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Thanks to Ying and her desire to sport her birthday suit, they could run nude all over the old golf course. Cathleen finally relented to her begging when Ying offered to let Cathleen do anything she could think of to her. Ever since their honeymoon, Ying has shown a desire to dating sites for men and women please Cat with whatever fantasy she could think of. One of those fantasies local women for dating and sex consisted of outdoor in just about every which way you could have it. Watching a girl get an orgasm from a pulsing water sprinkler was certainly a sight to remember. Today was Sunday local and women for dating and sexlocal women for dating and sex for and dating women ng> sex local everyone was off, doing whatever they thought was fun. Mike, Lisa, Link, and Jen were visiting Mike’s parents. James would like to be a fly on the wall for that local women for dating visitation and selocal women for dating and sex x. His parents weren’t exactly proud of their son when they heard the story of his lifestyle at his wedding. But if there was one thing he knew about his best friend,

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was his lack of caring what people thought, even if it were his parents. Mike had married Cathleen’s step-sister Lisa and Link was her servant while Jen was his.

He affectionately sex local women dating for and called them servants but he couldn’t deny it even to himself. But they were more, since you can’t share such intimacy with a stranger, they were indeed lovers. All shared local women for dating and sex the same philosophy as James, that and love was two separate things. James heart was divided between Cathleen, Ying, and Nikki. Cathleen’s was divided between James, Jack, and Jill. Oddly enough, due local women for dating and sex to their relationship, their love divided off to the other’s loves. James loved Jack and Jill too while Cathleen loved Ying and Nikki. He passed the old bunker they used for mud local women for dating and sex local women for dating wrestling and sex and continued on to the shooting range. He pulled in beside the cart his father used and grabbed his gear. He walked in and saw his father and Hansel at the sex dating women for local and local women for dating and sex prep table. His dad was explaining the weapons to his mother’s submissive servant. Hansel was looking at the equipment like they could reach out and bite him. It wasn’t surprising to James since he handpicked the most submissive personality he could find. That; and the interests he shared with his father made them a good match. James had shown Hansel and Gretel (please don’for sex local and dating women t laugh, Cathleen said they could name them whatever they wanted) home videos of he and his parents and both liked what they saw. That method worked so well, he employed it local and for women dating sex in his entire match making work from then on. They Skype during their training as well, forming a friendship over the net.

Mom never had a daughter to relate to and Gretel was local women for dating and sex able to fill the role of female companionship for her. “Did you bring it?” Jim asked, not looking at his son.

“Right here.” he pointed out, holding up the local women for dating and sex women for and local dating sex heavy gun case. The ammo was heavy too but the workouts made James a strong man and he had no trouble sitting them on the table. “Where’s Ying?” Hansel local women for dating and sex asked, looking behind James. “She’s finishing up some work on Jeff.” he explained, “Want me to get her for you?” he smiled, knowing the submissive was a little scared of her. “No thank you!” he exclaimed, “She made me tongue her ass.” he offered. “Gee, I’m sorry about that Hansel.” James replied, watching his local women for dating and sex local women for dating and sex

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for any reaction. “I guess its alright.” he said, and Jim looked at him questioningly. “I kind of liked it.” Jim wasn’t surprised; Gretel seemed to local women for dating and sex have a fetish for it. His wife would never have done it that was for sure. “Have you done that to Loretta?” he asked. “No sir, I don’t know local if women for dating and sex she wants me to.” he replied, studying the rifle coming out of its case. “See that you do.” Jim replied, wanting his wife to experience everything he did. James local women was for dating and sex done with that conversation, receiving more information than he wanted, “Ok then, we ready to test this puppy out?” After the firing range, Jim and Hansel headed over to local women for dating and sex their mansion while James headed back to his. Along the way, he thought about the gay bars and what a challenge he faced. The thought of bars brought back an experience he had local women for dating and sex in Florida. He fought a moment, trying to remember the name of the bar he went to. It was an alternative bar that Gloria had him go to. Perhaps an establishment like that would have a patron or two that could fulfill the requirements he needed. After cleaning and putting his weapon back up, he headed back to his room to do some research.

The owner was Alex but he didn’t remember her last name. He hated searching anything to do with on the internet. He always wounded up with more than he wanted, including viruses and local women for dating and sex local women for spam dating women for discreet dating and sex and

local women for dating and sex
sex. Typing in pink alternative bar brought up the Pink Flamingo immediately. That jolted his memory and he jotted down the phone number.

He left a message for Alex since she wasn’t local women for dating and sex there and hung up the phone. He had taken a client, Gloria Moore, to her establishment and the night turned into a big fiasco. Besides having with both women, he wounded up in a fight with a disgruntled businessman. No sooner did he hang up the phone did he get a call from security.

Picking up the phone, he was greeted with “James, I need you in security.” from Trent and he hung up the phone. He headed down the hallway and entered again into the security office. He was surprised to see a woman he local women for dating and sex didn’t recognize sitting in a maid outfit and handcuffs.

