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Their kisses soon turned more passionate as Erica moved her hand over her aunt's body, feeling the softness of her skin. As she moved up and began caressing her breasts she tried to compare the feeling of Julie's breasts to her own. She could hear her aunt's soft moans, telling her she was doing something right. Eventually, Erica broke their kiss remembering how her aunt kissed her way down her neck to her breasts. Trying to mimic her aunt's moves without making it seem mechanical, Erica kissed her way down Julie's neck, pausing to take in the scent of her skin. Her skin smelled so good as she kissed her way toward her breasts. As she caressed Julie's breasts, she moved her fingers over her soft skin, pausing to making small circular motion over her aureoles and nipples in an effort gay to male teen websites for dating pleasure her. Again the sound coming from her aunt, the moans, the gasp told her she was making her feel good. Then she replaced her fingertips with her tongue, gay male teen websites for dating moving her tongue over her aureole's and nipples. All of this attention was having an effect on her aunt as she smiled and whispered, "Yes, yes, I knew you would be a natural. You are making me feel so good baby, just keep using your imagination and you'll be fine." Hearing her aunt's words of praise, gave Erica, now, even more, confident took Julie's nipples into her mouth, alternating between licking them and sucking them. The more she pleasured her nipples the more aroused Julie began. She was writhing on the bed and moaning as Erica concentrated on sucking her nipples while moving her hand down between Julie's legs. Her pussy was wet

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from arousal as Erica teased her wet lips with her fingertip. Suddenly Julie gasped as her body started to shake and shudder as one orgasm after another coursed through her body. Erica was thrilled that she was able to make her aunt cum just from sucking her nipples and teasing her pussy. Now she was ready to move down between her legs and pleasure her with her tongue.

As she moved down, her head now between Julie's legs, Erica wondered if she would like the aroma of a woman there. The minute the aroma of her aunts' arousal wafted past her nose she knew there was not going to be an issue. She loved the erotic scent of Julie's arousal as she moved her cheek across her mound, feeling the softness of her bush, as well as Julie's wet pussy lips on her cheek. It was as if her pussy was kissing her on the cheek, welcoming her passion. She paused for a moment, lingering as she looked at her aunt's beautiful wet lips, glistening in the light.

Her lips were swollen and aroused, her clit was erect just waiting for Erica to make love to dating websites for teens ages 13 19 it. She ran her fingers over her lips, making Julie gasp before lowering her head to taste a woman for the first time. The moment her tongue touched her aunt's aroused pussy, Erica knew that this was gay male teen websites for dating special.

The aroma, the taste, the scent of another woman as something she had longed for even though this was her first time. She had known at a young gay male teen websites for dating age she was different, that there was something special about a woman and now she was sure of it. She dove between Julie's legs, licking her pussy and sucking gay male teen websites for dating her thick lips into her mouth, all while her aunt gasped and squealed out in pure lust and passion. She too knew that her niece was special and that her

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was a fool. Even she was surprised at how Erica took to pleasuring a woman orally.

She had an amazing technique even if it was her first time. She just seemed to have a sense about her as to how to make a woman feel beautiful with her tongue. Erica worked her tongue between Julie's folds, in gay male teen websites for dating people for dating programs recovery lapping up the juices that were flowing from deep inside her, onto her niece's tongue. Erica found her opening and began tongue ing her gay male teen websites for dating gay male teen websites for dating teen gay for websites male dating aunt as she writhed on the bed, squealing even louder as Erica tongue ed her as if she had been doing to for years. With her tongue growing sore, gay male teen websites for dating teen gay she websites for male dat

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ing replaced her tongue with her fingers, taking Julie's clit into her mouth where she began sucking it. Erica was voracious as she sucked her aunt's clit, listening to her gasps and squealed as she moved closer and closer to orgasm.

The harder she sucked the clit, the more Julie squealed and squirmed on the bed.

