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what the hell happened?” Brian asked, still in a daze. Damn, but that hurts!” He took a minute to survey the scene, then turned to Ted. “You count how many there were?” “I think there were five of ‘em. One got away, and the other four are out cold, mostly thanks to Marsha” Ted answered. “We were about to go after him, but neither of you two were in any shape to be left behind.” “The boat!” Brian exclaimed. If we don’t catch him, or get there first, he’ll take the damned thing and leave us marooned!

Then we’ll all be ed, stuck on this island with these four assholes!” With that, Brian took a long stride as he started to run, then pulled up short, obviously in pain.

Ted, you and Marsha have got to find that son-of-a-bitch, and make sure he doesn’t

best single dating sites by ranking
best single dating sites by ranking take the boat!

I’ll help Denise, and catch up to you as soon as we can.

Now go!” Ted and Marsha took off, but in a different direction from the best single dating sites by ranking goon they were pursuing.

At first, Brian wondered where in the hell Ted was going, then he remembered that Ted knew every short-cut there was on this island. The chances of the best single dating sites by ranking two teens arriving at the beach first was a lot better than those of the escaping attacker. Feeling a little relieved with the improvement of their chances, he turned and walked back online best single dating sites by ranking best single dating sites by ranking single ranking best dating dating sibest single dating sites by ranking tes by for kids and teens to Denise. “Hey, Girl,” Brian said softly, genuine concern ringing in his voice, “how you doing? You gonna be able to struggle back down best single dating sites by ranking to the beach?

We’ve gotta put as much distance between us and those four as we can, and as quickly as possible.

You ready?” “Yeah, I’ll be okay,dating sites ranking single by best ” Denise replied just as softly, “and thanks, Brian. If it hadn’t been for you and Ted tackling those guys, Marsha wouldn’t have been able to find that branch, best single dating sites by ranking or whatever it was. .” Her words trailed off as the impact of her close call registered in her brain. She wanted so desperately to sit and have a good cry. “best Hey single dating sites by rankingbest single dating sites by ranking em>, if it was Marsha in that situation, you’d have done the same, and we both know it.

Here, put your arm around my shoulder, and let’s get the hell out of here while we still can” Brian lectured. As much as he wanted to hold Denise and let her know that she was safe again, they had to get back to best single dating sites by ranking the beach. “We’ll follow Ted’s trail,” Denise suggested, “if we can find it. That boy knows places on this island that don’t exist, I swear! As best single dating sites by ranking long as we can follow his trail, we’ll be okay.” It was a tough struggle following the path that Ted and Marsha had started, and the blackness of the night had best single dating sites by ranking best single dating sites by both ranbest single dating sites king by ranking of them stumbling and tripping. Brian took hold of Denise’s hand, his mind making note of just how soft and delicate her skin felt, and how warm and secure he tried to make her to feel in his grip. Right now, though, they needed to get back with the other two as soon as possible.

Ted and Marsha made it to the best single dating sites by ranking beach in record time, considering the time of day. Running as fast as they could over the soft sand, Ted reached the speedboat a few seconds before Marsha. The two pushed the

best single dating craft sites by ranking
into the water, and Ted made a step with his hands for Marsha to hoist herself up onto the forward deck. “Get this thing started, then I’ll shove us best single dating off&rdquo sites by ranking; he ordered. Marsha jumped into the cockpit, sliding onto the helmsman’s seat and behind the wheel.

How’re we gong to start this thing?” Marsha cried out in fear. Ted best single dating sites by ranking continued to shove the boat back into the water. As long as they were out of reach of Jeff’s goon, they’d be a lot safer. “Grab a paddle, and start heading us out into the cove! If I have to, I’ll hot-wire this damned barge!” he hissed loudly. Marsha began to search for something to use as an oar, finding a make-shift paddle in one of the gunwale lockers. I can paddle better than you, and no offense to your gender. Now let’s get the outta here!” “But best single dating sites by ranking what about Brian and Denise? We can’t just leave them here!” Marsha protested. “If I don’t get this tub running, getting Brian and Dennie out is gonna be best single dating sites by ranking academic!

