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"Oh yes, she has the most amazing ability to find sites with men with enormous penises, and women with huge breasts." she laughed "Well, that's normal curiosity, isn't it?" Stan defended her. "Oh, my yes, if I had had the internet when I was her age I would have been right in the thick of it, too. But, you should see these sites." she said again, "Do you have a computer here at the house?" she asked. "Certainly, Stan replied, "but,” he hesitated, “it's in my bedroom." That brought a hearty guffaw from Claire. "I knew you'd get me in there somehow." she laughed. "I hope your bed is comfortable." she joked as they walked up the stairs to his suite. Claire sat at his antique desk with the percolated marble top and jade pendant drawer pulls. "This is a gorgeous desk." she said as she ran her hand over the wood finish and fissured top. "I found it in Malaysia while there doing start your to husband how dating a project." he explained "I had to have it, so I had it shipped back." "Impressive." Claire breathed as she admired it. Her attention was once again focused on how to start dating your husband start husband to dating your how the computer as she entered the search information. The first site that popped up had videos of acts posted right on the webpage. "See what I mean," she said how to start as dating your husband she clicked on one of the videos and the screen went blank while it downloaded. "Look at that guy's package." she giggled "Wow, I wish I had how to start dating your husband met a guy like that when I was young and could handle it." Stan looked at the screen. The girl had the man's large cock in her mouth sliding her hand up and down the engorged shaft. His eyes watched Claire's eyes as she took in the performance on the screen. "Can you imagine my fourteen year old watching this?" she asked. Stan not only imagined her watching it, but duplicating it in his foyer just a few days before. Claire bounced around the site watching several different videos and making comments about the size of the men's dicks and the woman's breasts, and some of the unusual positions they had your husband how to start dating how dating start your husband to attempted. They both laughed at some of the shenanigans they watched. Stan moved closer to her with every new video and was soon sitting very close in a chair next to hers. "Oh, I didn't think, maybe I could sit on your knee so you could get a better look." she offered getting up and sliding onto his knee. Her skirt parted and exposed her leg far up her thigh.

Her breathing had become slightly shallow as she watched one particularly spirited act of copulation, the young man's cock was enormous and the girl, to some degree, resembled Ellie.

A bead a sweat broke out on both of their upper lips. Claire looked into Stan's eyes and their lips met in a passionate, deep kiss. Soon their tongues were fighting that battle where everyone wins and Stan’s hand was rushing how to start dating your husband up the length of her thigh to her sopping wet pussy. Stan helped her undress; she was wearing a garter belt and silk hose. They were soon naked how to start dating your husband and the foreplay consisted of oral stimulation of each other's and very quick kissing. They were soon locked in a passionate embrace with his cock buried deep in how to start dating your husband her quim.

They started with Stan on top, and then rolled over to allow her to control the tempo and intensity of the mating. Claire declared several times that how to start dating your husband how to start dating your husband how start husband to your dating she had cum, but Stan was a paragon of control as he held off for several of her orgasms until he himself exploded inside her. "Hey, wait, I didn'how to start dating your husband t get to see the etchings." she joked "Next time" Stan said breathlessly. Across the courtyard, in the darkness of her room, Ellie slid her fingers in and how to start dating your husband out of her steaming hot pussy. She had come home with one of the mothers who left early and had been watching the entire time. She saw the playful how to start dating your husband computer surfing, the kissing and then the . Her juices ran copiously down her thighs from the masturbation that had just taken place. She knew her mother would seduce Stan, much as she had. She knew that he would give in to her advances; she just didn't know she would get to enjoy watching it. Claire rolled off how to start dating your husband how to start dating Stan's your husband sweaty body and lay her head on the softness of the pillow. "Oh Stan, I don't know where that came from." she said in an embarrassed tone "I do" Stan offered "If you hadn't started it I would have. It was stored up in both of us for so long, I'm surprised that we managed to do it without some personal injury to both of us." The comment caused Claire to laugh. "Well, I am going to be sore, I can bet on that." she said referring to the hard ing she had just received. "It was wonderful." Stan said, "I want more." She kissed him on the shoulder and how to start dating your husband how to start dating your husband put her arm around his neck. "So do I." she said "I wonder when Ellie will be home." with the question came a move to take Stan's cock into her mouth. She began sucking him back to his original hardness. He responded with a stiff cock, not as long as any of the actors, actually about six and a half to seven inches long, but as thick as a beer can. "Oh baby, you should do those films." Claire said approvingly Stan just laughed and how husband dating to start your mounted her once again for another satisfying .

