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His knot is the best part, it's huge!" Anna's ass was in the air as she was bent over, facing away from Lydia. Lydia had a front row view of Anna's bald pussy and engorged cuntlips in her doggystyle position. Reno was excited, panting harder, now humping around Anna as he sniffed around her poll biggest dating turn off characteristic and playfully jumped up on her.

Reno was very experienced at ing cunts, his master had begun training him to eat and women since before he was a year old. The animal was solid, very strong, and Anna enjoyed the feeling of the beast weighing her small body down as he jumped on top of her. Anna was only about 5ft tall, and the dog easily covered her back as he draped himself on top of her, getting into position to a bitch. Anna groaned as the poll biggest dating turn off characteristic beast's weight pressed her down. Reno wrapped his forepaws around Anna's tiny waist, his prickhead extended a couple inches and stabbed into her buttcheek as he humped poll biggest dating turn big girls shows official dating site off characteristic poll at biggest dating turn off characteristic her. Lydia sat in awe, her pussy dripping, as her roommate was humped by the strong Rottweiler. Never in her life had she thought she'd be so poll biggest turned dating turn off characte

poll biggest dating turn off characteristic
ristic on by such a sight of extreme debauchery. Anna's swollen cuntlips dangled as Reno humped around at her ass. She wiggled her ass at the dog's poll biggest dating turn off characteristic poll dating turn off characteristic biggest sheath, encouraging the able dating 2 4 rip off report animal's prick to come out and play. Reno panted harder as he humped more wildly, his front legs tightly holding Anna underneath him. Lydia stared poll biggest dating turn off characteristic as the animal humped her roommate, trying to find a hole to penetrate. After another moment of poking around Anna's asscrack, his hard prickhead finally felt the warmth of characteristic turn poll dating off her biggest pussylips and slipped inside them. Anna moaned at the dog meat parting turning off microsoft word auto dating her depths from behind. As soon as the animal felt the hot cunthole, instinct took over and the beast began humping Anna furiously, its prick growing inside her. Lydia gasped as the Rottweiler slammed into her roommate, powerfully pushing her body forward as he rutted away on top of her. Reno's balls slapped at Anna's pussygash and asscheeks as he humped her like a machine. Anna's cries filled the room, and soon the sound of the dog cock squelching in her pussy was filling the room. "Yeah, me with your cock boy, good dog, good doggy, ah, yeah, his prick is growing inside my pussy, yes, ohhh! Give it to me, give me your cock, give me your knot, give me your spermmmmmm!" cried Anna as the dog pounded poll biggest dating turn off characteristic away on top of her. She was groaning and being pushed around on the floor by the strong beast as it mated with her. Lydia was incredibly turned on by the animal's intense ing, her eyes on the balls that slapped around at Anna's cunt and the squelching sounds of the dog meat inside the human poll biggest dating turn off characteristic dating biggest characteristic poll turn off bitch hole.

As Reno continued pounding Anna with all his might, pushing her all around, Lydia rubbed her clit to the y sight. Anna moaned as Reno ed her steadily, his cock having extended several inches into her womb. Reno was seeking to deposit his seed up into Anna's hole, seeking to impregnate a bitch. Anna could

