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"Ok, now the first thing we're going to do is you are going to suck on my member. Are you ready?" She nodded, but I could tell dating got her number what next she was nervous. "Girls, how about you show her how it's done?" I didn't need to ask twice. The three of them kneeled on the floor, Chloe directly dating got her number what next in front of me, staring at my manhood in both awe and fear. With plenty of experience, Momo began basting my cock with her mouth, drowning it in saliva while massaging dating got her number what next it with her tongue and cheeks. I rolled back my head and groaned, overpowered by the sensation of her diligence. Chloe and Sonja watched her, Chloe taking mental notes and her number dating what got next Sonja trying to contain her excitement. Now it's Sonja's turn." I turned to Sonja, unwittingly sending a drop of precum flying off and landing on Chloe's lip.

She started jacking me off, using Momo's saliva as lubricant, while she lowered her head and slurped on my testes. Even after taking a bath, there was still some salt from my sweat from her lick up. She gave them equal attention, vehemently sucking on one side of my nutsack and then the other. Feeling my balls dancing on her what number got her next dating tongue was one of the greatest sensations of my life. Either way, her efforts were more than commendable, and I had to stop her before she milked me dry. As dating got her number what next long as you don't use your teeth, you can do no wrong." Ok, it was her time to shine. Her eyes were a little tearful, but that was just the kind of girl she was. She didn't hold it in her hand, as if afraid of it, and started making small, timid licks up the shaft. Normally this level what to write in dating sites

dating got her of number what next
stimulation would be rather disappointing, but I felt it matched her style; innocent and adorable. She licked it as if she were a puppy, her speed and courage building dating got her number what next dating got her number what next with time. Perhaps it was because it was our first time together, but that small contact was strangely satisfying, though it was time for the next level. Now, try to fit
dating got her number what next
it into your mouth and bob your head like Momo was doing." Chloe kissed the very tip, then her lips parted and my cock slid into her small mouth. She dating got her number what next
dating was got her number what next
able to take half of it, but she couldn't deep-throat it yet like Momo and Sonja. She did most of the contact with her lips and then figured out how to use her cheeks and tongue. She was much gentler than Momo, her head moving back and forth much slower. It was a style that fit her personality, in dating got her number what next
next what her dating got number
a way making it feel more intense than it normally would have. My breathing became heavy, overwhelmed by what would have been considered a tepid blowjob if performed by anyone else. "That's a good girl," I whispered, resting my hand on the top of her head. She looked up at me, her eyes flushed with uncertainty. Certainly I had dating praised got her number whdating got her number what next at next her, but she was worried I only did it at out pity. I'll admit, seeing that adorable desperation and nervousness in her big beautiful eyes tickled a sadistic side dating got her number what next of me a bit. "Don't worry, you're doing great." She tried to give a smile of gratitude, still with my dick in her mouth. I gazed at the dating got her number what next three girls, all looking up at me with their sweet, beautiful faces, and an idea popped into my head. "Girls, there's something I want to try." I gave them instructions and saw a twinkle of playfulness in their eyes. Chloe leaned back, focusing her attention on just the head, while Momo and Sonja took the sides, licking and kissing the shaft. Three heads were clustered around my manhood, three tongues and pairs of lips running across it, and of course, three pairs of cute ears for me to play with dating her number got what next while they pleasured me. Words fail to describe the sensation I was experiencing, both physically and mentally. I reached the great halls of harem kings from ages past, my name carved into the walls of Elysium. All I needed was a fourth girl, maybe… a bird girl, to be kneeling under me and sucking on my balls, and dare I say a fifth girl, perhaps some kind of lizard, giving me a rimjob. But I'm pretty sure that at that point, Jesus Christ would ride down on a T-Rex and dating got her number what next bitch slap me just for being the lucky piece of shit I am. Through the combined efforts of the three girls, I was overwhelmed and could feel an imminent eruption. Make dating got next her what number sure you catch it all and don't spill it!" Before she could react, I emptied myself into her mouth, unleashing a geyser of semen. Chloe fell back, miraculously able to keep it all in her amazing sex dating someone with herpes mouth. "Open your mouth and let me see." She leaned her head back and showed me her mouth. Her tongue and teeth were completely number next submerged her datingdating got her number what next got what under a lake of cum. I'll be honest, I just wanted to see her like this due to my need for self-gratification and ual conquest. Girls, open your mouths dating got her number what next and she'll pour in it." Momo and Sonja resembled baby birds about to be fed, looking up at Chloe with mouths wide open. She pursed her lips and let dating got her number what next dating got her number what next my sperm trickle out, pouring half into Momo's mouth and half into Sonja. Chloe had to spit several times to purge her taste buds of the salty muck, but Sonja eagerly caught every drop from her. After a load like that, I had to buy some time to reflate my blimp. Lie back on the bed." She assumed the position dating got her number what next and I stood over her. Momo and Sonja were on either side of her, their luscious bodies almost framing her petite build. The frightened look on her face with her tearful eyes was cute beyond measure, and just the way her arms were twitching at her sides told me that she wanted to cover her small body, perhaps out of embarrassment when compared to Momo and Sonja, perhaps out of worry that I would do something painful. I had seen her frolic naked around the house for so long now, but never before her body enticed me so much. To start, I leaned over and gave her a tiny peck on the lips to calm her down, then added some kisses on the forehead and cheek, moving down her slender neck to her collarbone. I took my time with her breasts, planting kisses upon her soft, ghostly white skin, using my lips to knead her delicate flesh and massage her nerves. Her breathing quickened as my mouth found her nipples, her arousal making them point like pink chocolate chips that I wanted her got next number what dating dating got her number what next dating got her number what next to gobble up. At first, I simply traced around her areolas, as if the rings of small dots and bumps were a message in brail that I was reading with my tongue. I then closed my lips around one of the delicate nubs and gave a slight tug, drawing forth a gasp of bliss. Now that she was comfortable, I picked dating up got her number what nedating got her number what next xt the pace, switching between the left and right, kissing and sucking on her nipples with more gusto. I took turns with different techniques, either keeping my how much does dating got her number what next online dating cosst lips together and focusing the pressure on a small area, or opening my mouth wide and sucking on her breasts like I was trying to inhale them. Her dating number what her got next soft voice preened and cooed, her thighs rubbed together, and her flat belly rose and fell with every trembling breath she took. She could finally understand why Momo and Sonja seemed to take such pleasure in me sucking on their breasts, and why Momo had made her suck on her breasts before. The sensations were almost too much to bear, dating got her number what next but she knew that there was so much more to come. I left her breasts slick and glistening and moved downward, running my lips across her belly and even tonguing dating her got her number what next navel. She raised her head and looked at me, fearful of what was coming. Maybe I did it as an act of kindness, to give her more time to prepare dating got her number what next herself, or maybe I did it as an act of sadism, taking joy in teasing her, but I completely skipped past her virgin flower and showed her slender legs the attention they deserved. So soft, so smooth, I caressed her skin, licking away any bath water that still clung to her thighs. I reached her small feet and kissed the dating got her number what next number her next what dating got
dating got her number what next
tip of every toe. The tickling sensation made her giggle, the giggle giving her a smile and easing her tension.

