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Chibbi had gone with them and I was to ride in Tommy 's SUV. I hurried to finish , I looked at my self and didn't wish to get my gym jonas selna dating nick is gomez shorts wet so I took off my briefs. The back was full of coolers, the front seats were bucket seats with a console between them. At his feet was one more Cooler, all selna is nick jonas gomez dating the coolers were filled with things that had to be taken home so none could be left behind. He slid the cooler into the backseat, it left just enough room for one person to sit. I ride Rafe's lap...let us go” Tommy knew that when his mom made up her mind there was no arguing so he agreed and gave me his I'is nick jonas dating selna gomez m sorry look.

I climbed in to the seat and Yoko placed herself in my lap.

She wiggled a little to get comfortable....That is when fate stepped in...her movement caused two things to happen her torn panties slid to the side and my loose gym shorts moved up my leg. Suddenly we both froze her bare pussy was sitting on my virgin 9 ½ “ cock that was beginning to swell. Tommy started the car and started down the drive, Yoko started to raise up, the car hit a pothole. My Cock rose as well When she came back down fate stepped in again, it was the perfect angle and entered her...all the way. She froze and I had instinctively reached out and grabbed a hold of is nick jonas dating selna gomez her. It took me a couple of minutes to realize that what I was holding was her tits. It was causing sensations in my body I had never felt before. I have masturbated before but no way did it feel like this. The road was causing lots of movement in our lower bodies some of the bumps would raise her almost all the way off is nick jonas dating selna gomez is nick jonas dating selna gomez … then down she would come...ooh it was wonderful ...I had never felt any thing so good... She said yes just quit hitting bumps....everyone laughed. Then we hit the pavement, I wished we were back on the rough road again, then I felt her ass start to move around it sent tingles all thru me.

All this time I still had a grip on her tits, she reached up and moved my hands I let them drop to her waist she began opening her buttons. Then she reached down and picked up my hand and slid it inside her dress an onto her bare tit. I was in heaven, it felt so smooth and soft and then I found the nipple it was hard and about 1/2” long. I is jonas gomez dating nick selnis nick jonas dating selna gomez a could feel and hear Yoko starting to breath hard and her ass was moving faster I could feel my moment nearing...It was all I could do to keep from screaming as I exploded in to the womb of my best friends Mom.

I am sure glad he had the radio playing so loud neither he nor Molly knew that anything was going on. In just seconds Yoko had her release an her body seemed to relax. After we both had climaxed I did not pull out we just enjoyed the feeling.

After a few minutes it was clear to both of us that my hard on was not going down. We both began gentle movements, 2 hours and three orgasams later we were home. Tommy backed up to the is nick jonas dating selna gomez Garage and I went inside to open the door. While we were unloading the coolers Yoko slipped into the bathroom and cleaned up. Yoko thanked me and gave me a kiss on the cheek before they left for their house. Two hours later Yoko called...and asked about Carrie ...and to tell me there would be no one at home tomorrow..... Author comment: Another author is nick jonas dating selna gomez posted this story at XNXX under the title "Hot Tub Party" without my knowledge or permission. One of my readers from another site notified me and I had the story pulled as is jonas nick dating gomez selna an infringement of copyright law. But, since the story seemed to be fairly popular, I am submitting it again under the original author's name and title. So those of you who enjoyed is nick jonas dating selna gomez it may keep enjoying it. Bob ======================================================= The Hot Tub Blues by Lubrican Jodie wondered how things had ended up like they had.

She was at once surprised, horrified, elated and ... She dating jonas gomez is nick selna had just taken a shower and was sitting on the john drying her hair, wondering what to do next. Yes, there was definitely sperm oozing out of her pussy. She knew it was is nick jonas dating selna gomez there, of course, and hadn't washed it out in the shower. But now, she wondered whether she should have done so.

