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I filled up her food bowl at dinner, but she didn't come in to eat until we had all finished and left the kitchen, at which point she waited for us to go to bed. Sonja was confused as to why I was bringing down blankets and a pillow and leaving them on the couch, with Momo sniffling in painting dating neptune alice lynn greenwood the far corner of the house. "Master, what's going on?" she asked as she followed me up to the bedroom. "Momo has been very bad, so for the next painting dating neptune alice lynn greenwood few nights, she'll be sleeping on the couch." Sonja froze, trying to imagine what Momo had done to earn such a horrible punishment. In the bedroom, we found Chloe, sitting on Momo's side of the bed.

The blankets I had given Momo were from Chloe's nest under the bed. After we all brushed our teeth, we were about painting dating neptune alice lynn greenwood to climb into bed, but I instead saw Chloe crawl under it. Even without blankets and a pillow, she still planned on sleeping on the floor. "Chloe, wait." She poked her head up from under the bed. "I know you like to sleep on the floor at night, but there is plenty of room in the bed for you. Come on, painting dating neptune alice lynn greenwood it'll be too cold and uncomfortable for you down there." Chloe's face turned red. Normally, she would only sleep in the bed for daytime naps, since at night, her painting rodent dating neptune alice lynn greenwood instincts told her to hide under things and avoid the nocturnal predators. Plus, she and I had never slept in the same bed before. Even when I went to painting dating neptune alice lynn greenwood take a nap, Momo and Sonja would always flank me and leave Chloe to snooze underneath.

After seeing what I did with Momo and Sonja, she was worried about what I painting dating neptune alice lynn greenwood painting dating neptune alice lynn greenwood would do with her so close. I promise you, you're safe." Rather than take my hand, she slithered up from under the bed and into the covers. I could alice lynn painting feel neptune dating greenwood her beside me, taking the same kneeling pose she would to eat. Goodnight girls." "Goodnight, Master!" said Sonja with a smile. "Goodnight, Master," said Chloe, giving a muffled squeak under the covers. ---------------------------------------- The next day, I decided to treat everything as I would normally. Momo was still grounded and would sleep on the couch for a few more days, painting dating neptune alice lynn greenwood painting dating neptune alice lynn greenwood painting dating neptune alice lynn but greenwood I didn't yell at her or anything like that. She had already run away once, back when she thought I loved Sonja more than her, and if I was greenwood alice dating lynn neptune painting mean to her, she might run away again. At the very least, she understood that she had done something wrong. I just had to hope that she would understand why it was wrong.

After returning home yesterday and finding Momo and Chloe, I hadn't gotten anything done. Having who is jamie lynn seigler dating slept in a bit and had breakfast, I found the girls playing alice lynn painting dating neptune greenwood in the living room. Chloe was doodling, Momo was playing Space Invaders on the laptop, and Sonja was reading Dr. "Girls, I'm going to go out and run some painting dating neptune alice lynn greenwood errands." "Bye, Master!" they said. They all looked up to me, and when my eyes met Momo's, I gave her a glare that said 'you're on thin ice, don'

painting dating neptune alice lynn greenwood
t this up'. I think she got the message; she immediately hid behind the laptop.

Driving to the nearby town, I stopped at the hardware store and got some snow shovels, salt, sand, long-lasting candles, and a generator. I didn't need something too heavy duty, just enough power to keep the water running and maybe the stove and microwave. Either way, the cost was more than I expected and I could feel rocks piling up in my stomach. Chloe's addition hadn't raised living expenses by very much, but painting dating neptune alice lynn greenwood even as an office manager, I was living paycheck to paycheck. I still made enough to have some savings left over, but it was scary how often those savings got depleted. It painting dating neptune alice lynn greenwood was a good thing I didn't pay for heating oil or firewood. ---------------------------------------- That night, we had raviolis and meat sauce, just like Momo wanted, sort of like dating greenwood neptune lynn alice a peace p

