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" Oh damn I feel his tongue licking me mom, I'm so hot, I think I'm gonna cum already". "Don't ever hold back with me, or your brother baby, let it go, cum on your brothers tongue, can't you tell he wants to taste your sweet juices?" "Tongue her pussy Rick, let her feel it sydney dating services sydney dating site inside her hole, she wants to give you her cum!" Rick was so excited, his dick was jerking strongly inside his mom's pussy and his tongue pressed into his sisters flooded hole and began pressuring her slick walls as she began hunching down into his invading member. Kim loved knowing how much it excited him to eat his sister'sydney dating services sydney dating site s pussy and she also loved the way his dick jerked and swelled as he ate her. She couldn't stop her hips from hunching, gyrating on his dick as dating sydney site sydney dating services the sounds of his tongue slurping in her daughters pussy drove her, excited her and her mouth again found Kenzie's breasts and she sucked at them, licked her nipples sydney dating services and sydney dating site bit them gently.

Kenzie knew what drove her mother to lose control now, the unrelenting need to cum and cum to relieve the insane pressure that built inside her and threatened her sanity. Kim felt her daughters body begin to tremble as, "Oh my god I'm cumming on a guys tongue, my brothers tongue..ohhhhhhhh.... it Rick, lick it...oh dating site sydney sydney dating services god please don't stop...c..c..cum..cummin so good. I love you all so much....oh ....suck it Rick...oh my god he's sucking my clit...ohhhhhhhhhkkkkkk!" sydney dating services sydney dating site Kim felt such a rush of love for her daughter as she cum for the first time with a man's tongue stuck in her cunt. She took her sydney dating services sydney dating site sydney dating services sydney dating site head in her hands and kissed her, not a motherly peck but a passionate, soul wrenching kiss that had them both immersed in it as moans bubbled up in both sydney dating services sydney dating site their throats. Rick was hunching excitedly up into his mother's pussy as he sucked at the juice flowing from his sister's cunny. Kenzie must have been storing up sydney sydney cum dating site services dating for months as she hunched and hunched her juices onto his invading tongue Rick thought. His entire face was wet with sister cum, her asscheeks and pussy were soaked sydney dating services sydney dating site and still she hunched and moaned crazily. Rick felt his mothers warm cum enveloping his dick as he thrust up hard into her bucking pussy and heard both their moans sydney dating services as sydney dating site he rabidly ate his sister's delicious fresh pussy. Knowing he was making them both cum excited and drove him and his tongue laved strongly up his sisters asscrack sydney dating services sydney dating site sydney dating and services sydney dating site over her puckered asshole, sucking at it, as Kenzie's loud moans and agitated hunching into his ass probing tongue crazed his mind. His mouthing traveled from his sister's sydney dating services sydney dating site asshole to her clit relentlessly, his tongue wildly licking and lips sucking as Kenzie reached down and held her asscheeks spread for her anal delight. His own hands were on sydney dating services sydney dating site his mom's hips as he ed her savagely, ramming her body downward as he thrust up into her clenching cumming cunt. The two women he loved most in the world were reduced to mindless sluts as he attacked them viciously with both ends of his young stamina filled body. He was their world as they held each other tightly, moaning, clenching each other's bodies as they seemed to cum continuously. Kenzie thought her mind would explode when her brother sucked her asshole while pressing his tongue tip into it. She had never felt such mind bending displays of eroticism and it reduced her to a pleading begging slut and she loved it. "Oh god baby, he's killing sydney dating services sydney dating my site pussy, its so big and I love it so much!" Kim cried as she held her daughter's naked body against her own. "I can't stop cummin mom, oh god he's suckin my asshole..aaiiieeeRRGGHHHHHHH....oh god Rick I love you...I love you.....OH YEAH..DOIT...suck it baby suck it hard!" Around four in the morning Kim began to feel the toll of their lovemaking and the hours since she'd slept. Her craving for her son's dick was still alive and well but her body refused to act upon it even though her stud son had only cum twice after hours of ing her. Kenzie was sucking her brother's dick, actually adoring it sydney dating services sydney dating site with her mouth would be a more accurate statement and Rick was so excited he was using her as he had Kim, roughly, forcing into her throat and about to cum when Kenzie got frantic and began pushing him away, talking, but her words were mumbled around his dick. Rick grabbed her hair and pulled her from his dick and sydney asked dating services sydney dating site, "What's wrong sis, I was about to cum, damn?" "I know you were and I want you to cum in my pussy, asshole". "You mean you want me to you Kenz, you sure?" "No, that would hurt too much and I'd miss school.

