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Hello, you say in a velvety voice just above a whisper, I am Sarah.

You offer your hand and I take it, feeling a sudden electric shock as shai our labeouf and meagn fox dating fingers touch. I bite my lower lip in a moment of nervousness and croak through a megan fox and shia labeouf dating suddenly parched dry throat that my name is Kara and that I am pleased to meet you. So, Kara you ask, breaking another long moment of silence as your hand finally allows mine to fall free, where were you headed in this downpour? I look up again and I see you are smiling warmly and I cannot help but return your smile, something in that smile tells me I am safe and almost immediately I feel my body relax just a tiny bit. Walking home from school, I reply, kicking myself mentally as soon as the words exit my mouth for giving an answer that shows my immaturity. I see no reaction from you one way or the other, just that beaming warm smile that seems to mentally caress me and melt away my nervousness. You are quite stunning, I hear you whisper after another moment of only the sounds of the rain softly tapping on the roof of your car mixed with my own quickened heartbeat in my ears, and again I begin to blush, looking back down to my hands which I have now folded in my lap.

I’ll bet shai labeouf and all meagn fox dat

shai labeouf and meagn fox dating
ing the boys at school are after you, you add, and I let a nervous giggle escape me and quickly look out the passenger side window because I don’t know how to respond to your statement. I am flattered, completely taken by surprise actually; I have never had another female tell me they thought I was pretty, and especially not a complete stranger as beautiful as you are. You sense my nervousness but decide to press on and take a chance, removing your right hand from the steering wheel shai labeouf and meagn you fox dating quickly place it on the bare, rain wet skin of my thigh above my left knee, gently giving it a loving squeeze before beginning to slide your fingers back dating meagn fox and labeouf shai and forth smoothly over my thigh in small semi-circles. Your touch surprises me and I gasp, I feel an immediate spark of electricity blaze through me from your fingertips shai labeouf and meagn fox dating shai labeouf and meagn fox dating and I quickly look from the window to your hand, then I tilt my head up a little to look back into your eyes. You’re smiling still; that incredibly shai labeouf and meagn fox dating
shai labeouf and meagn fox dating
immobilizing warm smile that completely disarms me, and despite the fact that a stranger is touching me for the very first time in my young life I still find my shai labeouf and meagn fox dating control melting away willingly.

The electric touch of your fingertips on my skin has caused goose pimples to appear on my flesh, and I feel the familiar tightness in my lower tummy as I am suddenly aware that my nipples have become stiff and are protruding through the dampness of the rain-soaked tee shirt I am wearing. This dating advice dating labeouf shai meagn and fox for the quiet has guy all taken place in a matter of seconds, simply by your first touch, and before you allow me time enough to think you continue your shai labeouf and meagn fox dating distracting erotic monolog, knowing it will shai labeouf and megan fox dating take my mind off what your fingers are doing on my thigh. You whisper, knowing that your intended shocking question will momentarily distract me

shai labeouf and meagn fox dating
from the fact that you have now moved your hand slightly higher and are now softly caressing the bare, untouched skin of my inner thigh just above the hem of shai labeouf and meagn fox dating shai my labeouf and meagn fox dating floral skirt. You ask me in a soft, y whispering voice just slightly louder than the sound of the raindrops, as the painted nail on the tip of your thumb slips effortlessly higher on my inner thigh and finds its way just under the bottom of my skirt, always in motion, tracing electric circles over the still damp skin. I and meagn dating fox shai labeoufshai labeouf fox dating meagn and > feel the blood rushing to my face in a blush again; I am unable to answer you, not out of embarrassment of your question but rather simply because now shai labeouf and meagn fox dating shai labeouf and meagn fox dating my entire world is focused on the feelings your soft, nimble fingers on my inner thigh are causing throughout my entire body.