painting dating neptune alice lynn greenwood
ainting offering. But now, hanging from her shoulder like a purse, Chloe carried a water gun. I had gotten it for her at the store and instructed her to spray Momo if she ever got even a little bit touchy-feely. She appeared reluctant to use it, but I could also see that she was relieved to have it. Hopefully the relationship between them was still mendable. But I was happy that the four of us could again watch TV together on the couch. ---------------------------------------- "Master," Sonja whispered. She was on her back, her legs wrapped around my waist. Even the smallest thrust made her breasts jiggle like Jell-O. With Momo still sleeping downstairs, it was just Sonja and I. I decided to take it slow tonight, gentle, loving, contrary to the hardcore threesomes we usually had. She looked so beautiful, even in the darkness, her blonde hair catching even the faintest light. My alice neptune dating lynn greenwood painting lips met hers, our tongues following suit, not even separating when I pulled out or rushed into her. Besides, seeing us as we were now, Chloe's expression was painting dating neptune alice lynn greenwood almost one of awe. Normally, she would look terrified when she watched me have with Momo and Sonja, but that was because we were normally much more hardcore in that scenario,
painting dating ing neptune alice lynn greenwood
like porn stars. But now that she was seeing it this way, seeing how tender and caring it could be, her fear was disappearing.

Lying just two feet away, painting dating neptune alice lynn greenwood wrapped in blankets, she watched with wide eyes and slick thighs. I moved off her and turned to Chloe, kissing her too on the nose. "Goodnight, Chloe." "Goodnight, Master." ---------------------------------------- I painting dating neptune alice lynn greenwood left home that frigid Monday morning with a bit of worry. Chloe had told me that Momo often came after her in the middle of the day, usually when she was napping. I had stepped out yesterday to run errands, but with the work week starting once again, that was more than eight hours a day where I wouldn't be painting dating neptune alice lynn supervising greenwood them. But I had left Sonja with the task of keeping Chloe safe, and the last time I checked on them, they were curled up in bed, Chloe with her water gun always in reach. Momo had one more night to spend on the couch, and I hoped for her sake that she didn't screw up. Hours later, Chloe painting dating neptune alice lynn greenwood lynn greenwood and dating painting alice neptune Sonja woke up and headed downstairs. They found Momo on the couch, shaking her head after a very unsatisfying nap. Chloe hid behind Sonja, worried that Momo might do painting alice greenwood neptune dating lynn something to her in her frustration. "You made Master angry." "Momo doesn't know why Master is angry." Sonja cocked her head to one side. What did you do, again?" "She kept playing with me, even though I didn't want to," said Chloe. "Momo thought Chloe was a toy." "Well of course Master is angry at you! Master doesn't lynn dating alice painting neptune greenwood think we are toys!" Momo's ears twitched, the words finally getting through.

Momo had already apologized before, or more accurately, been forced to, but Sonja and Chloe could tell that this one was truly genuine. Chloe stepped out from behind Sonja, holding her hands in front of her. ---------------------------------------- I came home, finding Momo and Chloe on the couch, reading a picture book together. Chloe didn't seem nervous and didn't have her water gun next to her. It warmed my heart, seeing them finally getting along. That evening, Momo painting dating neptune alice lynn greenwood seemed less miserable about sleeping on the couch. Perhaps she had realized what she did wrong and was willing to bear her punishment. Anyways, this was the last night she was grounded, and even I was glad that it was over. She and I hadn't had since I punished her, so it would be good for things to get back to normal. ---------------------------------------- I rolled off a very satisfied Sonja, finding Chloe watching us with wide eyes. She tensed up when I put my arm around her, thinking I was going to use her for Round 2. Instead, I simply held her against me, her forehead pressed against my chest.

