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After a few minutes Mary came to her senses and spoke to me as I was starting to drift into a dream-like state. "Now, wouldn't this have been a lot nicer had you just done that for me earlier? I don't know how long I could do that or if I wanted to again, but at the minimum it was an experience and I was a bit smug as well, knowing I got another woman off. I started to feel real good from the oral I was getting and started my own grinding. Carrie asked if I liked that and I quickly responded I sure did. I guess it was pretty easy to see I wanted that and said please instead of yes. "Well," Carries said, "if you are as good of a pussy licker as you were with Mary maybe we'll get you both licked and ed." Carrie jumped up on the bed and kept her legs over my outstretched best bi for site dating women best dating site for bi women and tied up arms and shoved her pussy into my smeared face. I hesitated only in that Carrie was completely shaven. I could see everything and her pussy looked so plain but red. I was thinking she had to be doing something with her pussy earlier. I got over it a bit and found the more I licked around and got through the initially poor taste that bi site women dating for best it started turning sweeter. Carrie wasn't much of a moaner but made these small little noises off an on like I was shocking her but in a pleasant way. So much so my inexperienced tongue and jaw were aching. Oddly, I was trying to get to my goal of getting her off and getting my own orgasm. I had long ago resigned myself that the I was going to get was from one of them and some device. I was starting to be less interested in getting Carrie off, but just due to my soreness. Carrie had been praising me off and on and twitched here and there but didn't seem to be getting any closer to an orgasm. I couldn't see what Mary had been doing to my limited line of sight but suspected she and Carrie were touching and/or kissing. As Mary passed by me I felt her hand rub my ass and pussy, reaching under me and seeing that dating best for site bi women I was still wet, even putting a couple fingers in me briefly. I licked with renewed vigor even though I was sore. Some moments passed and Mary returned and announced that Carrie's dog was just fine, had just been sleeping by the door when it was opened. Carrie said thanks for checking and also for getting me more aroused. "Maybe you should arouse her some more site bi for best women dating so this slut get's more motivated to get me off." Mary agreed and soon I felt a tongue licking me, but that couldn't be Mary's tongue as it was much

best dating site for bi women
best dating site for bi women longer and didn't really concentrate on my pussy. With that Carrie just grabbed my head and buried it in her hairless best online dating site for women pussy. Carrie relaxed her grip and looked at my while I caught my breath. Both from the licking that her dog was giving me and that it was a dog, how could I enjoy it. Occasionally the dog would part my pussy lips and get further into me and I'd elicit a deep moan. I discovered moaning, groaning, growling and humming seemed to be something she liked. Soon enough I could feel that Carrie was starting to get closer. She was breathing heavier but still not saying much until she just let out "I'm gonna cum." And she did, squirting on my face and into my mouth.

