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“But… but miss, I…” she started but couldn’t finish. “Ah yes, you’ll miss his dick.” she said, testing the tails on the whip. “who is adrienne bailon currently dating There’s plenty enough dick around here to fill that void for you.” James walked back around to the front and got his eyes full of the breasts she had. Not yet touched by time, they jutted out in front of her.

The cool room had its effect on her nipples as they protruded from her mounds. He was getting

who is adrienne bailon currently dating
aroused by the view and thought to turn away from it, fearing Cathleen’s wrath. That did absolutely no good as Cat said, “Panties too.” James couldn’t argue as it was his fault that this was going the way it was. He walked over and grabbed the strings that held her panties on to untie it, listening to her who is adrienne bailon currently dating moan, “Oh no.” while they came off of her legs. He saw the pubic hairs that matched her blonde locks fashioned around her .

A man is a man and who is adrienne bailon currently dating who is one adrienne bailon currently dating cannot help but be seriously affected by that sight. He stood up to find his cock in a bind and was forced to readjust himself. “Now you’ve gotten who is adrienne bailon currently dating who is adrienne bailon currently dating my husband excited.” Cathleen pointed out, “Are you happy now?” swinging the whip around in a whirlwind. “No miss.” she replied, not even looking up. James

who is adrienne bailon currently dating
who is adrienne bailon currently dating
who is adrienne bailon currently dating couldn’t help but feel he was part of an erotic movie, playing the role of a submissive husband in a BDSM skit. He thought to take control of the situation who is adrienne bailon currently dating before it got out of control and raised his hand to take the whip from her. “What, you want to punish her?” Cat asked, looking at him doubtfully. “who is adrienne bailon currently dating who is adrienne Yeah bailon currently dating, I can give her the lashings.” he replied, motioning her to hand it over. She looked at him like she caught him cheating, “Oh hell no you bailon adrienne who currently dating is who is adrienne bailon currently dating are.” she replied, refusing his request for the whip. “Come on Cat, as mad as you are, you might be too hard on her.” James pointed out, giving her his own doubtful look. This whip won’t cut her and she well deserves It.” she replied, pulling the whip behind her back. But it didn’t mean he had to relent so easily, “But if I do it, you won’t have to put any effort out for It.” he explained, hoping to address her dominate side. We know how you like to punish women buddy.” she said, placing her fists on her hips. How would you know, I’ve never done it.” James replied, defending his position. “I can say one word to prove that you liar.” she replied, and he looked at her curiously, “Jen!” Oh great, she had to bring who is currently dating adrienne bailon the past into it. After she spanked his balls for punishing Jen with orgasms, she reminds him of it whenever it’s convenient for her. That was a long time ago!” he defended, remembering the day Mike went to the servant quarters to take a slave for his own. “None the less, we aren’t leaving punishment up to you anymore.” she replied, and ended that argument post haste, “Now get her feet tied, I don’t want her kicking me.” He threw up his hands and let out a sigh. He walked over to the wrist bound Ginger and tugged at her ankle. He got it locked in place at the bottom of the wooden X frame. Grabbing the other, he locked that as well, patting her on the calf, hoping to reassure her. The device could be pivoted in the center and he made sure the bar who is adrienne bailon currently dating
who is adrienne was bailon currently dating
in place so it wouldn’t move. Stepping back, he admired the helpless servant in front of him. “Quit lusting and move aside.” Cathleen said, getting in position. “who is adrienne bailon currently dati
who is adrienne bailon currently dating
I ought to beat you for making my husband horny.” she said, directing her comments at the wide-eyed servant. “I… I’m sorry miss, I didn’t mean to.” she defended, tears forming in her eyes again.

We’ll have to see what you can do later.” she huffed, and then asked, “Are you ready thief?” waving the whip in front of her eyes. Her eyes followed the whip as it swung in front of her, “Ye… Yes miss.” she said with a nervous who is adrienne bailon whisper currently dating. “Very well, just to show you I am not completely heartless, I will give them to you in fives.” she said, “Giving you a chance to recover who is adrienne bailon currently dating a little.” easing her husband’s concerns.