Ellie got excited when she realized that round two was about to commence. She positioned herself to watch the whole episode as how to start dating your comfortably husband as possible. She wanted to see breasts being licked and sucked, asses being fingered, she wanted to be in a director’s chair screaming out instructions to her dating to husband your how start actors. She wanted to dictate the dicking of her mother's pussy. Claire rode Stan's hard member as passionately as any of the porn actors. She was slutty when it mattered and soft and vulnerable when her part called for it. His role was clear, make his lady reach a point of delirium that exceeded the how to start dating your husband how to start dating your husband moment, a point where she lost control and he took it. His cock was the star of the show, it dictated her every response.

They lay for several minutes and Claire jumped up quickly "The school bus!" she exclaimed, “Ellie is home”. Her ear, like most mother’s had been tuned to hear the approaching school bus. She how to start dating your husband hurriedly dressed, kissed Stan on the lips and grabbed a book from his shelf. "I'll tell Ellie that you offered to loan me a book." she said somewhat proud of herself, for devising such a clever deception. She bounded down the stairs just as Stan saw Ellie's light go on in her room. He stood back away from the window in the shadows, Claire showed Ellie the book and threw it down on her bed and they chatted before she left the room how to start dating your husband to go make dinner. Ellie picked up the book and burst out laughing, stifling her response as she looked directly over into Stan's window. Stan could not read it but rules to dating your ex husband guessed that it may have been something inappropriate for her mother to have borrowed. Ellie stroked her finger as if to say shame, shame, at Stan. He walked into the light and shrugged with a smile. Ellie went through the courtyard to Stan’s gate. “I really think you could have selected something a bit more entertaining.” She said as she handed the book to him. He read the title, “Molecular Chemistry.” By Riefin. “It is a barn burner how to start dating your husband husband dating start how to toward your the end.” He offered “Yeah, I’ll bet” Ellie replied.

“Hey, that was some fantastic ing,” she said, “I came about ten times watching Mom ride your cock.” “So did she.” Stan said. I wanted to cheer when you flipped her over and ed her doggy.” “Did how to start dating your husband we do that?” Stan asked genuinely interested and not remembering doing that. Next time I want that to be us, my pussy getting that big cock, my tits being sucked and nibbled.” Stan’s nostrils flared as he thought about that and he stole a quick kiss and ran his hand inside her waist band to how to start dating your husband feel her pussy. “So do I, Baby, so do I.” Their reverie was shattered once again by the familiar call from her mother. “Elliieeee” To be continued… ACCIDENTAL LOVERS PART THREE THE HOMECUMMING CHAPTER 1 Sue Roberts had only her family. Her two children meant more to her than anyone could fathom. Raising them alone was hard and not the life she had expected. She had grown up in the prototypical Midwest family. Her mother stayed home and her father worked long hours how to start dating your husband to see that they were comfortable. She had gone to school, raised rabbits for the 4H club and spent every Thursday afternoon with the Girl Scouts in the hall at the Lutheran Church. She had played dolls with her best friend and the two had secrets that they had promised to never share – cross their hearts how to start dating your husband how to start dating your husband and hope to die. Some of the secrets were laughably funny now, like the time they had gone shopping without wearing their bras. It wasn’t like either needed how to start dating your a bra husband with their A-cup breasts just starting to grow. But some secrets she still held to herself; secrets of exploration and discovery done behind locked doors and under how to start dating your husband how to start dating your husband sheets. She felt guilty even today for holding those back from him. He had been her everything and it pained her deeply to recall his suffering as his strength drained away from the radiation and drugs used to keep him alive.

But in the end it hadn’t mattered as the cancer took him away, leaving her alone how to start dating your husband to raise her two children. Now they were all that mattered and she had vowed to protect them and raise them with love. A devoted mother, Sue seldom how how to start a dating site to start dating your husband dated and her life consisted of her fingers and a how to start a dating website toy tucked away in the back reaches of her bedside table. On the nights when her yearnings became strong, start how husband dating to your she would usually pleasure herself while recalling her husband’s touch and warmth. But sometimes those old secrets would bubble up and she would find herself back in her childhood bed, a young teenager discovering feelings and desires with the help of her high school love.

That her love had been her best friend, classmate and a fellow girl scout meant that it had never been out in the open mattered not. Even today, two decades later she could still recall that first dating sties to how to start dating your husband meet single men kiss. Her friend had been talking endlessly about the boys she dreamt about but never acquired. Sue had finally reached over and kissed her just to

how to start dating your husband
shut her up. It had been spontaneous and had caught both unaware. That kiss had lead to another and then to a make-out session that had found both naked and panting at the end, faces slick with each other’s pussy juice. Even these many years later Sue could still recall the sweetness of the taste and how your husband start to dating how how to start dating your husband much each had enjoyed those special times. That had been her only foray into Lesbian love, but it had stayed with her as the secret she never told.