poll biggest dating turn off characteristic
feel the cock growing, enveloped by her tight pussyhole, the knot at the base of the dog cock starting to expand to seal up her womb. "Ah, yes, his knot poll biggest dating turn off characteristic is growing, oh man, I can't wait to feel him cum inside me, yes, I love dog sperm, oh God give it to me, boy, yes, good dog..." poll biggest dating turn off characteristic moaned Anna. Reno had been ing Anna like a jackhammer for several minutes, pushing her all around the living room, his nuts swinging at her pussy all the while poll biggest dating turn and off characteristic the sounds of his cock in her cunt filling the room. Lydia kept fingering her clit and pussy to the hot sight of dog on the floor in front of her. After a few more minutes of intense pounding and more knot swelling, Reno began to slow down inside Anna's hole. She felt his expanded knot and knew he was soon going to shoot off inside her. The knot filled her pussy, sealing the cock up inside her. The prick was fully extended, the prickhead poll biggest reaching dating turn off characteristic into her womb. The cock throbbed inside Anna's hole and she clamped her pussy muscles tight around the meat, knowing jets and jets of cum would speed soon dating new york long island be unloaded inside her. She groaned and shrieked as the animal became still aside from the throbbing dog cock in her hole. Anna'poll biggest dating turn off characteristic off characteristic dating poll biggest turn s pussy muscles held the cock tight inside her hole, the knot stuffing her up, and she moaned as the first spurts began erupting from Reno's prick. Oh what a great , his knot is all swollen in my pussy, sealing it up! Ohhhhh, Lydia, it feels like a damn fist in my cunt! God I love it!" exclaimed Anna, knotted to the sperming dog. Anna lowered her face to the floor, keeping her ass raised for the dog, keeping her cunt muscles tight on the throbbing prick. The poll biggest dating turn off characteristic cum was flooding her womb, still spurting from the dog's cock. Anna moaned as her pussy was inundated, feeling the sperm gushing around inside her. The dog poll biggest dating turn off characteristic had reached so deep into her hole when he began filling her with cum, it felt like the sperm was gushing around in her belly. The knot held the dog semen inside Anna's womb as she weakly grinded her pussy back at the dog. Lydia got off the couch and walked over to her knotted roommate, joining her on the floor. Anna moaned as she felt Lydia's hand on her clit, rubbing it and caressing her stuffed pussy. Anna writhed, griding against Lydia's hand poll biggest dating turn off characteristic while filled with dog meat. Lydia kept strumming Anna's clit while the dog stayed still over her back, panting. Anna's moans picked up, and she soon yelled out that she was cumming. Lydia continued rubbing Anna's clit hard as Anna orgasmed underneath the big Rottweiler.

Some cum leaked out of Anna's knotted cunt, and Lydia moaned. She reached down and scooped up some of the dog cum that leaked from Anna's hole and rubbed it on her own pussy. As Anna's poll biggest dating turn off characteristic poll biggest dating turn off characteristic breathing started returning to normal after her orgasm subsided, Lydia went up to her face and sat down in front of her, pussy inches away from Anna's lips. Lydia poll laid biggest dating turn off characteristic back and Anna immediately began licking and slurping the cunt that sat before her. The Rottweiler began struggling to free himself from his bitch a few minutes later, but was stuck securely in Anna's womb. She moaned as she felt the dog pulling on her insides with his steel hard organs. Anna continued licking Lydia's poll biggest dating turn off characteristic poll biggest dating turn off characteristic poll biggest dating turn off characteristic poll biggest pussy dating turn off characteristic as she was knotted to the dog, licking up the dog cum Lydia had wiped on her pussy. Lydia moaned as she felt Anna insert a few fingers poll biggest dating turn off characteristic into her pussy. Anna lapped up Lydia's wet gash, her fingers penetrating deeper into Lydia's pussy. Lydia cried out as Anna nibbled near her aroused clit and then inserted a third finger into her pussy. Reno whined on top of Anna's back, but stayed draped over her while his cock was firmly lodged in her cunthole. Lydia's pussy was so wet that Anna began pushing her hand inside her cunt while sucking Lydia's clit. Lydia moaned loudly as her dog-knotted roommate began poll biggest fisting dating turn off characteristpoll biggest dating turn off characteristic ic her cunthole. As Anna's hand sank into the cunt up to the wrist, Lydia imagined herself being knotted by the big Rottweiler. Anna sucked and licked Lydia's clit hard while pushing her fist back and forth into Lydia's cunt, and Lydia soon screamed out that she was cumming. An orgasm exploded through Lydia's body while her roommate's fist was lodged in her cunt. Anna stared lustfully into Lydia's eyes as she continued licking Lydia's clit and pumping her fist characteristic dating off poll biggest turn into Lydia's tight pussy. Lydia's cunt spasmed around Anna's fist as her orgasm washed over her body. Anna loved the sight of Lydia's ample tits heaving from her intense orgasm. The dog was still securely stuck in Anna's womb, the cum still filling her up, although more of it was leaking down her characteristic biggest turn off dating poll thighs and to the floor now. After Anna pulled her fist from Lydia's freshly climaxed cunt, Reno began struggling again to pull out of his human bitch. He stepped over her so that he was ass to ass with Anna, pulling away from her though not succeeding in withdrawing his swollen knot from her hole. She shrieked as she felt the dog meat pulling on her insides. Lydia was still hyper-aroused at the sight of her dog-knotted roommate. Reno's cock and knot was still stuck in biggest turn characteristic off Anna's poll dating hole.

