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Finally, she said, "I'm sorry Julie, I just couldn't resist taking a swim naked in the pool. This other thing just sort of happened." "Why on earth

dating in the dark kanal 5
are you apologizing Erica, I'm just so happy that it didn't take you long at all to allow yourself to feel how wonderful it is to be naked. How does it feel, laying there naked and enjoying some self-pleasure? I know I should have left you alone but you looked so beautiful, lying there, your fingers deep in
dating in the your dark kanal 5 pussy, I just couldn't help taking my clothes off as well." "No, no need to apologize, I like seeing you naked. You have such a beautiful body if dating in the dark kanal 5 dating in the dark kanal 5 feel a little ashamed having such a hairy pussy. Yours looks so pretty, the way you have it trimmed and all, not to mention how full and think your pussy lips are, they are so beautiful." "Why thank you, Erica, thank you very much. As for your hairy pussy, I can help you take care of that easy enough.

I worked in a salon for a while when I first came back here. I took it as a second job on the weekends to help make ends meet. Anyway, I'd dating kanal in 5 dark the be glad to trim you up anytime you'd like." "So Julie, are you here for the rest of the day. Don't take this wrong but I thought you might want to join me, in the pool I mean." "No you didn't, be honest Sweetie, you wanted me to join you masturbating, isn't that right?" Erica blushed, "dating in the dark kanal 5 Yes, you know me too well, looks like I'm busted." "For what, wanting me to join you in a little self-pleasure? I'd love to only I have a lot of work waiting for me or I would. Now I've got grab a bit to eat....join me?" "Sure, I'd love to, let me get some clothes dating in the dark kanal 5 on." "Why Erica, don't you enjoy being naked? You are free of all that uptight, hateful nonsense. Here you will find the freedom to do what you want.

Now dating in the dark kanal 5 dating kanal in dark the 5 let's grab a bit before I'm late getting back." As they ate, Erica couldn't keep her eyes off her aunt's body. She couldn't help feeling aroused dating in the dark kanal 5 dating dark in 5 the kanal just looking at her. As hard as she tried fighting her feelings, she knew she would jump at the chance to touch her aunt's breasts, hell she'd jump at the chance to make love to her. She knew it was wrong, even perverted but she couldn't deny how she felt. Finally, Julie told her, "Well, I have to get back or I'll lose my job or something. Enjoy your freedom, Hon, I will see you tonight." Then she put her fingers under Erica's chin and dating in the dark kanal 5 kissed her lovingly on the lips whispering, ' "I'll see you later, we'll talk more." Then Julie dressed and blew Erica a goodbye kiss. No sooner had she left dating in the dark than kanal 5 Erica went back out on the patio and took up where she had left off, her fingers deep in her pussy, masturbation to an incredible orgasm. Once she finished

dating in the dark kanal Erica 5
wondered what her aunt meant about them talking when she got home. Erica relaxed feeling so good without her clothes on. She felt free sitting there naked, it was so refreshing. She stayed naked for the rest of the afternoon but when it came time for her aunt to return home, Erica chickened out and put on a top and some shorts. Julie arrived home right on time and walked into the house looking for Erica. She was a little disappointed that she had gotten dressed again. Getting rids of her self-consciousness was going to take some time no thanks to her mother and her Puritan ideas. Thinking she would have to be a positive influence, Julie walked over and dating in the dark kanal 5 gave Erica a hug. Erica told her she was sorry for getting dressed but she still felt a little self-conscious. Julie told her that there was no reason for her dating in the dark to kanal 5 feel like that, but she understood why she did. It was going to take time to undo all the crazy ideas her mother had put in who is rick i liked dating in the dark dating in the dark fox kanal 5 dating now her head all these years. After we eat, I'm going to take my clothes off and enjoy my freedom like normal. If you feel like joining me, dating then in the dark kanal 5 feel free to join me, if not, then that's alright too. What do you think about that?" "Thank you for understand, Julie. I want to get popular top dating in the dark kanal 5 dark kanal the in 5 dating most 10 sites dating rid of how I feel so ashamed about my body. I know it's because my mother ingrained those things in my head, it will just dating in the dark kanal 5 dark in kanal dating 5 the take time. One thing I really felt self-conscious about was my hairy pussy, after seeing yours, I think I look gross." "Nonsense Erica, all you need to do is trim dating in it the dark kanal 5, or let me do some sort of design. Remember, I have all the equipment and I can do it for you. Now let's eat and then we can relax." After dinner, true to her word, Julie went up to her room and then came back totally naked. Erica couldn't take her eyes off of her aunt's dating in the dark kanal 5 body, she was so beautiful. As hard as Erica fought her feelings, she couldn't help but feel aroused seeing her beautiful body. Julie and Erica took a seat on the sofa as Julie placed her right leg on the sofa so her pussy was purposely exposed to Erica. She also placed her arm on the top so he breasts were exposed as well. "Oh Julie, you are so beautiful." "Thank you, Hon, so are you though. I couldn't get over how beautiful you looked this morning when I found in 5 kanal dark the dating you naked, masturbating on the lounge chair.

