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As I said all started at the university.“ Mom told me the story of her first lesbian relationship. It was her lesbian roommate Christine with whom she was in idaho minor a dating laws in minor dating in a laws idaho love for over two years. She taught my mom almost everything about eating out a girl or the proper usage of toys. When Christine broke up, mom wasn‘t that sweet little girl anymore. From that point on started to date both, male and female until she met dad.

But although she married dad she sometimes thought naughty things about girls and

dating a minor in idaho laws
dating a minor in idaho laws dating a minor in idaho laws women she saw. While mom told me this story I once again got horny.

My pussy started to moisture and soon I was dripping wet. Because of the fact that I did dating a minor in idaho laws a laws minor not in idaho dating wear any panties the crotch of my shorts were darkening in no time. I tried to hide it at first but when she began to speak about her ual activities I couldn‘t stand it any longer and I started to caress my breasts. At first I caressed myself slowly through the fabric of my shirt and bra but soon after dating a minor in idaho laws that my hand got under my shirt. Mom must have seen it because she laid one of her hands slowly west virginia state laws dating minors onto my tits. „Seems that my little girl like girls as laws idaho in dating a minor well... Would you feel more comfortable if you would pull your shirt off?“ With that mom pulled up her own shirt and tossed it away. Mom did not wear any dating a minor in idaho laws bra but her tits were full and tight. Her pink nipples surrounded by those nice darker areoles were hard and erected.

I was speechless and all I could do was staring dating a minor in idaho laws dating a minor in idaho laws dating a minor in idaho laws at her beautiful tits while I tossed my shirt away as well. Mom‘s hand reached behind my back and in under two seconds she opened my bra and threw it tim laws in dating a minor idaho minor idaho in dating a laws laws minor dating a in idaho dating a minor in idaho laws dating a minor in idaho laws rozon and alexz johnson dating down to my shirt. Her hand reached out and started to play with my nipples. When her fingers touched me I couldn‘t do anything but moan. This feeling was so amazing way more sensitive than Chris‘ or anyone else. I took it between my fingertips and started to turn them a bit. I could feel that idaho in minor laws dating a her nipple got even harder so I began to tickle and pinch them a bit. From the expression in her face I saw that she loved it. I would like to kiss and suck them...“ „Don‘t talk, just do it.“ With that I bend forward and placed a kiss right onto her nipple. After that I started caressing it with my tongue while I was softly sucking. I had to moan as well because her fingers not anymore played with my nipples but pinched and pulled them. Suddenly I noticed her other hand unbuttoning my shorts. Before I realized what was happening her hand was deep inside my shorts beginning to massage my slit.

But I guess you got that from me...“ dating a minor in idaho ladating a minor in idaho laws in dating idaho minor a laws ws mom moaned. My slit was now not only dripping wet but like a waterfall. I started to suck moms nipple harder while one hand pinched her other nipple. With my free hand I made my way down to her shorts and unbuttoned it as well. Then I pushed my hand right onto her slit only to notice that she was wearing dating a minor in idaho laws no panties as well. „Mom, I got that naughtiness definitively from you... and the preferences for hot girls...“ Mom smiled and entered my hole with two fingers. Slowly she started dating a minor in idaho laws finger-ing my pussy while caressing my clit with her thumb. „You‘ll get that back.“ So I pushed three fingers into her and started to hump her. Mom pulled dating a minor in idaho laws dating a minor in idaho laws dating a minor in idaho laws her hand out of my shorts and I thought ', that‘s it!‘ but I was wrong. Where we will go now you won‘t need them.“ Mom stood up dating a minor in idaho laws and let her shorts fall down. This will be real girl fun.“ We went to the master‘s bedroom and mom pushed me down onto the bed. Immediately two of her dating a minor in idaho laws dating a minor in idaho laws fingers were back in my pussy while her other hand’s fingers pinched my nipple. With her tongue she sucked on my other nipple until I started moaning again. Her fingers

dating ed a minor in idaho laws idaho ladating a minor in idaho laws dating a minor in idaho laws ws me hard and deep and searched for my g-spot. When she found it waves of pure lust and pleasure shot through me and I started cuming. I began to squirt gush after gush onto her fingers while I screamed. After I calmed down she pulled her fingers out and licked them clean.