"We don't cuddle enough." The bed began to shake painting dating neptune alice lynn greenwood painting dating neptune alice lynn greenwood and small yips could be heard. She must be dreaming about chasing squirrels." ---------------------------------------- It was a new day and I was happy as could be. Sure, there was a frigid downpour outside and I had cut myself shaving, but neither of those could ruin my mood. Because it had been more than a month since Chloe appeared, and never had she shown a single sign of a menstrual cycle, meaning she couldn't get pregnant and was open for business! "Ok, girls, I'll see you tonight," I said as painting dating neptune alice lynn greenwood I got my shoes on. The girls were still having breakfast, but they got up to say goodbye. Each of them gave me a kiss and then returned to her bowls, but I grasped Chloe's wrist before she could get away. "Hold on a second, Chloe." It took only an instant for her eyes to become watery and her ears to droop. "Did I do something wrong?" "No, you didn't do anything wrong." I got down on one knee and kissed her hands. I was thinking that maybe… you and greenwood dating neptune lynn alice painting I could play together tonight? But we won't do it if you don't want to." Her hair, ears, and tail stood on end and her body glowed red like a Christmas light. "M-M-M-M-M-Master…" "Relax, you don't have to answer now. Now how about another kiss?" She was still petrified, so I kind of had to steal one. ---------------------------------------- "painting dating neptune alice lynn greenwood Ah, time for a nap!" said Sonja after washing the egg grease off her lips. "Momo missed sleeping in the bed," the feline added. The two of them walked towards the painting dating neptune alice lynn stairs greenwood but stopped when they realized Chloe wasn't following them. She was still standing by the door, nervous as could be. "Master said he wants to play with me painting dating neptune alice lynn greenwood tonight." She had her eyes downcast and was fidgeting. Contrary to Chloe's mood, Sonja perked right up and rushed over to her with a big grin.

You're going to love playing with Master!" "But I'm too scared! "It only hurts the first time, then it feels great." "How did you two do it?" "Momo started it first. Master painting dating neptune alice lynn greenwood didn't want to do it but he quickly changed his mind when his thing went in Momo." "And I had to wait for Momo to go outside before Master and painting dating I could neptune alice lynn greenwopainting dating neptune alice lynn greenwood od play together and we both had a great time." "But what if Master doesn't like me?" Momo and Sonja looked at her as if she had just spoken in gibberish. ---------------------------------------- It was a long day at work, but then again, the days are always long when instead of the ticks of the clock, you measure time by painting dating neptune alice lynn greenwood painting dating neptune alice lynn greenwood your heartbeat reverberating in your erect dick like it's a tuning fork. Hopefully Chloe had some good news, but even if she didn't, then at the very least I still had Momo and Sonja. Upon coming home, I rushed through the front door, and as usual, found the girls waiting to greet me. But instead of swarming to me, alice dating painting greenwood neptune lynn they were standing in the kitchen, Sonja and Momo side by side with Chloe, their hands resting on her shoulders.

"Master, I think Chloe has something she wants to painting dating neptune alice lynn greenwood tell you," said Sonja giddily. I looked to Chloe, who was blushing louisiana t lynn 38 dating site and wringing her tail. A smile on my face, I got down on one knee with my arms outstretched and Chloe rushed over and hugged me. And since Momo is no longer in trouble, both she and Sonja will be there to support you." She then pulled away just enough for us to kiss. "How about tonight, after we've all had dinner, we take a bath, just the two of us, just as a warm up?" She finally smiled alice neptune dating painting greenwood lynn and nodded her head. "'Kay!" ---------------------------------------- Having anticipated Chloe's decision, I cooked us up a special dinner: steak and mashed potatoes, though that brought about hilariously messy results. The girls normally ate like the animals they used to be, so with something like steak, they needed to use their hands. I know I could have cut it up for them into bite-sized pieces, but then I would miss the sight of them sitting on the floor cross-legged, faces caked with mashed potatoes and BBQ sauce, gripping their steaks and tearing painting dating neptune alice lynn greenwood pieces off with their teeth like vultures. I might need to give Chloe a shower before we even get in the bath. Of course, their clothes were ruined, but it was painting dating neptune alice lynn greenwood still pretty funny. Rather than watch TV with the girls before going up to bed, I got the bath started right after dinner. I didn't want to stay up

painting dating neptune alice lynn greenwood
too late playing with the girls. Once louisiana tonya lynn 38 dating site the girls had washed their faces, I called Chloe upstairs. She met me in the steamy bathroom, jittery as usual. "This is going to be nice," I said after locking the door. I started taking off my clothes and Chloe did the same. She had spent so much time naked in this house, but painting dating neptune alice lynn greenwood painting dating neptune alice lynn greenwood painting dating neptune alice lynn greenwood tonight, she seemed particularly nervous as she stripped, like a runaway 14-year-old in a truck stop bathroom, doing what she needed to do to get a ride to California. Ok, dark
painting dating neptune alice lynn greenwood
place, let's back it up and pretend that didn't happen.

