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As to age, Ashley’s guess had been close: although bold in character and physically developing, Christina was only three weeks past her sixteenth birthday. She was ethical issues with counselors dating clients with counselors clients issues ethical dating already a convinced lesbian with no desire for boys at all, but her parents suspected nothing – her best friends might perhaps have guessed, and the two on the bus had actually messed around with her a bit, but unlike Christina they were not yet really sure of their feelings and ual orientation. on the Sunday morning, the ethical issues with counselors dating clients ethical issues with counselors dating clients young woman and the peachy teen arrived at the car park at the gates of the city’s largest park.

It was not busy, and the trees planted to give shade to the parking lot created many secluded areas and pools of shadow. In the furthest corner they saw the gleam of chrome and metal, and the sleek clients with counselors issues ethical dating

ethical issues with counselors dating clients
shapes of some powerful bikes. Ashley parked her car nearby, and they started to walk towards them – Ashley deliberately hanging back to let Christina take the lead.

Both had carefully selected their outfits to be ually enticing: Christina had decided to be similar in style to yesterday, partly to be sure that the biker woman would recognise ethical issues with counselors dating clients her, but she had added a pair of white boots from her cheerleader outfit below the petite pink shorts. Above these, she had chosen something ostensibly more modest than ethical issues with counselors dating clients the previous day, but in fact even ier. This was a matching pink tight-fitting sweater with long sleeves and a ribbed roll-neck, made of a thin lambswool material which ethical issues with counselors dating clients clung to her contours and left nothing at all to the imagination. There was clearly no bra underneath it, and the swell of Christina’s growing breasts and their stiff nipples was very evident. The teen was wearing sunglasses in the bright light, and her pretty hair was pulled back and framed by a pink plastic Alice-band, making her look even more sweet and innocent. Ashley’s look was deliberately more mature, but also even more clearly signalled her ual availability. She also wore boots – married ethical issues with counselors dating clients ethical issues with counselors dating clients dating in her the inland empire favourite, all-purpose black ones – and showed a long length of exposed thigh below a tight mini-skirt made of black stretch fabric; it took only a glance at this to note the absence of any visible panty-line, and correctly to deduce that she was naked under the brief skirt.

Her top was

ethical issues with counselors dating clients
a red halter with ties behind the neck, but also visible – in a y way – were the straps of the black under-wired bra which was ensuring that ethical issues with counselors dating clients ethical issues with counselors dating her clients dating clieethical issues with nts counselors dating clients breasts were pushed together and lifted up so as to be as eye-catching as possible. At present, her chest was partly hidden by the old and battered leather ethical issues with counselors dating clients ethical issues jacket with counselors dating clients that completed her ensemble, at the moment unzipped and hanging wide open in the slight breeze. There were eight bikes, but only a dozen women around them, either seated on the saddles or standing and talking; it was clear that not everyone already had a partner with them.

The group’s conversation died away as the cute dating with issues counselors clients ethical teen and attractive young woman approached, and Christina suddenly spotted the blonde biker – she had been sitting on her machine with her back towards them, but now turned ethical issues with counselors dating clients ethical issues with counselors to dating clients face her. Her face broadened in a welcoming smile when she saw the pretty schoolgirl, although she had also taken in the striking woman just a few paces ethical issues with counselors dating clients further back. She concentrated her gaze on Christina, and said: ‘Well, I’m glad you made it, babe – I’ll tell you, I’ve been thinking of you quite a few times since yesterday,’ at which a couple of the nearby women laughed, one saying ‘Too right, she has’, whilst the other crudely mimed

ethical issues with counselors dating clients
the ramming of a vibrator in and out of her crotch. Christina blushed prettily at this, and then asked: ‘I hope you don’t mind that I brought ethical issues with counselors dating clients a friend?’ ‘Not at all’, quickly replied the blonde biker, ‘our motto dating photos of moms with tatoos is always, the more the merrier.’ She then gave Ashley a frank appraisal, during which the young woman swung her leather jacket off her shoulders, the movement both revealing and accentuating the curve of her breasts.