I have to admit, it was a very arousing sight." "Really? Are....are you into, what I mean is do you like women? ually dating dating in the dark ep 2 in the dark kanal 5 I mean?" "Yes, I do enjoy women, ually and otherwise. I find women are better lovers, more honest and they don't have all the hang ups as men. On dating in the dark kanal 5 occasion, I need a nice big cock in my pussy but that's very rare. Is that what you couldn't talk to your mother about, the fact that dating in the you dark kanadating l 5 in the dark kanadating in the dark kanal 5 l 5 are attracted to women ually?" Erica looked down and after a couple of minutes she said, "Yes, I could never tell her that. If she beat me with a belt when she caught me masturbating, what do you think she would do to me if I told her I thought I preferred women." "I don't have to imagine Erica, dating in the dark kanal 5 I know what she would do. I made the mistake of coming out to her years ago, I thought I could confide in my sister but I was wrong. She dating in the dark kanal 5 slapped my face, called me terrible names and she had me in tears. Then she told the family all about it, turning most of them against me. I don't dating in the dark kanal 5 know why or how she approved of you coming her but it doesn't matter, I'm just so happy that you are here. You can ask me anything, share anything, whatever you want to know." "Thank you so much, Julie, you have no idea how much that means to me." "I know, now I have a question for you. If you do, I want you to be totally honest with me. It doesn't do either of us any good if you aren't honest with me. Now, have dating in the dark kanal 5 you ever been with another woman ually?" "All I've ever done is kiss another girl, I was too scared to do anymore even though I wanted to. All I do dating in the dark kanal 5 now is masturbate to my fantasies of being with another woman." "I see, well you can always talk to me about anything, you know that right?" "Yes, I know and 5 dating dark in the kanal

dating in the dark kanal 5
I will, I just need some time I think." "That's fine Hon, we will take it one step at a time. I'll see you in the morning." The dating in the dark kanal 5 next morning Julie was up early and off to work. Julie called Erica telling her she was going to be a little late getting home and not to worry. When she arrived home she started dinner and then went upstairs. When she came down she was naked, looking as beautiful as alway. Erica felt her pussy start to tingle and dating in the dark kanal 5 her nipples were getting hard. She decided to go up and take off her clothes as well.

It was time for her to free herself of the all the insecurities her mother had burdened her with about her body, , everything. When she came back down Erica was naked, looking at her aunt for approval. Julie complimented her on how beautiful she looked and for finding the courage to get out of her clothes. After dinner, Julie cleared the table and told Erica, "I think it's time we stop playing cat

dating and in the dark kanal 5
mouse. I see how you look at me and I find you very attractive as well. If you can get by the fact that I am your aunt and dating in you the dark kanal 5 are my neice I think I can help you discover things that you are feeling but are afraid to explore. Can you put all that nonsense aside and let dating in the dark kanal 5 me help you explore your uality?" Erica looked at her beautiful Aunt, her feelings of arousal and passion filling her full of questions. She sighed and said, "To be honest dating in the dark kanal 5 I don't know but I want to try Julie, more than you know. My head has been so ed up by my mother over the years, that I am the dark 5 in dating willing kanal to do anything to free myself from the mental prison she has me in. Yes, I want to explore all those feelings I've had for so long and have been afraid to explore." "Excellent, you won't regret tossing off those chains of fear and whatever else has been holding you back. Now, what is it that you think you would like to do first?" "Well, you said you could make me look as nice as you do down there. I've always wondered what I would look like if I were cleaned up a little, can we do that before we do anything else. I think a new look will make me feel better about myself." "Excellent idea. What dating in the dark kanal 5 would you like, there are a lot of possibilities." "I think I would like what you have. You still have a nice bush but it's all neat and trimmed. I love the way it frames your lips." "Perfect, go up and take a shower and when you're done, meet me in my bedroom. I'll have everything dating in the dark kanal 5 dating in the dark kanal 5 all set up." Once she had showered Erica went into Julie's room. She had everything spread out just like she had promised. The first thing she wanted to do dating in the dark kanal 5 was get the fullness out of her bush and then she would concentrate on cleaning it up and making her look beautiful. She went to work, trimming as Erica laid there the in 5 dating kanal dark thinking how arousing it was to have someone touching her in such an intimate place.

She loved the feel of Julie touching her, her fingertips brushing against her lips. She wasn't sure if it was accidental or on purpose, all she knew was, she liked it. Once her aunt had finished Julie told her to turn over onto her dating in the dark kanal 5 stomach so she could see if there were any hairs between her cheeks that needed some attention. After inspection, she heard Julie say, "So, look into the mirror and tell dating in the dark kanal 5 me what you think of your new look?" Erica looked into the mirror Julie was holding, looking at her pussy for the first time. Her bush was now trimmed down low and she could see her swollen lips. She glistened from her juices that had formed from arousal. Her clit was large as standing up as well." "Oh Julie, it dating in the dark kanal 5 dating in the dark kanal 5 dating in the dark kanal 5 looks perfect.

