had brought those girls up here and put his penis in them and pretended they were HER!! It made that what girls like when ball dating when what like girls dating guys guys of heat in her stomach get bigger and bigger until her pussy felt hot and itchy. She realized his hands felt hot on her butt cheeks and that guys like when dating what girls they were pulling her pussy against ... She felt his hands come out of her bottoms, and slide around her hips. "See what you do to me baby?" he growled as his pants fell to the floor. Her brother's penis had been long and hard and pink, except for the big round tip. When she looked at her when girls dating what guys like Uncle's, the word "PRICK" flashed into her mind. It was longer than Boo's, and while her brother's was more or less straight, her Uncle's curved UP. Boo's foreskin had been pulled way back when she saw his, but the hood was almost covering the tip of her Uncle's. It looked like if he stuck it in her it would reach all the way to her heart. That hood peeled back and there was a pointy head under it, not large and round like Boo's. Then his hand slicked back up and a bubble of white oozed out of the little eye of that snake. She was distracted for a few seconds as she realized she actually hadn't had any idea how things would turn out. She took another breath, in preparation to tell him to stop, as his what girls like when dating guys head came down toward her exposed breasts. "Ohh sweet sweet Megan, how long I've wanted to do this," he moaned. His lips closed around one of her stiff aching nipples. no, not pain exactly, but streaking electric feelings that shot from that nipple right to her belly and then into her itchy pussy. Nothing in her entire what girls like when dating guys
what girls like when dating guys
life had ever felt this good. He switched to the other one and the same thing happened, though she was prepared for it this time. As she swam in what girls like a warm when datin
when girls g guys like what guys dating
sea of happiness she wished she'd let him. She felt her leaden feet and legs moving and realized in some dim part of her brain that he was walking her backwards. Her calves hit something soft and she fell backwards. Her nipple popped out of his mouth and she cried out again, partly from falling, what girls like when dating guys but also from the loss of his oral stimulation.

Then his hot body was next to hers and she opened her eyes to see herself and her now naked Uncle in a bank of mirrors. She was disoriented at first, as his mouth found her nipples again and she sighed, but soon she realized they were on the big bed with the satin sheets.

She saw his hand on her stomach before she felt it. Paralyzed, she watched in the mirror as the fingertips of that hand, flat on her abdomen, slid ever closer to the top of her bikini bottom. Then the nerves in the skin over her fallopian tubes announced that something exceptionally nice was happening. There was a little voice somewhere inside her that said "STOP!! DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES SPREAD YOUR LEGS!!!!" She heard that voice, but then she saw that what girls like when dating guys what girls like when dating guys what dating girls when guys like beautiful snakey penis lying on her thigh, touching her. Her eyes asked the brain what that felt like and got back what dating is like in mexico the answer "HOT! NICE!" The little warning voice what girls like when dating guys what girls like when dating guys gave a tiny shriek in her head as her Uncle's fingertips reached the bikini and slipped under it. She'd had to shave most of the hair off what girls like when dating guys dating like when girls guys what down there to wear that bikini, and his fingertips plowed through what was left. The tiny voice shrieked again as her legs, of their own volition, spread wide, making what girls like when dating guys room for his hand. Just let me feel this one little thing." The voice was railing at her when his middle finger slid between slippery wet pussy lips, and what girls like when dating guys penetrated her pussy up to the second knuckle. The base of his finger crushed her little teen clitty and Megan had the first orgasm she didn't cause all what girls like when dating guys by herself. Her Uncle's fingertip slid past where her hymen had at one time been, before it was sent packing by a poorly inserted tampon.

It slid further what girls like when dating guys as he sent his fingertip searching for a rough thick patch of skin that might be on the top of her pussy channel. She babbled and spit flew as what girls she like when dating guys forgot to swallow. Her head flailed back and forth and she jerked so much he lost his nipple lock and couldn't get his lips on her nipples again.