The animal panted and whined and pulled again, making Anna scream. A sperm puddle had formed on the floor between them. After a few more minutes

poll biggest dating turn off of characteristic
struggling, Reno was finally able to break free of his human bitch's cunthole.

Lydia gasped as a copious amount of dog semen began gushing from Anna's hole, leaking all over the carpet. Anna commanded the dog to slurp up its cum from her cunt, and the animal happily obliged. Lydia eyed Reno's deflating cock -- it was at least 9" and coated with cum, the knot about the size of a softball. Anna moaned and quickly had another orgasm as the dog licked turn biggest off characteristic her poll dating cunt clean. Lydia stared at her roommate's pink, swollen pussy and shuddered, wondering what it would feel like to be so full of dog cock. "Anna..." said poll biggest dating turn off characteristic characteristic poll Lydia dating off turn biggest to her roommate after Anna's orgasm subsided and the dog trotted away. "I want to try the dog, too." "Oh, yes, you definitely should! You'll love poll biggest dating turn off characteristic it, I love how he fills me full of so much cum!

Give him a little while, he'll be ready for you soon enough!" said Anna, weakly standing poll biggest dating turn off characteristic to her feet. A little more dog sperm that had been deposited deep within her began trickling out of her hole as she stood.

Anna joined her roommate on the couch and they began making out before eating each other's pussies in a y sixty-nine. After they both came in each others' faces, Lydia left to get some toys to play with. The dildo Lydia chose to be ed with was a huge, hard, ribbed one -- 10" long and nearly as thick as her wrist. She was so turned on that she needed to be ed hard with a huge toy! Anna penetrated Lydia's pussy with the toy for several minutes while rubbing Lydia's clit with her fingers, making her roommate moan and squirm. Then Anna left the room a minute to get another toy to play with. Anna retrieved a 20" turn off double characteristic poll biggest dating dong dildo for two pussies to play with simultaneously. She got on the floor and Lydia joined her, and soon they were scissoring with the dildo inside each of their wet cunts. Anna moaned, still feeling some dog cum up in her pussy as the rubber cock reached deep inside her. Lydia grinded her pussy mound against poll biggest dating turn off characteristic Anna's so that the giant dildo was shoved deep into both their pussies. They bucked their hips back and forth at each other in rhythm while moaning in ecstasy. They tongued each other and fondled each others' breasts with the shared dildo deep in their holes. Reno was watching from the corner as the girls played around with the long rubber toy. Lydia groaned, loving the feeling of her womb being so stuffed. She looked at Anna and they gazed passionately at each other as they grinded their pussies at each other. Anna reached down and began rubbing Lydia's clit and she threw her head back, a long moan escaping her lips. Lydia soon exclaimed poll biggest dating turn off characteristic that she was going to cum, her eyes closing tight as she threw her head back. Anna bucked her hips at her orgasming roommate, forcing the dildo that they poll biggest dating turn off characteristic shared as deep into Lydia's hole as possible. Lydia screamed as her cunt spasmed around the hard rubber cock, Anna's fingers pressing against her clitty. Anna placed her hand on Lydia's stuffed pussy mound while her thumb rubbed Lydia's clit, feeling her pussy so full of rubber meat. Lydia's tits heaved as her orgasm pulsed through her body from limb to limb. She stared up at Anna, their pelvises still bucking back and forth together with the huge shared dildo inside them, ing slower and harder now. Anna grinded hard against Lydia's stuffed cunt and they moaned together. As their stuffed pussies grinded together, Anna moaned out that she was cumming, her cries filling the room. Lydia sucked Anna's nipples and bit her neck as Anna moaned and convulsed with her orgasm, her toes curling. As Anna's poll biggest dating turn off characteristic poll biggest dating turn off characteristic orgasm winded down, the girls slowed their pace thrusting their hips at each other.