James watched as Cathleen reared back with the whip and let it fly at the girl, striking her on the left breast. No who is adrienne bailon currently dating sooner than she pulled back did James see red stripes form on it. The effect was amazing to James, who had his own kinks to deal with. Ginger tensed in pain who is adrienne bailon currently dating from it, struggling against her bonds, and gasping for breath. This brought his arousal even further into realization as he watched the whip strike the inside thigh on her right leg. Something who is adrienne bailon currently about dating a girl struggling in bonds was a huge turn-on for him and he moaned from the sight of it. Cathleen walked to the left side of the arthur rogers who is adrienne bailon currently dating who is adrienne bailon currently dating dating hot young girls girl and struck her right breast with the straps, leaving a similar mark and similar tense reaction from it. Her next strike was on the inside

bailon adrienne is who dating currently
thigh of her left leg, leaving the girl trembling from the pain. Ginger clenched her teeth and let out a sob, tugging at the wrist and ankle bracelets. The fifth strike who is adrienne bailon currently dating who is adrienne bailon currently dating went between her legs, licking at her ass. Her labia felt the strike as well, leaving it slightly pink.

She stepped back from her work, listening to the girl pant in air from her punishment. Glancing at James as he rubbed himself through his pants, she said, “The thief has you all worked up huh?” eyeing him from head to groin. “Um, yeah… Maybe I shouldn’t see this.” James said, trying to defuse his aroused state. He started for the door and Cat stopped him, “Oh no, you aren’t leaving.” she ordered, “You’re the reason I’m punishing her instead of carting her off to jail.” she finished loudly over the sobs Ginger was putting out. James came back and sat down on a padded saw horse used to flog or screw people as they bent over it. Like the cross, it too had cuffs on each end and he found them interesting to look at, diverting his eyes from the whip-wielding Cathleen.

Cathleen returned her attention to the task at hand when Ginger’s

adrienne dating currently bailon who is
sobbing quieted down. “Well bitch, you ready for five more?” she asked, twirling the whip in her hand. “Oh please” she sobbed, “go easy!’ she begged is bailon currently adrienne dating who between her gasps.

“Hmmm… interesting you would say that.” she mused, “I’ll go as easy on you as you were on me, taking my things without a who is adrienne bailon currently dating concern in the world.” and struck the girl on her left breast again, giving James an eyeful of her struggling against the bonds.

“Are you going to steal from me again bitch!” she seethed, striking her right inner thigh. She struggled from the strikes and managed to squeak out, “No miss!” between her clinched teeth, writhing who is adrienne bailon currently dating who is adrienne bailon currently dating who is adrienne bailon currently dating who is adrienne bailon currently dating from the pain. “I’ll not tolerate” Cat started, striking Ginger’s right breast, and finished with, “thievery in my household!” she said, emphasizing her words with a strike on Ginger’s left inner thigh. “Ever!” she yelled, striking the girl under her , licking her backside and labia too. It was a perfect strike for James as he watched Ginger arch her back, jutting her tits even further out at him. He actually moaned from the sight and grabbed himself. That brought Cathleen’s attention to him and she reacted by grabbing Ginger by the hair, “Look bitch! You’ve got him going crazy!” and forced the poor girl to look at James. She moaned between her gasps and cried, “I… I’m… so… sorry!” Ginger replied, as drool ran down her chin from her sobbing. She was showing the wear that Cathleen had given her with makeup smeared on her face and pink stripes adorning her private parts. “If you think I’m going to him after you turned him on, you’ve got another thing coming!” Cathleen spat, and slapped her face away. “This bitch doesn’t realize what she’s doing to you James.” directing her attention back to him. “Go ahead, show her what she’s done.” she ordered. “What?” James replied in awe, “You can’t be serious!” amazed at the dominate side of his wife. She’d gotten more aggressive since he’d known her over the past year.