Finally, she couldn't hold back any longer, her body becoming stiff as multiple orgasms consumed her entire being. Eventually, when she stopped cumming, she pulled Erica up to her, licking gay male teen websites for dating and kissing the cum from her Niece's face. She held her close saying, "Oh, my god Erica that was absolutely amazing. You have nothing to worry about when it gay male teen comes websites for dating to pleasuring a woman. I've never had anything woman make me feel as good as you did or cum as hard as I just did." "I'm so gay male teen websites for dating happy Julie, I want to do more, please, show me more!" "Show you, you're the one that's going to end up showing me. Relax Sweetie, we have plenty of time for making love. Let's take a break and we can do more tomorrow or later even. Now let's enjoy what we've just experienced." The gay male teen websites for dating gay male teen two websites for dating of them lay there cuddling and caressing one another, talking and sharing thoughts and ideas. As they talked Julie rolled over onto her stomach still sharing thoughts with Erica. It made her wonder feel aroused just looking at her aunt's y ass. She looked over at her asking, "This may seem silly, even stupid but I have to ask. When you did that wax for me, it really turned me on when your fingers touched my ass. I don't know why but I wanted to feel your fingers slide between my cheeks and touch me." "Why there's nothing wrong about it at all. A woman's ass is and can be a very erogenous place. Why websites teen dating gay male gay for male teen websites for dating don't we take a quick shower and I'll show you what I mean." The two of them headed to the shower where they turned on a soft jet of water and started sudsing one another. Julie took charge, running her hands down Erica's ass, as the stood nipple to nipple, they breasts touching. As she moved her hands over Erica's ass, Julie slid her fingers down her crack, allowing them to slip between Erica's ass cheeks. Erica gasped leaned against Julie's body gay male teen websites for as datigay male teen websites for dating ng she began moving her fingers slowly up and down her ass. The sensation of having her finger moving along her crack was so erotic but when she felt gay male teen websites for dating her aunt's fingers brush over her tight asshole, that sent an intense erotic sensation right to her pussy. She teased her before the two of them rinsed off and gay male headed teen websites for dating back to the bedroom. Julie had Erica lay on the bed, face down as she moved onto the bed next to her. She began by kissing Erica's shoulders gay male teen websites for dating gay male teen websites for dating whiled caressing her lower back with her hands. A gentle massage sent erotic chills through Erica as she relaxed from her aunt's touch. Julie continued her gentle massage as she kissed Erica's shoulders. As she massaged her, Julie moved her hand from Erica's back, down onto her buttocks, making Erica moan softly. Her kisses and gentle gay websites teen for dating male caresses were making Erica more and more aroused. After a few minutes, Julie paused and reached over to her nightstand and took a bottle of lotion, applying a generous amount to Erica's ass. She began to smooth the lotion into her cheeks, moving her fingers closer and closer to the edge of her ass. As she lay there, Erica parted her legs as if to tell Julie she wanted more. She felt the lotion being poured right on top of her ass crack, followed by Julie's fingers working between her cheeks. Julie began moving her hand down between Erica's cheeks while moving her tongue over the dimple at the top of Erica's ass. She began gay male teen websites for dating gay male teen websites for to dating moan even louder now, the sensations of her aunt's tongue on her ass and her fingers moving down ever closer to her asshole was driving her crazy

gay male teen websites for dating
with lust. She gasped again when she felt Julie's fingertips move over her sensitive asshole, making gasp and then squeal. She continued teasing her with her fingertips while Erica gay male teen websites for dating begged her to slide her finger into her ass. Julie had other plans though, telling Erica to move onto her hands and knees, her face on the pillow. Reluctantly Erica male dating gay websites teen for obeyed, moving up onto her knees while resting on her forearms. Then she felt Julie's lips on her ass, kissing her as she made her way to the top of her ass where she felt her aunt's tongue start a slow, downward descent. Erica reached back and spread her cheeks in anticipation of what would hopefully come gay male teen websites for dating next. With her face in the pillow to muffle her squeals and screams of lust, Julie continued making her way down Erica's ass, her tongue now firmly between her cheeks. Before long Erica felt her aunt's tongue move over her asshole, causing her to scream into her pillow. Never had she felt anything too erotic than what gay male teen websites for dating her aunt was doing to her now. Julie started working her tongue into Erica's ass, tongue ing her as she screamed out in passion. While Julie tongue ed Erica'gay male teen websites for dating s asshole, she moved her free hand between Erica's legs and began fingering her pussy as well. Before long Erica was cumming over and over from the erotic session gay male teen websites of for dating anal .

While Erica gathered herself, Julie took a vibrator from her dresser drawer. She lay down and told Erica to maneuver around so Erica's face was in gay male teen websites for dating gay male teen websites for dating her pussy and she was straddling her.

She had Erica begin licking her pussy while she toyed with Erica's ass. Her tongue felt too good on her pussy as gay male teen websites for dating Julie placed a little lubrication on the tip of the vibrator and turning it on low. As Erica continued licking Julie's pussy, Julie wedged the vibrator between Erica's cheeks, the tip of the vibrator buzzing as she started working it into Erica's ass. Julie heard Erica's muffled squeals as she worked the vibrator into her niece's asshole.

With it firmly inside Erica's ass, she turned up the speed of the vibrations making Erica gasp and squealed even more. She tried to maintain enough gay male teen websites for dating gay male teen websites for dating control to continue licking Julie's pussy but it was increasingly difficult. Julie continued ing Erica's ass while Erica sucked her clit. After several more minutes Erica, now rubbing her own clit and sucking her aunt's, both women started cumming over and over again. When they were finished cumming both Erica and Julie hugged one another.

