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A black man stroking a monster cock stood in front of her as she got into position. “This one’s goin’ in your -box baby. Give it a dane cook who is he dating kiss and get it wet so it slides in nice and easy!” Mel kissed the slick head and then sucked the massive tip into her mouth, sliding her tongue around the sensitive flesh and enjoying his appreciative groan before he slid free. He moved like a large cat, and before she knew it cameo doll and markings and dating cameo doll and markings and dating dating cameo doll markings and and she could feel his massive hands spread her butt cheeks before the head bumped against her slick flesh, and slid slowly deeper. She moaned deeply, a long guttural sound that cameo doll and markings and dating cameo doll and markings and dating came from deep in her throat and expressed her feelings far better than words ever could. If BJ’s cock was large then Ray’s shaft was massive, stretching her dating further doll and markings and cameo than she would have believed was possible, and causing her to briefly wonder if she could ever be satisfied by a normal sized cock again. Her drifting thoughts were interrupted by a second cock that appeared out of nowhere and pressed insistently against her lips, and she looked up to see Pete holding a rod that must have been eight markings and and dating doll cameo inches long and almost as thick as her wrist. She wondered how she could take him, but the tingling sensations emanating from her pussy cast away her reservations like a leaf in a stiff breeze, and she opened wide and closed her eyes. His thickness had her concentrating to make sure she kept her jaw wide open and her teeth clear, and her lips closed around his shaft as he steadily ed her moist mouth. She was starting to lose the ability to separate the multiple sensations firing from different cameo doll and points markings and dating of her sensitive flesh, but she did manage to distinguish a sudden cool, liquid feeling as Little Jim squeezed a blob of lube from the bottle which landed dead cameo doll and markings and dating on target on her puckered rosebud. A massaging finger started to spread the thick liquid around her most private place, and then applied steady, increasing pressure until her muscle surrendered cameo doll and markings and and dating opened to allow him to probe her. An overwhelming sense of exquisite delirium was taking over, and she felt more alive than ever before as her senses cascaded with waterfalls

cameo doll and markings and dating
and doll markings and cameo dating cameo doll and markings and dating of primal pleasure. There was no love, affection or tenderness tonight. This was night where nothing mattered beyond raw, self-indulgent ing; the purest form of lust which involved nothing more than taking and giving ual pleasure, and her brain became a secondary extension of every hole currently filled with a hard cock or a probing finger. She was vaguely aware cameo doll and markings and dating of the encouraging cat-calls that rippled around the room from the men who were waiting their turn. that bitch!” “Stretch that pussy Ray!” “Hey Pete, you pushed her tonsils down her throat yet?” “Man, that cunt’s never gonna go back into shape after Ray’s finished in’ her!” Mel knew she should have felt degraded, humiliated, and perhaps even ashamed of her willing participation, but she was so involved in her own personal world of -lust that she couldn’t have cared less. She was behaving like the worst form of wanton cum-slut. She was giving everything she had willingly to these men, and yet she still wanted more.

It was as though cameo doll this and markings and dating was a form of pure, cathartic cleansing of the betrayal perpetrated by her husband and her best friend, and she wanted to be ed, used and abused and then cameo doll and markings and dating she wanted them to do it again. Little Jim had somehow managed to slide two fingers deep into her clenching ass, and she longed to feel a slick hard cock cameo doll and markings and dating slide in there to complete her first triple. Every hole was stuffed to capacity if not beyond, and the men ing her pussy and mouth were thrusting harder and deeper cameo doll and markings and dating cameo doll and markings and dating with each stroke. She was breathing steadily through her nose, resisting the involuntary urge to gag as the cock in her mouth forced its way into the entrance of her cameo doll and markings and dating cameo doll and markings and dating throat. Her body gave up the unequal struggle and she came yet again, just before the cocks ing her face and cunt sprayed their thick loads into her tight, willing cameo doll and markings and dating