The blonde biker was not alone ethical issues in with counselors dating clienethical issues with counselors dating clients ts regarding the figure before them with frank appreciation, and there were a couple of soft wolf-whistles. The biker nodded once, as if having decided something, and then smiled at the teenager. ‘Is this who you were going to meet yesterday? – I can see why you were torn, and I’m certainly not offended!’ Christina with issues ethical counselors clients dating confirmed this, and then the blonde once again tapped the passenger seat behind her invitingly. This time there was no hesitation, and the teenager practically leapt onto the saddle. The blonde then held out her hand to Ashley, and introduced herself as Jacqui. ‘I’m sure you’ll have plenty of offers of a ride, honey’, she ethical said issues with counselors dating clients in an accent that hinted at an upbringing in the south; ‘our rule is not to have permanent pairings, so who you ride with is only a commitment for today.’ Ashley nodded her understanding, and glanced around. Four of the bikes had a couple near them, but the remaining three had only a rider each, ethical issues and with counselors dating clients issues with counselors dating clie

ethical issues with counselors dating clients
nts one of these was beckoning Ashley towards her. The woman she walked towards was one of the oldest in the group, although still only in her late 20s. She ethical issues with counselors dating clients was the older, taller and fuller-figured of the two black women amongst the bikers. She was wearing leather boots that came half-way up her thighs, and then an incredibly short black mini-skirt that barely earned the name, as the base of her crotch was almost visible. Her leather jacket above this had the top third unzipped, showing the smooth chocolate-coloured tops of a stunning pair of large ripe breasts, with no visible sign of a supporting bra. This vision took Ashley’s breath away, and she was almost weak-kneed as she was drawn by the beckoning finger and the gleam in the tall woman’s dark eyes. As Ashley arrived in front of the black goddess, Jacqui called out: ‘Ready to ride, babes?’, and the others mounted their bikes and started the engines. Christina whispered to Jacqui, slightly nervously: ‘I’dating issues counselors clients ethical with ethical issues with counselors dating clients ve never been on a bike before – where do I hold on?’ Jacqui looked at her over her shoulder, eyes dancing, and replied: ‘Wherever you like, dating clients ethical with issues counselors ethical issues with counselors dating clients honey.’ Christina placed her hands on Jacqui’s hips, and then realised there were other, more interesting, possibilities. Snuggling forwards so that her front was pressed tight to the biker’s back, she moved her hands up under Jacqui’s leather jacket, and was rewarded by the prize that she glimpsed yesterday. The woman was nude under ethical issues with counselors dating clients the jacket, and Christine with a purr fastened her hands around her shapely breasts and began gently to massage the nipples. At the other bike, the black woman looked directly at Ashley, and stated simply: ‘Hi, I’m Belinda’. Ashley nodded and gave her name in return, and was rewarded by a brief but dazzling smile. As
ethical issues with counselors dating Belinda clienethical issues with counselors dating clients ts
swung onto her bike and her incredibly short skirt rode up for a moment, Ashley was sure that she was afforded a glimpse of naked cunt, although as this was also black she was tantalisingly uncertain. Getting onto the pillion seat and sliding her hands up the sides of the figure dating a man with abandonment issues in front of her, she made a similar discovery to Christina; in fact, though there was no rule about it, most of the dating sites for gays with disabilities bikers wore nothing under their jackets, and very often no panties – the direct feel of the wind on their cunts as they drove was a very arousing sensation. Ashley savoured the feel of the heavy ripe breasts of the statuesque ethical issues with counselors dating clients ethical issues with counselors dating clients ethical counselors black issues clients with dating woman, as the group of bikes wheeled out of the parking lot onto the highway. For about forty minutes, they took an exhilarating ride out of the city with and issues dating clients counselors ethical up into the surrounding hills and woods. After a while, the bikes turned off onto a minor country road, and then again onto a dirt track that wound ethical issues with counselors through dating ethical issues with counselors dating clients clients dense pine forest, slowly rising upwards. Suddenly, they emerged from the dark shadows of the woods into bright sunshine at the top of a hill, with a vista ethical issues with opening counselors dating clients up in front of them to the south and west.

