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She reached forward and stroked my breasts, taking one of my stiff nipples between her first and second fingers, and squeezing it firmly.

The effect sent a new wave of arousal which somehow amplified those radiating from my cunt. I stared at the security guard, open-mouthed until she leaned closer and kissed me, her warm tongue pushing between my lips dating and jewish and women black men sweeping around my gums like a cavalry charge. She was a handsome woman in her early thirties, a little taller than her companion. Her mid-brown hair fell from a centre black women and jewish men dating parting in a straight cut that was attractively shaped to frame her face, longer at the front of her neck than at the back. Her warm brown eyes were highlighted by black women and jewish men dating dark make-up, and her full lips were accentuated by a rose pink lipstick which contrasted well with the faint olive tone to her skin – a hint of something Mediterranean, perhaps French or Italian, in her ancestry. Her uniform added to her authority and charisma; she was outfitted in black boots, a fairly short and tight black skirt, a shirt in black women and jewish men dating and dating men black jewish women light brown or khaki, with a contrasting dark brown tie and uniform cap. The guard’s hands did not falter in their fondling of my breasts, whilst the blonde woman – her lover, I now understood – increased the tempo of her pussy-munching. Under the combined attentions of the two women (Oh, wonderful, how could I be so lucky!

I thought), I black women and jewish men dating soon recovered my nerve, and my body began again to enter the throes of ual climax. I was less audible now, because the uniformed guard had her mouth mashed against black women and jewish men dating mine, French kissing me vigorously. She had one of my breasts in each hand, stroking, squeezing and teasing by rubbing the palms of her hands across them and then trapping the black women and jewish men dating black women and jewish men dating tit between two fingers and pulling on it. Down below, the blonde was still giving me the full benefit of her skills with her mouth and one hand (and she was

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clearly a practiced pussy-eater), whilst shafting her own cunt with her other hand. My own hands were splayed out against the wall on either side of me, partly to steady myself lest the fireworks exploding in my body and brain should cause me to faint, and partly to brace myself and push my pelvis outwards so that the blonde woman could black women and jewish men dating black women and jewish men dating black women and jewish men dating get at more of my pussy. The sensations mounted like a ride on a jerky escalator, but always heading to the top. At last, I reached the crest and plunged over,
men women jewish black and dating
stunned by the explosive pleasure of my first-ever full orgasm. Tears were streaming down my cheeks – tears of release and relief, tears of delight and joy. The uniformed guard produced black women and jewish men dating a tissue from somewhere, and with gentle solicitude wiped my eyes dry, murmuring ‘there, there, baby doll, you’re just fine now’.

Her partner gave me some last licks on the cunt, lapping up my juices, and then rose to her feet and kissed her lover, who drew my taste into her mouth, savouring it. I noticed the two women black women and jewish men dating briefly exchange a glance and a nod. The brunette guard turned back to me, and for a moment her hand explored my pussy, slipping a finger into me for an inch or so. I gave a sigh of pleasure and tried to spread my legs further apart for her, responses which she noted with an approving smile. She told me that what she intended to do to me would get too noisy for here, and so the blonde and I smoothed down our clothes and followed her across the shop floor, into the black women and jewish men dating lift, and down to the security office in the basement. This was quite a bare room, with two desks and a couple of chairs, some lockers against one wall and, along the other, the most useful thing of all – a sturdy camp bed covered with a large grey blanket. It became apparent that the blonde woman was not only the black women and jewish men dating black women and jewish men dating security guard’s lover and live-in partner, but her work colleague as well – in fact, she was the undercover plain-clothes store detective. No wonder that she had the time to black women and jewish cruise men dating the various departments, making casual soundings of the attractive women or pretty teens who she encountered. It was their practice, when either of them spotted someone who they thought might black women and jewish be men datiblack women and jewish men dating black women and jewish men dating ng receptive, for the blonde to start the opening moves whilst the uniformed guard watched through the security cameras. If the blonde could persuade her prey to come into the black women and jewish fitting men dating room, the guard allowed five minutes for things to get hot and then staged the ‘discovery’. ‘Nearly all of the lesbians in this town pass through our hands, black women and jewish men dating at some point or other,’ said the uniformed guard with evident satisfaction. ‘After all,’ she continued, ‘most women shop here at least sometimes, and we are pretty good at picking out the vibes from the lezzies, whether they’re fourteen or forty – it’s just something in the way they are looking at the other women, checking them out.’ ‘It’s true’, affirmed the y blonde, ‘especially if you watch how they look at a pretty young chick, or someone with a short skirt or a lot of cleavage showing. I mean, straight women will look too, of course, it’s instinctive to take note of the competition, but us lesbos have a different kind and women black jewish men dating black women and jewish men dating of interest, another way of doing it, with just a special sort of glance – and we are experts at spotting that!’ They explained that, as a result, they were at the centre of a wide lesbian network, having roles varying from match-makers to party organisers. In particular – and my interest in this was obvious – they could put young teens in contact with experienced mature women who had a place where both could enjoy mutual pleasure, the older woman tutoring the young girl in the lesbian arts. This sounded black women jewish dating and men dating and women men jewish black good, so good – and it had all been here, been going on under my nose, and I never knew it before! I asked tentatively whether there was any danger of their activities being found out by the store manager.

