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Anna held the animal's hips in place as the prick felt the bitch hole.

Instinctively, Reno lunged forward as his prickhead felt a hole around it, trying to get more of himself inside her depths. Lydia's cries filled the room as Reno began humping her hard and fast, his prick rapidly beginning to grow in her hole. She clamped her pussy muscles around the emerging hard prick, coaxing more meat into her hole as the dog ed her like a machine. Lydia's tits swung what dating site is the best wildly at her chest as she was powerfully dog-ed, the dog pushing her all over the living room on her hands and knees. She felt the cock swelling inside her, what dating site is the best getting longer to reach into her womb, trying to inseminate her. Lydia moaned loud, the cock beginning to make squelching noises in her wet hole. Anna watched, mesmerized as the

what dating site is the best
what dating site is the best what dating site is the best dog ed her roommate with all his might. The animal's nuts swung at Lydia's cunt, smashing against her ass. As the cock grew longer, Lydia relished the
what dating the site best is
feeling of the expanding dog cock in her womb and the huge butt plug up in her ass. The animal pounded her, ing her like a jackhammer, its mighty prick meat lengthening with each thrust.

Reno panted hard in her ear as he screwed her, still holding her waist tightly. Her pussy was so stimulated that she was relishing every vein and bulge in the dog cock that was becoming lodged up inside her. The prick reached further into her depths with the animal's powerful thrusts. Ohhh, that feels so good, yes, yes, ohhh!" screamed Lydia. Her cunt was beginning to feel as full as her asshole. Reno kept ing her all over the living room with his what dating site manic is the best pace as Anna stood by watching, rubbing her nipples. After a few more minutes, Anna noticed the dog's pace slowing and figured he was soon going to be site best is what the dating cumming inside Lydia's womb. As the dog slowed, Lydia took the opportunity to grind herself against the huge dog that was stuck inside her. The knot filled up her pussy walls, stuck snugly within her velvety walls. She clamped her pussy muscles tighter against the dog knot. Reno's cockhead reached into her womb, pulsing now, about to

what dating erupt site is the best
. Lydia's jaw dropped at the feeling of the animal's cockhead exploding cum into her womb. She let out a long wail as the Rottweiler's sperm
best is began the what dating site
erupting deep inside her.

Anna walked over and began rubbing Lydia's clit as the dog unloaded sperm inside her roommate. The animal's prick continued shooting jets of semen inside Lydia's womb for several more moments. She moaned with the whats the best adult dating site feeling of the dog's spurting prick and her roommate rubbing her cunt. Her asshole was so full, making the dog cock and knot feel even tighter and deeper in her womb. Lydia's moans grew louder as her orgasm built up inside her. Reno stayed dating what best the site is what dating site is the best still on top of her back, his prickhead still oozing the last jets of cum into her depths. Lydia wailed and shrieked with a powerful climax, grinding her pussy hard what dating against site is tdating is best the he site what best the dog and Anna's rubbing hand. Anna knew her roommate knotted to a big dog would be a hot sight, but it was even hotter than she'd what dating imagined site is the best. Lydia's tits swung as she ed her ass back at the sperming dog. Her body jerked and writhed as she came, filled with dog semen and meat, face contorted with ecstasy. Lydia felt delirious with pleasure, and as her orgasm subsided, somewhat weak and vulnerable now that she was stuck to the dog. Reno's nuts jiggled what dating site is the best as his cock and knot tied him to his human bitch. A little cum trickled from Lydia's cunt down her inner thigh. She kept her plugged up ass raised is the what best dating site in the air for the dog, enjoying the feeling of her cum-flooded womb. Anna and Lydia exchanged a look of surprise as they suddenly heard a loud knock on what dating site is the best the door. Lydia's heart beat faster -- she was knotted securely to the dog and couldn't go anywhere. The animal had just finished unloading copious amounts of semen inside her and was stuck tight. Reno started getting excited at the knocking, suddenly barking and whining and struggling to pull out of Lydia. Anna tried to keep him calm what dating site is the best dating site what best the as is she and Lydia looked at each other with worry.