I really need it now.“ Mom laid next to a laws dating minor in idaho dating a minor in idaho laws dating a minor in idaho me ladating a minor in idaho laws ws and spread her legs showing me her perfect pussy. I licked my fingers wet and buried three of them deep in my mom‘s cunt. „Sweety, do me, please!“ So I started to hump her deeper and harder. Mom pushed her hips against my hand every time I pushed into her. I want to be filled...“ I was a bit scared but did north dakota laws regarding dating minors as she said so I inserted one more finger and quickened up a bit. Do it!“ I couldn‘t believe what I did next but I dating a pushed minor in idaho laws in my thumb in as well. Forming a fist in her womb I began to pump her like that. Her pussy stretched as I ed her with my fist but mom seemed to like it that way. In no time mom‘s eyes rolled back and she began to buckle. Big fountains of her pussy juice shot out and covered my arm, body and face. When mom finally stopped cuming the bed sheets were soaked completely. I pulled out my hand and collapsed right next to her drifting away to sleep. I don‘t know how long we lay there but I woke up when someone kissed me. When I opened my eyes I saw my mom‘s face smiling at me. I would like to do this again...“ „Mom, I have to thank you as well. This was unbelievable and I would like to do this again as well...“ We kissed each other‘s passionately and tongued a bit until mom looked at the clock. Movie will be over soon and we have to prepare everything for our girl‘s night. Put nail polish and everything else in the living room... ****************************** Please write comments either if you liked it or not. I will publish part IV only if most of you like it and write a nice comment. ^^ kisses Lara Chapter 2 Note: Taking her to new places Older /Anal /Fisting Fiction Janet and I had a really nice dinner, Lobster and raw oysters with corn on the cob and it was steamed. Before during and after dinner we consumed 2 1/2 bottles of wine. You could say that all that wine made her really horny. We cleaned up and i help her dry the dishes and put them away. She said "her EX would never help her in the kitchen." I said " growing up I idaho a dating laws in minor dating a minor in idaho laws helped my mother all the time." I told her " my mother raise me with manners. I told her" by teaching me to be polite to women has got me a lot dating a minor in of idaho laws pussy most of my life." My mother told me " if you treat a woman with respect you get a lot more from them later." Janet said " I saw that right from dating a minor in idaho laws the start, all the people I talked with said you were always polite. You always asked them if you could help them in some way." She said " one call I made was to Bob and Sam. Bob told me you would offer your help to carry things in from the car when his wife returned from shopping. You offered to watch the kids while he and his wife needed their private time." She said "they told her that out of all the contractors that worked on their house you were the only one that dating a minor in idaho laws got more work from them." "Well little did they know Sam was a redhead and I love redheads, that entire job I had thoughts of ing her like a wildman" I dating a minor in idaho laws said to her. "Really" is all she said " It pays to be nice" I told her "it has got me more work and word of mouth is a very good way minor laws in to idaho dating aa minor idaho in dating laws

g> not have down time between jobs." " Speaking of down time" she says " I think it is time for more fun," "don't you think"? " Your reading my mind my dear, lets do it to it." Off to bed we went, we did not make it to dating a minor laws in virginia the bed room with any clothes on.

She hopped in and laid down on her back,

dating a minor Legs in idaho laws
spread wide open.