“What’s up?” he asked, looking the girl over. A blonde about 25 years old or so, she seemed pretty scared and shivered on occasion. “I caught this one taking silverware from the oak cabinet in the kitchen.” Trent explained, and nodded to a spoon and ladle on the desk. “There’s video if you need to see it.” James furrowed his brow at that. You couldn’t argue with her on that as much as she does for these servants. This

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would be destined for jail and a criminal record slapped on her. People ruin their lives over the craziest things in the world. “I’m sure you know what you’re doing Trent.” he replied, shaking his head, “I just hate to see the girl go to jail over a stupid move. A criminal record will prevent her from getting employment anywhere else.” “You want me to call the locals?” Trent asked, leaning back in his computer chair to pick up the phone. James raised his hands, “Hold up on that.” he said, pulling up a computer chair and sitting in front of the girl. “”Ginger, sir.” she replied, looking at the floor. “Well Ginger, you’ve local women for dating and got sex yourself in one heck of a jam here.” he responded, trying not to look down the girl’s dress as she leaned towards him.

“How long have you worked here?” “A… about a month sir.” she answered, and sniffed back her tears.

James knew exactly what would happen to the girl as he’d seen it happen in the past. Cat local women for dating and local women for dating and sex sex would press charges and the girl would be gone to who knew where after sentencing. He didn’t interfere in the past, mainly because he wasn’t there to do anything about it, but the security team told him all about it. “You sure know how to throw away a good thing.” he said, but then asked, “Were you

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happy here?” “Please sir, I don’t want to lose my job.

You all have been good to me.” she begged, and balled some more, local women for dating and sex messing up her makeup even more. James had a soft heart but knew he couldn’t cross Cathleen. “Why the hell did you take them?” he asked. “My… my boyfriend, sir… He… he needed money.” she said between tears. A man that has to rely on a girlfriend for money is probably not a boyfriend. “I suggest you find another boyfriend Ginger.” he advised. She nodded her head on that, probably knowing that was a profound statement. I can talk to her for you but, like I said, it doesn’t look good.” he told her. I like it here.” she begged, looking up at him with puppy dog eyes. They usually led him in more trouble than it was worth.

I’ll see what Cat wants to do with her.” he explained, and rose up to go. Remember the last time you fell for that?” he asked, “Ying is still getting local women for dating and sex local women for dating and sex her ass whipped over it.” “Yeah, I remember.” he acknowledged, recalling Ying wanting to go to the golf course naked. “But she likes it.” Trent didn’t have local women for dating and sex local women for dating and sex an argument there. It’s hard to point out that spanking a girl is wrong when Ying orgasms from it all the time. “She’s all yours.” he said with

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. He stepped out into the hallway with his hand on her arm. Now that he had her, he really didn’t know what to do with her. He couldn’t parade the girl around in handcuffs all over the place while he looked for Cathleen and he damn sure wasn’t taking her to the rec room downstairs. He gave it some thought and shrugged his shoulders. He led her to a room on the lower floor that wasn’t used very much. The play room had whips and chains, wooden cross and swing, stockade and stocked cabinets, and it was a good place to restrain her for the moment. Ying was the only one to use it lately and Ginger would be secure there for a little while. He
local women for dating and sex opened the door and lost his grip on the girl at the same time. She saw what was in there and backed away from him. I’m just keeping you in here until I can talk to the mistress for you.” and urged her in. He shut the door behind them while she stood in awe of the room. You’ll be safe local women for dating and sex with me.” he said, pulling on her wrist. She did it with great reluctance, staring at the cuffs attached to the wood above her. James fastened her down and said, “Wait local women for dating and sex here, I’ll be back.” as if she had a choice. Her arms raised over her head revealed her black panties peeking out from her short maid outfit. Placing the cuffs on a table, he headed out, locking the door, to find Cathleen.

He almost dreaded the conversation, unsure how she would react to him not calling the police himself. He ran over a local women few for dating and sex arguments in his head, testing to see which ones might be the most effective. ‘Listen, I caught a girl and I want to keep her.’ didn’t play well in his head. His next thought was worse, wondering what type of bargaining she would want to keep the girl out of trouble. Her one fantasy of shoving crap up his ass didn’t local women for dating and sex sound appealing at all.

He found her in the nursery, talking to his mother. to your Aunt’s house today.” “Oh?” James replied, “Have you notified security?” he asked, not wanting his son out without some protection.

He’d had his fill of kidnappers, you can bet on that. “Yes, of course.” Cathleen replied, rubbing her finger over the baby’s cheek. His mother took the baby and headed out of the room. Aren’t they precious?” she asked, clasping her hands to her chest. “They’re adorable Cat.local women for dating and sex ” he replied, and then took a breath, “I have a problem but I don’t want you to throw a fit.” he said, knowing damn well that it wouldn’local women for dating and sex t stop her from it. “Oh?” she asked, furrowing one eyebrow at local adutl sex and dating websites him. “What problem?” she asked, giving him her fullest attention.