Those guys are looking for pussy, and you two girls are what they have in mind. We can go back in for the other two, but first, we have to get best single dating sites that by ranking engine started” Ted lectured. She had to admit that his logic made sense, but the fear in her heart for their friend’s welfare was real, too. All she could do would be to follow Ted’s lead. As they slowly pulled away from the shore, the crashing sounds of breaking bushes drifted across the water.

Ted killed the lantern, then pulled on best single the dating sites by rankranking single by sites dating ing best paddle even harder than before. He knew that the beach dropped off quickly once they were about a hundred feet out, but before then, it was a shallow slope. In the event the intruder really wanted to walk best quality european singles dating sites out to them, putting that one hundred feet between them was mandatory. Brian and Denise broke out of the undergrowth, realizing immediately that the boat was no longer beached. Who had launched it, Ted and Marsha, or Jeff’s goon? Not sure who was in control, Brian froze, pulling Denise to a stop beside him. His first instinct best single dating sites by ranking best single dating sites by ranking best single dating sites by ranking was to shout Ted’s name, but if the goon was still on the beach, they’d need to keep their position secret. All he could do was wait for some indication, best single dating sites by ranking then formulate a plan afterwards. Ted heard his friend come out of the bush, and understood, almost instinctively, Brian’s dilemma. They were close enough to the drop-off that the boat would probably drift out the remaining distance without the use of a paddle. “Marsha, grab that searchlight, and find the asshole on the beach. Don’t, under any circumstances, shine it on sites dating best single by ranking Brian or Denise. No sense giving away their location, and maybe the searchlight will blind that idiot enough that he won’t be able to see. Normally, Brian can outrun almost anyone, best single dating sites by ranking best single dating sites by ranking but with those busted ribs, I don’t know. Also, he’s gonna protect Denise at all costs. If we can blind the other guy, they may have a chance.” Marsha best single dating sites by ranking jumped to the searchlight, flicked the switch, and began to search the beach with the light beam. It was only a moment later that she found her quarry. Brian will have to best single dating sites by ranking do the rest.” Marsha’s manoeuver was the break that Brian needed. He signalled to Denise to keep as quiet as she could. It also answered his question as to who commanded the speedboat. Now all he had to do was immobilize Jeff’s side-kick.

“Denise,” he whispered, “get ready to swim out to the boat. I’ll divert what’s-his-name’best single dating sites s attention by best single dating sites by ranking ranking.

If I can knock him out somehow, I’ll be out there as soon as I can. Just wait for my signal, then run like hell, and swim like there’best by single ranking sites s no dating tomorrow. Got it?” Denise nodded her head, but in the night’s light, no one could see her acknowledging movement. She grunted her understanding, her fear feeding her bloodstream with adrenaline. She squinted in an effort to map out the terrain in her mind, determining that they were only a matter of a few yards from the water. In the glare of the spotlight, the lone remnant of the gang was blinded, and stumbled towards where he thought the sound of Brian leaving the brush had come. Slowly he advanced on their position, best single dating sites by ranking waiting for any further indications of where the two were. A glint of light flashed on the steel knife he held. That sight wasn’t lost on Brian, nor on Marsha. She best single dating sites by ranking sites ranking by best single dating fought hard to stifle the scream welling up in dating sites for single military women her throat. Ted had made himself useful by attempting to rewire the boat’s ignition. Run, and don’t look back!” Brian best single dating sites by ranking hissed. She felt frozen by her fear, fighting to overcome her leg’s resistance to moving. Breaking free, she dashed towards the water, running as fast as she could, then plunging into best single dating sites by ranking the lake’s cold, and swam for the light that shone like the sun. That fear she’d had on the beach refused to allow her to look back; it drove her on, best single dating sites by ranking dating ranking best sites single by

