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Riley gently leads my face to hers for a quick kiss. I smile and tap Kelly's arm to let her know she can pull out now. She lines her alex pettyfer and emma roberts dating cock up with my entrance and rolls her hips but doesn't push deeper. I bite my lip and cup my breasts while looking down at her. Riley had gotten the luck of the draw with getting the wider strap on.

Do you like how deep you're taking me?" Riley husks as she grabs my hips and fills me to the hilt with alex pettyfer and emma roberts dating alex pettyfer and emma roberts dating her cock.

Another hand slides over my ribs and I look behind me to see Kelly, sans strap on, straddling Riley's thighs behind me. She smirks and leads my lips to alex pettyfer and emma roberts dating roberts hers emma dating alex pettyfer and so seductively slow.

Riley starts rolling her hips and I moan into my blonde's mouth. I wanna see her cock disappear into your wet pussy." Kelly whispers against my cheek as she slaps my ass with both hands. Riley moans from what I assume is the face plate of the dildo pressing against her clit. I do it, again and again, releasing moans with every thrust. Riley groans and reaches around my hips to grip my ass and slam me down onto her cock. I let out a squeak of surprise and lean alex pettyfer and emma roberts dating back into Kelly. My blonde reaches her arms around me again and cups my breasts while rolling my nipples between two fingers. I whimper and let Riley lead me up and down alex pettyfer and emma roberts dating

alex pettyfer and emma roberts dating
on her cock. "You are so y Em, so ing y." Kelly whispers into my ear then drags her teeth over my neck. Just like that!" I cry out when Riley
alex pettyfer and emma roberts dating
pushes her feet into the mattress and thrusts upwards roughly, drilling my cunt fervently. Take her cock so deep in your pussy." I moan and reach behind me to grab the large alex pettyfer and emma roberts dating friends dating online for singles back of her head, sliding my fingers into her blonde locks and holding her to me. Riley groans and digs her fingers into my ass, probably leaving dating roberts pettyfer emma alex and bruises but what do I care if I get an orgasm? I moan deeply and feels tears stinging my eyes from all the pleasure. The brunette sits up with a feral glint in her eyes and leans back on one hand while the other stays with me to grab my ass.

Her hips start pumping again and I nearly faint in pleasure. It feels like her hips are in overdrive, ing me with so much energy I start to shake.

Kelly drops one hand between my legs and rubs my clit with persistent fingers. I alex pettyfer and emma roberts dating alex pettyfer and emma roberts dating gasp, my jaw dropped in a silent scream, my back arches and my muscles flutter around Riley's cock. Riley grunts out a few curse words and roughly fills me to the hilt in the last few thrusts, her own orgasm rushing through her. I shut my eyes tightly and dig my fingers into the back of Kelly's head. Kelly slows her fingers to let me ride out my orgasm and I gratefully lean back against her as Riley falls back limply against the bed. I pant harshly and Kelly softly takes me into her arms. Riley effortlessly slides out of me and my blonde leads me to lay in between them. I instinctively curl around Kelly with our fingers interlocked between us. Riley shifts behind me and I turn my head enough to see her taking off the harness. "That was amazing Riley." I smile and Riley smirks back. I was dying for an orgasm." Riley chuckles alex pettyfer and emma roberts dating alex pettyfer and emma roberts dating and grabs her clothes. I smile and turn in Kelly's embrace to face the brunette. "I think it's safe to say it was our pleasure." I smirk and Kelly chuckles lightly behind me. Riley smiles and leans over the bed to kiss Kelly and me on the cheek. Before Riley starts to dress Kelly offers her our shower which Riley takes gratefully. I sigh and turn back to Kelly once Riley is in the shower. Kelly smiles and pushes back a few strands of hair from my face. Did my 1- 2- 3- alex pettyfer and emma roberts dating alex pettyfer and emma roberts dating 4 orgasms tell you nothing?" I ask while I count out my orgasms on my fingers. Kelly laughs and wraps her arm around my waist, pulling me closer for a kiss. I smile against her lips and hook my leg over her hip. She pulls back and rests her forehead against mine with closed eyes. So when it gets rough, because it will eventually, I want you to remember that I'll love you even when I hate you." I tell her, tilting her chin upwards to make her look me in the eyes. "I alex dating emma and pettyfer roberts alex pettyfer guess and emma roberts dating I picked the right student, huh?" My jaw drops and she bursts out laughing. I playfully smack her shoulder and wiggle in her embrace to get out. Kelly swiftly rolls on alex pettyfer and emma roberts dating alex pettyfer and emma roberts top dating of me and holds my hands down against the pillows. I struggle underneath her whining about her special students. "Shhh," She kisses me, "Shhh, I'm messing with you.