Low and behold she was shaved clean and I asked her" when did you do that?" She said "when you were cooking and watching the steamer pot dating a minor in idaho laws dating a minor in idaho laws and setting the table I went in and did it as fast as I could without cutting myself, do you like it?" " I love it, just how I like eating pussy" " I'm glad you like it" she said and I lowered my face to her waiting and wanting pussy. There is something about being up close and personal that just blows my laws minor dating in idaho a dating a minor in idaho laws mind and other things. "LOL" By now you should realize I love 69 by my handle, "roofer2469. " I like finding the women whose ex's never would go down on them. Everyone of them would tell me it was the best orgasm's they had ever had and all of them would asked for more. Janet told me " I want you to lick idaho dating a laws minor in my pussy for as long as you want, all night if need be." I asked her " and what are you going to do for me?" She said "when she has had dating a minor in idaho laws dating a enough minor in idahdating a minor in idaho laws o laws she would reward me handsomely." "OK" I replied and went to town on this horny old bag.

I like to tease them to the point where they grab my head dating a minor in idaho laws dating a minor in idaho laws and stuff my face into the pussy. I started by licking her inner thighs right up to her lips, never going near her Clit, always going near it but never touching it. Lick dating a minor in idaho lawsdating a minor in idaho laws her down over her little brown eye, licking her crack from bottom to top or front to back. I was stopping at her hot hole and sticking my tongue inside dating a minor in idaho laws her dripping hot honey pot. Drop back down and suck on her asshole, teasing her with the tip of my tongue, sucking on it to get it nice and relaxed. It dating a minor in idaho laws is one lesson that has stayed with me my whole life, paying attention to there assholes always gets them really ing hot and sooner or later they are going to tell you dating a minor in idaho laws dating a minor in idaho to laws them up their asses. Even after her telling me " she does not do anal" and me plowing her ass that afternoon I was getting to her and that it felt" Soooooo good and don't stop" keep doing what your doing, don't stop, please keep going." Her ass got so relaxed that my tongue was going inside her asshole with in minor a laws idaho dating ease. I figured it was time to go up and lip grab her clit and stop teasing her. Well let me tell you that was the perfect time, she let out a scream that just about gave me a heart attack. She grabbed my head and stuffed it into her pussy, I swear she was trying to drive my head deep inside her. trust a dating in minor laws idaho me that thought has always turned me on, My whole head inside a women's pussy, right past my ears, wiggle your ears and watch them cum in buckets. That dating a minor in idaho old laws saying " If you make them and take them beyond where they have ever been they are yours for life." I bump into old girlfriends now and then and everyone of them greets me with a smile and a big hug. You can see it in their eyes they remember just how ing good you licked them to a frazzle. How hard of a time they have had trying to find another man to do to them what I have done to them. Many women have asked for my hand in marriage and disappoint

dating a minor in idaho laws
dating a minor in idaho laws them by saying " NO".

By now she is so hot I stick two fingers inside her dripping pussy, curl them up to find her little hot bump, getting it to grow for me, making it hard as a little rock, then licking her Clit and pressing up against her bump at the same time. She lets out a long a loud scream as

dating a minor in idaho laws
she goes off like a rocket. that is the move to get her seeping juice, like a turned on water faucet. I place three fingers inside and start rubbing her to another big gush of juice. "Oh my God" she says " you are touching me in places only my dildo has touched." I said "give me ten more minutes and your going to dating a say minor in idaho ldating a laws in minor idaho aws that again, "OH?" "YUP" I was sucking her Clit lightly pulling it away from her just like sucking her nipples.

she was non stop leaking now, in went four fingers. Now I am wiggling my fingers inside her and stroking in and out of her slow at first then picking up the tempo and just waiting for her to start seeping again. As soon as it starts flowing it's time to try and get my whole hand up her hot dripping pussy. She was soaking wet by now so this should go dating a minor in idaho laws dating a minor in idaho laws in without much of a struggle. By now she has both her hands around my arm and using it like a big Kong Dong dildo. The top knuckles are having a dating a minor in idaho laws dating a minor in idaho laws dating a minor in idaho laws tough time getting past her outside lips. I'm looking for the super glide, this may not go as I planned.