single dating sites by best ranking
even as the conflict between her own survival and the desertion of her friend washed over her. Brian watched as his adversary approached slowly, his position well-lit by the searchlight. Tactically, he’d usually have moved behind his opponent, but any stray light would give him away, leaving him without any remaining advantage. As the gang member came closer, Brian scooped up a handful best single dating sites by of ranking sand, to be used to blind his adversary. Whether it was the shock of the unexpected, or the grit in his eyes, the man dropped the knife and tried in vain to relieve the pain. Brian took advantage of his lapse, running towards the now defenceless adversary, and punched him squarely in the nose. The poor guy never knew what hit him, and best single dating sites by ranking best single dating sites by ranking he collapsed in the sand. Brian immediately turned and charged into the water, diving in when he was far enough out to float. Denise had swum to the stern of the boat,
best single dating pulling sites by rankibest single dating sites by ranking ng
herself up on the rear swim-grid, and into the cockpit. Just as she clambered onto the doghouse covering the engine, Ted found the right wiring combination, and the engine leaped into life. As he crawled out from under the dashboard, the sight of Denise safely onboard greeted his eyes, and he dashed to help her, holding her tight in the process. “Isn’t he with you, Dennie?” “No. He told me to swim like there’s no tomorrow, and I . Oh God, what have I done?” she wailed, tears beginning to flow best single dating sites by ranking best single dating sites by ranking down her cheeks. he’s saved my life twice tonight, and I left him on that beach! Suddenly, there was a splash at the stern of the boat, and Brian’s head popped into view over the transom. “Umm, could you two break the reunion for a minute, and give me a hand getting out of this ing cold water, please?” a familiar voice requested. I just did what you told me to do.” “I know, and following my directions probably saved my ass, girl” he answered. “Now would somebody get
best ranking single by dating sites
best single dating sites by ranking this tub moving, and get us the hell out of here? Please?” Ted pulled his friend into the cockpit, then jumped behind the wheel, slamming the throttles forward as far as best single dating sites by ranking they’d go. The sudden acceleration had both girls scrambling to regain their balance as the powerful craft lifted out of the water, heading for the cove’s entrance. Marsha crawled to where Brian sat, wrapping her arms around his neck, and kissing him passionately. “Baby,” she said, loud enough to be heard over the screaming engine, “you had me so best single dating sites by ranking single dating by best ranking sites ing scared! Don’t you ever do that to me again, hear, or I’ll kick your balls in!” Then she kissed him deeply once more, her tongue duelling with his as best single dating sites by ranking she clung to the person that she felt so passionately in love with. Denise had managed to find her way to Ted’s side, and she clung to his arm tightly. Ted’s attention was split between steering the boat out of the cove, and the warmth of Denise’s kisses on his cheek. The four teens revelled in their closeness, in their friendship, single sites ranking best dating by and in their survival of the harrowing assault. Ted slowed the boat down when they were about a mile offshore, then brought it to an almost complete halt. The rush of adrenaline dating sites by in ranking best single his system had finally burned off, and he felt himself shake with relief. “Okay,” he started, “now that we’ve gotten our asses out of that sling, how the hell do we explain being in Hansen’s boat? Do we just leave them on Skull Island and forget about them, or what?” “Well,” Brian began, “we by best ranking dating single sites could just return the boat, and hope for the best.

I doubt we’d get away with it, knowing Old Man Hansen, though. Anyone got an idea?” There was silence for best sites by single ranking dating best single dating sites by ranking a few minutes, before Marsha cleared her throat in preparation to say something. “Umm, here’s an idea” she started. “We make this boat smell like an orgy, then tell best single dating sites by ranking ranking single sites best dating by Old Man Hansen we found it drifting just offshore. If we suggest that Jeff was engaged in something ually compromising, but don’t say what, maybe he’ll buy it.” “Shit, dating by you best ranking sites single sure can come up with some wonderfully perverted ideas!” Denise spat out. “How do we accomplish all that?” “How do you think? We all our brains out, get the deck covered in cum, and make sure no surface goes untouched! After tonight, I’m ready to have Brian me until I squirt! If Denise or I can squirt, and best single you dating sites by ranking guys cum all over the deck, we can have this tub smelling like a brothel by sunrise. Or has someone got a better idea?” The three others stared at each best single dating sites by ranking best single dating sites by ranking other, torn between the lustful implications of Marsha’s plan and its implementation. For Brian, the thought of spending the next number of hours lovingly pleasuring his girlfriend’s best single japanese women dating sites body was a dream come true. The idea of doing so with Ted and Denise mere inches away turned him right off. If he and Marsha had some privacy, though, he’d be more than willing to spill his seed all over Hansen’s decks. Ted was all for the idea, and the thought of being buried deep inside Denise’s soft and warm cunt had his best dating sites single ranking by best single dating sites by ranking cock twitching in anticipation. For her, the idea of having Ted’s hard cock deep inside her while Brian and Marsha ed each other almost right beside them was more than she could