The cum sloshed around in her belly, and her ass was plugged up hard. She groaned as the dog struggled to get off of her, his meat stuffed tightly in her womb. I know you're in there!" called a male voice at the door. Hello?" He continued to

site is best what the dating
knock as Lydia and Anna looked at each other, horrified. Reno struggled again and turned ass to ass over Lydia, trying to get out of her cunt but stuck what dating site is the best hard. The girls could hear keys jingling outside the door. A puddle of dog cum had formed on the floor between Lydia and Reno. The girls' mouths dropped open as what dating site is the best they heard a key turning in their lock. They exchanged terrified looks as the door knob turned. Seconds later, the front door swung open into the living room.

O'Neal, the girls' landlord, responding to a noise complaint made by other neighbors. His jaw dropped at the scene of bestiality in the living room he rented to these two is site the dating best what what dating site is young thewhat dating site is the best dating the is site what best best women. He stepped into the house and quickly shut and locked the door behind him, gasping at the scene. The girls looked just as shocked as he did, as what dating site is the best well as mortified. Despite his surprise, his cock hardened in his trousers nearly instantly. O'Neal was a lecherous older man, although his wife was no longer interested in with him, and he found both his tenants to be very attractive younger women. His eyes were on Lydia's cunt, stuffed with dog meat. He saw the base of the black butt plug protruding from her filled ass. They were much ier than the whores he'd been with most recently. O'Neal!" exclaimed Anna, the nude, petite blond what dating site is the best getting to her feet As she stood up straight, his eyes immediately fell on her pert tits, so creamy white with little pink nipples. Her belly so flat and taut, her puffy pussy perfectly bald and rosy from her arousal. Uh, the neighbors called me, they were worried after hearing a lot of, uh, a lot of dog barking and other...

Lydia felt mortified -- she couldn't believe her older landlord was seeing her knotted to a Rottweiler on the living room floor! Ass to ass with a dog, with a huge rubber butt plug in her ass! She was turning red with embarrassment, and turned even redder as she saw the huge erection in Mr.

"You know, now that I know what's going on here, I could call the cops..." he began. "Or, you can play with me a little, and we'

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ll call it even." The girls raised their eyebrows in surprise. Anna was a lesbian -- she definitely had no attraction to what is the best dating site their older landlord. His what dating site is the best eyes were on her nipples, his prick straining to get out. Lydia was still tied tight to the dog and couldn't go anywhere. She looked behind her, up at her landlord in shame. Anna was scared -- she didn't want her landlord to blackmail them!

Without saying a word, he began undoing his belt and trousers. He what dating site is the best knew Anna was a lesbian, and suspected Lydia was as well, although he had no evidence. He'd seen Anna making out with her girlfriends in the neighborhood gazebo and what dating site is the best is the site what dating best dating is the what best site pool, and knowing she preferred women made his cock ache for her even more. "Come on, baby," just give me a little head," he said to Anna in a what dating site is the best best low what is dating site the voice, pulling his cock out of his pants. Anna eyed his throbbing meat, the cock at least 8" long, and fat, too. His eyes roved over her lithe body, eyeing her glistening slit. He then looked over at the voluptuous Lydia, who was still knotted to the panting Rottweiler. The dog was watching Anna as she took the landlord'what dating site is the best s cock in her hand. O'Neal was surprised -- he didn't know they were into dog-ing. It was pretty hot, and he could use it to try

what dating site is the best
what dating site is the best to blackmail them, too! She wasn't that experienced at handjobs or blowjobs. O'Neal moaned as her small mouth encircled his hard cockhead, her hand holding his shaft tightly. His what dating site is the best prick was so erect, his cockhead was nearly purple. He moaned again as she sucked more of his cock into her tiny mouth, her hands holding him steady.