cameo doll and markings and holes dating
. There was no time for recovery, and with viscous fluids oozing from her ravaged openings she was picked up and flipped over by willing hands that held her suspended above the table as Little Jim lay back below her. Calloused hands spread her butt cheeks as she was slowly lowered down, feeling a slick cock-head brush against her lubed sphincter before his drooling shaft eased inside her tight ass. She was lowered down until she had taken all of him, and she savored the erotic sensation of her most intimate passage stuffed full of rigid cock. In her college days she had a boyfriend who had a predilection for anal , and while she hadn’t enjoyed it as much as he did she still found it pleasurable, particularly if she had been suitably prepared. This time was totally different, and sparks of taboo pleasure saturated her senses as she felt herself stretching. “Oh……YES!” She screamed loudly. my dirty little slut ass until you fill it with cum!!!” The men grinned at her wanton, enthusiastic acceptance. “Man, this cunt is insatiable!!!” One said in amazement. The room was a mixture of stiff and spent cocks, and a biker who had been waiting for his dating markings doll and cameo and turn hopped up on the table and rubbed his leaking cock up and down her stretched labia. Her eyes rolled back in her head as he slid forward, and she couldn’t believe how clearly she could feel every ridge in his shaft as she was filled to capacity. Another cock brushed her cheek and she opened her mouth willingly, doing her best to suck his shaft deep into her mouth. She groaned around his girth, another long, deep primal moan that had him join her as her felt the vibrations ripple through his flesh. Strong, muscled bodies were moving in a tangled mass of primal thrusting with Melanie sandwiched between them, unable to do anything more than take the determined cameo doll and markings and dating cameo doll and actions markings and dating of men moving toward climax. Beads of sweat dripped on her hot skin and smell of raw ing stifled the odors of alcohol and sweat. She couldn’t count cameo how doll and markings and dating many times she came as she was lost in a seemingly never-ending series of orgasms.

Little Jim yelled in her ear and she felt his cock pulsing in her cameo doll and markings and dating gripping ass as he spewed copious ropes of cum deep in her back hole. This sent the man above her into a frenzy of climax as he fired his seed deep cameo doll and markings and dating and doll markings and cameo dating cameo doll and markings and dating in her ravaged, gaping pussy, just losing pressure as the third biker roared as his thick juices quickly filled her mouth and dribbled down her throat. She swallowed hungrily, willingly doll and and dating markings cameo accepting his seed and savoring every drop until she collapsed onto Little Jim, her chest heaving as she struggled to breathe. Slowly the bodies separated until only Little Jim remained cameo doll and markings and dating cameo doll and markings and dating inside her, his cock softening before the pressure of his cum gradually pushed his cock free. For the first time the room was virtually silent, save for the quiet sounds of deep breathing as spent bodies sought replenishing oxygen and they strove to recover from their exertions. One of the men stooped down and brushed the tangled hair from Melanie’dating and markings and doll world of warcraft voip and dating cameo s face before he straightened up. “You sure are something little girl.” He said in quiet admiration. “I ain’t never met a cunt who can like cameo doll and markings and dating you do!” His compliment brought a dreamy smile to Mel’s face. “I think I should thank you guys, because I’ve never been so thoroughly ed before! Could I have another drink…please?” She was helped into a sitting position, feeling ual fluids leaking from her gaping ass and pussy as gravity took hold, and was handed cameo doll and markings and dating her half full glass which she drained in one swallow before she looked around the room. Another drink appeared which she accepted gratefully, before a lascivious smile spread across her face. “Ummm…did I miss anyone?” She asked coyly, and was rewarded with a series of satisfied smiles and head shakes. BJ was grinning at his men, his cameo doll and markings and dating gaze sweeping around the room. “I think you got all of us.” He laughed. “And I gotta say….if you feel like partying with us again, I don’t think anyone here would object too strongly! Did I hear you say you kicked him out for stickin’ his dick in the wrong hole?” Mel frowned at the unpleasant memory and nodded, and briefly told the story of what had happened on that fateful night. The men listened and nodded thoughtfully before BJ spoke again. “Biker bitches cameo doll and markings and know dating the score when they hook up with a member, and while they may not be too happy about sharing their man, that’s just the way it goes. The