When he first met her, she just had inherited the fortune from her father. Now, currently is who bailon adrienne dating she ruled her empire with a stern hand instead of the haphazard state he met her in. “She needs to realize her actions have consequences. Now get that monster who is adrienne bailon currently dating out here so she can see what she’s caused.” Cat demanded, swishing the whip back and forth. He sighed heavily at her demand and dropped his head. Unzipping his fly, he fished himself out of his bikini underwear. It was an embarrassing relief as the air condition struck the heat of his shaft and the cool air made his pre-cum lose heat. Since he had it out, he felt the need to stroke it a few times, easing the dull ache he had there. You’ve got him playing with himself!” Cathleen pointed out, forcing the girl to look once more at James and the state he was in. Ginger’s eyes grew wide from the sight as it was bigger than any she had seen. The fact that a handsome well-built male sported it added to her study as the muscle-bound man stroked it. She couldn’t help but lick her who is adrienne bailon currently dating who is adrienne bailon currently dating lips at it, watching the bead of pre-cum roll down the back side of it. “Bitch, did you just lick your lips at it?” Cathleen asked vehemently, and slapped the girl again for lusting. Grabbing her by the chin, she forced Ginger to look at her, “Well? Does he have a nice cock?” she asked, watching the fear who is adrienne bailon currently dating who is adrienne bailon currently dating form in her eyes. She couldn’t tell the mistress it was so-so and to be honest, it really was nice.

But she didn’t know what answer to give and who is adrienne bailon currently dating Cathleen pinched her nipple. Does he have a nice cock?” and shook the chin in her hand. “Ye… yes miss.” she stuttered, diverting her eyes back to James. “Look at me when you answer my questions.” she huffed, and slapped her again on the other side for her wandering eyes.

“You have ten more lashes who is adrienne bailon currently dating bitch.” Cathleen informed her, grabbing her chin again. “Do you want them hard or easy?” she asked, caressing her left nipple and breast. “Pa… Please go easy on me Miss!” she replied between hiccups of air, forcing herself to look Cat in the eye. James pitied the girl but she made her fate when she stole the who is adrienne bailon currently dating items. Twenty lashes would fade easily; a criminal record doesn’t. He would have pitied her more if he didn’t have that damn kink in him. His cock twitched from the taught muscles Ginger kept making him look at. “I don’t know why I should go easy on a thief and especially a thief that made my husband horny.” she replied, holding the girl’s gaze longer than she wanted. “How do you plan on fixing that, huh?” Ginger’s focus on Cathleen lasted long enough for her to stutter out, “I don’t know miss… honest!” before turning away from the fiery-eyed heiress.

James caught her attention after Cathleen drew her hand back from her who chin is adrienne bailon currently dating. To be sitting there with his dick in his hands while Ginger watched was more embarrassing than he could handle so who is mayor villaraigosa currently dating he tilted his head up to see if anything was interesting on the ceiling. “You damn well better think of something!” Cat replied, stepping back from the spread-eagle thief. Is that how you plan to fix this mess?