Now that she was relaxed, I spread her legs, hungry for her honeypot. She held her breath, while I, almost ironically, teased her by blowing a stream of air onto her lips. That small chill from the movement of the air, dating got her number what next on such a tender place, was enough to make her shiver. Rather than warn her, I decided to just rip off the band-aid nice and quick and went down on dating got her number what next dating got her her number what next. My tongue penetrated her before my mouth met her entrance, sending a bolt of lightning up her spine. She cried out in happiness, nearly climaxing from that first touch alone. Due next got what number to her dating her small body, her slit had a little less surface area for me to work with, but that just meant I could completely envelop it with my mouth and suck on it like I was trying to draw venom from a snakebite. I moved her legs up onto my shoulders and went to town, drinking her nectar while her moans bounced off the walls. Even after the bath, she remained tight, my tongue having to force its way through to tickle her interior. My efforts made Chloe arch her back and moan nonstop. Seeing the small girl react this way, Momo's predatory instincts were beginning to flare up. A curious gleam filled her eyes, her tail curled, and dating got her number what next her ears twitched and flapped like she was trying to direct planes on a runway. I could see it happening and kept a close watch on her. She and Chloe had made up and Momo promised that she wouldn't bully her anymore, but the more aroused she got, the harder it would be to keep that promise. Momo began to move and I momentarily paused, waiting to see if I should stop her. Her lips found Momo's small breast and enveloped her nipple, the movement of her tongue flushing Chloe with even more pleasure. I watched the two of them, still with my tongue inside Chloe.

Chloe seemed aware of what Momo was doing, but the look on her face dating got her number what next wasn't one of an unwilling victim. She didn't appear to mind receiving this kind of affection from Momo. She had her eyes focused on Momo and Chloe, watching for signs of discomfort or unease from the mouse. Finding none, she even decided to join in, sucking on Chloe's other nipple and making the pipsqueak moan even loader. While dating got her I continued number what next to drink in Chloe's arousal, I got to watch Momo and Sonja suck on her nipples like they were trying to leave hickeys, all while Chloe hollered her what number got next dating from euphoria. I'm cumminggggEEEEEEEEEEK!" Her tiny body shuddered as wave after wave of pleasure rushed through her, her mousy squeal sounding like a whistle. So, when climaxing, Momo meowed, dating got her number what next Sonja howled, and Chloe squeaked. I have to wonder what would happen if I had with an elephant girl, the sound she would make. Maybe instead of hiding this from everyone, I should go public and travel the world. I could spend my life hunting down every single animal species on Earth, turning them into y girls, and then have wild with them! Hell, if I gay dating what not to do recorded it, I could make an audiobook of all their orgasm noises.

