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“No, I just was-“ she pulled my hand away and saw my cock sticking out.

It had lost some of its rigidness, but it was clear that it had been as black men white women dating sites hard as an oak very recently. “Let me see!” she shouted in a whisper. “I’m pretty sure I didn’t leave my door open.” she said as she black women dating white men sites looked at my cock. “Were you jacking off in my room?” black women dating white men sites she asked. Before I could form some asinine lie, she cut me off by reaching under my hands and resting black men white women her dating sites fingertips on the side of my cock. I instinctually pulled my hands away and she proceeded to wrap her fingers around me. She was staring into my eyes as she began to gently stroke my cock. “Yeah.” I said as I finally let my eyes fully study her beautiful tits. She turned and, with her free hand, pulled the door closed behind her and locked it. “Did you take a shower after you ed her?” she asked. This was when I began to learn about how an older woman with a bit of experience could show me some wonderful things. She pulled her hand away from my dick and opened her palm to her mouth. She then licked her palm and got it wet with her saliva. She black men white women dating sites returned her hand to my cock and stroked me up and down. Suddenly, all of Belinda’s fluids from before were brought back to life and her smell filled the air. Her hand slid effortlessly over my cock and I was shaking. “Does it feel good?” “Oh my god.” was all I could mutter. “Are you gonna tell Belinda about black men white this?&rdquo women dating sites; she asked. “Should I?” I honestly didn’t know the answer. I could just imagine that conversation: “Hey baby. Kasia caught me jacking off in her room while black she men white women dating siblack men white women dating sites black men white women dating sites tes was sleeping, so as punishment, she finished the job.” That wouldn’t do. “No.” she said as she gently stroked me. “This can stay between us.” I black men white women dating sites couldn’t believe what was happening. It had been with Marcela and it didn’t even really feel like cheating because I had already ed her with Belinda watching. There was nothing wrong with my relationship, but here I was getting jerked off by her college friend and our roommate. Kasia really knew what she was doing, because I stopped caring about all the dirty feelings pretty black men white women dating sites fast. All I could think about was how amazing her hand felt on me. I wanted to return the favor, so I reached my hand forward and began to slip it between her legs. “Let’s just work on you for now.” That last sentence implied that there would be another encounter like this. Then it occurred to me just how perfect the whole white black women sites dating men scenario was. We were both alone in the apartment together all the time. There was no risk of having to find secret places to be together. I think you’re gonna make me black men white women dating sites cum.” I whispered. She grabbed my wrist and guided my hand to her breast.

I immediately brought up my other hand and started squeezing them. I had wanted to feel them for so long and now I was. They were different from Belinda’s, though I’m not sure I could explain how. Anyway, I was squeezing her tits and she was staring at her

black men white women dating sites
hands as they slid up and down on my cock.

She tightened her grip into a ring at the base and started to literally milk me. She was smiling like a little girl

black men white women dating sites
as she pulled the cum out of me. It splashed in spurts on her thigh as I gripped the countertop and tried to quiet myself. Once she had drained me, she went right into business mode. She grabbed a handful of toilet paper and wiped the splashes of cum from her leg.

She then tossed it into the toilet and then leaned her body against mine. Her

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were pressed into my ribs and I felt her fingers gently massaging my balls.

“What time does Belinda go to work tomorrow?” “Around two I think.” “black men white women dating sites black men white women dating sites Okay.” she said as she turned around and walked out the door. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” she whispered just before I heard her bedroom door click closed. I was sure black men that white women dating s

black men white women dating sites
ites life couldn’t get any better. She was already dressed and had clearly been up for a while. We talked for a few minutes about nothing important.

