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Elena is gone, and it’s tearing Yavara up from the inside.” “You should all go to her,” Arbor said, “show her that you have affection for her. Show her your appreciation for her gifts.” “I can’t do that.” I replied, “I don’t see my transformation as a gift.” “If it weren’t for gay of dating traits a player Yavara,” Arbor said, “you would never have Furia. You would never have the child that grows in your belly.

You would never have these people you call family.” “If traits of a gay player it dating weren’t for Yavara,” I said angrily, “I would still be a man, I would still be commander of the rangers, and I would still have April! She took everything from traits of a gay player dating traits of a gay player me!&rdquo dating; “Do you regret me, Adriana?” Furia asked, “Would you trade me for your old life?” “Without a second thought!” I yelled at Furia. Furia’s face traits fell of a gay player daplayer a of dating gay traits ting in sorrow, and mine fell in shame. “I didn’t mean that,” I mumbled, “I’m just…I’m just so ing conflicted about it all, Furia. I hate traits of a gay player dating Yavara for what she did to me, but at the same time, I’m grateful that she gave me you. You’re the reason I haven’t thrown myself off one of those towers. You, and all the others, are the only things I have left in this world, and I don’t regret any of you.” “Your queen,” Arbor said to me as she guided the heartbroken Furia into my arms, “is also a conflicted woman. She’s balancing her desire for power with her desire to be good. She hurt you to derive satisfaction from a traits of player dating gay traits of a gay player dating traits of a gay player dating

dating power traits a gay of playertraits of a gay player dating
, but she changed the rest of you because she wanted you to love one another freely in her kingdom. Right now, she needs all of you to show her your appreciation, to show traits of a gay player dating her that her desire to do good will be rewarded with love, not malice.

I listened to your mental conversation with Yavara, Adriana, and you got one thing wrong: it’s not her, traits of a gay player dating that ultimately decides what she’ll do, it’s everyone else. Yavara makes decisions based off the consequences of previous choices, and if you all abandon her now, she will remember it the next time she feels slighted by someone she cares for. And she cares all of you; even you, Adriana.” Arbor looked at me without judgement or expectation. “Goddamn it,” I muttered, “c’mon everyone; let’s go comfort our royal prima donna.” We all walked up the stairs to find Yavara sobbing into a pillow. Everyone looked at me like the whole thing was my fault. “Yavara…” I cooed gently to her. “Yavara,” I whispered, placing a hand on her shoulder, “stop being such a ing drama-queen and look at me.” traits a player gay dating of Yavara continued to sob drunkenly into the pillow. “Hey,” I said, “we got something to tell you, but if you want, we can all leave you here.” Yavara turned around, traits of gay player a dating her face a disheveled mess of tears and smeared makeup. “What?” Yavara croaked, “Do you want to tell me how much you hate me?!

Or how I’m just like my sister?!” “No,” I sighed, “You’re not like your sister. You bend yourself backwards trying to justify the things you’ve done, which shows guilt. Leveria wouldn’t give traits of a gay player dating a second thought to doing the horrible things you’ve done, but you, you’re tortured by them. And after everything you’ve given me, Yavara, it gets harder to hate you every