who is adrienne bailon currently dating
” she asked, getting Ginger’s attention once more, “Huh?” “I… don’t really know miss.” Ginger replied, fearing Cathleen’s wrath would be taken out adrienne who bailon on currently is dating who is halle berry currently dating her body with the remaining ten lashes. She tilted her head up at the same ceiling James was looking at, trying to keep from looking at the rigid cock being dating adrienne bailon currently who is stroked in front of her. “Alright, you want it easy; I’ll let James you.” Cat said so matter-of-factly, “Since you put him in that condition in the first place.” swinging the strips of leather around in a circle. She actually shoved her hand between Ginger’s legs and said, “Damn James, this bitch is wet for who is adrienne bailon currently you.&rdquo dating; pulling back a soaked finger. James wasn’t as sure about that as he saw sweat bead up on the girl’s reddened body. He sure dating site sign of the fish didn’t want to rape the poor girl; seeing it as a punishment outside the law which he couldn’t do no matter what Cat told him. Ginger who is adrienne bailon currently dating didn’t make it much better though when she said, “Please miss! I can’t help it!” as if her secret was found out. She was driving him crazy, who is adrienne bailon currently dating dating currently is who adrienne bailon who is adrienne bailon currently dating twisting in her bonds and he was having a hard time fighting the urge to crank an orgasm out. He let up off of himself and placed his hands on the who is adrienne bailon currently dating saw horse. “Shush” Cathleen started, “I understand perfectly. Why, you’d have to be a lesbian not to want him.” and wiped her wet finger between the girl’who is adrienne bailon currently dating who is adrienne bailon currently dating s lips. “Do you like pussy Ginger?” She shook her head quickly, “God no miss!” she gasped, a look of shock appeared on her face. “Well” who is adrienne bailon currently dating Cathleen started, stroking the whip over her nipple, “if I catch you taking without asking again, you’re going to be sucking mine for a week before I call the police!” and brought the handle of the whip down to her and rubbed it into her. “Understand what I’m telling you?” “Oh miss, I won’t, I won’t!” she swore, feeling the handle of the whip on her clit. “Oh, I hear what you say now.” Cathleen mused, “But is that who is adrienne bailon currently dating who is adrienne bailon currently dating going to change in the future?” she asked, while stroking the handle between her slit. Ginger had learned her lesson and stared into Cathleen’s eyes, “I swear, I who is adrienne bailon currently dating who is adrienne bailon currently dating won’t touch anything ever again!” she promised, and watched Cathleen back away from her. She lifted the handle to her eyes and said, “Bitch, you got my whip who is currently adrienne bailon dating wet with that sloppy pussy of yours.” with a frown. “You think that will get you out of the rest of your lashes?” leering back at the defenseless girl. “Nah… no miss, I didn’t mean to.” Ginger defended, watching Cathleen hold the weapon with two fingers. James knew better than to point out that Cathleen put who is adrienne bailon currently dating currently who adrienne dating is bailon who is adrienne bailon currently dating who dating bailon is adrienne currently it there in the first place. Ginger was in a losing situation either way and he sure wasn’t going to risk his balls over her. Besides, it would be over soon and that’ll be the end of it. He was at least impressed with Cathleen for not just wailing on the girl, beating her half to death. “Clean it!” Cathleen ordered, bringing the handle up to her lips. James watched as the timidly frightened girl stuck out her tongue and licked her juices off of it.

“Good girl!who is adrienne bailon currently dating ” Cat cooed, spinning the handle around so she could get it all. “You know how to tongue good.” she praised, pulling the strap away from her. “Are you sure you don’t like pussy?” she asked, studying the work she’d done. I don’t… think so.” she gasped, replacing the air she held back who is adrienne bailon currently dating to clean the weapon. “So where were we?” Cathleen asked, and then said, “Oh yes, you wanted it easy.” bringing a finger to her chin, “I’who is adrienne bailon currently d let dating James the shit out of you but he has a tendency of making a girl cum… a lot.” looking back at the man meat in the room. “who is adrienne bailon currently dating who is Perhaps adrienne bailon currently dating you could do something else for the lashings you have remaining.” slapping the handle in her palm. Please miss, I’ll do anything.” she begged, giving Cathleen her fullest attention. “Anything you say?” she mused, “That is interesting. Like taking the trash out or cleaning the toilets.” she pondered aloud, pacing in front of the who is adrienne bailon currently dating bound woman. I can do that!” Ginger exclaimed, nodding her head in agreement.

“Hmmm… what would be the worst job she could do James?” Cat who is adrienne bailon dating now asked her husband, thinking he might have an idea. James hated to be included in her decision but came up with the worst he could think of, “I don’t know changing diapers would be one.” and remembered the green goo running down the backside of his son. That is an excellent idea James!” she exclaimed, pointing the whip at him and shaking it. Ginger groaned, “Oh no…” behind her while Cathleen continued on, “Let’s see, ten lashings or ten days on dirty diaper patrol.” she thought aloud.

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