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On this particular Saturday in early August, we were playing a team down in the south-west of England who were amongst the top three or four rivalling us for surrey and in dating croydon women the League championship. We had heard rumours that they had a new demon bowler, a whizz-kid just turned eighteen who had learned the game as a pupil at one of those fancy girls-only private boarding schools – I had heard of it, an elite and expensive place called Hirstmere Hall. Apparently, this girl was living at home during the summer before starting dating women in croydon and surrey dating women in croydon and surrey at university in October, and she had been eagerly snapped up to play for her local team, who were our opponents today. They won the toss, and elected to bat first, dating women in so croydon and surrey I didn’t get to see their wunderkind in action for a while. Like many bowlers, she wasn’t particularly good with the bat, and was down as the tenth in their order, out of the eleven players. As it turned out, the pitch and the weather favoured batting, and our bowlers were maybe not quite on their best form. Anyhow, dating women in croydon and surrey their opening batters (I know, I know – the teams are all females, but saying ‘batswomen’ is not only an awkward mouthful, it makes you feel like you should be dating women in croydon and surrey putting on a cape and mask for a superhero movie, not white shorts or skirt and knee-pads!) piled on the runs fast, and their score rapidly mounted to a challenging total. They dating women in croydon and surreydating women in croydon and surrey ong> declared before losing their seventh wicket, so their new girl didn’t even have to come out of the pavilion during our innings. In fact, I think they were deliberately dating croydon psyching and women in sudating women in croydon and surrey dating croydon rrey surrey in and women us up, by keeping their ‘secret weapon’ out of sight. So it came to our innings, with a tough score to chase.

Our two opening batters did OK, but too slowly, and then one of them was bowled out after only scoring eleven runs. However, this was by one of our opponents’ usual bowlers – so, where is the prodigy? I women dating in surrey croydon and mused, as I sat on the pavilion veranda, padded up and ready to go in next. I didn’t get much more chance to wonder, for Miranda, our No. 3 batter, who can be brilliant but is always a bit vulnerable until she settles in, made a silly mistake – going for a ball she should have left well alone – dating women in croydon and surrey dating women in croydon and and surrey was caught by their wicket-keeper. All too soon, it was my turn to go in – I’m No. 4 in the order, which is the lynchpin position in the and in surrey dating women croydon batting. Your role is either to pile on the heat and press for victory, or, as in this case, grimly dig in and try to stave off a collapse. I took dating women in croydon and surrey croydon in women dating surrey and Miranda’s place, and carefully played away the last three balls of that over (for you non-cricketers, there are six bowls in an ‘over’, which must all be bowled by dating women in croydon and surrey dating women in croydon and surrey the same player, and then it can change to another player to bowl the next ‘over’ of six balls). On the final delivery, I managed to get my score started surrey and in croydon women dating dating women in – breaking croydon and surrey your ‘duck’ always makes you feel better – with a single run. However, this put me at the other wicket, and, because the overs are bowled from alternating dating women in croydon and ends surrey, that meant that I was now due to face the next bowler. The captain of the other team was a clever tactician, an experienced woman of nearly 30, and of course she had kept their new girl fresh and ready for just such a psychological moment as this, when our team was already stressed and under pressure. I saw her give dating women in croydon and surrey a tight wolfish grin, and then wave in one of their outfielders, who had been stationed near to the boundary and had had almost nothing to do so far, as we dating women in croydon and surrey had hit hardly any long shots. I realised at once what this meant, and watched the girl as she trotted up (girl was the word – she was too young-looking to be a woman). She didn’t look anything special, but then the best players often don’t. She was around the average height for a player – which is a little above the female average, so maybe five feet six or seven inches – and quite thin and wiry in build. Her most noticeable feature was a thick mop of jet-black hair, dating women in croydon and surrey dating cut women in croydon and surrey above the collar and shaped stylishly around her face – it was quite a feminine cut, yet also brisk and purposeful. She took the ball from her captain, white men and black women dating who gave dating women in croydon and surrey her a slight encouraging slap on the ass, and I heard the woman say: ‘Go, Carla, go – we’ve got the bitches on the ropes, go get ’dating women em in croydon and surrey, babe!’ I wondered for a second if the girl’s name signified something Italian in her ancestry – her features and especially her hair hinted at that – but then it was time to concentrate.