a gay dating traits of player
dating of a traits player gay
day.” “We came here because we care for you,” Furia said, “we know you’re hurting, and we wanted you to know we care. We’re not here to use traits of a gay player dating traits of a gay player dating you, or garner favor; we’re here because we like you.” “You could be our friend, Yavara,” Alexa said, “if I can call you ‘Yavara.’” “You traits can.&rdquo of a gay player dating; Yavara smiled. “We want you to know that we appreciate the gifts you given us.” Alexa continued, “I’ve actually viewed you as more of a mother figure traits of a gay player than dating a friend, but I’m open to changing that relationship if you want to spend time with us.” “I like you, Yavara,” Keira smiled as she sat on the bad, traits of a gay player dating traits of a gay player dating traits of a gay player dating “you’re a crazy bitch in all the right ways.” “We all like you,” Eva said, sitting down next to Yavara’s head, “we just don’t know you well enough. Take some time off, Yavara, and spend it with the people who care for you, not just the soldiers who worship you.” “Stay with us for a little while,” Soraya smiled, “come hang out with the cool kids.” “We’re down for all kinds of crazy fun,” Brianna said, “and we know you are too.” “traits player of dating a gay traits of a gay player dating traits of a gay player dating Tomorrow is the big game at the arena,” I said, “and we’ll have a fun little after-party here, just you, Arbor, and us. Does that sound like fun?” Yavara nodded and smiled. “Good,” I said, “now come here and give me a hug.” I wrapped my arms around the woman I wanted to hate and let her cry into my chest. I stroked her hair and whispered softly into her ear. The other hybrids came around and embraced the queen warmly. We all lied on my bed, comforting the conflicted woman until we fell asleep in a pile around her. Chapter Five: Public Displays of Justice and Depravity “Ladies and Gentleman,” I yelled to the roaring crowd, “today marks the first day matrimonials traits of a gay marriage player dating of singles dating muslim site The Alkandra Games.” The crowd screamed their excitement and jumped up and down, shaking the arena as though an earthquake were rumbling beneath us. “Our first event is a grudge match for the ages,” I yelled, “hated rivals Vonark and Dioc will fight on the hot sands of the arena. (very loud cheer).” I paused for dramatic effect as the roar of the tens of thousands escalated to rolling thunder. “Let they games…begin!” I yelled. I sat down in the booth next to Yavara and Furia and traits of a gay player dating drank wine like dating a player gay south africa a posh aristocrat. “That was very well done,” Furia smiled with a squeeze of my thigh, “it gave me goosebumps.” “Do they have to fight to traits of a gay player the dating death?” Alexa asked Yavara from behind her. “If they choose to,” Yavara said as she sipped her wine, “Adriana and I figured it was better to have them kill traits of a each gay player datraits of a ting gay player dating other in the arena then in the back of a bar somewhere.” “Orcs have a passion for vengeance,” I said back to Alexa, “you know that.

Every time traits of a gay player dating traits these of a gay player dating two crossed paths, they tried to kill each other. What’s the point in risking Faltia’s life to break up a fight, when they’ll just be back at it the next traits of a gay player day datingtraits of a gay player dating traits em> of a gay player dating? Let them kill each other for sport, in front of a cheering crowd, and we keep the populace occupied while ending a feud that could result in collateral damage.” “Are traits of a gay player dating traits of a gay player dating traits of a gay player dating you a betting woman, Adriana?” Yavara asked me. “I’ll put one-hundred on Vonark.” I said. “I was thinking of a different currency,” Yavara smiled devilishly, “more of

traits of a gay player dating
the flesh.” “I’ll put one rim-job on Vonark.” I smiled back. “Deal.” Vonark and Dioc circled each other in the pit. Dioc thrust his spear wide right, and traits of a Vonark gay player dating dashed in with his sword and struck into the vulnerable orc’s thigh. Dioc dropped to a knee and held the spear up defensively as Vonark stalked around him, looking for weakness.

Dioc traits of a gay player traits of a gay dating traits of a gay player dating player dating managed to struggle to his feet and plant into a defensive stance. He thrust his spear threateningly to keep the assailing orc at bay. Vonark dodged to the left, rolled beneath and spear traits of a gay player dating traits of a gay player dating thrust, and drove his sword upward beneath Dioc’s ribs. Dioc swayed in the air find love online dating stories gay for a second, and Vonark stood up and decapitated him. The crowd roared, Vonark held up his bleeding trophy, dating traits gay player of a and Yavara got on her knees. “Vonark is victorious!” I yelled as I stood up, and then bent myself over the railing of the royal box, “Our next event,” traits of a gay player dating I started as I felt Yavara reach beneath my dress and part my cheeks with her hands, “Is a ferocious fight of female felines!

In this corner, standing six foot five, and two-hundred pounds, I give you: Froritalk! (cheers) And in this corner, standing six foot eight, and weighing in at two-hundred and thirty pounds, I give you: Bleniok! (cheers) These two women quarrel over the player a traits gay of dating affections of Brokurti, and only one woman will be left alive to have him!” “What are you wagering for this, Yavara?” I sneered back at the queen lowering her lips to