She thought back to the beginning of the night - the most important night of her young life - prom night. As I got ready for the prom, I tried to decide what to wear. That was OK, though I wasn't really super impressed with him. But he'd asked me and he was the captain of the football team, so I'd said yes. I knew by his reputation that he'd try to get into my panties, but that definitely wasn't going to happen. For another, I was technically a virgin, having shoved only the handle of a hairbrush inside my soft teen pussy before. And my brother, Rob, was going to be at the dance too. That was the only way our parents would let me go, since I was only a sophomore. I finally decided is nick that jonas dating selna gomez<is nick jonas dating selna gomez /em> the gown needed smooth lines, so I went braless and decided on no panties either. I felt deliciously naughty as I slipped on the satin gown and admired my reflection in is nick jonas dating selna gomez the mirror. My hips had swelled some over the last year and the dress hung on them nicely. Blond hair done up tall and complicated and makeup just right. My sky blue eyes nick gomez selna is jonas dating stared at my image and I blew myself a kiss. Ron had been drinking before they picked him up and he was too drunk to dance well. Rob had danced with me is nick jonas dating selna gomez a couple of times and plenty of other guys had taken their turns too. It was amazing how many guys would desert their dates to dance with me, and even more amazing to is nick jonas dating selna gomez me that they'd let their hands slide down to my butt while their dates were watching.

At first I was pissed off about it, but as he got more and more soused, I realized I wouldn't have to fight for my honor.

So after the dance we dumped him off at his house and then went out to eat.

We met up with a bunch of my brother's classmates at the pizza place and is nick jonas dating selena gomez suddenly I heard Rob inviting them all to come back to our house to use the hot tub. Lena, Rob's date, laughed and said "Robbie, how can we use the hot tub. We aren't dressed for swimming!" Several of the other girls chimed in, agreeing. The water will be warm and who needs a suit anyway?" There it was. I held my breath as these too cool seniors thought about it. Lacey Henderson was the first to break the silence "Well, I'm OK is nick jonas dating selna gomez with that, but I want to go home and get some jeans or something to dress in after we get out. It won't be warm then." I couldn't believe my is nick jonas ears dating selna gomez. Lacey, one of the most popular girls in school, was willing to go skinny dipping in our hot tub with a bunch of other kids!! But when Lacey said that, the dam is nick jonas dating selna gomez burst and soon everyone was planning on meeting up at our house. We went by Lena's house so she could get some clothes. "I told my mom we were going to party in the hot tub. She says I have to stay here since the prom is over." She was crying and I actually felt bad for her. Rob took it like a man, though, and we drove off without her. I thought this might have bummed Rob out, and that the party might now be cancelled, seeing as how he was now date-less. I invited my friends over and they're going to get a party they'll never forget." He had no way of knowing how true that statement was. We finally got home and Rob went is nick jonas dating selna gomez into the kitchen to make up some snacks. Our parents were over at the Wilson's playing cards, and we knew that those games almost always lasted into the wee hours of the

is morning nick jonas dating selna gomez
, so it was no big deal. Besides, even if we were all going to be naked in the hot tub, what could happen in front of everybody else? I told Rob I'd go get the hot tub ready for our party. "What do you mean OUR party?" he said, looking at me closely. This is MY party and YOU aren't invited." I is nick jonas dating selna gomez just stared at him. "I went to the prom and I'm going to get in the hot tub and skinny dip just like everybody else!" My yelling didn't seem to jonas is selena gomez dating nick jonas is selna gomez bother dating nick him. You don't want to be naked in front of all those people. And if Mom and Dad get home and find out I let you go naked with a bunch is nick jonas of dating selna gomez virtual strangers they'll KILL me! I'm sorry, but no go." He said it in that way he always talked when there was no way to change his mind. But I'd been his sister for sixteen years now, and I knew how to handle him. "But this is going to cost you big time." He muttered something like "Yeah Yeah," but I selna gomez dating is jonas nick wasn't listening. While he got snacks ready I did an end run around him by simply going out to the back porch, where the hot tub was, uncovering it, turning on the is nick jonas dating selna gomez selna dating gomez jonas is nick bubbles, stripping bare and getting in.

