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***** I had just put Candy in her bed after the bath. I wouldn't be able to play with her properly today, so I just let her lunch on mo girls hannibal dating doran lance girls dating lance doran the hannibal mo microwave, took good care of her in the bathtub, fighting my will to her rough under water - I thought of saving it for Erika - and tucked her in. My girls dating lance doran hannibal mo cell phone alarm beeped warning me about a breaching. The sensor indicated someone forcing the knob of the door downstairs. I just had to think for a while and the girls dating lance doran hannibal mo thrill was over. If none of the other sensors around the house indicated anything, only one person could be messing around the door: Erika. Sudden disappointment mixed with expectation hit me girls dating lance doran hannibal mo girls dating lance doran hannibal mo while I ran to the door, skipping some stair treads, just to abruptly open the door and face the startled petite girl behind it. I stood there, looking to her; not dating mo doran girls lance hannibal girls dating lance doran hannibal mo wearing a shirt, only in my jeans and mask. She was still on the ground, the black baby doll I had helped her put on this morning up her legs, she girls dating lance doran hannibal mo looked terrified. "I believe I gave you express orders not to leave that room. Worst, I told you to never get downstairs without me." I hissed. Erika trembled, tears starting to form in her eyes. "I'm sorry." She tried, it went out rough and low, her voice choked. As always she had a way to lessen any reaction I would have

girls dating lance doran hannibal mo
girls dating lance doran hannibal mo girls dating lance doran hannibal mo towards her, she looked not only fearful, but also terribly embarrassed. "What were you doing here?" "I missed you..." She said looking down. "You disappointed me." I said crouching beside her, girls dating lance doran hannibal mo
girls dating lance doran hannibal mo
she didn't cringe, she just let herself cry as my words were sinking in. "You know that, now, the only thing I want to do is to hurt you. But girls dating lance doran she hannibalgirls dating lance doran hannibal mo mo wasn't looking for me, she was trying to figure out what I was doing down there. I opened my hands, gesticulating for her to speak, but she was still wordless. I could manage that situation just punishing her fiercely, to make her obey me completely next time. What could work, indeed, even if she wasn't demonstrating any fear about what I could do to her now. My disappointment seemed to have effect on her, telling that I wanted to hurt her badly didn't...

"You knew I'd come for

girls dating lance doran hannibal mo
girls dating lance doran hannibal mo you if you touched the door..." I said getting up. "I told you about the sensors." Then she got pale and I felt stupid for not recognizing that she wasn't really afraid before. A true hurricane of opposing thoughts took control of my head. She traded her body, used herself as bait to bring me back to her. Erika hasn't girls dating lance doran hannibal mo doran hannibal girls mo lance dating turned into a masochist slave from one day to another, she knew I would make her suffer miserably. I had to decide what I wanted, what I expected of her, how much I could give up for her. In a swift movement I took her in my arms - she gasped, startled - and carried her to the bedroom. There I ripped girls dating lance doran hannibal mo the babydoll to pieces, as I did to her black silk lingerie while she watched me do it in a resigned way. "You will not escaped unharmed from that move." I said gently after I noticed how tense her muscles were. I knew my baby girl, she was expecting something terrible to happen to her, what only made me even more dating girls dating dating girls with o c d lance arbor doran hannibal mo over 40 speed ann delighted by her choice of defying me to be with me.

Chace." She said looking down, tears still streaming. I only wondered about the things she girls dating lance doran hannibal mo girls would arthur rogers dating hot young girls dating lance doran hannibgirls dating lance doran al hannibal mo mo be imagining right now. I went to my walk in wardrobe - most of it empty as the majority of my clothes and accessories remained at my flat.

I was

dating doran mo hannibal girls lance
hannibal girls mo lance doran dating looking for a very specific couple of boxes I had stored near my shoes, some things I had separated to use on Erika after I decided to keep her upstairs with me, eliminating the need to go down there to get them when things got interesting. Within the bottom one were some things I didn't expect at all to use on girls dating lance doran hannibal mo her for at least three more months or so of rough , but I had a particularly good idea of how to punish her for this and test something at the same time.