Then she said whos dating black men who white women dating sites “God dermot o leary, we were really drunk last night, huh? I hope Kasia doesn’t think we’re freaks.” I had an image of Kasia jacking me off in the bathroom flash through my mind. I remembered how she fingered herself while Belinda and I were putting on our little show. “Do you remember what she was doing to herself?” black men white women dating sites I asked. “I think we’ll be fine.” “Yeah. I love when we have someone watching us.” she said as she kissed me again. I got dressed and we went into the kitchen and started poking around to try and find something to eat. I was making some sandwiches when Belinda told me she was going to see if Kasia wanted one. She returned to the kitchen a minute or two later and told me to make three, so I did. I had just set the plates on the table when Kasia came out of black men white women dating sites black men white women dating sites the hallway in a white terry cloth robe. “Good morning.” I replied as I shot her a quiet glance. “So, I just want to make sure everything’s cool about last night.” Kasia smiled over at her. We should totally do that again sometime.” I almost shot iced tea out of my nose. “Really?” The first threesome we had black men had white women dating siblack men white dating women sites tes fallen into my lap. I had no idea how I had gotten so lucky twice, but I was going to ride this train to the end of the line. “Tonight?” I almost felt guilty for having such good luck. I still didn’t know if Belinda would try and involve Kasia or not, but I certainly had high hopes. I was suddenly wishing I had a time machine so I could skip forward in time.

There’s nothing worse or better than anticipation. We finished our lunch and Belinda got ready for work. I was lying on black men white women dating sites my bed watching something really stupid on TV when Kasia opened my door. “Hey.” she said back as she untied the belt of her robe and pulled it open. The small black men white women dating sites strip of blond pubic hair between her legs immediately caught my eye. “Oh--” Was all I could get out as she dropped her robe to the floor and climbed onto the bed. She black men white women dating sites lay at the foot of the bed with her back facing the door and spread her legs.

“--.” She then slid her right hand across her breasts, then down her black men white women dating sites stomach, across her pubis and rested her palm on her blond landing strip. “So what do you want to do?” she asked. Why don’t you take off your clothes?” white black women sites dating men She said very matter of factly. I was feeling playful, so I said “Why don’t you take off my clothes?” She pushed herself off of the bed and crawled on all fours up toward me. I sat up as she grabbed the bottom of my shirt and pulled it off of me. Then she straddled my lap and pushed her tits into my face. I opened my mouth and pushed my tongue against her nipple and I heard her let out a soft moan. I looked up at her as she walked (on her knees) up my body. When she got up to my chest, she swung her leg over me and turned around. She squatted down and aggressively pushed her pussy into my face. I bumped her asshole with my nose as I sucked and nibbled at her pussy lips. I felt her hands rubbing up and down across my hardening cock through my shorts as I tongued her twat. She quickly popped the button and then went to work on the zipper. All of a sudden, I felt the cool air of the room on my growing cock as she pulled my shorts black men white women dating sites open. Then I felt the incredible sensation of her warm, wet mouth wrapping around my cock. At that point in my life I had only received them from two women. What Kasia was doing black men white women dating sites black men white women dating sites women sites men dating black white black men white women dating sites took the experience to a whole new level. Maybe it was her age and experience, or maybe she was just a natural.

Either way, it was (and still is) the best blowjob I’black men white women dating sites ve ever had. I answered by pushing my face hard into her and forcing my tongue into her pussy. Belinda told me you were good with your tongue.” “What else did she tell you?” I asked between licks. “That she likes it when you lick her ass.” She moaned onto my cock. I took her hint and moved my head up a little and gently flicked my tongue at her asshole. That feels good.” “What else did she tell you?” I asked her. “She told me that the horniest she’s ever been was when she was watching you her best friend.” She moaned onto my cock. I had no idea that Belinda liked to watch me and Marcela. “Do you black men white women dating sites black men think white women dating sites she wants to watch you me?” Kasia asked. “I’d really like to watch you her.” Kasia had sat up and was jerking my cock with both hands as she said. You want to watch me put my tongue in her pussy?” Hearing her talk dirty was driving me crazy. I loved dirty talk and with her accent, it was super hot! “You want to put your dick in me while I lick her pussy?” “Yes!” Kasia was driving me crazy at that point. Her legs were still on either side of my head and her pussy was in my face.