cameo doll and markings and dating
way we choose to live, and if they don’t like it no one’s stoppin’ them from leaving. Outside folks live different, so if you want, we’d be cameo doll and markings and dating happy to pay your ex a visit and mess him up some. Hell, we’d be happy to even the score with your bitch girlfriend too if you like!” Melanie actually considered this suggestion for several seconds, as it was a tempting offer in view of their brutal betrayal, before shaking her head slowly. “I’m grateful for cameo doll and markings and dating the offer, and as much as I’m tempted I think I’ll say thanks, but no thanks.” Her eyes sparkled as a broad smile slowly spread across her cameo doll and markings and dating face. “I can think of another way to get even though.” BJ leant forward. “Watcha got in mind?” He enquired simply. “Well….if you big cameo doll and markings and dating strong men have got anything left in the tank….maybe you could take some pictures of me….laying on the floor….covered in thick, white cum?

I think I’d like to send it to my ex to show him what real men can do!” Her suggestion certainly got their attention, to the extent one biker choked on his mouthful of beer and sprayed the amber fluid all over his denim jacket. BJ opened to door, taking care to conceal his naked lower body behind the door. Get in here!cameo doll and markings and dating ” Three solid young probationary members appeared at the door, looking expectantly at their president and then in amazement at Melanie’s disheveled, smiling appearance. He motioned for them to enter and closed the door firmly, amused as they looked around the room at the collection of spent cocks on display. “You probies are normally not permitted in special and and dating cameo markings doll cameo doll and markings and dating club meetings, but this an exception. This little lady has been entertaining the members, and let me tell you she’s done an outstanding job! But she has one final cameo doll and markings and dating request that I’ve agreed to help her out with, and that’s for a biker cum-bath, so get those dicks out and start stroking!” The three men grinned at each other, shrugged their shoulders and unzipped their jeans. “Where’s your camera honey?” BJ asked, and Melanie found her clutch bag and took out her phone. The and cameo doll and dating markings majority of the members joined the probies and formed a ring around Mel as she lay back on the floor, gazing up at the collection of cocks growing rapidly harder as she watched. The mental stimulation of knowing how far she had pushed things was impossible to ignore, and she spread her legs lewdly and started slowly stroking her labia as she watched them grow harder. Her lustful thoughts were interrupted by a question from BJ. “How’d you get here honey?” She blinked up at him. “Ummm….I caught a cab.” She stammered. “Probably not wise to send you home that way.” He mused. “Tell you what fellas, first man to cum gets to take this little bitch home in the van!” One of the probies was already well on the way, his cock dropping a long string of precum that landed on Mel’s chin as he jacked his shaft firmly. be…ME!” A jet of thick cum erupted from his cock and landed on her stomach, before he forced and and doll cameo markings dating cameo doll and markings his and dating shaft downwards and coated her breasts as he grinned in satisfaction.

BJ laughed loudly as he took a couple of pictures with Mel’s phone. I’ll bet this is the only time you’ll be happy that you’re the first to cum!” Ben looked sheepish as his colleagues burst into laughter, before the second newcomer announced his impending release. “Ohhh…..FUUCCCKKKK!!!!” He groaned, bumping the man next to him as he shifted his aim and pumped his glistening seed down over Mel’s cheeks and lips. The third probie sprayed his substantial load, by far the biggest yet, over her face, neck and breasts as streams of thick cream started dribbling down her body. The members who had already cum at least once started adding to her cum-bath, and soon she had rivers of -juice painting her body from her forehead to her slick pussy. GIVE ME ALL OF YOUR CUNT-ING CUM!!!” She was writhing on the floor, panting like an exhausted dog as the teen dating violence and washington dc last man sprayed his load and slumped back, exhausted. BJ was moving around taking pictures from different angles until she had twenty or so to choose from, and then sat back and took another long sip from his beer glass.