“Follow me, please.” he said, local women and for dating and sex opened the door to the hallway. He had to proceed delicately and mulled over his next words while the door closed behind them. “What is it James?” she asked, tired of watching him procrastinate. She’s one of your servants.” he replied. “Oh, what did she do?” Cat asked, realizing the seriousness wasn’t all that serious. “She, local women for dating and sex local dating for and women sex local women for dating and sex um, stole some silverware.” he replied. Well, have security call the police and get her out of here.” Cat instructed, waving him off from the subject. “Listen, if we do local women for dating and sex local women for dating and sex local women for dating and sex that, she will have a criminal record and won’t be able to get a job anywhere.” he explained, then stepped in front of her, “Maybe we could give her a slap on the wrist or something. You know, give her a second chance.” he said, giving her his best argument so far. She will just try it again and then she might not get caught the next time.” she replied, and patted him on his arm, “Let the police deal with her James.” “Look, isn’t there a better way? I local women for dating and selocal women for dating and sex x mean, her life will be ruined if we do that.” James explained. “Fine, what would you do?” Cathleen asked, daring him to come up with a better solution. Maybe cut her pay or something?” he replied, not really knowing what he would do. “Oh, so you’d take more money from someone desperate enough to steal?” she asked, local women for dating and sex crossing her arms in front of her. He was bordering on fury and if there was one thing he didn’t want, it was Cathleen’s fury. Can’t you come up with something?” “I swear, sometimes you’re more of a Neanderthal than Mike.” she huffed, “Where is she?” “Um, I locked her up in the play room.” local women for dating and sex dating sex and local women for he replied, and received a punch in his gut for the information. “Are you that stupid?!” she yelled, “You don’t show people that room!

Especially a damn servant!” she replied, her fury kicking in. “I didn’t have anywhere else to put her!” he defended, rubbing where she struck. She absolutely boiled in front of him, “Why local women for dating and sex the did I spend a million dollars on a security room if you can’t keep people secure in there?!” she yelled, and headed down the hallway in front of him. Why local women for dating and didn’t sex he just leave the girl in security and go find Cat? He caught up with her quickly and said, “I’m sorry Cat, I wasn’t thinking.” She for women and local sex dating gave him dagger eyes but didn’t say anything. “Ginger?” she asked, seeing the girl tied to the cross. “Yes madam.” she whispered, and moaned from seeing her. The lady of the house was pretty strict, she knew and it wouldn’t work out well at all for her. She hung her head down in shame, feeling Cat’s eyes on her. “Why the hell were you stealing from me?” Cat asked, looking at the girl just hanging there limp. My boyfriend needed the money.” she sobbed, her situation striking home once more. “Your boyfriend?” she huffed, “I ought to have him arrested as well for putting you up to this!” crossing her arms once more. “What prevents me local women for dating and sex from calling the police on you?” she asked, turning her head sideways. “P… Please madam, don’t do that!” she begged, “I’ll be good. I’ll do anything, local women for dating and sex just don’t send me to jail!” and gave Cathleen those same puppy dog eyes she’d given James. But Cat was a lot stronger than those eyes and it would take a lot more to gain any forgiveness from her. “So, what’s your boyfriend going to do with the money?” she asked, not budging an inch. “He… oh miss, local women for dating and sex he was… going to buy drugs.” she admitted, and burst into tears. The girl could have said medicine or food; anything but drugs. “Really?” Cathleen mused, “Are you doing local women for dating and sex drugs?” she asked, leering at the chained girl. “Oh no miss, I swear!” she vowed, and her eyes widened to the fullest. “Hmmm… so” she said, “what’s it going to be with you?” she asked, pursing her lips. “Huh?” Ginger asked, not knowing what she meant. “How do you want who are punished?&rdquo the local women for dating and sex local women for dating and sex jonas brothers dating; Cathleen asked, “You want twenty lashes or jail?” which brought James’ attention into focus. He didn’t know if he wanted any part of a beating but he’d take the beating himself if given that choice. “Uh, lashes… I guess.” she answered, hanging her head down again. James didn’t know where this would wind up and local women for dating and sex his eyes widened at her answer. He certainly hoped that he’d be the one to punish her. He could take it easy on her but Cat, on the other hand, wouldn’t local women for dating and sex be so merciful. “Ok James, strip her.” Cathleen ordered, looking at him. “St… strip her?” he asked, looking back at her incredulously. That would mean she’d be naked in front of him and he didn’t know if her character could handle that.

You can’t have any affect if her clothes are on.” Cathleen confirmed, and waited for him to get to work. James hung his head this time as he went behind the girl to unfasten the camisole she wore. “Sorry” was all he could say as he unfastened local women for dating and sex the strings that held it together. “Now, while he strips you, I’ll go over some rules for this punishment.” Cathleen started, “You are to never speak about this incident local women for dating and sex to anyone. This punishment is for you and you only, understand?” she asked, watching the camisole fall from her breasts. With a sniff, Ginger answered, “Y… Yes madam.” feeling local women for dating and sex the top she wore reveal her flesh to the lady. “Next, I need to ask you if you truly love your boyfriend.” she stated, watching her short mini fall away.

“local women for dating and sex I… like him ok.” she asked, feeling the air condition on her body, giving her a chill. “You liked him well enough to steal for him but not enough to go to jail for him.” Cat retorted, walking over to the cabinet. You have fallen off the earth as far as he knows, understand?” she asked, grabbing a strap from the hook.

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