When I came back she was still lying quietly, her hands over her belly, fingers laced. Her eyes focused on my hands, they widened when noticed what I was carrying. I girls dating lance doran hannibal mo knelt beside her on the bed and put the two chrome beads right next to her head. They had a little more than two inches width, size enough to scare her. Erika girls dating lance doran hannibal mo wasn't that tight by some miracle, her pussy was small from the opening to her cervix. I was never able to put myself completely inside her and, when I girls dating lance doran hannibal mo lance hannibal girls mo dating doran got close to doing so, it was by forcing her inner walls, what always made her scream beautifully. But as I told you that, if you were absolutely sincere with me, lance dating doran hannibal girls mo I'd be sincere with you..." I spit on the tip of my fingers and, when I went for her pussy, she willingly opened up her beautiful legs, but she couldn't hide how much she was trembling. So I will punish you, it will hurt, but it will also serve as a test." "A t-test?" She stammered as she felt the cold surface of the ball, which I used to start massaging her outer lips, circling her small clitoral hood. There is something happening that I didn't tell you yet, and that I..." I moved it slowly down and forced it on her tiny entrance; she gasped and arched her back a little.

I didn't put too much strength yet, so girls dating lance it doran hannibal mo just scared her, gave her a notion of its size, "...I wasn't telling you until this little trick of yours." I moved the bead up and down her pussy girls dating lance doran hannibal mo lips again, spreading the juices she was starting to give me. Her laced fingers trembled over her tummy and she contracted and gasped by the slightest pushing movement I made near her entrance, but her eyes were fully on mine. I stopped talking while I removed my mask with my free hand.

"You were right if you thought I had someone else down there with me." I said positioning the silver ball at her tiny entrance and finally forcing it a little inside of her with my thumb, obviously it didn't went in at once. "Huuuuungh!" Erika let out a shrill groan and rose her hands up her head, clawing her fingers on the bed sheets. Chace!?" She sobbed, her eyes not leaving mine for even a second and, that time, it had nothing to do with my orders. I bent over her, my right hand still pushing the thick and plump object more girls dating lance doran hannibal mo and more inside her tight little pussy, my left hand went for her right breast, which I massaged, taking her rosy nipple between my fingers and playing softly with it, no girls dating lance doran hannibal mo pain intended.

My forehead touched hers, the bead slid a little more in and she gave me a hurtful but soft moan as she felt her little entrance stretching like never before, taking something larger than me for the first time. I was pushing it in and slowly letting it out just a little bit, making her open up so she could engulf the bead, but I knew I should be moving it more, taking it out and inserting it again... I wanted her to feel how hard it was to do, how it hurts to be spread open like that, how intrusive it was. It was happening but, Erika being Erika, even with the pained face; she was more worried about what I

girls dating lance doran hannibal mo
was saying. I kissed her and flexed my arm, intentionally putting it in a position in which I would be able to make better use of my strength. She answered the hannibal dating doran mo girls lance kiss her own way, gently, still crying, moaning... "I got someone I could be as mean as I'd want to." I whispered. Then she groaned inside my mouth as I, in a sudden move, forced the bead in "HUUUUUuungh!" Her beautiful legs shivered for a moment and she arched her back; but she kept her knees bent and there was no intention of escaping what was happening, like she knew I'd want to.