The uniformed guard replied with a derisive laugh: ‘That dyke bitch? No way – she has a thing for young black black women and jewish men dating dating and black women chicks jewish men, and the deal is that if we get one of them, we break her in and then pass her pussy upstairs to the boss. That keeps her happy – and her mouth full of black cunt, just the way she likes it!’ ‘In fact’, added her blonde lover, eyeing my school uniform, ‘the last black bitch to drop her panties for us was wearing the same uniform you are – I’ll bet you know her, she was hot stuff.’ I gasped in wet arousal at the black women and jewish men dating prospect that any of the girls at my school, black or white, was an active promiscuous lesbian. The uniformed guard took up her stance, leaning back against one of the desks, her hips resting against its edge and her feet about a yard apart. The blonde woman gestured asian women and black men dating me to kneel in front of her lover, and I hastened to comply – black women and jewish men dating for it heralded another first, one in many ways I was looking forward to most: my first turn at making love to another woman, my first taste of female cunt. As I assumed my position, the blonde slowly pulled up the other woman’s uniform skirt, like the lifting of the curtain at the theatre for act one of the play.

There came into view a stunning sight, for the brunette had a traditional taste in underwear: her old-fashioned stockings were held up by straps from a lovely garter belt in a and men dating jewish black women soft lilac colour, with matching panties that were decorated with sections of black lace. With a sense of wonder, I slipped a finger inside the waistband of her panties at each side, and felt a luxuriant thrill as I slowly drew them down her legs. This revealed to my delighted gaze her protruding and completely shaven pudenda, glistening along its central black women and slit jewish men dating with a sheen of wetness. The security guard took over the duty of holding up her skirt, as the blonde woman transferred her attention to her partner’s uniform shirt, black women and jewish men dating unbuttoning it and pulling it back to hang from the shoulders. This revealed the bra that completed her lingerie set, its lilac side panels and cups decorated with black polka-dots, and with the top half of the cups made of the black lace. She had firm breasts, medium-sized but probably at least one cup size larger than those of her blonde companion. The