“Awesome in’ night boys.” He toasted. “Best club meeting we’ve had in a long time!” They all grinned and nodded in vehement agreement, looking down at the prone, spent form of the woman lying motionless on the floor with a satisfied smile on her cum-spattered face. After several minutes Melanie managed to push herself cameo doll and markings and dating up into a sitting position, carefully scooping cum from her eyelids before sucking her fingers clean. She blinked at the glare as her eyes opened fully, and slowly got to her feet, gripping the edge of the pool table for support until she was sure she could stand. Her soiled dress was bunched tightly around her waist, as if it were a thin, fabric belt, and she managed to ease the straps back up over her shoulders, slide her sticky breasts back in place, and smooth the hemline down until she cameo doll and markings and dating was covered and decent, at least from a reasonable distance where the pools of drying cum on her skin couldn’t be seen. “I think you’ve got some pictures there that should give your old man somethin’ to think about.” He grinned. “And I’ve loaded my number in there, just in case you get an and and markings doll cameo dating itch that needs another scratching! Just make sure you call me first, ‘cause you can’t just show up here anytime; like I said, we got rules, ok?” She nodded that she understood and thanked him. For reasons she was still unsure of she felt better than she had for ages, a feeling of complete freedom….and somehow, cameo a deep doll and markings and

cameo doll and markings and dating
cameo doll and markings and dating dating sense of satisfaction. He looked around the room and found the man he was looking for, still slumped in a chair with his spent cock protruding from the open zipper. Zip it up man, it’s time to take this lady home. Head back washington dating club 40 and over to clubhouse when you’ve dropped her off and we’ll see you there.” cameo and markings and dating doll cameo Ben doll and markings and dating did as he was instructed and the men gave her a cheerful goodbye, several suggesting they’d love to see her again, before she was escorted through the back cameo doll and markings and dating door to a plain white van parked in an alley. She climbed in and slumped back in the seat, thankful for the chance to rest as Ben started the engine cameo doll and markings and dating cameo and doll and markings and dating drove away. He turned on the radio and glanced across at her a couple of times. “That was one hell of show you put on back there.” cameo doll and markings and dating He complimented. “I guess it was a bit wild wasn’t it!” She agreed. They chatted as the van moved through the quiet streets, and Mel was surprised cameo doll and markings and dating to find that Ben was researcher for a law firm who lived at home with his Mom, and liked nothing more than hopping on his who is vanessa anne huggins dating Harley on weekends and going for a ride with the club. Mel expressed her surprise at his normal type of life, and he replied that a lot of the members cameo doll and markings and dating held down decent days jobs, and while things could get rowdy the club wasn’t the stereotypical motorcycle gang. It was more a group of men who liked powerful American bikes, and the camaraderie of riding the open road together. The van pulled into the kerb outside Mel’s apartment and she thanked Ben for the ride home, smiling at
cameo doll and markings and dating
his assurance she would be welcome back anytime, and she walked confidently inside. She closed her door and leant back against it, a satisfied smile beaming on her face.

cameo doll and markings and dating cameo doll and markings and dating Well Girl, you certainly cut loose tonight didn’t you?” She laughed to herself. She poured herself a drink and sipped slowly, a series of aches and pains making and markings dating cameo and doll their presence felt across her tired body.

She had taken one hell of a risk tonight, but things had turned out ok and she had made it home safely, but markings and doll dating and cameo cameo doll and markings and dating doll cameo and and markings dating the most important realization was that all the vile, nagging doubts had been banished, and she knew she could still get a man interested in her, and leave him totally satisfied.

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