It was already warm, because Dad has this thing about it being cheaper to keep the water warm than heat it up when it's cold. It is nick jonas dating selna gomis nick jonas dating selna gomez ez would hold nine people sitting shoulder to shoulder and it was three feet deep in the middle. It was heated, like I said, and had something like fifteen jets in it.

When you turned all of them on at once it made a mini storm and water slopped over the sides sometimes. That was OK, though, because it had an automatic fill thing that is jonas selna added nick dating gomez water whenever it was needed. I left them off, though, because I didn't want anyone to see me. I sat down on the side closest to the house and slid down so my head was almost under water. Rob wouldn't be able to see me until it was too late. I must have vegged out because I was startled by a lot is nick jonas dating selna gomez of splashing as several people jumped in the tub. It was dark, and the lights from the house only hit one side of the hot tub.

Then I realized that the two people is dating who jonas selna gomez nis nick jonas dating selna gomez ick had gotten in were boys, John Martin and Fred Dibble to be exact. I slid my head back up for a look and saw their dates standing beside the tub. Both had chickened out and worn bathing suits and both were shivering. John yelled out "Come on in, the water's fine." As he did he stood up. Cindy, John's date, said "John, you don't have anything on." Fred yelled out "Neither do I. That's the whole idea!" About then two more couples arrived. At first they just milled around, seeing the two girls is nick jonas dating selna gomez is nick jonas dating selna gomez is nick jonas dating selna gomez in miley cyrus and nick jonas dating bikinis. Then John and Fred stood up, showing they were nude and clothing started hitting the ground. There was just a yard light in the back yard, but I could see

is nick jonas dating selna gomez
well enough to tell who was circumcised and who wasn't.

I was a little amazed at how big some of those peters were, hanging down and flopping around as the boys moved is nick jonas dating selna gomez around. Cindy climbed in the hot tub still wearing her bikini. Pretty soon the hot tub was full of wiggling splashing teenagers. I don't know if they didn't see me, is nick jonas dating selna gomez or just didn't pay attention to me because I was "just Rob's little sister". At any rate, I soon felt smooth wet skin brushing up against mine on both sides of is nick jonas dating selna gomez is nick jonas dating selna gomez me. I'll put them beside the spa for whenever anybody gets hungry. He was peering into the dark spa, trying to see if people were naked or not. I don't is nick jonas dating selna gomez think he could tell, but being a man of action he just started taking things off. Next thing I knew he was standing beside the hot tub, getting ready to get in. For is nick jonas dating selna gomez the first time since he was probably ten, I saw him in all his naked glory. He had those wide shoulders I knew about, and muscles I was well acquainted with because he nick dating gomez is selna jonas is nick jonas dating selna gomez pushed me around all the time. He didn't have a penis, or a schlong or any of those other words that are all too soft. It wasn't hard or anything, is nick jonas dating selna gomez but I knew that if it ever got that way he'd probably pass out from loss of blood. He wasn't circumcised, but his foreskin was stretched over a big round knob is nick jonas dating selna gomez is that nick jonas dating selna gomez hung halfway down to his knee. I heard a couple of the girls gasp when they saw it. He stepped into the spa but all the space was taken up. People is nick jonas shifted dating selnis nick jonas dating selna gomez a gomez, pushing closer together and Rob sank down on the opposite side from me. It was too dark to see all the faces in the crowded tub and now research on hook ups and dating I was squeezed tight between Fred and Herb. I realized that Fred was on one side of me when he called out his name. I kept my mouth shut, figuring I had gotten away with it.

"And, of course, Jodie," he said loudly into the silence. I heard one of the girls say "Who's Jodie?" about the same time Rob said "nick gomez dating is jonas selna No, Jodie's in her room." I elbowed Fred hard. Instead of getting the idea he yelped and poked back, sliding his elbow across my breasts. "Jodie is Rob's sister and she'jonas selna dating is nick gomez s sitting right beside me." Men are such pigs. I slumped down until only my nose was above the water.