Carla had finished her walk out and turned, waiting for a moment before beginning her sprint up to the other wicket to bowl. Our gazes dating women in croydon and surrey locked, and I guess almost unconsciously I stood taller for a second, bracing my shoulders, which has the effect of thrusting my breasts out even further. I saw Carla’s eyes dating women in croydon and surrey dating women widen in croydon and sdating women urrey in croydon and surrey and she bit her lip in concentration, before tossing her head and starting her run. Before I knew it, she had flung the ball, and it bounced once before flashing dating women in croydon and surrey past my helmet, only a few inches away. I had barely got my bat up to block the stumps, and if this had been a low one on target she might dating women in croydon and surrey have bowled me out with her first delivery. As it was, the cocky little cunt stood at the other wicket, with her hands on her hips, as if to say ‘croydon dating and women in surrey yeah, you didn’t expect THAT, did you, bitch!’ I did notice that she had a slim waist and maybe a little more curves than I had previously thought, especially

croydon dating and women surrey in
when she turned her back and strutted away in preparation for her second bowl.

Now there was a spring and confidence in her step, which manifested itself in a jiggle of her tight teenage tush that in other circumstances would have got me very interested – but here and now, it was a distraction to be put out of mind. I managed to last through the other five balls of her over, blocking a couple of sneaky low ones (one of them, I’ll admit, only just), and ignoring some others which, if surrey croydon dating women in and attempted, would probably become edged shots that would offer the fielders an easy catch. I scored nothing from Carla in that over, and had a respite during the next one as

dating women my in croydon and surrey
playing partner, our No. 1 opener who was still grimly holding on, faced the deliveries of their spin-bowler. She managed to score two runs, but that left us back in dating women in croydon the and surrey same position, and I got ready to face Carla for the second time. I had more of a sense of her pace and style now, and I’ve never been
dating women in croydon and surrey
someone to be intimidated or stay on the defensive – and I knew that I had to attack, if we were to have any chance of winning. This time the battle honours were more even: she nearly got me with the last ball of the six, but before then I had scored two runs from one ball and hit another right to dating women in croydon and surrey dating women in croydon and surrey the boundary (our first boundary in the match) for four – making a total of six runs, which websites and dating and married women was nearly what we had to get from each over if we were to beat them. The game see-sawed back and forth like this for a while – all very exciting for the small number of spectators, but gruellingly intense for those engaged in dating women in croydon and surrey it.

When I was at the other end for a change, Carla took her first wicket – our No. 1 batter – with an amazing, really unplayable delivery; it wasn’t Suzie’s fault at all.

This put the black-haired teen on a roll, and she took two more of our wickets quite soon afterwards. I gritted my teeth, ground down, took dating women in croydon and surrey my opportunities wherever I could, and slowly my score mounted – past twenty, then forty, and then, almost to my own surprise, getting the half-century with a slightly wide swing at

dating women in croydon and surrey
dating women in croydon and surrey one of Carla’s balls that sent it high and far in the air: thankfully, far enough that it sailed over the boundary for a six, rather than falling into an dating women in croydon and surrey dating women eager in croydon and surrey fielder’s hands. Whilst I acknowledged the applause for my 50 from the crowd – there were maybe a hundred people watching! – I stretched my shoulders and eased my back, without consciously meaning to waggle my tits in Carla’s direction. She was standing only a few yards away, looking rather frustrated, with her eyes fixed on my bust and dating women in her croydon and surrey lips pursed. She almost stalked away, but when she turned to start her run-up, her eyes still seemed to be focused on my chest. Perhaps that should have given me surrey dating women croydon and in warning, but I was beaten by the sizzling pace of her delivery – which neither went past me, or swung in for the wicket, but instead thudded into the side
and surrey dating women croydon in
women dating and in croydon surrey and of women in dating surrey croydon my left breast. Even though women players wear chest protectors for exactly this reason, it was both unexpected and quite sharply painful. I gave a kind of ‘ooof!’ noise, dropped my bat, and stood rubbing the stricken part of my anatomy.