It was a sour kind of liquid and I thought she was peeing on me. After this was done and I was still trying to get the taste out of my mouth Carrie looked down at me pitifully. "I bet you've never had a squirter before." I didn't even know what one was. Maybe next time I'll let you eat me when I haven't best dating site for bi women just been ing and had cum in me." So that's why it tasted funny before and had that smell. That feeling didn't last long as Carrie suggested Mary clean me up. For a few moment Mary was dabbling my face with a cloth and I felt the dog licking me again. Oddly enough, after the orgasm hit Carrie, I didn't remember the dog best dating site for bi women site women bi for best dating best dating site for bi women best dating site for bi women stopping but it was starting again. I started to speak but instead of words coming out about the dog the cloth was pushed into my mouth again. As I started to struggle in best dating site for bi women best dating site for bi women best dating site for bi women best dating site for bi women a vain attempt to speak or spit out the gag, Mary proudly announced that I earned my ing that I had been promised. There were moments there were I thought they were just joking as I could hear but not see anything going on behind me, but nothing touching me or really not much noise. She came up to my face and told me I was best dating site for bi women in for a treat. That she knew what a good her dog was and hoped I'd enjoyed tasting him earlier. But sure enough I feel the dog jump up on me from behind. With help from Carrie on the bed and I assume Mary they helped this humping German Shepherd get in a good position. I could feel something poking the side of one ass cheek a few times then I felt my ass being spread apart and the dog's cock hitting close to my asshole. But just a quickly I got pulled on my shoulders by Carrie and that raised my body up some. Carrie jumped off the bed and I felt her kneeling by my right leg assumingly helping the dog. She took one hand and felt for my best dating site for bi women pussy and then I believe she pushed the dog's cock right in front of my hole. I assumed this as right after she pulled out her hand I felt a stabbing into my cunt followed but a quicker stabbing and then a full thrusting. The dog nuzzled up next to my neck so I could feel his breathing and he tried wrapping his front paws best dating site for bi women best dating site for bi women bi dating women best site for around me. But basically I mostly felt something invading my cunt quickly over and over and fairly deep. My cunt was being used by the dog and all I could do was moan best dating site for bi women into the gag. Carrie ripped the gag out of my mouth and I just panted. Then I felt a lot of pressure on my pussy lips and it started to be a bit painful. Mary best dating site for bi women added, "Now maybe you'll know how used I felt earlier." All I could do was pant and gasp as my pussy started stretching. What was probably a short while but felt bi dating like for site women bestbest dating site for bi women eternity the dog stopped pushing and held me. Oh well, maybe next time we can loosen that cunt up some and really let the bitch be used." I didn't really know what tie meant but I did feel used. I had the dogs cum in me and now starting to dribble down my legs. That changed soon enough when the dog pulled back and the bit that was wedged in my pussy was yanked out. Again, it was painful and it didn't help that more cum was now gushing out of me. Again, oblivious to anything best dating by site for bi women my own feelings I finally noticed Mary with a digital camera taking pictures. "These are just for me, unless you have an issue with what happened her today and decide to tell for site bi best someone women dating. We'll both suggest that you asked for this treatment and we'll still spread the pictures around. Although embarrassed and hurting more since I was still tied up and leaking cum, oddly I didn't feel that bad other than needing to cum myself. For some reason, that's what I asked for was to get off. They both helped get me untied and they rubbed some lotion on the spots I complained the most about and told me to go ahead, get yourself off. I certainly didn't feel shy anymore and jumped on the bed, spread best dating site for bi women my legs wide and started frigging myself. I was all kinds of wet from the dog semen and I'm sure some of my own juices. Mary and Carrie each grabbed a leg best dating site for bi women and helped keep me spread as I furiously frigged myself. It took a lot longer than I thought, but after about 10 minutes I felt the pangs of an orgasm building. About the same time the dog re-appeared and started licking my pussy again. As the dog snaked his tongue in and out of my pussy I screamed out that I was cumming and that I best dating site for was bi women such a slut. The dog got distracted by all the noise but I was already shaking and convulsing. I felt my legs get released and I just curled up a bit more best dating site for bi women dating for best site bi women on the bed and relished the feeling until I drifted off to sleep. When I woke up I was cold and certainly had a stale smell to me. Carrie had left with her dog best dating site and for bi women Mary just told me I could take a shower, she'd drive me back and thanks for the show. Bashfully I mumbled that perhaps we can do it again sometime and headed off for the bathroom. Dressed To Thrill – Part 1 It was only a matter of time before my wife discovered what I am, and I discovered her need to dominate and control best dating site for bi women me. We worked different hours and I was often in the house alone which only encouraged my kinky tendencies. When she was away or had meetings she would get up and go to best dating site for bi women best dating site for bi women bi best for dating site women

best dating site for bi women
work early and I would stay home until it was time to go out later. It began innocently enough I suppose with looking at things on the internet and whilst my wife is best dating site for bi women an incredibly y and curvaceous woman I knew I dating site for plus size women needed more. I began to look through her drawers and her wardrobe to find the y and sluttish outfits to wear after she had best dating site for bi women left the house.

I would get so excited as I tried on her stockings, heels, suspender belts, panties and bras, and even her nighties. I would dress up like a girl and often go online in chat rooms and sometimes even on camera. Finally I would add her perfume and make up and then prance around the house looking at myself in the mirror. Then I would wank my rock hard throbbing cock before undressing, taking a hot shower and going to work. I suppose I have been cross-dressing off and on since I was about 19. I am not gay although I may be biual because at times I fantasize about being taken by a man. However I am not attracted to men, other than their cocks, and prefer to have with best dating site for bi women women. But I always have the desire to crossdress and I have always wanted to share that with my partner. And I have always wanted to be submissive about , and let my wife best dating site for bi women best dating site for bi women dominate me. But of course it’s a secret I carry around and often I am forced to act like a dominant man during . As time went on my lingerie longings increased and best dating site for bi women I began to dress everyday, so it was only a matter of time before I was caught by my wife and I wasn’t prepared for her reaction. I started getting sloppy about putting her clothes away and more than once she would ask me if I had seen a particular pair or panties, or a bra, or night gown. One rainy morning, I fixed my wife’s breakfast, kissed her off to her job, and then went back to sleep for an hour. I woke up hard and began my usual routine of dressing up in the silk and best dating site for bi women best lace dating site for bi women of my pretty wife’s clothes like the secret sissy that I am. I picked out pink holdup stockings belt and white lace panties. The panties were always my favorite and I wore them almost everyday. I slipped on a pair of very slutty red high heels that my feet barely fitted in. To finish my ensemble, I placed a lace white silk teddy over my head that went down just past my bum.

I went into the bathroom and put my hair in pink pig tails, applied eye shadow and white makeup to my face. And topped best dating site for bi women best dating site for bi women it all off with my wife’s deep red lipstick. I looked at myself in the mirror and twirled around checking my arse out, making female y faces and sprayed some perfume on my neck. Then I walked back to the bedroom and lay down on the bed and began to log into a chat room. As the room logged in I saw that two of best my dating site for bi women favourite pervy guys were also in and said ‘Hi’! Seconds later and suddenly I heard a noise just outside the bedroom and the door swung open. I just looked up in horror best dating site for bi women as my wife emerged through the doorway with a look of shock and upset on her face. I was panic stricken and as I was caught in the moment I couldn’t decide

best dating site for bi women
best dating site for bi women whether to crash the laptop in order that she wouldn’t see me putting on a sissy show for guys or running to the bathroom. “I can explain!” I blurted out through my painted lips.