They both moaned as they pulled apart, removing the huge dildo from their pussies.

They were both breathless from their powerful orgasms. Lydia climbed to her feet and went back to her room to get another toy -- this time she retrieved a large butt plug. "Okay, now I'm ready to try the dog!" said Lydia with a laugh as she walked back to the living room holding the big butt plug. Anna grinned -- she knew it'd be a hot sight to see her roommate tied to the big dog's cock! Lydia got down on the floor and Anna poll biggest dating turn off characteristic poll biggest dating turn off characteristic came over to her, taking the big black butt plug from her roommate. As Lydia got on her hands and knees, she wiggled her ass in Anna's face. Anna poll biggest dating turn off characteristic smiled and raised the butt plug to Lydia's asshole. She rubbed the tip of it all along Lydia's wet slit and against her puckered asshole, teasing off poll dating biggest characteristic turn her with it. Anna pushed a little of the butt plug into Lydia's pussy to lube it up with her pussy juice. Lydia then wiggled her ass against the tip of the butt plug as Anna pressed it against her tight asshole. Anna pushed a little harder so that the tip of it penetrated the opening of poll biggest dating turn off characteristic poll biggest dating turn off characteristic turn poll characteristic dating biggest off Lydia's anal cavity. Lydia moaned, feeling her asshole parting for the big rubber plug. Soon, her asshole swallowed up a couple more inches of the thick black plug. Reno poll dating characteristic turn off biggest watched the humans playing with each other on the floor. He'd had an adequate refractory period, and would be ready to on command. Lydia groaned as her asshole began filling with the big rubber toy. She rubbed her clit, her tits jiggling with Anna's efforts to shove the plug inside her rectum. Lydia grinded her ass at the butt plug, forcing more of it inside her shithole. She was determined to take the whole plug, up to the flat, circular base of it. Lydia turn biggest poll characteristic dating off wanted her ass to be full as her pussy was stuffed up! Anna shoved more of the black butt plug into her roommate's rectum, stuffing Lydia's asshole full of rubber. Lydia groaned, her asshole stretching with a pleasurable pain around the big toy.

With a final grunt, Anna pushed the remaining plug inside Lydia's rectum so poll biggest dating turn off characteristic poll biggest dating turn off characteristic that the flat circular base was the only part of it not inside Lydia. Lydia waived her ass in the air as Anna called Reno over. Anna slapped Lydia'poll biggest dating turn off characteristic poll biggest dating turn off characteristic s asscheeks playfully, encouraging the dog to jump up and mount her. Quickly Lydia's white asscheeks turned pink with Anna's playful smacks. Reno sniffed around Lydia's poll biggest dating turn off characteristic engorged cunt as she waived her ass around. Lydia loved the feeling of her ass filled with the butt plug! After walking around Lydia a few moments, Anna grabbed the dog to put socks on his forepaws before he jumped up on Lydia's back. As soon as the socks were on, Reno mounted Lydia, draping himself over

poll turn characteristic dating biggest off
poll biggest dating turn off characteristic her back and wrapping his front legs tight around her waist. She groaned under the beast's weight, his solid muscle heavy upon her. She could feel his nuts poll biggest dating turn off characteristic
poll biggest dating turn off characteristic
swinging at her asscheeks and his pink prickhead poking at her butt. Her tits swung underneath her at the animal's thrusts against her backside. Lydia enjoyed the dog poll biggest dating turn off characteristic holding tight to her, knowing he was settling in to give her a hard ing. Anna helped guide the dog's emerging prickhead to Lydia's cunthole, bypassing her stuffed anal cavity, pressing the dog's hips against Lydia's cuntlips. Reno continued bucking his hips wildly, trying to find a hole. Lydia dating for males without body hair could feel the hard cock meat beginning to poke at her slick cuntlips. She held herself in place, a doggystyle bitch presenting for the powerful male Rottweiler. Reno dating characteristic turn biggest off poll poll biggest dating turn off characteristic began panting as he thrusted around Lydia's cuntlips, his prickhead beginning to part her slit. Lydia moaned at the feeling of the dog's cockhead against her wet gash.

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