The hilltop was crowned with a wildflower meadow of about one acre, and towards the back of this, near to the forest, was a low wooden cabin which looked quite old and a bit run-down. It turned out that this had been in Jacqui’s family for ethical issues with counselors dating clients generations and was currently owned by her aunt. This lady, a spinster in her 50s who had been forced to hide her lesbianism for most of her life, thoroughly ethical issues with counselors dating clients ethical issues with counselors dating clients approved of her favourite niece’s lifestyle and was happy for her and her friends to use it as a meeting-place whenever they wished. The biker girls produced sandwiches and fruit from the panniers on the backs of their bikes, and the fridge in cabin had already been well-stocked with chilled beers. They brought out several large wool ethical issues with counselors dating clients blankets and spread them out on the soft grass for a picnic in the warm June sunshine. Many of the women shed their leather jackets to go topless, and ethical issues with counselors dating clients some discarded even more of their clothes, down to just a bra and panties, or – in one case – just a skimpy G-string. Christina decided to stay demure ethical issues in with counselors dating clients her ‘pretty-in-pink’ outfit, mainly because she could tell from the constant glances she was getting how much it was turning Jacqui on.

Meanwhile, Belinda slipped Ashley’s ethical issues with counselors dating clients leather jacket off her shoulders and admired her figure in the halter top and underwired bra; she gently ran her hand over the white woman’s clothes, but did not remove them. The happy sound of girlish laughter echoed across the field, as the biker girls and their friends enjoyed a lazy lunch washed down with cool beer. After ethical issues with counselors dating clients this, the gathering started to break up into couples, each taking a blanket but not moving very far apart. Jacqui took Christina by the hand, saying throatily: ‘clients ethical issues with I want dating counselors you, babe, my God! I want you so bad!’ Christina batted her eyelashes at her, and coyly asked: ‘Do you ...

really?’ ‘Feel for yourself,’ replied Jacqui breathlessly, as she undid the fastening of her leather trousers, pulled down the zip, and revealed the black thong panties underneath.

The biker took the sweet teen’s hand and thrust it down inside the thong, and Christina gave a soft purr of arousal as her fingers encountered Jacqui’s cunt – soft, warm, wet and invitingly open. Jacqui took the young schoolgirl to her blanket, pulling her down for a long kiss.

Her mouth moved down to Christina’s pert tits, whilst ethical issues with counselors dating clients her hand found the crotch of her pants, which was so tight that the lips and cleft of her pussy were visible in what is often called ‘cameltoe’ through the thin stretch fabric. Belinda and Ashley had already begun kissing, their hands running over each other’s tops. Next, Belinda took their blanket and placed it alongside