I want you to jack off and right when you cum I want you sydney dating services sydney to dating site press your dick head tight in my pussy enough to open me up and shoot your cum in me. I've wanted to feel you cum in me ever sydney dating services sydney dating site since I saw you cum that morning with mom." " So you did see us and you lied to me didn't you?" "Yeah but it doesn't matter now, will you sydney dating services sydney dating site do it sydney singles events sydney dating site for me, I'll love you even more than I do now!" "What do you think mom, will she get pregnant or anything?" Rick asked his mom. "Probably not but she can go to the school counselor and get a morning after pill just in case if she wants. Then we'll get her on some who is

sydney dating services sydney dating site
michael birth jordan dating now control soon." Kim replied. Get on all fours here on the edge of the bed and spread your thighs until your pussy is even with sydney dating services sydney dating my site dick." Kim scooted down on the floor and took her son's cock in her mouth and began sucking him in earnest before stopping and saying, "Now remember, not site dating sydney sydney dating site sydney dating sites dating sydney services in my mouth, in Kenzie's pussy!" Rick was enjoying every second of this as his mom sucked his cock so he could cum in his sisters pussy. This was better than any fantasy he could ever imagine about the two of them. And he had imagined a lot about both while beating off. He watched as his mom stopped and leaned over and began licking Kenzies pussy and clit, wanting her to also be ready to cum when she felt Rick let loose.

Kim alternate between the two of them until Rick began groaning, "Ok mom, I'm ready, tell me when." He stood there pumping his dick as Kim spread her daughters cheeks and said, "Here it comes baby". Rick sydney dating services sydney dating site placed his tip right at Kenzies pussy and stroked it a few more times and then as he rammed it into her cuntlips he moaned and cried, "Oh god Kenzie, here it cums". And he thrust forward causing Kenzie to scream but then her voice lowered and her ass wiggled and she began pressing back into his cock as she moaned deeply. He gripped her hips and tried to force inside her but she was too tight and he just kept flooding her with forceful streams of watery cum. His sydney dating services sydney dating site cum was thin and shot forcefully from his tip giving Kenzie exactly what she wanted as she began shaking, cumming, pressing back into his cock until she had to sydney dating dating services site sydney sydney dating services sydney dating site scream from the pained pleasure she felt. She felt his hot cum shooting inside her, scalding her pussy flesh repeatedly as his balls pumped her full and overflowing. She felt sydney dating services sydney dating site sydney dating services sydney dating site his ball juice being expelled from around his tightly placed tip and knew her pussy was full and she loved it.

Her shoulders slumped to the bed and she lay sydney dating services sydney dating site there moaning as her mom cleaned Ricks dick with her mouth. Then he casually said, "Good night mom, Kenzie, I gotta get some sleep", and walked out the door. Seeing sydney dating services sydney dating site Kenzie's pussy draining cum, Kim was drawn to squeeze her tongue into the soppy mess and begin licking and gathering her son's elixir, swallowing it as Kenzie became alive sydney and dating services sydney dating site her hips rolled, pressed rearward into her moms avidly sucking mouth. Her tongue felt nasty but wonderful licking inside her cum filled pussy. Noises and sounds that would normally sydney dating services sydney dating site turn her off now just drove her pussy back into those slurpy, liquid sounds her mother was making as she ate her out eagerly. Her mother licked her clean and brought three more orgasms from somewhere deep inside her as first she sucked her clit, then cleaned her inner pussy flesh and finally licked and sucked at her pouty asshole

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until she was face down on the bed, ass in the air holding her cheeks apart cumming intensely while feeling her mothers tongue actually inserted in her sensitive ring of sydney dating services sydney dating site nerve rich flesh, licking, driving her young inexperienced daughter to the brink of insanity while sating her own perverse desires for Kenzie's ass flesh! Then she crawled up alongside her daughter and kissed her and told her, "I'll call and make an appointment tomorrow to get you birth control pills baby and then Friday we'll see about getting your brothers big cock up in your pussy so he can cum where you really want to feel it!" " I love you so much mom.

Can we make love when I get home from school, just the two of us? I want to show you how much I really love you!" Kim's clit began throbbing at her daughter's sydney site services dating sydney dating words. She threw her leg over her daughters body and fell asleep rubbing her clit against the outcrop of Kenzie's hipbone. Fbailey story number 740 Summer Vacation – Naughty Teacher What did you do over your summer vacation? Well for starters I turned fourteen years old and my parents dragged me off to ing No Where’s Vile in the middle of Nowhere. I’m pretty sure that my parents were swingers, into group , or had a bunch of buddies…or whatever you call it. Anyway apparently they took sydney dating services sydney dating site over this small motel that had about a hundred rooms in a four-story building. Our room was on the second floor in the back overlooking the action. There was a very high privacy fence that obstructed any view from the outside assuring complete privacy to the guests.

Within that fence was everything that a boy could want…a swimming pool, dating dating sydney site services sydney huge hot tub, volleyball court, casual dating sites casual dating sydney a nice grass area to sunbathe, and a nice sandy area to play on. Everything that a young boy could want…including being completely full sydney site services dating dating sydney site services sydney of dating dating sydnsydney dating services sydney dating ey site naked women…my mother included. The only problem was that I was grounded to my room. I had ed up on so many levels that my parents had no choice other than to take me with them. That really pissed them off because they had spent a lot of money and planning on that trip and then I got in the way. You see, Dad had the opportunity to over a hundred beautiful women over the age of twenty-one while my mother had the opportunity to get ed by over a hundred men. There was even a judge that would check them off after they had had with one another. Cameras were not allowed but of course I had not known that fact when I had packed for the miserably trip. I had my computer with me along with a Kindle loaded up with my required reading for the summer…oh wow, ing great. So anyway, back to my camera…well I didn’t have much else to do. As I zoomed in and scanned the crowd I could have sydney dating sworn services sydney datingdating dating services sydney sydney site site that I recognized some of the other people. I saw the lady from the grocery store, the lady that plays the church organ, and, and, and I saw Miss dating site sydney dating services sydney Amour there too.