I would alex pettyfer and emma roberts dating never want anyone else, including my ex-special-students." I stop struggling and look into her eyes.

Kelly nods her head and initiates a deep slow kiss that allows us to reconnect after everything alex pettyfer and emma roberts dating

pettyfer and alex dating roberts emma
that had just transpired. The bathroom door opens and we pull away from each other slightly breathless. I'll walk you down." Kelly says as she slides on her robe. Riley follows Kelly out jay manuel and j alexander dating of our bedroom with a small wave to me. Suddenly my phone starts to ring and I reach over to my nightstand where it rests. I just wanted to talk for a few minutes." She continues. I ran into her today and she told me you two got together over the weekend for lunch when she was visiting her brother. What'pettyfer emma dating roberts and alex s this about mom?" I ask, hoping she will get to the point soon. "Well, she said you have been in a relationship with this girl for about 2 years now. But we only heard about her last year, in fact, you only told us you were out last year and refuse to tell us her name even." I close my eyes and alex pettyfer and emma roberts dating slide underneath the covers, groaning into the blankets. Your father and I would like to finally meet this mystery woman." I quickly shake my head. She- She has friends and family that alex pettyfer and emma roberts dating alex pettyfer and emma roberts dating she has to visit." I excuse quickly. Why are you hiding under the covers?" I hear Kelly's voice from the doorway. Will you please put her on the phone?" My mother asks. I come out from under the covers and look at Kelly with wide eyes.

"Mom, I really would rather not." Kelly's eyes widen in surprise. "Emily Marie Heart put her on the phone right this instant." I sigh. I pull the phone away from my ear and cover the speaker with my hand. "She wants to talk to you." I grimace at Kelly's pale face. I stand and walk to her with a hopefully calming smile. Just a few seconds and then give it back to me." Kelly takes a deep and alex dating pettyfer roberts emma breath and nods her head, knowing my mother won't take no for an answer. I hand the phone over to her and she forces a smile. Heart...My name is Kelly...Uh, alex pettyfer and no emma roberts alex pettyfer and emma roberts dating dating, I-I guess not...If it's okay with E-...oh, she is." Kelly hands the phone back with a guilty face.

I narrow my eyes at her while alex pettyfer and emma roberts dating I address my mom again. "You agreed to Thanksgiving with my whole family Kelly! What the hell were you thinking?!" I ask incredulously, starting to pace in front of her. Kelly folds her arms and shrugs her shoulders defensively. Because she'll come out here and drag us both there if I do and you know it!" Kelly argues. "I wanted you to tell her you also have other things to do! Because now we have to go to Thanksgiving and blindside everyone with the fact that I'm out and proud with my lesbian girlfriend! I am NOT ready for that kind of rejection yet Kelly! How to tell them and- and I can't..." Kelly swiftly envelopes the hot sobbing mess that is me into her arms. I cry against her chest as she softly strokes my hair and calms me down with soothing words. When I've calmed down enough to only be sniffling Kelly

alex pettyfer and emma roberts dating
tilts my head up to hers. We will get on an airplane and fly over early so your parents can meet me first. Then, we will meet the rest of your family alex pettyfer and emma roberts dating and they will deal with it, however, they want but know that your parents and I will never ever love you any less." Kelly whispers to me while she wipes my cheeks alex pettyfer and emma roberts dating of tears. I helplessly whimper at how amazing she is and connect our lips in probably our worse kiss ever.