“You see, I am working on a play at the acting group I am in and this is method acting. I am trying to get into the head best of bi women dating site for my co-star.” I begged my wife. “You are caught you little sissy!” She almost spat the words out. You have been caught red handed wearing my clothes and by best dating site for bi women best dating site for bi women the look of your cock you really enjoy it!”. “No, you don’t understand, I was just rehearsing for the play. “It’s bad enough that you have been stealing my lingerie and expensive y outfits to dress yourself in. You have been stretching them all out, forgetting to put them back in the proper place, and using all my ing make up!best dating site for bi women ” Her anger was rising as was her voice. “Don’t lie to me on top of all that and say you are not secretly wearing my clothes, when it is obvious that you love to cross dress because you are a girly boy!” This was the first time I had heard her use that phrase and my cock jerked involuntarily.

Isn’t that true best dating site for bi women you’re a little sissy slut?” She said as she glanced over at the laptop screen to see two men looking in through the camera. I was a little sissy and had best dating site for bi women been caught cross dressing. “You know Peter, when I met you; one of the reasons why I liked you was because you were such a sensitive man.

I have known about your

best dating site for bi women
desire to dress in woman’s clothes almost since the beginning. I have watched you prance around like a little girly boy several times. I must confess that at first I was concerned dating for best women site bi about it, but after telling all my girlfriends about you, I began to see the good side of it. And I began to realize that it turned me on.” I looked up and suddenly realised that she had a smile on her face now. “It’s ok, sissy boy!” She crooned. It’s the dishonestly that bothers me and I am going to have best dating site for bi women best dating site for bi women to punish you for it. I love you very much and don’t want to lose you.” “I want you to lay over my lap and stick that little sissy butt best dating site for up bi womenbest dating site for bi g> womenbest dating site for bi women m> in the air.

I crawled like a slug across my girlfriends lap, she lifted up my white lace teddy and exposed my bum in her white lace panties. She massaged my arse best dating site for bi women for a moment, then forcefully pulled down my panties and began to spank me many times. “From now on you will always tell me when you want to wear my sissy clothes. “Yes, yes.” “And you want cock too?” She suddenly asked. “I’m not gay, if that is what you are thinking. My wife kissed me and we lay best dating site for bi women down together as she stroked my cock in her panties until it was poking out of the top of the lace. I reached under her business suit and began to finger her swollen best clit dating site for bi women until she was moaning heavily in my ear. “Are you my sweet sissy boy?” She asked. “Yes, I will always be your sissy boy” I said. “Make love best dating site for bi women to me now like the girly boy that you are.” She said. My girlfriend took my hard cock out of my panties and slowly placed it in her wet pussy. She controlled my best dating site for bi women movement and I allowed her to do so. From now on, when I leave for work, I am going to place your sissy clothes on the bed. “And when you get home at night, I am going to place different clothes for my sissy boyfriend to wear around the house.

“And from now on, you are going to be both my man, and lesbian lover aren’t you? You are going to me like a man when I want, and me like a girl too.” She said. My girlfriend began to climax and cum all over my pantied cock. The sound of best sites for dating married women my lace teddy against her business suit was too much and I exploded inside of her pussy and she came. We collapsed

james may together top gear dating model
and held each other tightly and kissed and hugged. The next day she did as she said she would and was home at lunchtime.

I was dressed in a short skirt best dating site for bi women best dating site for bi women and no panties and a bra and holdups. As she entered the room she looked down at me lying on the bed. “Strip me slut!” She said and I immediately began best dating site for bi women to remove her jacket and skirt followed by her blouse. Underneath she had a black latex bustier that was overflowing but it wasn’t until I released her skirt that I realised she had best dating site for bi women latex panties on too and I noticed some odd attachments at the front. “What are these for?” I quizzed her and immediately. “You love being able to be completely submissive best dating site for bi women to my wise and gentle hands don’t you?” I nodded. My little y sissy that I get to do anything I want to don’t you? “And I bet you know what I want to do most to my new sissy boy don’t you?” She asked. You want to have your little sissy bum all full with Mummy’s large strap-on!” She said. I gulped in fear but my cock was saying something completely differently as it started to harden again.

I want to feel your large strap-on buried deep in my sissy best dating site for bi women best dating site for bi women best dating site for bi women arse.” Reaching down she fished her hand into her bag and pulled out a large strap-on dildo before attaching it to the front of her panties. “This is to you with dating women site bi for best slut boy!” She grinned. Sitting alongside me on the bed she was an incredible sight with her overflowing breast flesh and this large rubber cock now fixed firmly on place over her pussy.

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