But I knew I'd start crying and I didn't want is nick jonas dating selna gomez

is nick jonas dating selna to gomez do that. So, with all the dignity I could muster, I put my feet on the bottom and stood up. For some reason only a geneticist could tell, I have these ... While is my nick jonas dating selna gom
is nick jonas dating selna gomez
ez breasts are only the size of soft balls, when I get excited my nipples grow and grow and grow until they stick out almost an inch. The first time it happened is nick jonas dating selna gomez I was playing with them. It felt good and I didn't pay attention until they had grown so long I noticed them. Anyway, I stood up, ready to climb out and my nipples went to attention in the cold air. A boy hissed "Look at those tits!" That was followed by "Ooof" as his date elbowed him, but a circle of male faces suddenly leaned toward me. I realized that with all of them sitting down, the yard light was showing me - a lot. He was sitting there slack jawed, staring at my breasts. After all, he hadn't seen me naked since he was ten either. He put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me under the water "Get back down," he hissed. Now he and is nick jonas dating selna gomez I were in the middle of the hot tub, surrounded by his naked and not so naked friends. She can come back over here and sit by me." He sounded like he was is nick jonas dating selna gomez grinning and I heard another "Ooof" as his date elbowed him again.

Another boy said "No way - she has to go.: There was a pause and he went on. "Because I want to see her ass as she gets out." He laughed and his date pushed him under.

Several of the other guys said I could come and sit on their laps and I nick jonas and selena gomez dating thought Rob was going to have a heart attack. Cindy stood up and said "Well if Rob's little sister is naked in this hot tub I guess I'll join the crowd." is nick jonas dating selna gomez is nick It jonas dating selna gomez got real quiet as she untied her bikini top and let it slide off her breasts. She whirled it around and let it fly off into the yard. Then she bent is nick jonas dating selna gomez over and came up with the bottoms, doing the same thing. All the other girls who were still clothed joined in and soon the hot tub was full of naked frolicking teenagers. It

dating nick is selna jonas gomez
is nick jonas dating degenerated selna gomez into a game of grab ass and soon water was splashing all over. I felt someone grab me from behind and start pulling me to one side. I got scared at first and twisted around to see who it was. My wet skin slid in his hands and about the same time I realized it was Rob I realized my naked front was now in full contact with HIS naked front. His eyes widened as he felt my nips poking into his chest. Anyway, he kept me moving until I was against the side of the pool and he turned his back to me, pinning me against the side. His arms went out and I realized he was PROTECTING me!! He was keeping all the guys from copping feels is nick jonas dating selna gomez jonas nick is gomez dating selna is nick jonas dating selna gomez of his little sister. Several of them were trying to reach around him to get to me. I think they were just trying to give Rob a hard time. But I hugged him is nick jonas dating selna gomez close and now that tight butt of his was pushing against me and my breasts were smashed against his back. My arms were around him and I was holding on to his is nick jonas dating selna gomez abdomen right at the place where his pubic hair started. I had never hugged a naked man before, and I had to admit that this felt pretty good!

His skin was all soft is nick jonas dating selna gomez and slick and his back rubbed my nipples REALLY nicely as he moved. Maybe I wanted to keep him off balance so he wouldn't kick me out. At any rate, I let one hand slide down and I grasped that PRICK of his firmly. My other hand slid up to his chest, to pull him against my breasts, and I realized he wasn't selna is nick jonas gomez dating is nick jonas dating selna gomez breathing. Then he gave a shudder as several things happened almost at once. And third his hand went down and slapped my hand away from his cock. I just acted like nothing is nick jonas dating selna gomez had happened and moved the hand to his hip. People began to return to their places around the tub. Rob turned around, pushed himself a little away from me and leaned in to whisper "Jodie, you shouldn't be here." I whispered back "Well I am here, so get over it." Then, to keep him off balance I reached between his legs and grabbed him again.

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