She was still jerking my cock as she said “Do you want to stick your tongue in my pussy while Belinda black men white women dating sites sucks your dick?” I moaned “ yes.” as I felt a warm pair of lips wrap around the tip of my cock. I buried my face in her pussy as I black men white women dating sites heard her ask me “Does that feel good?” I was so lost in it all that it took me a moment to realize that the lips I was feeling on my cock black men white women dating sites had never left. “What the fu-?” I immediately heard Kasia begin to laugh. Then the lips I felt pulled away from my throbbing boner and I heard the sound of Belinda’black men white s laughter women dating sites. Kasia climbed off of my face and sat next to me and I finally saw Belinda. She white women black men dating sites had apparently snuck in while Kasia was sitting on my face. She was still black men white women dating sites dressed for work, but she was laughing so hard that her face was turning red. Oh my god, you should see your face!” she howled. “What the hell?” I asked, black men white women dating sites black men white women dating sites sites women dating white men black sites white black men women dating completely puzzled. Belinda finally caught her breath and said “I woke up really early, so I went to get some water and Kasia was already up too. We talked about last night and put this whole thing together. By the way, you are totally busted!” she laughed. “So you knew that she… You planned this whole thing?” I asked. “I saw black men white women dating sites the way you were looking at her last night. I could tell you wanted her, so this morning I asked her if she wanted you too. It was actually her idea to sit black men white women dating sites on your face while I snuck in!” I was shocked. “So, you’re totally okay with this?” I asked. “You should’ve just made a move on Kasia last night.” She said. “I’m not too crazy about the idea of you doing this behind my back though. I get totally hot when you take control like that.” She smiled. Kasia lay by my side and rubbed my stomach before lazily wrapping her fingers around my cock again. “So, now you know.” Belinda smiled and began to unbutton her shirt. Kasia black men white women dating sites began stroking me and I was immediately hard again. I watched Belinda amazed as she let her button up fall off of her shoulders. She climbed onto the bed and crouched over black men white women dating sites me, hanging her head white men black women dating sites down and Kasia fed my cock to her. As Belinda sucked me, Kasia began to finger herself. I couldn’t believe how free-spirited Belinda had become about all of this. With black men white women dating swomen dating white black sites men ites each stroke, I could feel her tongue slide up the underside of my cock. She was looking at Kasia’s busy fingers as she sucked me. “Now let’s have some fun.” She said. She then climbed up to my other side and pulled Kasia up by the shoulders. She then guided Kasia down my body and pulled her leg across my hips. I women white sites dating men black suddenly got the feeling that this was not a new experience for Kasia.

She reached between her legs and found my cock with her fingers and gently guided me into her wet

sites white black women dating men
pussy. I slid into her effortlessly and I heard Belinda moan her approval.

I love watching your cock slide into a wet pussy.” She was on her knees on my right side and sat smiling as she watched Kasia ride me.

“Yeah baby.” Kasia’s pussy felt incredible. She was moving her body in a serpentine fashion and each movement felt tailor made to suit my pleasure. I watched the lust grow in Belinda’s eyes as she viewed the scene unfolding in front of her. Slowly and carefully, she raised her hand to Kasia’s dating sites women black men white sites black men white women dating breast. She lightly drug her fingertips softly across Kasia’s erect nipple. I would find out later that Belinda and Kasia had never fooled around before that day, though I wouldn’t have black men white women dating sites been surprised if they had. It seemed to me that it was something they both had wanted for some time. Anyway, Kasia showed no signs of reluctance at Belinda’s touch. She just men sites black white dating women

black men white moaned women dating sites
softly as she bounced up and down on my cock. Belinda looked down at me and smiled as she made little circles around Kasia’s nipple with her fingertip. She wasn’t sure how Kasia would react, but she leaned forward and pulled Kasia’s nipple into her mouth.