After a rest, Erica did the same to her aunt, working her fingers between her ass cheeks and teasing her asshole, followed by using her tongue and bringing her aunt off gay male teen websites for with datingdating websites teen male for gay a satisfying orgasm. Over the next few months, Erica and Julie made love on a regular basis. Erica found she trully was into women and enjoyed making love to her aunt almost daily. She decided to stay with her aunt, getting a good paying job at her aunt's place of work.

Erica doesn't know what the gay male teen websites for dating gay male teen websites for dating future holds b ut she knows she couldn't be happier. For all intents and purposes, she and her aunt are lovers and that is fine for now. They both gay male teen websites for agree dating that at some point Erica would find someone her age to become her lover, but for now, this is the best possible situation. Erica loves her life, her job gay male teen websites for dating gay male teen websites for dating and most of all she loves her aunt for not only helping her discover who she was but showing her how to make love to a woman.

Now she looks forward to the future and what life has in store and that's a good thing. visit my msg board it got pics and you can post there to gay male teen websites for dating gay male teen websites for dating Construction began today, so the pool is officially off limits.

Katie locked the side door leading to the pool deck, just to make sure we remembered. Zoe and I walked down the street to the small beach we had resident rights to. It was considered private property, and was only supposed to be used by websites dating teen gay for male the residents of our small road. When we got there, there were only 2 or 3 other people there, and they left soon after we arrived. There was a bench gay male teen websites and for dating in the water there was a raft, with 2 ladders and a diving board. There was lots of sand and Zoe was not used to that at all.

When young gay teen boy dating websites gay male teen websites for we dating sat down to take off our shoes before going in, Zoe got sand in her bathing suit, and it really pissed her off. It only got worse as she walked to the water and started to chafe. Once in the water she was able to rinse it out, and things got a little better. We then found out gay male teen websites for dating that the salt water burned her eyes, and well, according to Zoe, it tastes terrible. I reminded her that this was only going to be a problem for a week or so, and my only mistake with that was when I called her A PRINCESS OF PRIVILEGE.

She took that as an insult, and well, maybe it was. After an hour or so, we went back up to the house and needed to shower off. The salt water, unlike the pool water, makes you itch terribly as it dries. I gay male teen websites got for d

gay male teen websites for dating
ating to the shower first, but Zoe insisted that she needed to shower with me, because the "itches" were making her crazy. Now, common sense dictates that when you are showering salt off you and your swim suit, you get in the shower wearing your swim suit, that way it gets rinsed off as you do. I was for gay still male dating teen websites in my trunks when Zoe got in the shower.

While I was taking my trunks off, Zoe and I bumped heads, and laughed hysterically. This brought Katie into the bathroom, and she thought it was the silliest thing in the world that I had my swim trunks in the shower. Zoe's wet suit was in a heap on gay male teen websites for dating the bathroom floor, I guess to some, that makes better sense. Katie grabbed the face clothe and soap, and washed mine and Zoe's backs and butts, and left us to finish the rest. As I look back at all this, it's really strange how normal it seemed that Zoe and I could be naked together, and Katie be witness to it all. After we showered we wrapped in towels and went to the kitchen where Katie had made lunch.

The three of us sat at the table near the windows that overlooked the pool and now the construction site. There were 4 people out working, 3 men and one girl. I guess they were working on websites for the gay teen dating male footings and the frame work of the structure. I noticed the girl was actually looking in the window at us from time to time, and would often smile as gay for male websites teen dating gay male teen websites for dating she looked away. 1 of the guys looked too, but he didn't seem to care about his audience. Katie got up and went back to her work, leaving me gay male teen websites for dating gay male teen websites for and dating Zoe to clean up after lunch and entertain ourselves there after. We decided we liked watching the construction, as at this point they seemed to be making some gay male teen websites pretty for dating good progress. When we got bored with that, we went to the living room and put a movie going. About 40 minutes into the movie, the back door bell rang, and Katie got up to answer it. She asked if she could use the bathroom, because, well being a girl, she couldn't really do like the guys do.

Katie led her to bathroom, which happened to be on the other side of the living room. "Hi guys" she said as she passed by in front of us. She gay male teen websites for dating went into the bathroom, and Katie went back to work. Zoe was laying on the sofa with her head on my leg, as usual, but her towel had ridden up and she was pretty well exposed. I on the other hand had my towel secured so nothing was showing. When she came out of the bathroom, she walked by gay male and teen websites for datteen dating for ing websites gay male said "Nice view." and kept walking.

Zoe looked up at me and asked "what did she mean by that?" "I don't know, I guess she liked looking at you." then Zoe realized she wasn't covered too well. With that, Zoe went to her room and put on shorts and a dating websites for kids or teens tee shirt, and went back to the kitchen to watch the construction some more. We didn't want to go back to the beach, it was very hot, and Zoe didn't enjoy it that much gay male teen websites anyway for datingay male teen websites for dating g, so we stayed home, and played video games for a while. After lunch, I remembered that Katie had a small collection of porn, so I went searching for it.

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