She cups my cheeks gently and pulls away to rest her forehead emma pettyfer roberts and dating alex and emma pettyfer dating alex roberts alex pettyfer and emma roberts dating against mine. "I love you, Kelly." She smiles at me with so much love and gentleness that I melt into her arms. ---------- Kelly takes my hand and gives me a

pettyfer roberts emma and dating alex
roberts pettyfer alex dating and emma alex pettyfer and emma roberts dating smile. We were sitting outside in a rental car in front of my parent's house. Kelly parks the car and gets out to grab our bags from the trunk.

There is alex pettyfer and emma roberts dating dating emma roberts and pettyfer alex alex pettyfer and emma roberts dating already a little bit of snow on the ground from the early winter this year so tim rozon and alexz johnson dating I carefully step out of the car and take my bag from Kelly. She reassuringly slides her hand into mine as we walk up to the front steps. I knock on the door and my mother immediately opens it, she had probably been watching from the window.

"Emily!" My mother screeches excitedly and pulls me into a hug. Despite the butterflies in my stomach I smile genuinely and hug her back eagerly. "Oh, you must be Kelly." I alex pettyfer and emma roberts dating hear my mom say and she pulls away from the hug. Heart, it's a pleasure to meet you." My mom gives me an impressed look as she shakes Kelly's hand. "Polite and beautiful, I don't know why you've hidden her all this time Emily." My mother compliments. Kelly takes my coat for me as my mother goes to find my alex emma dating pettyfer and roberts father. Being their only child and a girl my father is quite protective of me. "Look him in the eyes and do not, whatever you do, stutter or back down. He will alex pettyfer and emma roberts dating never respect you if you do." I whisper to Kelly as I take her coat in turn. I'm pretty amazing if you haven't noticed." Kelly says playfully. I just don't want this to go wrong." Kelly smiles and kisses my cheek. My father comes down the hall and I take a deep breath. Kelly this is Richard, my father." I pettyfer alex dating and roberts emma introduce them.

I hold my breath as Kelly reaches out and gives my father what looks like is a firm handshake. "Sir, it's a pleasure to meet you." Kelly nods her emma roberts pettyfer alex dating and alex pettyfer and emma roberts dating head. After some time my father nods his head back and releases my girlfriend's hand. We're going to go put our bags away." I say and grab my bag and alex pettyfer and emma roberts dating Kelly's hand. It's fairly big and I definitely have a large bed that takes up a little less than half my room.

I set my bag down on the bed and quickly surprise Kelly with a hug. She chuckles and holds me tight and kisses the top of my head.

"Em, you need to relax or no one else will." Kelly whispers to me. "I know, I know." I open my bag and start to unload my clothes into the drawers. Kelly follows my lead until suddenly my mom shows up in alex pettyfer and emma roberts dating the doorway with a face of regret. My mom bites her lip and glanced at Kelly who is continuing to put away her things. You said it yourself that we've been together for almost two years! We sleep in the same bed together every night!" I whine. At this point, Kelly has turned around with furrowed brows. Kelly will sleep perfectly fine in my craft room, I promise." I frown and groan, giving my mom the best set of begging eyes I can. She sighs and puts her hands on her hips, narrowing her alex pettyfer and emma roberts dating eyes at me. Anyone that you would've brought home would be sleeping in that room." My mother gives me a pointed look to make me cooperate before leaving the room. If that is the house rule than I am more than happy to follow it." Kelly insists and starts to pack her things back into her bag. "So where is your mother's alex roberts pettyfer and dating emma watson and daniel radcliffe dating emma alex pettyfer and emma roberts dating craft room?" Kelly asks as she gathers her things. I lead her a few door down the hallway, grumbling about stupid rules along the way. I open the door to the craft room to show Kelly the twin bed with more than enough quilts on it and the surrounding sewing machine, pillows, and rolls of materials. Kelly gives me a quick kiss on the cheek before she walks in and sets her bag down. "I'm sorry." I say softly and Kelly looks to me with a soft smile. "Emily, if you keep apologizing for alex everything pettyfer and emma roberts dating while we're here I'm going to go crazy." Kelly says. I walk downstairs when I see that Kelly isn't finished unpacking yet. It's close to dinner time alex pettyfer and emma roberts dating so I find my mom cooking in the kitchen with my dad sitting at the kitchen table still looking at the newspaper from this morning. "Are the separate bedrooms really necessary?" emma and roberts pettyfer dating alex I ask my father.