She was to be my English teacher in the fall when school was back in session. She was not with a man but I knew that she sydney dating services sydney dating site services sydney site sydney dating dating wasn’t married. All of those E-books I had to read were because of her. She was naked and she was in my viewfinder…click! That first day was sort of sydney dating services sydney a meet datinsydney dating services sydney dating site g site and great out in the backyard. I followed Miss Amour around with my camera pointed right at her and I took lots of pictures.

There seemed to be sydney dating services sydney dating site a standard greeting whether it was between two women or between a man and a woman. Anyway they would kiss for a while, French kiss, I think. Then the women sydney dating services sydney got dating site their boobs played with for a while before they both went for the other’s crotches.

Then he would finger her and she would stroke him while they introduced themselves to one another. When Miss Amour got around to my parents the two women sure acted like old friends. They really went after each other’s pussies with urgency.

She stroked Dad so well that she leaned over and sucked his cock into her mouth when he exploded. Over the next few hours I took a picture of Miss sydney amour dating services sydney dating sitesydney dating services sydney dating site rong> with every man’s cock in her hand and her fingers in every woman’s pussy.

Two things came to mind…how can I get in on that action…and…how can I use my pictures to make Miss Amour go easy on me this coming school year? The most important thing was to make sure that I got to keep all of the pictures that I had just taken.

I made a backup and put it in my suitcase unlabeled but marked so that I would know it. Then I set up several dummy e-mail addresses and managed to fill all of the in-boxes with my pictures. I thought about shrinking the size down but damn it I wanted sydney dating services sydney dating site quality. When my naked parents returned to our room, it was late and I was starving. Dad said, “Get undressed, we are taking you to dinner.” They watched as I undressed. My cock was hard and pretty sore from all of the jerking off that I had done. Mom looked at me and I looked at her tits as she said, “Listen and listen good, young man. Nothing…not…a…thing, that happens here…leaves here…is that clear?” I nodded. Mom said, “You are sydney dating services sydney dating site

sydney dating services sydney dating site
going to recognize a few people. You will never embarrass them by talking about what you will see here. Mom added, “If I ever find out that you have sydney dating services sydney dating site been spreading evil gossip about our friends…I’ll cut this thing off and shove it up your ass…is that clear?” She was holding my cock in her sydney dating services sydney dating site hand in a death grip. In a very clear voice I said, “Yes ma’am, I understand.” They took me to the elevator and pushed the forth floor. From sydney dating services there sydney dating sitsydney dating services sydney dating site e we went to a room, knocked on the door, and Miss Amour opened it up and let us in. You see my partner for this event could not come.” She cleared her throat and said, “His wife found out about us.” She paused and said, “I can not stay if I don’t have a sydney dating services sydney dating site sydney dating services sydney dating site male partner. Your parents suggested that I partner up with you but it took a positive vote from every woman here to allow that. You see every woman here could dating services dating sydney sydney site sydney dating services sydney dating site get in serious trouble if they allowed you to have with them.

You can be my partner.” I looked at her fabulous body and her pretty face and asked, sydney dating services sydney dating site sydney dating “So?&rdquo services sydney dating site; Miss Amour smiled, laughed, and then said, “Oh!

I’m sorry.” “Well, we are here for a full month to have with everyone else.

You young man can have with over a hundred women, including your mother and I. You will stay in my room and sleep with me every night. Then during the day we will meet other couples, exchange partners, and have with them.” My mouth was dry when I asked, “I can sleep with you? Can I have with sydney dating services sydney dating site you every night too?” Miss Amour smiled and said, “Yes! That is if you can still get it up after having with three or four other women that day.

sydney dating &rdquo services sydney dating site
; I looked at her entire body from her toes to the top of her head and replied, “That won’t be a problem.” Mom giggled and said, “I can vouch for that. That boy gets a hard-on from anything.” Miss Amour took my hand and together we walked to the elevator and went down to a late dinner. After dinner all of the women stayed to do the meet and great thing with me. Miss Amour stayed by my side and the women filed by and then returned to their rooms. As I fingered their pussies the women would tell me how they knew my parents, who they were, and what they did. Surprisingly I knew almost half of them, I just didn’t know how. There were bank clerks, storeowners, and politician’s wives there. More than one woman said, “I can’t sydney dating services sydney dating site wait to get you inside of me.” “I’ve never had one as young as you before.” “Is it true that young boys can get it sydney dating services sydney dating site up much quicker?” “Are you really a virgin?” Miss Amour would say, “He won’t be a virgin in the morning when things really get under way.

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