Not what dating girls gu

what girls like when dating guys
ys like having when felt any hymen, and remembering the casual way she had suggested she wanted him to take her upstairs and her, Bob did something he rarely did. Removing girls dating like what guys his when finger from her sopping pussy, he ripped the bikini bottom off, the little side straps breaking easily. In an instant he was up over her, fisting his cock, planting the tip in her defenseless pussy mouth. Then, with a groan of finally achieved fantasy, he slid his cock into his virgin niece. The result was less than what girls like when dating satiswhat girls factory like when dating guys guys for both of them. Truth to tell, had Megan not been in the middle of the most fantastic orgasm of her life, it probably would have hurt a what girls like when dating guys what girls like when dating guys whole lot more than it did. And, had Bob been the size of Boo, it would have hurt a lot worse. And, the names girls call guys when dating fact that her pussy was literally what girls like when dating guys running with slippery female juices helped a lot too. But it still hurt her and she yelled "OWWWWWW ..OHHH ... OWWWWW" in a voice that, had it been at ground level, might have brought investigation. She was also SO tight that the foreskin of Bob's penis stretched back MUCH tighter and much more PAINFULLY than he had anticipated. Megan what girls like when dating guys opened her eyes and, seeing her naked Uncle on top of her, raised her head and looked at where the pain was. She saw that her pussy was full of Uncle Bob's cock and finally understood what the pain was all about. About the same time, Bob, based on the tightness of the pussy currently impaled what girls like when dating guys
what guys dating like on girls when
his cock, and the look on his niece's face, finally figured out she was a virgin. She, of course, thought he was talking about sticking his thing in what girls like when dating her guys in the first place. "Oh honey, if I'd have known I would have done it all differently." Megan noticed that the pain wasn't as bad as girls it dating like when what guys had been. She felt very very full, but not actually uncomfortable exactly. Bob had been holding himself up with his arms, and he moved one to get into position to pull out of her. In the process he actually went in half an inch further. He'd gone all the way to her cervix on the first what girls like when dating guys what girls like when dating guys shove, and his prick tip kissed that inner mouth gently when he moved. Megan felt that kiss and her eyes opened wider than they were, if possible. "Uncle Bob?"
what when dating guys girls like
what girls like when dating she guys said, getting ready to ask him if he could do that again, whatever it was.

She had suddenly gone from complete bewilderment as to how she happened to what girls be like when dating guyswhat girls like when dating guys g> on her back with her Uncle's bone stuck up in her, to wondering how to get him to make that feeling come again. move it?" She didn'what girls like when dating guys t know how to ask him to repeat what had happened.

She could tell that the good feeling was the OTHER way. The tip hit that spongy mass at the end of her pussy and she said "YES! Ohhhhh Uncle Bob that feels really nice right THERE!" Bob's brain kicked back into operation. If Megan was a what girls like when dating guys virgin, she didn't know ANYTHING about ing. Some women don't like it when there's pressure there ... but some women LOVE it when there's pressure there. He poked it with his cock tip, making very small in and out motions. And if she could get back to what she'd felt like BEFORE the pain ... "There'what girls like when dating guys s another thing you might like" He pulled halfway out and she moaned her disappointment.

You should have told me you'd never done this before." He was trying to find her G-spot again. That curve in his cock made the tip scrape along the top of a woman's pussy and sometimes he could her G-spot and what girls like get when dating guys<what girls like when dating guys what girls like when dating /b> guys a quick cum.

Megan needed a cum to wash away the memory of that pain. "I'm sorry" she said, reveling in the feel of his cock scraping what girls like when dating guys what girls like when along dating guys her channel. I sort of lied to you I guess." He was so intent on getting his cock tip in just the right spot that he almost missed what girls like when dating guys what girls like when dating guys it. What do you mean you lied to me?" "Well, I heard Lori say something about the tower, but nobody would tell me what happened in the tower, so what girls like when dating guys I told you I knew so you'd say something that would let me find out and it didn't turn out like I thought it would and that what girls like when dating guys what girls like when dating guys feels AWFULLY nice Uncle Bob could you do that some more?" She gasped for breath, having used every atom of air in her lungs in that statement. "You mean dating guys girls what when like you didn't want me to you?" Megan, his sweet sweet Megan, whom he loved and would never hurt, looked up at him with her big blue eyes and girls when guys like what dating shook her head "No". His face crumpled and he started dragging his cock out of her. I'll stop now ..." He was stopped by a pair of healthy teenage legs snapping together across his back.

"IF YOU STOP NOW I'LL NEVER FORGIVE YOU!" "But you said ..." he started. "That was down there" she pointed a finger down, where his office was.

I really like it there." He slid back in and they both sighed. Knowing her mind was made up, and that she now welcomed what he was doing to her, he surrendered to his lust and began to give her what she wanted. He liked sliding in and out, but the tightness of her pussy, and the way his penis tried to penetrate into her womb caused his foreskin to bunch up around the head of his cock while he moved it in what girls her like when dating guys. It was very stimulating, and something he rarely felt. As for Megan, the repeated prodding of her cervical opening started sending those sparks out again. "My nipples" she panted, remembering how terrific that had felt. He took the hint and latched onto one, sucking and nibbling it gently. He had to hunch over to keep the same what girls like when dating guys penetration and get to the nipple too. That was what caused the tip of his cock to defeat the cervix and slide into her womb. Her cervix stretched and what girls like when dating guys what girls like when dating guys what girls like when dating guys what girls like when dating guys snapped over his glans, trapping the head of his cock.

Her pussy spasmed and she orgasmed without warning. One second it was a nice gentle and the next her

what girls like when dating guys
what girls like when dating guys
pussy was milking his cock like a vacuum cleaner.

The stimulation on the head of his cock was extreme, and when the shaft got milked as well, it was what girls like when dating guys more than he could take. Bob ALWAYS asked the girls if they were on the pill. Bob ALWAYS used a condom, regardless of what the girl said. With the what girls like when dating head guys of his cock firmly sealed in Megan's teenage womb, Bob's cock burped and then, like a fire hose, washed her womb full of his sticky white seed.

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