I am aware that my nipples have grown shai labeouf painfully and meagn fshai labeouf and meagn ox fox dating dating hard and are threatening to burn through the material of my shirt, I feel the tightness in my tummy that is so personally familiar with my own ual arousal and as your thumb caresses ever higher on the bare white skin of my inner thigh I also become aware that there is now a different feeling of dampness in the cotton crotch of my underwear, no longer cool from the rain and outside air but now dampened with my own warm moisture. You ask in an even thicker, shai meagn dating fox and labeouf shai labeouf and meagn fox dating throatier and ultra-y whisper and I can do nothing more than let a shia labeouf and lindsay lohan dating small moan escape me as your thumb makes its first gentle connection with my now swollen lips shai labeouf and meagn fox dating shai labeouf and meagn fox dating encased in the damp cotton of my underwear. You lean towards me from your seat and as you do your fingers join your thumb at my crotch, tracing my slit from bottom to top and then applying pressure on my now throbbing clitoris. Your face is next to mine now, our cheeks touching, and I feel the heat of your shai labeouf and meagn fox dating skin against mine and your hot breath on my ear as my thighs willingly part for you without hesitation. I feel the tip of your tongue, wet and hot as you playfully lick at my lobe before sucking it seductively into your warm mouth and I squeeze my eyes shut and moan again, louder this time. I’ll bet you want a girlfriend, you whisper hotly into my now wet ear sending a charge straight to my pussy and I swallow hard as I quickly nod in agreement. You witness my response and this fuels your fire, applying even more pressure into my crotch with fingers that are now pushing the cotton of my underwear deeper into me as the shai dating labeouf and fox meagn nail on your thumb flicks quickly back and forth across my burning clit. You begin kissing a trail from my ear down my jaw line, leaving warm wet traces of your saliva on my skin as you inch closer towards my lips, speaking in that same seductive whisper between each kiss as you do. Bet you’ve been dying to have another woman kiss you, you pant your hot breath on my saliva-dampened skin just below my ear and then you kiss the same spot. Bet it makes you wet to think about it, you whisper again as you kiss high on my jaw. My periodic moans have become a chorus now with each word, each touch of your warm lips on my skin; my attention is completely on the kissing and I don’t even realize your fingers have manipulated the leg band of my panties and slipped shai labeouf and meagn fox dating your hand under them to touch my bare pussy until I feel your finger slip between my folds and begin a rhythm of in and out into my now completely drenched pussy. I am beyond words now, beyond conscious thought; pure animal adrenaline consumes me as my body screams out for your touch and my back arches in the seat shai labeouf and meagn fox dating to allow your finger to slip deeper into my pussy. I am moaning an almost desperate cry as you inch me closer to the ultimate goal, and low, christian advice shai labeouf and meagn fox dating dating as an guttural adult sounds escape from my throat as your finger buries itself deeper into my pulsing womanhood. I feel my muscles contort and squeeze around its intruder, sucking it deeper inside and milking it as if it was a thin cock. You feel it as well and your breathing becomes more erratic, your kisses quicker along my shai labeouf and meagn fox dating jaw towards the parted lips of my waiting mouth; one final question you pose for me between the last kiss on the corner of my mouth and when you finally and fox dating labeouf meagn shai shai labeouf press and meagn fox dating your hot lips against mine.

You ask in your husky whisper before hungrily pressing your hot lips into mine, immediately finding my waiting tongue with your own and swirling shai labeouf and meagn fox dating yours around it before sucking my tongue expertly into your mouth. I cry out into your mouth as the first wave of my orgasm begins to rock my body, quickly squeezing my thighs closed on your hand and the fingers now deep inside of me. You ride my waves with me, no longer ing me with your fingers but now just allowing them to stay motionless as my pussy grips and squeezes around them, coating them with my cum. You have broken the air tight seal of our kiss to shai labeouf and meagn fox dating shai labeouf and allow meagn fox datinshai labeouf and meagn fox dating g my short, quick breaths to escape but still continue to lick at my tongue and at the corners of my mouth. Wave after wave rolls through me and my entire body shudders countless times before becoming completely limp and sagging into the contours of the bucket seat, and when I eventually feel your fingers slip out of me and then out of the cotton prison beyond I suddenly feel a complete emptiness within me. I open my eyes to see your smile; that warm, safe comforting smile that shai labeouf and meagn fox dating seduced me to begin with.

Our eyes meet and lock and there is a long silent moment that words would only lessen; your eyes that tell me that you completely shai labeouf and meagn fox dating understand everything that I am feeling and your continued beaming smile assures me that we have just shared a beautiful experience. I let out a soft sigh and you help shai labeouf me and meagn fox dating to sit back up straight again in my seat. We both notice together that the rain has now tapered off and as you turn the key in the ignition and start your car you turn to look at me again, always smiling, and whisper one last question.

You whisper softly, may I take you to my hotel room and fox meagn dating labeouf shai and make you my girlfriend? Stan walked along the trail through the forest reserve. He spent his Saturday mornings doing this pleasant activity in all four seasons. It was early autumn and the colors of the leaves and the musty smell of the forest filled his nostrils with a heady perfume. He felt alive and rejuvenated after a long week in shai labeouf and meagn fox dating a confined office space at the engineering firm where he worked. His office was actually walking distance from his condo and this trail was a route to get there, slightly shai labeouf and meagn longer fox dating, but infinitely more pleasant than the city street route he sometimes took. He seldom saw other people on the trail, but today he followed a young girl, he guessed shai labeouf and meagn fox dating to be around 18 or 19 years old. She was very slender, long legged, with high small breasts under a tight halter top. Her legs seemed to go on forever because of the very short shorts she wore.

She walked slowly so she was always a comfortable distance ahead of him but still within sight. She occasionally bent over to shai labeouf and either meagn fox datinshai labeouf and meagn fox dating shai labeouf and meagn fox dating g smell a flower or to tie her shoe, and each time she did she nearly exposed her tight butt as her shorts rode up from behind. His cock shai labeouf and meagn fox dating stirred in his pants when she made such an obvious overture of invitation. She glanced back at him about every fifteen or twenty yards of travel as if she were checking to see if he was still there. They continued their trek along the trail deeper into the forest. When they were a good distance from the beginning of the

labeouf dating meagn and shai fox
trail the girl slowed enough that Stan beginning to close the gap between them. "Can you believe what a gorgeous day this is?" she said almost breathlessly "I love it when the forest looks and smells like this." she continued " It's as if the forest is putting on her best negligee and mustiest perfume to settle down for a shai labeouf and meagn fox dating shai labeouf and meagn fox dating long winter sleep with her lover, winter. Soon he will cover her with a blanket of beautiful snow as he plants his seed in her to bring forth the spring." Stan was surprised and impressed with the mature thought process from such a young person. When he got close enough to observe her, he saw that she was much younger shai labeouf and meagn fox dating than he had first thought. She was strikingly attractive; her young breasts were obviously not being supported by a bra. From the lack of panty lines, he surmised that she shai labeouf and meagn fox dating was not wearing panties, either.