Her face told me exactly how much pain she was in, and being who I am, I savored girls dating lance it doran hannibal mo. I could feel perfectly the moment were the bead surpassed the resistance of her entrance. "You c-can be mean t-to me..." She said with eyes wide open, panting, trying to mo hannibal girls dating resist lance doran the way my intrusion felt. The size of the bead kept her little entrance a little opened. "I know I can be mean to you, but I can't be as mean as I'd want to, or I'd ruin you." I was saying while taking the other bead in my hand, my fingers glistened with her juices. I tried to figure how much power I had over her, managing to turn her on in a situation like that. With two fingers I touched the ball inside of her and mercilessly pushed it deeper inside her. She gasped, startled, as her insides were stretched as well. I needed space to put the second one in and if I just inserted one after another like that, the fragile skin could get stuck between them, it would be like I had pinched her from the inside. Touching the cold surface of the second bead on her girls dating lance doran hannibal mo entrance, I looked to her. Her face was so scared, so troubled, that I almost pitied her.

Soon you will not be able to take a normal man inside of you girls dating lance doran hannibal mo girls dating lance doran hannibal anymore. mo" I lied. "I want you to ask me to put it inside you, this second one, then I'll make you keep it in for three or four days. You dating hamilton number watch serial pocket want me to be mean, I'll be mean." She stopped breathing for a second or two, no more than that. Then she blankly stared girls dating lance doran hannibal mo at my face, trembling all over, "If t-this is what you want..." Tears started to run down her face, and she fought not to contort in a frantic cry, "P... Inside girls dating lance doran hannibal mo m-me, Master..." Erika said and her entire body stiffened.

Before I could start having second thoughts, after her display of selflessness, I pushed the second bead on her assaulted entrance and girls dating lance doran hannibal mo girls dating lance doran hannibal mo I forced it in. Her lips stretched beautifully to let it in while her whole body reacted, trembling, contorting, but nothing that prevented me from carrying on my will. Looking me in the eye and clawing her fingers on the bed sheets, Erika felt herself spreading even more, suffering in silence this time, her teeth gritted. The only thing she couldn't contain was a sharp and painful gasp. Little by little I pushed the second chromed ball in, it had already touched the first one and was pushing it even deeper inside my girl. More I pushed, more she gasped, more agonized she looked at me with those absurdly bright blue eyes opened wide, terrified. She just breathed in and out slowly, weeping girls dating lance doran hannibal mo softly. I kissed her once, than twice, waiting for her to get used to the feeling. I also played with her pussy, her clit, I teased her. After a little while, something like five minutes, she was already showing signs of improvement on her mood. "Babe, I admire your courage and your wish to submit to my wishes, but think with me... Those two beads are this size." I show her with my index and thumb, making a circle. "You are probably feeling full, violated, stretched... Right?" She nodded, confused about all those explications. I girls dating lance doran hannibal mo think I was never so didactic with her, but if I wanted it to work my way it had to be like this. "Ok, now imagine if I put my girls dating lance doran hannibal mo entire hand inside of you..." I show her my hand. She could clearly see the difference but, even after she arched her brows, I wasn't finished. "...Or imagine my fist, girls dating lance doran like hannibagirls dating lance doran hannibal mo girls dating lance doran hannibal mo l mo this..." I close my fist, take her little hand and close it around it. Think about how you feel having those two inside of you, they are half the size..." Erika is gaping at me, lost in imagination, her little hand still holding my fist.

She is shocked and don't know how to respond, but knowing her... The girl looks doran girls dating lance hannibal mo like she had just given me her life, she's pale, trembling, terrified...

I want you to help me do these things to her." And I thought I couldn't see girls dating lance doran hannibal mo her make an even more surprised face. ***** I had been absent from the company for a really long time now. Things were agitated at my fortified mountain house and even girls dating lance doran hannibal mo when I was in my office, I couldn't help myself from watching the girls periodically. When I was there, I troubled the only person who kept my office working on my absence: Gabrielle. It was impossible not to feel that I was neglecting her some attention, and I know she felt the same. So, when I got there, I put to practice every single office fetish I had in mind. Or with a dildo deep inside her, vibrating, just like I did some days before.