I glared at the bowling bitch, who made no enquiry as whether I was OK, and no apology. Two

dating women in croydon and surrey balls later, the cunt did it again, this time scoring a hit right on the nipple of my right breast – once more, nearly all of the impact was absorbed dating women in croydon and surrey by the plastic boob-protector, but still it was unpleasant. I shook my head, refusing to be intimidated and, more importantly, refusing to get angry and be goaded into responding by hitting balls that should be let alone – which is the easiest way of all to get out. When Carla’s next spell resulted in two more hits on my breasts (and dating women in croydon and surrey women surrey and in dating croydon it would have been four without some good defensive parrying on my part), I began to realise that this ‘bodyline’ bowling was a deliberate tactic on her part. Now, it dating women in croydon and surrey isn’t against the rules – at least, not unless it really is dangerous play. However, as in the original and famous ‘bodyline’ bowling controversy, when an England (male, of dating women in croydon and surrey
dating women in croydon and surrey
course) team used it against Australia in the 1930s, it is against the ethos and the spirit of the game, and arouses a lot of resentment. So I was pretty cross about it, as well as feeling a bit sore and tender – though most of all from one impact when I managed to get my arm in front of my tits dating women in croydon and surrey and it got hit instead – even whilst acknowledging that the tactic was working. The cunt had me – our strongest batter – almost pinned down, surviving but scoring too slowly, dating women in croydon and surrey dating whilst women in croydon and surrey she and their other bowlers steadily dismissed the other players in my team. When it got down to our last four – our bowlers – I knew the writing was on the wall. They looked quite intimidated by Carla’s ultra-fast, highly accurate deliveries, even without having already seen them thud into my upper body, and knowing that I was much better at defending myself than they were. Sure enough, they crumpled quite quickly, and it was all over – but not before two more of Carla’s deliveries had slammed into my now thoroughly tenderised breasts.

Although I had done quite well myself, remaining in play and finishing with 78 ‘not out’, which was good for my personal batting statistics, my dating women team in croydon and suwomen in croydon dating surrey and rrey had lost the match by a wide margin and with over a hour still remaining before the official close of play. Naturally enough, our rivals were in a merry mood, slapping each other on the back, and especially congratulating Carla – in fact, I saw from the corner of my eye that five or six of them had hoisted her onto their shoulders for a triumphal parade to the pavilion. Before I started the lonely walk back of the defeated (the pavilion is always about a mile further 40 and over away dating women dating in croydon and surrey in chicago for the losers), their captain had the grace to come over and congratulate me on ‘a fine innings, and in difficult circumstances too’, and she shook my

dating in croydon and women hand surrey
. Her eyes were on my bust, as she followed up by asking, slightly apologetically, ‘are you OK? … umm … not too sore, I hope?’, and it looked as if she would almost have liked to touch my breasts.

At another time, I would have been more than glad to let her do so – although about eight or dating women in croydon and surrey

dating women in croydon and surrey
nine years older than me, she was a lithe and y blonde, and I like being taken by (or taking) an older and experienced woman just as much as one my dating women in croydon and online dating sites and educated women surrey own age or younger.

There was a glint in her eye that made me think she would have gone a lot further – indeed, all the way – but in truth dating women in croydon and surrey I was more cross than anything else, and didn’t give her any signal of encouragement. Instead, with a fairly curtly mumbled ‘I’m OK, thanks … congratulations on your

dating women in croydon and surrey
win, and your new bowler’, I turned and trudged back to the locker room.