ethical issues with counselors dating clients
Jacqui’s, slightly overlapping, and urged Ashley down to lie on her back alongside Christina. Belinda undressed the young woman, whilst Jacqui was simultaneously dating while in fbi dating with counselors ethical clients issues undercover operation stripping the pretty schoolgirl, tugging her sweater over her head and then peeling the cute pink hot-pants down her thighs. Very soon, the two visitors were naked apart from their boots – Christina’s bright shiny white ones, and Ashley’s glossy black ones. They exchanged a look and reached out to hold each other’s hands, watching in pleasure as above them Jacqui and Belinda kissed and sensuously undressed each other, until the two biker women also only had their boots on. In a unison of movement that might have been choreographed, the bikers knelt between the spread legs of their new-found lovers, and then leant forward to fondle their breasts and take each nipple in turn into their mouths, nibbling on it with their teeth. Almost simultaneously, Ashley and Christina let out a deep groan, and opened their legs even more. The ethical issues with counselors dating clients bikers needed no invitation, and they trailed their tongues down from their breasts, across their navels and to the top of their slits. The two prone figures gasped, their grip on each other’s hands tightening for a moment. Jacqui and Belinda began assiduously to apply their considerable skills and experience in pussy-slurping to the inviting vaginas ethical issues with counselors dating clients which were spread in front of them, the labia peeling back like the petals of flowers. Within a few moments, both Christina and Ashley were giving vent to shuddering ethical issues with counselors dating clients moans, their backs arching off the ground and their free hands clutching convulsively at the blanket material, as their orgasms exploded. After the two guests subsided, panting heavily, they ethical issues with counselors dating clients were rolled unresistingly onto their stomachs and their legs were pushed under them, hoisting their asses up in the air. The teen and the young woman did not seem to mind this at all, in fact they waggled their hips and bottoms in a deliberately tantalising way. Looking over their shoulders, they saw Jacqui strip completely naked, removing ethical issues with counselors dating clients with ethical issues dating counselors clients her leather trousers, her boots and her panties. Belinda, smiling wickedly down at the luscious sight of Ashley’s outthrust hips and buttocks, shed her micro-skirt but retained her impressive boots. Both of the biker women then produced strap-on dildos, and the sight of these -weapons being buckled into place sent a shiver of anticipation down the spines of both Christina and Ashley; they looked at each other, smiled, and again reached out to clasp and hold each other’s hands. Within a few seconds, they were both deeply penetrated and were being ridden as if the biker girls were jockeys competing during the final furlong of a major race – in this case, the destination ethical issues with counselors dating clients ethical was issues with counselors dating clients not a winning post, but which young woman they could make to come the soonest and the longest. Belinda had a few tricks up her sleeve and, as she drilled in and out of Ashley’s vagina, she started to deliver a firm smack with the palm of her hand, alternating between the right buttock and the left. She also had sufficient reach that she could take a firm grip on Ashley’s juicy swinging breasts, and she used them ruthlessly, like the handlebars on a bicycle. Christina had her eyes held tightly closed and was making a kind of hissing noise between her teeth, with her face pressed into the fabric of the blanket. Jacqui dating with ethical counselors issues clients paused for a second in her shafting and raked her fingernails down the pretty teenager’s back from her neck to the underneath of her ass, not hard ethical issues with counselors dating clients enough to cut through the skin but firmly enough to leave a deep red trail. When her fingers reached their destination of Christina’s pudenda, they prized it open
ethical issues with counselors dating clients
and Jacqui slammed the dildo in deeper than ever. Christina let out a high-pitched shriek, her whole body jiggling as if she was being subjected to electric shocks, and clients counselors with ethical issues dating ethical issues with counselors dating clients then she slumped down in a daze. Such was Belinda’s command and dexterity, her force and instinctive feel for pace, that the much more experienced Ashley was equally putty in her hands, and exhibited no more self-control than the teen next to her, whimpering softly as the firm plastic rod was jerked in and out of her by the thrusts of Belinda’s pelvis.

Ashley’s climax was equally earth-moving; afterwards, between heaving gulps for breath, she gazed across the gap to Christina and smiled sultrily ethical issues with counselors dating clients at her; licking her lips, Christina smiled contentedly back. Jacqui and Belinda now asked their guests what pleasure they would like to take of them, and both knew at once what they wanted to do to the biker babes. Christina’s choice was a slow and loving 69 with Jacqui lying on top of her, and the blonde was more than happy to oblige her pretty young conquest. Ashley gained a sudden surge of energy: she could not resist the chance to take her turn with a strap-on, but she wanted to give it to Belinda with the black woman on her back, legs spread wide, so that Ashley see her face and grab her tits whilst she ed her. For the next twenty minutes there were heard the intermingled sounds of gasps, grunts, moans and the sharp high notes of orgasms attained time and again, as the biker women proved as happy to receive as they had been to give. Afterwards, all four females lay together in a warm and loving heap, stroking, ethical issues with counselors issues with dating a recovering alcoholic dating clients fondling and kissing each other, until the afternoon air started to cool. Then they went back inside the cabin and waited their turn to use the shower room – this was one of the cabin’s most enjoyable features, having been deliberately built by Jacqui’s aunt to be spacious enough for several people to have fun together.

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