I ed her, back and front in girls lance dating mo hannibal doran my office, at the stairs, at the roof, having her splayed against the glass wall - another very good idea from past times. Now I also slapped her face while ing her and, every time she looked like she was having a bad time or wanted to complain, I slapped her again, harder. I attended a meeting in my private office while she lance doran mo hid girls hannibal dating beneath my table, sucking me. But the more hardcore treatment of all was when she contradicted me and I locked her in her own office all night.

Tied and hanging girls dating lance doran hannibal mo girls dating lance doran hannibal mo upside down from the ceiling with a big dildo up her beautiful and big ass. The next morning I thought it was it, she couldn't stop crying and started screaming girls dating lance doran hannibal mo girls dating lance doran hannibal mo at me... I spanked her, slapped her, ed her like a real rape. I never liked her as much as I did at that moment...

Not even when she said she loved me after all that. I made everything so the little that remained of her self esteem was over before telling her the truth. I didn't want to take care of the company and the girls by myself. I wanted her on it too, just like I had managed to put Erika to help me take care of Candy. Why the girls dating lance doran hannibal mo hell should I take care of everything by myself if I had slaves? I was softening Gabrielle, planning on taking her to dinner and get on with my plans when I girls dating lance received doran hannibal mo an unexpected call. McCartson?" "Yes?" "It's Thomas, your favorite goods delivery man." "Mr. A couple weeks only, and I know it is a little precipitated of my partners... But girls dating lance doran hannibal mo girls dating lance doran hannibal mo you are by this moment invited to join the next party of our select club. My associates believe you should be a really good addition to our rows." He finished with mo dating a somewhat doran girls lance hannibal skeptic laugh. Hit positive and leave me a comment with your thoughts about it. All of my writing is intended for adults over the age of 18 ONLY. Stories may contain strong or even extreme ual content. All people and events depicted are fictional and any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Actions, situations, and responses are fictional ONLY and should not be attempted in real life. If you are under the age or 18 or do not understand the difference between fantasy and reality or if you girls dating lance doran hannibal reside mo in any state, province, nation, or tribal territory that prohibits the reading of acts depicted in these stories, please stop reading immediately and move to somewhere that exists in the twenty-first century. Archiving and reposting of this story is permitted, but only if acknowledgment of copyright and statement of limitation of use is included with the article. This story is copyright (c) girls dating lance doran hannibal mo dating site for girls in sheffield 2013 by The Technician Technician666@Gmail.Com. Individual readers may archive and/or print single copies of this story for personal, non-commercial use. Production of multiple copies of this story on paper, disk, girls dating lance or doran hannibal mo other fixed format is expressly forbidden. = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = * * * * * * * * * * * * Mary Madeleine Morrison sat at her new computer carefully typing instructions into a wordprocessor file that would eventually be an attachment to an email. The computer was brand new, top of the line, state of the art. It was one of the things she had purchased with her recent lottery winnings. Not "Take this job and shove it!" big, but big enough to pay off her car, buy a bunch of new things like a really good computer, arrange for a month-long fantasy vacation, and girls dating lance doran hannibal mo most importantly for her, to put out a revenge contract on "The Target." Finding someone to do something underhanded and illegal on the internet is easy. Finding someone to do something girls dating lance doran hannibal mo underhanded and illegal who is not a cop or a member of some vigilante watch group is a little more difficult. Making sure that the person is reliable and will do exactly what they have been paid to do - no more, no less - is yet more difficult. And being sure that nothing could be traced back to you as you girls dating lance doran hannibal mo hannibal girls dating arranged mo lance doran for all of this is almost impossible.

Mary did the impossible, however, and guaranteed that her computer could not be traced by the simple expedient of donating multiple computers and girls dating lance doran hannibal mo internet access to four different mission schools in India.

She paid to have the computers slightly modified before sending them on to the mission schools. The hard disks were virus free, but the onboard RAM had been modified so that a specific command received from the internet would turn on a relay system on the motherboard that would forward Mary's computer connection.

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