Things were heating up now and I was thanking my lucky stars for giving me yet black men white women dating sites another amazing experience. I thought about what Belinda had said earlier about taking charge. It was a piece of advice that would change the rest of my life. By that point, Belinda was giving Kasia’s breasts a good tongue bath and I watched as Kasia raised her hands and grab hold of Belinda’s head. She pulled her up to her lips and they shared a heated tongue kiss. Kasia’s hands slid down Belinda’s neck and onto her shoulders. She slipped her fingers under Belinda’s bra straps and pulled them off of her shoulders and down her sides. The bra rolled down Belinda’s stomach freeing her small perky breasts. Then she placed her hands over Belinda’s breasts and softly squeezed them. They were still kissing and Belinda black men white women dating sites slid her thumbs into the waistband of her thong and pulled it over the curve of her big beautiful Latina ass. I placed my hand behind her and searched with my fingertips until black men white women dating sites I found her wet mound. I gently rubbed her pussy as she leaned forward and put her head on my stomach. She watched my cock slide in and out of Kasia and moaned black men white women dating sites as I slipped my finger inside of her. Kasia looked down at Belinda and smiled at her before rising up off my staff and then positioning herself behind it. She pushed it forward black men white women dating sites black men white women dating sites with her pelvis and Belinda took it into her mouth and sucked Kasia’s juices off of it. She left it glistening with spit before guiding it back into Kasia’s waiting pussy. She black men white women dating sites then sat up and pulled her panties all the way off.

Then she reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. She then leaned back and laid down on my stomach and spread her legs around Kasia. Kasia took the hint and pulled me out of her again and pushed my cock forward and into Belinda’s pussy.

Belinda moaned with pleasure as I filled dating black white men sites women her up with cock. She took a few thrusts and then gave my cock back to Kasia. I wrapped my arms around Belinda and placed my hands on her breasts. I pinched her black white sites dating women men men nipples dating white sites blacmen black sites white dating women k women between my fingers and thumbs and pulled them upward. Then I watched in awe as Kasia reached down and gently began rubbing Belinda’s pussy. As she fingered Belinda, she started bouncing up and down on my cock faster and pushing her pelvis harder and harder into mine. Belinda’s body was writhing on top of me as Kasia fingered her and I tugged on her black men white women dating sites nipples. Then I found out what Kasia meant the previous night in the bathroom when she warned me that she gets loud. Kasia began to moan louder and louder as she ground into me. Before long, she was shrieking and bellowing so loud it almost hurt my ears.

I felt her body freeze up as the muscles insider of her clenched around my cock. She began black men white women dating sites black men white women dating sites shaking and quivering as she reached climax. As her muscles tensed around my cock, I began to feel my own orgasm sneaking up on me. I let go of Belinda’s nipples and grabbed Kasia by the hips. She moaned even louder as I furiously pounded her swollen pussy, desperately pursuing my own moment of bliss. I could feel Belinda’s entire body bouncing up and black women men dating white sites down as I furiously pounded at Kasia’s pussy. When I couldn’t take it anymore, I pulled her off of me and reached down between Belinda’s legs and jerked my cock black men white women dating sites black men white women dating sites fast and hard until I felt the hot pulse of cum jet from the tip of my cock up and onto Belinda’s belly. Belinda was moaning and fingering herself as I shot another load up onto her wrist. yeah!” I emptied my nuts onto her fingers and pussy as she brought on her own orgasm. She quivered as Kasia leaned forward and drew a

black white sites breast women men dating
into her mouth. Suck my in titties!” she moaned as she convulsed. We all lay there panting and sweating on my bed in the middle of the afternoon. After a while, we all went into the living room and watched a movie. Belinda told us that she didn’t mind if we ed when she wasn’t there. She only required that we always black men white women dating sites be honest about it and that we always save enough energy for her. There were even a couple of times that I would come home and find the two of them going at it.

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