He glances up from the newspaper before looking back to it. "If you had stayed over with your girlfriend a year ago it would have only happened the first time you two visited. But since this is the fist time after nearly two years into your relationship that you've visited together, it is happening now. If you decide to come again you will be able to share a bed.

But not on this visit." He concludes and glances up at me one more time before going back to the paper.

He's angry about me keeping my relationship from them. A hand touches the small of my back and I look to see Kelly smiling at me. It smells amazing." I walk over to mom and try to sneak a carrot but she smacks my hand before It reaches my lips. Kelly chuckles and takes a seat at the table with my dad. Spaghetti with meat sauce, salad, and garlic bread." My mom says with a smile. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" I squeal and kiss her cheek.

"Why don't you two go alex pettyfer and set emma roberts dating the table?" My mother asks and stirs the sauce. We quietly set the table until my mother announces dinner.

My father takes the seat at the head of the table while alex pettyfer and my emma roberts datiroberts emma and dating pettyfer alex alex pettyfer and emma roberts dating ng mother sits on his right. After a few seconds of awkward silence, my father finally speaks up. "So, Kelly, what do you do while Emily is in school?" He asks. My alex pettyfer and emma roberts dating father is straight forward so I'm sure this is one of the less rude questions he has for my girlfriend. "I got a job at the local high school as a history teacher." My dad nods his head with respect.

They ask a few questions about school and Kelly's job. "Um, we were just both at the right place at the right time I suppose." Kelly supplies. I take a large gulp of my water and my mom raises an eyebrow. No romantic gestures or cute little notes?" My mother asks with a frown. "We...We met...Maybe we'll talk after dinner." I say nervously and take another drink of water. My mother furrows her brows and sets online dating black book keep alex pettyfer and emma roberts track dating down her fork. I can't think so it's horrible." I look at Kelly who shrugs her shoulders to leave it up to me. I take a deep breath and alex pettyfer and emma roberts dating prepare for their reactions. Both of my parents are stiff in their chairs and I know Kelly hasn't dared to look up at them. Harper, my history teacher from my senior alex pettyfer and emma year roberts dating, was Kelly. Kelly Harper is her full name." I close my eyes and wait for them to explode. Kelly swiftly slides her hand into mine and gives me a reassuring squeeze. "alex pettyfer and emma roberts dating Were you involved with her while you were her student?" My mom asks with a soft rage in her voice. I look up and see her gripping her wine glass with alex emma and dating pettyfer roberts white knuckles. "I-" I start off and my mother shakes her head and interrupts me. Did...Did you sleep with her when you were her student? Or, God hopefully, did you just fall in love?" I bite my lip and glance to my father who has a distant look on his face. I look back to my mother, tears building in my eyes. "We alex pettyfer and emma roberts dating did sleep together at first- but we fell in love." I explain quickly. My mother stands up quickly, her chair being pushed back to bang against the wall and her wine sloshing onto the table. She hadn't even graduated yet and you're- you're seducing her to sleep with you!

You might not like what we did THREE years ago but she is my girlfriend and I love her very much." I say strictly. My mother continues to glare at Kelly, her chest heaving with rage. "I love your daughter and I hate

alex pettyfer and emma roberts dating
the way our relationship started but...I can't take back what we did and start over after she graduated." Kelly says gently. You made her love you at such a young alex age pettyfer and emma roberts dat
alex pettyfer and emma roberts dating
ing I'm surprised she hasn't left you yet! She only made a move on you to get into your damn pants!" My mother yells. I'm ready to defend Kelly alex pettyfer and emma roberts dating alex pettyfer and emma roberts dating when the blonde bursts up in her seat. I didn't plan on falling in love with Emily- in fact, sometimes I wish I hadn't just so she could have a better life with someone else!

So that people didn't stare when she kisses her way too old girlfriend! So people don't think that when we go out to dinner alex pettyfer and emma roberts dating that somehow we're related! But I love her...and maybe I'm selfish for not walking away so she can have a better life but I don't EVER want to alex emma dating and roberts pettyfer even think about her with someone else." My mother is ready to start firing off again when my father stands up. He looks at me with no emotion before leaving the room.

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