And of course, while she had who is jamie lynn sigler dating seen me naked plenty of times, the sight of my throbbing member painting dating neptune alice lynn greenwood made her give a tiny squeak of fear. I got into the bath first, giving a slight wince from the heat. "Ok, Chloe, come here." "Um… how do I…?" "Just sit painting dating neptune alice lynn greenwood on my lap and lie back against me." Trying to contain her nervousness, she stepped into the tub, and as she flashed me her cute little butt, I couldn't painting dating neptune resist alice lynn grepainting dating neptune alice lynn greenwood enwood leaning over and planting a kiss on the left cheek. Chloe froze up, not out of fear, but mere surprise that I would do something so bold. It took her a moment, but she managed to settle down on my lap, my manhood nice and cozy you know where (not there, we haven't gotten to that yet). She leaned back against me and I could tell she was relaxing. We stayed like that for a good while, simply relishing the warmth of the water and the touch of each other'painting dating neptune alice lynn greenwood s bodies. "You know, this reminds me a lot of when we first met. You were this tiny little flower, afraid of her own shadow. You've grown up since painting dating neptune alice lynn greenwood lynn dating neptune painting alice greenwood painting dating neptune alice lynn greenwood then." "Really?" "Yeah, but you're still as cute as you were then." She looked at her hands.

I've been trying to figure it out but nothing has helped. "I'painting dating neptune alice lynn greenwood m glad I got to become like this and got to meet Master." I kissed the top of her head. "Yeah, me too." "But I wish I was more like painting dating neptune alice lynn greenwood painting dating neptune alice lynn greenwood Sonja and Momo." "What do you mean?" "They're tall and have big chests which you seem to like. And when we watched porn, there weren't any girls as small as me." I put my arms around her. Believe me when I say this, you're cuter than Momo and Sonja put together. If they're dinner, then you're painting dating neptune alice lynn greenwood cake." "Do you really think so?" she asked with a shy smile.

And besides, even if you have a flat chest, I can still play with these." I moved my hands painting dating neptune alice lynn greenwood under the water to her breasts and started tickling her nipples. "Master!" "And I can do this," I said as I started nibbling on her ears, making her giggling turn painting dating neptune alice lynn greenwood painting dating neptune alice lynn greenwood to moaning. "And you don't need to be tall for me to want to spend all day touching you here." One of my hands fell between her legs, touching her only lightly with my palm. Had Momo ruined my chances of actually getting to play with Chloe?

"Is it ok for me to touch you here?" "It feels good alice dating greenwood neptune lynn painting when Master touches me there," she whispered. Well, does it feel good when I touch you… here?" I tickled her left lip, nothing more than tiny strokes of my finger. "And how about… here?" I moved to the right, making her fidget with a cute little smile on her face. "interracial dating in washington d c And how about down here?" I probing the bottom of her pussy, where the lips converged. "And I bet you like it when I touch you here." As expected, I saved her clitoris for last, and as I played it like a joystick, her panting deepened and her thighs clamped together. I left the job to my thumb and slipped my fingers inside her. Due to her small body, she was tighter than both Momo and Sonja, but the hot water was helping to loosen her up and keep her slick. "lavato dating demi jonas is joe painting Master! dating neptune alice lynn greenwood" she whimpered, gasping for air as my fingers stirred inside her. "Yep, this really is just like the first time we met. Come here and give me a kiss." She rolled over and rubbed her chest against mine, now blushing with arousal. We began to kiss, our tongues entwining as she straddled my hand. Her small rear end, poking up above the water, would jiggle as she reacted to the movement of my fingers, sending ripples through the tub. She pulled her lips away, looking at me with eyes swimming. Are painting dating neptune alice lynn greenwpainting dating neptune alice lynn greenwood ood you ready to move this to the bedroom?" She mustered up her courage and nodded, so I let the tub drain out. We both stood up and dried off with painting dating neptune alice lynn greenwood towels, and then I scooped her up and carried her out into the bedroom. Momo and Sonja were there, eager to support Chloe and hopefully get some playtime of their own.

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