You know, I've never really seen my pussy look so beautiful. I know it sounds silly but I was always so afraid to spend too much time exploring myself for fear of getting caught...I love it." "Wonderful, now you can turn over onto your stomach, I'm going to put some lotion on you so it won't irritate your sensitive skin. This might feel a little odd, or it could feel very pleasurable. Either way, I think you're going to like it very much. Feel free to let all those pent up emotions flow freely from deep within you." Then Julie suggested Erica spread her legs for her while she applied the cool lotion to dating in the dark kanal 5 her pussy. Erica gasped when she felt the lotion, not to mention her aunt's fingers moving over her pussy. Her freshly exposed lips tingled to her aunt's touch.


dating in the dark kanal 5
looked down at Erica and smiled, she could see just how aroused her beautiful young niece was becoming. She continued working her fingers over her pussy as Erica closed her eyes and started moaning.

Julie eased her fingers into Erica's pussy, adding more lotion as she did. Erica was now undulating her hips and moaning louder. She raised her hands and started caressing her own breasts as her passion grew by leaps and bounds. She heard Julie tell her, "Mmm, doesn't that feel good Erica. Touch your breasts Sweetie, feel every erotic tingle that's going through your body. Do you like my fingers in your pussy?" "Oh yes Julie, if feel so wonderful, you have no idea. I....I want you to make love to me like women do when they make love." "Of course you do, now just relax and enjoy." With her fingers still deep dating in the dark kanal 5 in her niece's pussy, Julie leaned over and placed her lips to Erica's. They began kissing, softly at first, then as they kissed their kisses became more and dating in the dark kanal 5 more passionate. Julie could feel Erica surrendering to her lust as they continued to kiss. Erica raised her hand, putting it around her aunt and began moving her hand up dating in the and dark kanal 5 down her bare back, to her ass as Julie broke their kiss. She then kissed her way down Erica's neck to her breasts where she began circling her nipples with her tongue, flicking them and then sucking them into her mouth as Erica gasped and squealed. The more she sucked her nipples the more aroused Erica became. Julie continued dating in the dark kanal 5 sucking her niece's nipples and working her fingers deep inside her pussy. Suddenly Erica squealed and her body started to shake uncontrollably as the orgasms washed over her. Julie didn't even give Erica a chance to catch her breath. She too was totally aroused, wanting to taste her sweet, young niece's pussy. Her pussy was so beautiful, reminding her of herself, the way her lips were so large, quivering from the result of a series of strong orgasm. She moved down between Erica's legs, pausing momentarily as she took in the aroma of her arousal. Then she lowered her head, running her tongue the length of her niece's wet pussy. Erica gasped and writhed on dating in the dark kanal 5

dating in the dark kanal 5
the bed as Julie continued moving her tongue up and down Erica's pulsating pussy. She loved the feeling of her aunt's tongue, licking and exploring her pussy as dating in the dark she kanadating in the dark kanal 5 l 5 felt sensations that she had never felt before. This was her first time with another woman and it was better than she could ever have imagined. As Julie licked her way up Erica's pussy, she slid her fingers deep into her pussy again. Erica responded by gasping and begging her not to stop. There was no fear of that as Julie took Erica's clit into her mouth, alternating between sucking and flicking it with her tongue. Erica was beside herself with arousal, raising her hips from the bed and thrusting them into her aunt's face. The harder she thrust her pussy into her aunt's face, the harder Julie sucked Erica's clit. Suddenly Erica started cumming dating in the dark kanal 5 a second time, this series of orgasms even more intense than the first. As her orgasms started to subside Julie moved up, kissing Erica, working her tongue into her mouth so she could taste her own cum. She not only loved the taste, she loved the aroma of that was filling the room. Julie broke their kiss eventually laying next the in dating dark kanal 5 dating in the dark kanal 5 to her Niece asking, "So my Dear, what do you think of your first time with a woman? Was it what you expected?" "Oh Julie, it was so beautiful.

It was dating in the dark kanal 5 beyond anything I had ever fantasized about. I loved the feeling of your tongue and your lips on my pussy, you're sucking my nipples and just everything about it. I dating in the dark kanal 5 only hope I won't disappoint you." "Nonsense Erica, there is no way you're going to disappoint me. Everything here is going to be a learning experience for dating in the dark full episode you. There is no right or wrong way to pleasure a woman. I have a feeling you're going to take to making love to a woman like a duck dating in to the dark kanal 5 water. Just use your imagination, let it happen, that's all you have to do. Now, are you ready to make love to me?" "Yes, I'm so nervous but I can't wait to try." "Remember what I just said. Now let's start just kissing and when you're ready, we can go from there." Erica began kissing her aunt, concentrating on the softness of her lips as they kissed. She felt her tongue slip past her lips as they kissed finding herself sucking on her tongue playfully.

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