best dating sites by single ranking
best single dating sites by ranking best single handle dating sites by ranking right now. “Marsha,” Brian started to object, “as much as your idea has a real appeal, I’m not prepared to just lie in this cockpit beside those best single dating sites by ranking two and my brains out. I don’t think of you as just somewhere warm and wet to stick my cock into. So, as tempting as your idea might be, it’s best single dating sites by ranking not gonna work!” “Yeah, I’ve got the same problem” Denise added. “As much as I love the feeling of Ted deep inside me, I can’t do it best single sites dating by ranking when there’s someone laying right beside me, rutting like a wild animal. I just can’t!” “Slow down, you two” Ted jumped in. “This boat’s gotta be best single dating sites by ranking twenty feet long.

If Denise and I take the fore-deck, and you two stay here in the cockpit, there’s a windshield between each couple. Hell, we were all within twenty feet of each other when we were on the beach, and it didn’t make much difference back there. I mean, it’s not like Dennie and I didn’t know what you best single dating sites by ranking best single two dating sites by ranking were doing, and I’m sure we weren’t subtle enough that you two couldn’t figure it out. So let’s figure out a way to make this work, instead best single dating sites by ranking dating sites best ranking by single of excuses.” “I can understand your objections,” Marsha began to explain, “and under other circumstances, I’d agree with Brian and Dennie. We may not be stuck on the best single island dating sites by rbest single dating sites by ranking best single dating sites by ranking anking with a bunch of rapists any more, but we’re not out of the woods yet, are we? There’s still the matter of getting back to the city, getting rid of this boat, and getting Old Man Hansen off our asses. What I was thinking of was making sure Jeff’s cock gets chopped of in the process. If we started a best single dating sites by ranking best single dating sites by ranking rumour that he was out on the lake to have with his buddies, and let it get spread all over town . ” Marsha took a minute to collect herself, searching each of best single dating sites by ranking best single dating sites by ranking best single dating sites by ranking her three companions. In the dim light cast by the star-filled sky, it was hard to tell what each one was thinking. “Brian,” she continued, “when we made love best single dating sites by ranking best single dating sites by ranking on the beach, I wanted you. Not just as someone that would pop my cherry as a courtesy, or as a guy that I thought might be cute enough to turn other by best single dating ranking sites

best single dating sites by ranking
girl’s heads. I wanted you as a very good friend, as my boyfriend, as my lover. This idea may sound like just one big session, and maybe it is, to an best single dating sites by ranking best single dating sites by ranking extent. But if we’re gong to have all night, I want it to be with a guy that I love, and that loves me. The point is, you two guys put your lives on the line for us. We know you love us, because if you didn’t, you wouldn’t have taken that much of a risk. Right now, I just want to be with you, loving you, pleasuring you, giving myself to you completely, and in any way you want me. Smearing our combined juices all over this boat is a bonus.” The best single dating other sites by ranking three mulled over all that Marsha had said. In an attempt to convince her boyfriend of the honesty of her statements, Marsha moved to where Brian stood, and encircled him with best ranking single sites her by dating arms, then kissed him lightly on his lower jaw. Denise turned to Ted, pulling him to her, and clung to his young body in an attempt to demonstrate to him just how much she wanted to be with him, too. “She’s right, guys” Ted confirmed. “I want you, Dennie, and for all the reasons that Marsha just mentioned.

And, when best single dating sites by ranking you think about it, if you and I are making love, and not just ing for the sake of ing, we’ll be in a world of our own, even if they’re right beside us. You’re the girl I want to kiss, hold, and be deep inside. If we’re being honest with ourselves, and with each other, what Marsha is proposing will only work if we make love, and not just . Hell, if all we had to do was cover this boat in cum, we could each pick a corner, and do ourselves solo!

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