He hoped that his hardening cock was not as obvious as her lack of under garments. "That is a beautiful thought for someone so young, is it original?" he asked as they both paused at a resting cove, where a crude bench made from a fallen tree offered hikers a place to sit down and enjoy the surrounding nature. "I write poetry." she offered "And when I walk out here I get y thoughts that I later put down on paper. I just think that labeouf meagn dating shai and fox shai labeouf and meagn fox dating when you think of beautiful stuff it makes you feel better about yourself." as she spoke she stretched her arms in the air pressing her young nubile breasts tight against the fabric of her halter top. Her nipples were swollen and poked the fabric forward like two large grapes on top of her soft mounds of tit flesh. "I have shai labeouf and meagn fox dating to agree." he managed to choke the words from his constricted throat. "I love thinking y thoughts myself when I walk out here." "Sometimes, I wish I could walk shai labeouf and meagn fox dating out here naked." the girl said looking at his eyes to catch his reaction to that suggestive remark. Stan did not disappoint her, his nostrils flared as he thought of this beautiful young child walking through this woodland paradise stripped of everything but her naughty thoughts. He was almost certain that she had seen the movements in his crotch, as her eyes were fixed on that area. "I would enjoy watching that.' Stan said boldly with a broad smile on his face. "That would be the prettiest thing I could imagine looking at out here." he continued looking at her for her reaction to his forward comment. "Would you like to see me naked?" she asked knowing what his answer would be. "Well, yes." Stan shot back, looking over his shoulder to the trails approaching their resting place. The girl reached behind her and unfastened the clasp that secured her shai labeouf and meagn fox dating shai labeouf and meagn fox dating halter top and as it fell from her body she slid her shorts down her long slender legs. She stood before him naked and magnificent in her natural beauty. Her

shai labeouf and meagn fox dating
meagn and dating fox shai labeouf pubic hair was just growing in a splash of black hair just above the thin, tightly lipped slit of her pubescent pussy. "How old are you?" Stan managed to ask shai labeouf and meagn fox as datishai labeouf and meagn fox dating ng he drank in this vision of feminine perfection with his nearly forty year old eyes. "I'm fourteen." she said as she proudly cupped her breasts with her hands shai labeouf and meagn fox dating pinching her nipples as she presented them for review. Stan was obviously excited and it showed by the bulge in the front of his shorts. "Can I see you now?" she asked indicating her desire for him to lower his shorts and expose his hardened cock. Stan exhaled loudly as he unlatched his belt and allowed his shorts to slide shai labeouf and meagn fox dating down his legs. He then put his thumbs inside the waist band of his boxer briefs and slid them down also. His swollen cock sprang out straight in front of shai labeouf and meagn fox dating his body and bounced as it was freed. "Wow, you have a nice one." she said as if she had seen many dicks in her short life. "Can I touch it?" Stan had lost all reason as he looked at this gorgeous child standing naked less than five feet from him. The girl stroked his cock with the deft shai labeouf and meagn fox dating hand of a middle aged hooker, moving along the shaft in soft even strokes that threatened to stimulate a premature ejaculation. "Would you like to touch mine?" she asked him, with that Stan reached forward and caressed her genitals. He slid his hand over her soft mound of pubic hair until his fingers reached her pussy slit. He spread the lips and slid his finger into her very wet love canal. He leaned over and took one of her nipples into his mouth and sucked hard on it.

He raised up and their lips met in a passionate kiss that had their tongues mingling. She sucked hard on his tongue as he increased his fingering motion. "ELLIEEEEEEEE.".....the silence was pierced by a loud voice shouting from a distance. "Oh shit, my mom." the girl said in a startled voice. Hurry get out of here." she spat as she pulled up her shorts and hurriedly refastened her halter top. "Tomorrow," she said as he moved away from her down the trail. "Meet me here again, tomorrow." Stan nearly ran away from her. His head was swimming with guilt, and the thoughts of being arrested for molesting a minor. What the hell had he been thinking, for Christ's sake the child was fourteen years old. His mind raced as he sped along the trail toward his condo.

He couldn't erase the vision of the lovely young body that he had just stroked and kissed. His mouth was still tingling from the kiss they shared. He fumbled for his keys and let himself in and closed the door behind him as quickly as he could. He stood against it as if trying to keep the demons of the forest from entering and consuming him. He would definitely not go into and dating meagn fox labeouf shai shai labeouf and meagn fox dating shai labeouf and meagn fox dating the woods again tomorrow, maybe never again. For the next week, Stan only left his condo to go to his office via the street route and returned immediately after work.

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