O'what dating site is the best Neal was ing her face, his balls slapping against her chin as she grunted around his meat. She was breathless when he pulled his saliva coated dick from her throat. He was so turned on, he wanted to cum up inside her pussy. He took his cock in his hand, glancing down at the knotted girl on all fours with a shiver, and got behind Anna, pushing her flat against the couch, her breasts and face smashing into the cushions. "Hey, what are you doing, no, no don'dating best what is the site best dating the is site what t..." cried Anna as she felt Mr. O'Neal's cock rubbing against her asscrack and pussyslit. The dog barked again, struggling to get out of Lydia's hole but still knotted tight to her. Lydia could still feel the knot stuffed inside her, probably stuck even tighter with the butt plug in her ass.

"Come on, Anna, don't make me tell anyone what I see here. I'm about to take a cellphone picture of your dog-filled friend over there!" he laughed.

You want all the what dating site is the best neighbors knowing what you been doing here? Calling you a 'Dog-er' and shit like that?" Anna shrieked as he rubbed his dick against her pussyslit, pushing her face into the is the site best dating what couch cushions and holding her down with his weight on top of her back. She gasped as his cockhead rubbed against the entrance to her cunthole. "No, don't me, I may get pregnant!" exclaimed Anna in fear. Since she didn't guys regularly, she didn't take birth control. She turned her head to look at her landlord in fear, her body twisted beneath him as he pressed a knee to her back, keeping her down. O'Neal's cock protruded from his unbuttoned pants, raging hard and site best is what the dating aching for a hole. He took his cellphone from his shirt pocket and raised it up at the knotted dog inside Lydia's cunt, ass to ass with her. "Well then, I can't wait to show the missus, who's the biggest gossip in this neighborhood, by the way, these photos I'm gonna take!

At least you what won't dating site is the best be homeless when I evict you, you can stay warm in jail!" said Mr. Lydia looked over her shoulder pathetically, terrified for her roommate. The animal had been dragging Lydia around the living room painfully with his excitement at the stranger in the room.

Reno was still lodged inside his bitch, the butt plug keeping the huge what dating site is the best knot and cock tight in Lydia's cunt. O'Neal was rubbing his cock all along Anna's slit, caressing her pussylips with his male whats the best married dating sites organ, making her shiver beneath the is what dating site best what dating site is the best him as he held her down. He took his cock and slapped it at her gash peeking from between her pert, peachy bum. She was y despite her thin frame, what dating site is the best what dating site is the best small tits, and short boyish blond hair, and Mr. Anna began crying as her landlord held her firmly against the couch, slapping his cock at her pussy and ass, teasing her with the head of his dick as it parted her cuntlips and flicked them around. And put your ing phone down, you old pervert!" said Anna tearfully. As what dating site is the best she heard this, Lydia gasped, head turned to see the landlord holding Anna down on the couch. Reno panted, his prick and knot still not subsiding.

Anna cried harder as what dating site is the best she felt his cockhead prying into her vaginal entrance from behind. O'Neal shuddered with delight as his prickhead became immersed in her velvet depths. He grabbed her hips, what dating site is the best still only the tip of his cock inside her, and held her steady. Her legs were tight together, so he pulled her ass up toward his cock, forcing her to

what dating site is the best
bend over with her ass in the air and face in the couch. Lydia watched the scene from over her shoulder, yelling for Mr. "No way, girlie, I don't what dating site is the best want your dog cum filled cunt or your over-stretched butt plugged ass! Reno still pulled painfully on her, making the butt plug hurt up in her rectum as it what dating site is the pressed best against her anal walls and into her bowels. O'Neal suddenly slammed forward, plunging his 8" rod into Anna's lesbian pussy. She cried out underneath of him at what dating site is the best the sudden penetration into her moist hole. The landlord slapped Anna's ass as his prick delved into her depths and came back out again, nearly surfacing except for his
what dating site is fat the best
mushroom cockhead. O'Neal's cock ing Anna's cunt began filling the room. Anna, despite herself, moaned from her older landlord's thrusts into her cunt. She what dating site is the best was still aroused from playing around with her roommate and the dog earlier.