Now how to start dating your husband during those nights of self-pleasure, she often found herself fantasizing and reliving the experiences. Perhaps it was due to the restrictions being so similar.

As a teen she had always stayed quiet so as not to let her family hear, now she likewise had to stay silent due to the children. That was so unlike the wild to dating how your start husband how to start dating your husband abandon that she had experienced with her husband. Now she had to bite her lip as she pinched a nipple or caressed her clit. The touches sent visions and how to start dating your husband how to start dating your husband feelings of her young love. She could feel her lover’s touch; her girlfriends tongue sliding between her folds and licking her. Her own taste on her fingers brought back memories of her own moments with her face buried deep between her love’s thighs. Feeling a nipple grow hard against her lips or the muskiness as how to start dating your husband how to start she dating your husband pushed past the tight sphincter – the last act so intimate and depraved that she had not even done it with her husband. But now those memories flooded back and drove her passion and lust. She found herself desiring to re-experience that time and yet afraid to venture there. If only she knew where her old friend had gone so many years ago. But now she was a widow raising two teenagers and trying to maintain their home on a secretary’s salary. She was dreading the bills that would soon show in her mailbox. Where she would find the money to pay the doctors and hospital for her son’s accident eluded her. But he was safe and recovering from being hit by a car on his way to school. She had cared for him after he was released but had to return to work. That had left her with few choices but to keep his sister home from school too in order to care for him. Sue had worried that she was asking too much of her daughter; was it fair to ask her to be a nursemaid to her older brother?

If it was embarrassing for her to wash her son or help him go to the bathroom, how much worse was it for daughter? Then there was Tommy to consider, he was a normal 17-year-old boy

how to start dating your husband
with all the desires that young boys possessed. It had been quite apparent to her that he was embarrassed and frustrated by his own situation. No boy that how age to start dating your husband wants his mother to see him naked, much less to have her hold or wash his penis. More than once he had involuntarily grown hard as she cared for him. Both had tried to ignore the situation but it was difficult, as he had grown into a young man who so resembled her late husband. She had husband to start how your dating tried to ignore the feelings he aroused in her but it had been difficult. She had felt him hardening in her hand, growing ever more rigid. Feeling his rhythmic heartbeat as blood coursed through his cock, seeing it grow harder as it reached it’s full six inches, nearly the size of his father’s. It had been how to start dating your husband all she could do not to stroke it or take it in her mouth when she saw precum oozing from its tip. At night in her own bedroom,
how to guilt start dating your husband
racked her as she recalled that it was Tommy’s cock that fueled her fantasies. It was images of his cock she saw while caressing her engorged clit. Thoughts how to start dating of your husband it sliding deep inside her while her fingers played the role. Try as she could it was Tommy’s face she saw, not her late husbands as how to start dating your husband she climaxed. Those images had both satisfied her and disgusted her at the same time. And then knowing that she had not been able to really help her son how to start dating your husband
your how husband to start dating
release his own pent- up desire. Feeling guilty that she had left him hard and unable to care for his own need, but to do so would have taken both to places that she was not ready to go to.

Sue had tried to explain some of these things to her daughter, but she really didn’t to how husband start dating your

how to start dating your husband
how husband your start dating to think Lori fully understood. She knew that eventually she would be answering questions from Lori and had been sure to let the girl know she was there for her. It how to start dating your husband had been a lifesaver when the school district had agreed to let a homebound teacher work with both children. It should allow both to remain with their classes and not fall a year behind. The free service also meant an adult would be in the house a few hours every few days. Sue had not yet met the teacher but they had exchanged notes and everything seemed to be going well. Cooper notes assured her that both children were doing just fine and maybe even how to start dating your husband moving along faster than their classmates. Sue had wanted to meet the teacher but her work hours had not let her get home early enough. However her boss was start how dating to husband your your dating husband to how start out of town and she could likely leave early for the next few days. She just needed to be sure everything was done on the day the school had how to start dating your husband
how to start dating your husband
her visit scheduled. Sue thought about calling but since everything was fluid, she would just go home when she could. Even if she missed the visiting teacher, it would still be nice to see her children. CHAPTER 2 Sue was pleased to see a car in her driveway as it meant the teacher was still with her children.

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