The mood in our changing room was the opposite of theirs, but was not too downcast for dating women in croydon and surrey long – you can’t win every match, and we had always known that this would be a tough one. There were plenty more games ahead for dating chinese women and rockville maryland another eight weeks, croydon in and dating and surrey women<dating women in croydon and surrey dating women in croydon and surrey /i> we still had every chance of winning the League title – which we had done two years previously, though we had only finished in fourth place last year. The others began to revive, chattering and departing in twos and threes to share cars for the 200 mile drive back to our homes in and around a city in the midlands. I waved them goodbye: unlike my team-mates, on this occasion I was not returning to the small one-bedroom apartment where I now lived, but would be heading further north to my childhood home town, as the next day was my mother’s birthday. I had quite a long drive ahead of me, and was in no hurry to get started – it didn’dating women in croydon and surrey t matter what time I got there this evening, and anyway the match had finished early. I was also tired after my long and difficult innings, and it took me a while to shower, dry myself – carefully around the breasts, where there were a couple of tender spots and some darkening bruises despite the protective shield – and get dressed. I put on one of my usual outfits – for the foundations, my burgundy red half-cup 34E bra that keeps my firm but swaying breasts in some sort of confinement, and gives me an impressive crevasse of a cleavage, together with the matching lacy thong panties and a pair of black hold-up stockings (I hate panty-hose and never wear it, it makes me dating women in croydon and surrey dating women in croydon and surrey women surrey croydon dating in too and sweaty around my cunt). I put on my black leather boots, and had just pulled up the zip and fastened the buttons of my scarlet leather mini-skirt and was reaching for my black roll-neck tight lambswool sweater, when the door of the changing room swung open – without even a knock or a call to warn me – and in walked dating women in croydon and surrey in and surrey croydon dating women Carla! She stopped dead at the sight of me, her mouth slightly gaping. Then, almost embarrassed, her gaze darted away from the display of my prominent breasts, and focused instead on dating women in croydon and surrey

dating women in croydon and surrey
the floor in front of her. With her face flushed, she began a flustered explanation: it transpired that she had been waiting in the corridor all of this time just to dating women in croydon speak and surrey to me, that all of her team had now gone, and she had thought she must have missed me when my comrades left as well. Carla hesitantly took half a step nearer, and then stammered: ‘I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean to hit you so often, I mean – not there! ummm, really, I’m so sorry … dating women in croydon and surrey dating women in croydon and surrey I don’t normally bowl like that, really … it just seemed to happen … I don’t know why, somehow ...’ Her face lifted again, and her eyes widened at the out-thrust swelling prominence of my E-cups. ‘Umm … well, I saw the photos … you know, those ones … umm …’ she tailed off. The year before, right
dating women in croydon and surrey
women and surrey croydon in at dati
dating women in croydon and surrey
ng the start of the season, I had been featured in an article in a women’s magazine, on the pretext of being ‘a rising star of the rising women’s game’. It was flattering, plus we all try to promote women’s cricket any way we can.

The journalist who came to do the interview was a very handsome and dating women in croydon and surrey

dating women in croydon and surrey
striking black woman in her late twenties, and she turned me on so much that I would have done anything to get her into bed.

Fortunately, she was gay too, and dating women in croydon soon and surrey showed her interest in an unmistakeable way (I think it was when, as I was half-way through an answer to one of her questions, she thrust her hand up under dating women in croydon and surrey dating women in croydon and surrey my mini-skirt and pulled my panties down to my ankles!). We ed like rabbits for most of the afternoon, then took a shower together (yum, that was a nice pussy-munching time, too), and then finally finished the interview over coffee. She needed to take some pictures to go with it, and I guess I felt pretty uninhibited by then; at any rate, dating women in croydon and surrey when I changed into my cricket whites so that she could take the pictures in the garden, I did it in front of her as a kind of jokey – but definitely y – strip-tease, and she had laughed and clapped, and taken a series of snaps with her high-powered digital camera ‘as a personal souvenir, just for my own collection’.

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