A smile crossed my face as I thought back to that barnyard animal spinner toy I had as a kid. I'd pull the lever, it would spin, and say "the sheep goes 'oh God! Oh… BAAAAAAAAAH!'" But enough about that, it was time for the main event. I got to my feet and leaned over, resting my manhood on her slippery opening. I had been waiting a month to take Chloe's virginity, I couldn't hold back any longer. Wait a second, when Momo was bullying Chloe, did her fingers accidentally… Holy shit. Holy shit, if Momo popped Chloe's cherry, I'dating got her number what next dating got her number what next ll throttle her! I looked down at Chloe, shivering with nervousness, her eyes swimming, a pure maiden about to be defiled by my cock. I suspended myself over her, as dating got her number what next if doing a push-up. "Are you ready for this, Chloe?" She nodded, not trusting her voice. I leaned down and kissed her, a little confidence-booster. "Could one of you girls guide me in?" Always eager for a chance to be helpful, Sonja smiled and grasped my manhood and helped me insert it.

The head spread Chloe's lips, the tightness becoming apparent. Was this due to how tense and nervous she was, or the size of her body? Chloe began to pant and whine as I penetrated her, trying to get next her what dating into got nudating got her number what next mber the right position for a fast insertion. If I tried to take it slow and wait for Chloe to get accustomed to it, I wouldn't reach her hymen until sunrise.

It was better to just do it quickly, fast enough to get me all the way inside her without causing either of us injury. I felt it, our genitals dating lining got her number what nedating got her number what next dating got her number what next xt up perfectly like a USB port, my penis perfectly in line with her sleeve. Now, this first time will hurt and it will take a bit for you to dating got her number what get next used to it, but afterward, it'll feel great all the time. I'll do it quick, which will hopefully make it easier.

I said nothing and instead thrust into her, gritting my teeth through the tightness. Chloe cried out and a ring of blood could be seen around the base of my manhood.

Chloe was crying and looks of dating got her number what next dating got her number what next concern were on Momo and Sonja's faces. "Chloe, are you ok?" I asked, wiping away some of her tears. "That's enough for tonight, we'll stop." "No." She took dating got her number a big what nextdating number got her next what rong> sniff. "I want to keep going." I leaned over her and kissed her on the forehead. "Ok, but I'll give you a bit of time to settle." I pulled out of her, leaving her virgin blood to drip off my cock and stain the sheets. I continued to wipe away her tears while her breathing calmed. Then, when she gave me the green light, I penetrated her once again.

She was ridiculously tight, almost information about dating a herpes carrier more than I could handle. I began my slow thrusts, her small body being next got what number her dating pushed back and forth as I hollowed her out.

She still sounded sort of like she was crying and there were still tears in her eyes, but that didn't seem to change as time went on. Once again, the look on her face was tickling the sadistic part of me, but my concern overpowered it. It just feels really dating got her number what next weird." "Ok, just tell me when you're ready and I'll start picking up the pace." "I'm ready." "Are you sure?" She nodded, and while there were tears in

dating got her number what next
her eyes, it no longer seemed like she was feeling pain.

Either way, it seemed like the worst was over, so I increased the speed and strength of my thrusts.

Chloe'dating got her numdating got her number what ber next what next s yelps loudened and she covered her face with her hands as if embarrassed, however, she never told me to stop or even slow down. The harder I worked, the higher her small white feet rose in the air. "Hey, Chloe, there is an advantage that your tiny body has," I said. The look on her face told me she dating got her number what next had heard me and was asking me 'what?' "I can do… this!" I moved my arms around her legs and under her back and then scooped her up. I stepped dating got her number what back next from the bed, holding her with her knees close to her chin, her raised legs between us, and her upper body almost perpendicular to mine. She squealed in terror and tried to find something to hold onto with the tip of her tail unable to reach the floor. Holding her in my arms like this, I had perfect leverage and was able to begin moving both her and myself. I would raise her up while pulling my hips back, then bring us both slamming together and go in balls-deep. Her number got her what dating next small body, light as a feather, was perfect for this position.

Every fierce impact sent Chloe's cries echoing through the house, all while Momo and Sonja watched with wide eyes. They certainly wanted to play like this too, but even they knew that due to their heights, the mechanics would be different. I didn't think I would be able dating got her number what next to go as deep into her as I was now, her oiled interior smothering every centimeter of my cock and her lips stretching to accommodate me. Master!" She moaned this dating got her number what next nonstop, and it was music to my ears.

There are few things more satisfying than a girl calling you 'Master' as you her. "Master, I'm going to cum again!" dating got her number what next I sped up my thrusts even more, releasing my inner porn star and hammering her like a jackhammer. Her moans turned into a loud squeak, so piercing that I thought the dating got windows her number what next would break. Still holding her in my arms, I carried her to the bed and laid her down, watching her petite breasts rise and fall with her rushed breaths.

"dating got her number dating her next got number what dating got her number what next what next Master, can Momo please go next?" "No!" said Sonja, "I want to go next!" "Sorry, Sonja, but Momo asked first, and it's been a while since we played together.

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