traits of a gay player dating
gay my traits dating player a of asshole. “I’m already indebted,” she smiled, “find another gambler.” “I’ll take you up,” Alexa said, “Eva has been raving about your blowjobs, and I want to see if they’re as advertised. I’m betting on Froritalk.” “Deeeeaaal,” I hissed as Yavara’s lips wrapped around my rim, “and if I win, I traits of a gay player dating traits of a gay player dating traits of a gay player dating want you to join your queen on the other side of me.” Froritalk and Bleniok charged at each other, their fingers adorned with sharp, metal claws. It was to be a gruesome cat-fight traits of a gay player dating traits of a gay player dating to the death, all for some orc with a giant dick. It seemed a little ridiculous to me, but who was I judge? “Holy shit,” Faltia exclaimed as the blood started flying, traits “I of a gay playetraits of a r dating gay player dating don’t think Brokturi’s going to want what’s left of whoever wins.” “There goes a nipple!” Furia gasped, “And another one! Holy !” “Oh traits of a gay player dating god….” Soraya groaned, “I can’t watch this.” “It’s turning me on.” Furia gasped. “What the , Furia!” several of the hybrids exclaimed. “It’s so traits of a gay player dating traits of primal a gay player dating and passionate,” Furia said, her fingers drifting south, “the sounds they’re making…it almost sounds like they’re in the throes of chaotic lust.” “You,” I moaned traits of a gay player to datiplayer traits a dating of gay traits of a gay player dating ng Furia as Yavara’s tongue circled the inside of my ass, “are such a twisted person.” “I know,” Furia smiled, “but I can’t help it.” traits of a gay player dating traits of a gay player dating Bleniok jammed both her claws into Froritalk’s eyes, and the match was over with a shrill scream from the defeated.

“Pay up, Alexa.” I smiled back at the mortified hermaphrodite. “Two for two,” Alexa said as she walked over and knelt in front of me, “I almost wonder if you’re fixing these matches.” “Get that pretty little mouth down there and pay your debts.” I smirked, “Anyone else care to make a wager?” “What’s the next match?” Faltia asked. “Looks like…” I said as dating player traits of gay a I paged through the schedule, “submission fight between the Yugntiki and Drundiki clans.” “No killing this time?” Alexa asked as she lowered herself in front of me. “I’m traits of a gay player not dating letting tribes of The Ten kill each other in the arena,” I moaned as Alexa’s tongue ran through my slit, “it’s (uuuuuuhhh) bad for moral…Furia, you read off the announcements; I’m a little preoccupied right now.” “I’ll bet a fist on the Drundiki,” Faltia said, “in your ass, of course.” “You make it sound like I wouldn’t enjoy that,” I smiled at Faltia with half-closed eyes, “but I’ll take you up on it.” I placed my hands on the heads of the traits of a two gay player dating women boring their tongues into my holes and raised my head in bliss. Furia passionately announced the next spectacle as a pleasant smile crept across my lips. Yavara was an expert in the lesbian dates gay dating friendly friendship ways of pleasure, and her tongue was sliding through my anus with tender precision. She sucked my rim; her full, wet lips rotating as a lecherous hum seeped from her smacking mouth. Alexa traits of a gay stroked player datitraits of a gay ng player dating her hard member while her tongue dragged along my vaginal ceiling, prompting delectable permeations of aching delight to rise through my nethers.

I pushed both women closer into me, shifting my hips back and forth to enjoy them at different depths. My hands flexed and my grip tightened on the heads of my oral debtors. A slight murmur of delight escaped my mouth, and my eyes traits of a gay player dating traits closed of a gay player dating. The sounds of the chaos of the pit faded, and my mind focused only on the pleasant invasion of my insides. My hands pet the hair of my two devoted concubines until my traits of a fingers gay player dating reached the backs of their heads. I pushed both of their faces into me, moaning as I felt them squish into the soft flesh of my pelvis, and the supple fat of traits of a gay player dating backside. “Goddamn it!” Faltia yelled as the last of the Drundiki were choked-out.

“Bend over the railing, Chief Constable,” I smiled at her, “the whole city is going to traits player a of gay dating watch you get fisted.” “Lucky for me,” Faltia smirked lustfully as she hiked up her dress, “I’ve been meaning to fulfill an exhibitionist fantasy of mine.” “Furia,traits of a gay player dating ” I moaned to my lover, “announce the next match, please.” Faltia smiled back at me as she bent over the railing in front of Alexa. Alexa took a moment to wink at her partner before resuming her meal.

I parted the police captain’s cheeks and traced my fingers along her crack, teasing her rim and slit as I lubricated my hand with her of a player dating juices traits gay.