All of a sudden her pussy relaxed and my hand went in with no effort at all. I put some lube around my arm knowing full well where it was going. She pulled it in as far as she could get it, dating a minor in idaho laws right up against her cervix. She held it there for a minute or so getting used of the size taking up the space inside feeling the full feeling. I said "let dating a minor in idaho laws laws a in dating minor idaho go of my arm doll" and she did looking at me with her beautiful blue eyes. "be gentle with me" I said "Remember my mother taught me manners" "Yes you did". I idaho dating minor in lawsdating a minor in idaho laws a had her right where I wanted her and she knew it. I told her" this is going to take you places you have never been before." Twice today you have taken dating a minor me in idaho laws places I have never been before." "You ed my ass off and now you have your hand and arm stuffed up inside of me, that makes two firsts today for me." Little did she know what she was in for. I slowly started pulling my arm out up to my wrist and pushing back in to the end.

With a closed dating a minor in idaho laws fist pulling out slowly was getting her to start shaking, I stopped moving to let her settle down, push back in and start shaking again. Open my hand pull out and she would not shake, Hmmmmm that was interesting. I eased back up to the end and started to wiggle my fingers, THAT WAS THE TRICK!!! She started gushing pussy juice to no dating a minor in idaho end laws, I tossed the lube up on the head board, We were not going to need that anymore. "Faster" she says as I get a nice and steady pace going, shes breathing faster like shes giving birth all over again. The panting starts as shes getting more horny then she has ever been before. And all the time pouring her sweet juice out all over me, her and the bed. "Oh my God" she keeps saying "That feels so ing good, I don't want you to stop, Please keep ing me like this." I started to go a little faster and you could see that was exactly what she wanted." You know just when to change pace, don't you?" "Yes I do doll, your in for a wild time and it is not over yet." She looked at me with wonderment in her eyes."This gets better"? Now I close my fist and start pulling dating a minor in idaho laws out past my wrist up to the first row of knuckles, then push back in and she starts to shake like before. Her pussy juice is getting heavy now thicker then before, it looks like very light white cream, and it is real slippery. Her eyes are closed and I grab the dildo and put it under her dripping hole. I'm dating a minor in idaho laws dating a minor in idaho laws getting faster now,really getting faster and it is sending her off to a constant orgasm. I slowly push the dildo in her tight little asshole.

Her eyes open wide feeling it dating a minor in idaho laws dating a minor in idaho laws getting pushed up inside her."Your a sneak ya know?" "yes and your in trouble now" I said. Her look was "What am I in for now?" I get this thing dating stuffed a minor in idadating a minor in ho idaho lawsdating a minor in idaho laws dating a minor in idaho laws dating a minor in idaho laws g> laws inside her where it stops from going in anymore, a good 12 inches is deep inside her, filling her bowels to the hilt. I pull my arm back to my hand, then push the dildo in her ass. I pull it out then stuff my hand and arm back up her cunt. I get a good steady pace going and this is what she has been waiting for, little did I know this woman was willing me to do this. Now the sounds start, moaning, groaning, whimpering, gasping, grunting and screaming. My arm dating a minor in and idaho laws a minor in idaho l

dating a minor in idaho laws
aws the dildo look like the steam locomotive moving at a high rate of speed. This horny old bitch is getting ed like there is no laws in michigan minor dating adult tomorrow. And telling me to "dating a minor in idaho laws Keep going" her voice trailing off because it feels to good to speak, to waste her breath on a not stop orgasm. I turned the dildo on to the highest speed it would go and start ramming her harder and faster, driving each one of them to the end, it is like punching a punching bag, ending inside her cunt and ass with force."Oh my God" she kept repeating, over and over cumming her brains out.

She was shaking like crazy now, taking this assault and not wanting it to stop. Her thick minor a dating white laws idaho in cream cumming out of her, lubing the dildo up for it's next deep plunge. Her body went stiff, her eyes rolled up under her eye lids and she passed out.

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