black women and jewish men dating
latter began to caress these with one hand, whilst with the other she gave an encouraging push on the back of my head, impelling my mouth forward onto her black dating jewish and women men lover’s pussy, and avidly watching everything that I did. I tried to remember how the blonde had serviced me, and did my best to emulate it – an effort which turned out to be pretty good, from both the noises and physical reactions which followed. When I found what I was sure must be the nub of the woman’s clit with my mouth, I sucked and licked it as firmly as possible, and pushed my index finger deep into the vaginal hole, savouring its warm and wet muscular strength. After I
black women and jewish men dating
black women and jewish men dating black women and jewish men dating had pulled this in and out a dozen or so times, at increasing tempo, she suddenly shouted: ‘Oh, – I’m coming, I’m coming! – yeah, now baby, black jewish women dating men and me now!’ I was electrified, and gasped as her hips juddered violently and sweet juices ran out of her pussy all over my face and hand. I felt wonderful – black women and jewish men dating I had made a woman orgasm, and had enjoyed it so much I thought that I had probably come myself when she did. Finally, they gave me the last step in my initiation into fully-fledged lesbianism – my first ever full penetrations by another woman. The guard removed her skirt and shirt, remaining a true vision of female dominance in her boots, stockings, garter belt and bra, whilst her blonde companion stripped down to just her hold-ups and bra. From one of the lockers, the guard produced matching strap-on dildos, and they black women and jewish men dating each fastened one into place. My eyes bulged at the sight: I did feel a moment of anxiety, but nothing was going to stop me now. I shed everything except my white knee socks and lay down on the camp bed, legs spread open. The guard knelt between my thighs, and with a firm forward push inserted her dildo into my pussy, black women and jewish men dating whilst her lover offered her plastic rod to my mouth, and I sucked on it as the brunette began shafting me in the missionary position. I was too inexperienced to be black women and jewish men dating able to hold back my orgasm for long, and within a minute or so my back arched, I thrust my hips into the air, my fists beat on the side black women and jewish men dating black women and jewish men dating of the bed, and I gave an ululating cry of ecstasy. It had been amazing and wonderful, but I found that the next stage was even more to my taste. After black women and the jewish men dating brunette pulled out of me, her blonde companion got me to roll over onto my hands and knees, my ass thrust up and out at her. She scratched my back for a moment (very sensuous, let me recommend it), reached under to squeeze my tits again, and then the next thing that I felt was the tip of her strap-on nudging between my gaping labial lips. The blonde took a firm grip at my waist, and with a smooth thrust slid the plastic phallus deep into my well-lubricated hole. The arousal and eroticism was indescribable, and in this way I discovered my favourite position. I squealed with pleasure, and my begging encouragements for her to be harder, faster and deeper produced the black women and jewish requested men dating result. I felt almost as if I was on the end of a battering ram, and my breaths became strangled gasps and shudders as I was bowled along into the black women and jewish men dating black women and men jewish dating biggest, best, most bone-shaking orgasm of them all. After it, I was weak and exhausted, but deliriously happy. As I lay on the camp bed between them, my body receiving their black women and jewish men dating black women and jewish men dating gentle fluttering kisses and caresses, my thoughts returned to the tale of the black girl from my school who had eagerly responded to their advances – and who, I suddenly realised, had also been taken by the same strap-ons that had just been shafting my own pussy. I wheedled more details from them, until suddenly the blonde detective recalled that she had kept some of the security camera film from that day (which had been about four weeks ago). She put it in the video player, and my knees buckled with surprise when I saw who it showed. I recognised her at once, of course, with mingled shock and instant blazing lust, for she was indeed gorgeous and beautiful. Miranda was none other women black and jewish men dating than Deputy Head Girl of the school, someone I had always thought of as a swot and a complete goody-goody. She was openly very Christian and moral, although as her black women and jewish men dating black women father and jewish men dating was an evangelical preacher, maybe she didn’t have much option there – in fact, I mused, watching Miranda’s eager response to the blonde woman, as she hurried with black women and jewish men dating her into the fitting room, maybe her surface appearance was all just an act, maybe she was just like me, a lesbo slut gagging for pussy. I thanked them both profoundly black women and jewish men dating – for giving me my first lesbian experiences in such a fantastic and complete way, and for the information about the full-breasted black babe. Even if she was regularly spreading for the store manager, there must be plenty of other times when she was on her own, and perhaps she would be keen to have a girlfriend who shared her tastes – and who tasted her. I tottered from the building, sore and a bit bruised between the legs, but wonderfully fulfilled and transported with excitement at the prospects so suddenly opening up ahead of me. Before I left, the blonde woman gave me her mobile phone number and said to call them if I wanted more; if I did, they would give me directions to their house, where I could come and be ed all day on Sunday; I could also then arrange to be put in touch with some other women. I women jewish men black and dating walked out into the street, stopped under the awning at the shop’s front, and rang the number immediately. The blonde woman answered, and laughed when she realised who it black women and jewish men dating black women and jewish men dating was. ‘Tell me now, please, black men and women dating questions and I’ll be there’, I said, ‘I just can’t wait!’ And I couldn’t, not only for Sunday but also for black women and jewish men dating black women and jewish men dating the very next day ... never had I been so impatient to get to school before, where I was longing for a quiet word with our stunning, curvaceous and – it would black women and jewish men dating black women and jewish men dating seem – lesbian Deputy Head Girl. If you enjoyed this, check out ‘Shoplifter Surprise’ and my other stories ... (to find them, follow the author link at the top of this black women and jewish men story dating) My History Teacher I was 18. Though I had a boyfriend last year that popped my cherry. I didn't care if I lost my virginity to a jock, he wasn't the big high school star or anything but he was something and I just wanted to get it over with. Huge tits, firm ass and a huge lesbian black women and jewish men dating and everyone knew it. She had hit on multiple girls throughout the 2 years she had worked at the school.

I was straight and I loved guys but I can say when a girl is hot. It was the middle of the school year and everyone knew that Ms. Harper was one of the most strict teachers in the school. I kept women dating and black men jewish black women to and jewish men dating myself and had a limited amount of friends. In class I was I little bit more open but only with my teachers. My first day of school I had black women and jewish men dating ran into her in the hallway, trying to get to her class ironically. I had looked into her fierce blue eyes and was to stunned to speak. My bad." I looked at the floor and she walked around me. I remember walking into her classroom and sitting down in the back. She walked in a few minutes late for the class and our eyes crossed for a second. I see a small smirk on her lips as she sits at her white men and black women dating desk. I look at my desk general dating site senior read click black women and jewish men dating and tuck a piece of hair behind my ear. She starts to speak to the class and we glance at each other from time to time. Her with confidence and black women and jewish men dating black women and jewish men dating me with nervousness and embarassment from getting caught looking at her.

I didn't know what it was but my eyes couldn't keep off of her. There was something about her that drew me too her. She passes out a quick work sheet to the front desks who passed them back. She instructs us to start the worksheet and finish it black women and jewish men dating black women and by jewish men dating the end of class. I look up at her and see her writing on a piece of paper. I bite the end of my pen unconsciously as my eyes travel down to her well endowed breasts. My face turns red and I quickly look back at my paper. "The seats you are in are your assigned seats for the rest of the year. Turn in the worksheet on my desk in the white bin." I stand up and grab my things. "Excuse me?" I turn around and meet my soft brown black women and jewish men dating eyes with her striking blue ones.

"I was hoping to learn asian men and black women dating your name from your paper but it seems like you forgot to write it down. I hope you weren'women men jewish and dating black t distracted by anything in my class?" She says with a small smile. "Oh, umm no ma'am." I walk to her desk and quickly write my name on the paper.

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