When she was moaning like a bitch in heat, I pinched my fingers together, and pushed slowly through her resistance. Faltia groaned a pained tone of pleasure to the leering spectators below traits of a gay player dating her. My fist drove in slowly, savoring the feeling of her rim expand and tighten around my digits. I made sure to move deliberately through each bump of my hand, allowing Faltia to bask in the ridges of my knuckles as they pass through her. “Someone’s gotta beat you, Adriana.” Soraya smiled, “I’ll match Faltia’s bet.” “Are you sure?” traits of a gay I teased player datraits a gay dating player of traits of a gay player dating ting as my fist rotated into the screaming Faltia, “Because I organized this event, Soraya. I know the ins and outs of every competitor here.” “You can’t be right every time.” I was right, every time. After the second battle of The Ten, I had Soraya bent over next to Faltia, both hybrid women shrieking their pained euphoria to the spectators below. Soon, I was drawing more attention than the actual games were. I gave the people the show they wanted, and drove my hands deeper and deeper into the beautiful, blonde sluts. Faltia and Soraya very much enjoyed the attention they were getting, and pulled off their shirts to expose their ample breasts to the citizenry. They may have over-acted a little bit; I knew I was good, but I wasn’t that good. They arched their backs and played with each other’s bodies, squeezing their breasts and crying out so that all could hear. I didn’t mind the theatrics in the least, and made sure I was doing my part to live up to the reputation they were giving me. Furia and Eva picked Soraya up by the thighs and spread her so that all could see exactly what my hand was doing. Brianna and Keira did the same to Faltia, and the crowd cheered the anal defilement of their police captain. Alexa and Yavara traits of a gay player dating traits gay of a player dating traits of a gay player dating were working my holes into an orgasmic frenzy, and I made sure to publicly vocalize my own climax. Furia and Eva licked Soraya’s cunt to orgasm, as Brianna and Keira did the same traits of a gay player dating with Faltia. The crowd cheered each of our boisterous displays of ual peaking, and after recovering from our orgasms, we blew the populous kisses and waved our hands.

“We’re like, celebrities.traits &rdquo of a gay player dating; Furia laughed as she helped the trembling Soraya to her feet. “You’re all a special breed,” Yavara said between ardent kisses with Alexa, the two women tasting my holes on each other’s tongues, “a beautiful new race of beasts to mark the beginning of a new era.” “We won’t be so special once you have your way with the traits of a gay player dating a dating of player gay traits Highland prisoners of war,” Keira said, “with your appetite, there’ll be thousands of us.” “I’m actually very selective,” Yavara smiled at Keira, “I didn’t traits of a gay player dating take any of the prisoners from the last battle.” “What do you do with them then?” I asked. Yavara shifted nervously, and I knew I wasn’t going to like the answer. “I can’t afford to feed them and care for them,” Yavara said, “and I can’t let them go to rejoin their ranks and kill more of my soldiers.

traits of a gay player dating
traits gay dating &rdquo a of player; “So, you kill them.” I said, shaking my head. “No,” Yavara replied, “Brock wanted to kill them all, but I convinced him to compromise. We take an arm off, and send them on their way.” “That’s awful!” Furia gasped. “Their mages will give them back their limbs, in time,” Yavara said, “just not soon traits of a enough gay player traits of a gay player dating traits of a gay player dating dating for them to be a threat. I know it’s terrible, and I don’t like it, believe me, but in the end, it’s not a permanent mutilation. It’s far traits of a gay player dating better than how The Highlands treats our prisoners: like wild animals in a cage.” “Speaking of prisoners,” Faltia said, “we’ve got our first public execution coming up. I need traits a player dating gay of to pass down the verdict; how’s my makeup?” “Smeared,” Yavara laughed, “you look like a spent whore.” “Whatever,” Faltia shrugged, “I just took a fist traits of a gay player dating traits of a gay player dating in the ass in front of everyone, no one’s going to care how my mascara looks. I don’t know how you bitches put this shit on every day; being a man traits of a gay player dating was so much easier.” “At least we all missed the whole period thing,” I shuttered, “getting knocked up was worth that.” “Holy shit, you’re pregnant?!” Yavara squealed in delight, “Why didn’t you tell me?!” “It never came up,” I chuckled, “every one of the women is pregnant, unless Soraya’s still holding out on it.” “Nope,” Keira laughed, “I busted in her two nights ago; she got all jealous that she wasn’t getting the attention you all were.” “That’s traits of a shitty a gay player datraits of a gay player ting dating reason to get pregnant, Soraya,” I laughed at the former elf-male, “babies aren’t social accessories.” “Nonsense!” Soraya smiled as she rubbed her belly, “I wanted to bring new life into this world for completely maternal purposes.” “Oh, my god, I’m so happy for all of you!” Yavara exclaimed as she threw her arms around us.

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