As much as she hated being taken advantage of, his cock didn't feel terrible inside her pussy. , yes, oh yes, you are so wet, so soft, , your cunt is good! Ohhh I wish I could hold off but your ing lesbo cunt feels incredible, ohhhh yeah!" yelled Mr. Stop!" yelled Anna beneath him as he held her tightly.

O'Neal, roughly pulling his steel rod from her womb with a nasty sucking sound. "What are you doing?" she cried as she felt his cockhead at the entrance to her ass. With that, he pressed his cockhead against her puckered asshole and forced himself into her what dating site is the best chute. He was balls deep in her rectum with one forceful stroke. Ugh, ohh, yeahhh your ass is as good as your cunt!" grunted Mr. Anna cried beneath him, what dating site is the best the big prick stabbing into her bowels. He soon spurted his seed deep into Anna's ass with a final groan. She sobbed as she felt his cock pulsing in her ass and his cockhead opening up to inject her with his semen. He grunted, relishing the feeling of unloading his sperm into a cute, young woman's ass. He groaned one last time as he pulled his cockhead abruptly from her asshole with a lewd squelching sound, cum dribbling from his cockhead. Anna cried out as her landlord what dating site is the best slapped her asscheeks a few more times and jiggled her asscheeks before he began spreading her asscheeks apart and encouraging his cum to ooze out of her freshly ed rectum. O'what dating site best the is Neal then slapped Anna's pussy lightly with his hand as a goodbye gesture, zipping his pants up and walking toward the door. Anna stared up hatefully at him from the couch, his cum leaking from her asshole. Lydia was still knotted painfully to the dog, and both she and Anna were in tears. "And girls, I'm what dating site gonna is the best have to charge you a pet fee for having a dog," he chuckled. "No, he's not ours, we're just dog-sitting!" exclaimed Lydia. She couldn't believe how what dating site is the best what dating site is the best much of an asshole he was. "Well, then I'll just have to come back again some other time soon to make sure. A surprise visit to make sure you don't have a dog, otherwise that'll be a $300 pet deposit, plus a monthly fee of $25 a month. You were pretty good -- I may have to try it again sometime!" he laughed, and flashed his phone at her, showing a picture of the knotted Lydia on the screen. The girls were still crying several minutes what dating site is the best what dating site is the best what dating site is the best after he left, shocked and embarrassed. Anna went down to console Lydia on the floor, whose ass and cunt were sore from being stuffed for so long.

Lydia hoped what dating site is the best soon she'd be free, she wanted to take a shower badly. Anna took out the butt plug, leaving a huge gape in Lydia's ass. "You know what," sniffled Lydia a few minutes later, feeling the dog's knot subside a little. "I guess that asshole's cock wasn't too bad -- I wasn't gonna give him the pleasure of knowing I enjoyed it though!" They both laughed. Once Reno's cock is out of me, I'm gonna shower and we can get something to what dating site is the best eat and start looking for another place to live, straight away. "And then later tonight we'll take turns ing the dog again!" Anna said with a chuckle. "Yes -- we'll just have to be sure to be quieter about it!" laughed Lydia, moaning and cumming again as Reno finally pulled his cock and knot free of her womb, releasing a torrent of dog sperm on the carpet below. I watched jealously, as Amber deftly reached into her shirt, and pulled one swollen breast out, bringing Anna's face to the already hard nipple. My hungry daughter latched on, sucking the milk from it. "Good news," the doctor said, coming back into the waiting room, "Looks like everything what dating site is the best with mom has healed properly, and your daughter also seems to be quite healthy." Amber gripped my hand at this news, and I couldn't help but smile as well.

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