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She begged me to her harder, deeper, screaming for me to her like I ed my wife to make her leave John. Instead I ed her like skit online live night dating saturday I ed my wife while thinking of ing her. When she began crying out that she couldn't stand it, couldn't take anymore I flipped her over and dragged her back till her knees were on the floor as Lexi had been and began power ing her. Lexi slid beneath her as Karen had her and immediately saturday night live online dating began skit hunching her pussy into Karen's face. Karen loved it and began sucking and licking at Lexi's pussy like she was starving for her cum. She soon

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online live skit saturday dating night had Lexi cumming her ass off with her tongue embedded deeply into her friends cunt. Lexi was out-of-control as she held Karen's head and frantically sought the release she needed by hunching hard into the long tongue Karen was tormenting her inner folds with. Karen licked and slurped actively within her flooding cunt before she stopped and saturday night live online dating skit saturday night live online dating skit began burying her fist in my step-daughters cunt while sucking hard at her clit. The more we ed the more these two nympho's seemed to become excited and saturday night live online dating skit the less chance I had of ever taming them with my dick. Besides my cock was telling me it was time to blow my nuts and drain them saturday night live online dating skit into a hot pussy so I asked, "Who gets my cum shot in their pussy?" They both cried "Me" simultaneously. Then Karen withdrew her fist from Lexi's pussy saturday night live online dating skit and said gimme a second. She pulled off my dick and pulled Lexi's ass to the edge of the couch and pressed her knees up alongside her breasts saturday night live online dating skit saturday night live online dating skit and then straddled her hips with her pussy right above Lexi's and said now us both and cum in both pussies. I took turns hammering both their pussies until I felt my balls twitching as I ed Lexi's pussy and I grunted, "Gonna cum, get ready", and began ing Lexi maniacally until I groaned and I dating online live night saturday skit saturday night live online dating skit spewed a hot load deep in her pussy while she moaned and hunched. While my glans was still swollen from its release I pulled from Lexi and rammed my
saturday night live online dating skit
saturday dick night live online dating skit fully into Karen who immediately began ing down hard onto my cock and I erupted forcibly again as she milked me with her pussy moaning, "Oh yeh, god saturday night live online dating skit saturday night live online dating skit your cum is hot....ohhhhhhhhhgod...cummin...... me....oh shit it in me hard...aaarrgghhhOHHHHHHGGODDD", as I held her hips and ed her roughly, straining into her pussy as saturday night live online dating skit I stretched her painfully as I unloaded a few more hot spewings inside her beautiful body. Then I returned to Lexi as Karen rolled from above her and began ing her as I leaned her to the side and lay down fully upon her and kissed her as my balls puked the remnants of my cum deep inside saturday night live online dating skit her as my glans swelled and stretched her as I had Karen. Breaking our kiss which had become passionately intense, I whispered in her ear, "Still want your mom to go back to John?" "She smiled and kissed me, her tongue mingling with mine until panting, her hips moving, grinding into my failing dick she said, "Not as long as you me a lot and of course you have to Karen too". "We can't let your mom find out Lexi, you know how she would feel", I said. We'll be careful I promise daddy", she said pretending to be my little girl. "I can see right now I'm going to have to punish you girls a lot, spank your butts till they're beet red when you're bad".

Karen's eyes lit up and she said, "Oh daddy I can't help myself I'm such a little slut. Its just that Lexi makes me eat her pussy all the time. I'll try to be a good girl but every time I see her shaved little cunny I have to lick it like now", she said as she lowered her head between Lexi's thighs and they saturday both night live online dating saturday night live online dating skit skit began moaning as Karen soon had Lexi again in heaven. I turned the stereo off and left them like that and went and jumped in the shower and dried off and put on cologne to cover any stray scent that might have escaped my attention and crawled in bed with my beautiful wife. I began rubbing her pussy until she opened her eyes and she smiled and asked, "Well did you have to Karen to get her to let you come back to bed", she asked smiling? "Yeah, Lexi too, it was rough but I managed it", I said smiling. "Now I might have believed you if you hadn't said that, we both know

saturday night live online dating skit
she would have scampered right up here to rat you out if you touched Karen. Sorry about your luck fella, guess you'll just have to be happy live dating saturday online with night skit my old pussy", she replied. "Yes, but that's not a bad thing at all because you use that old wet pussy quite well my love", I said
saturday night live online dating skit
kissing her lightly on her lips.

"Good night you ole pervert, oh yeah, I better never catch you sniffing around my little girl", you hear? "Don't worry online dating site looking hook up

saturday night live online dating skit
sweetie you never will", I replied as I thought, not if I can help it anyway. I lay back and she put her head on my shoulder and said, "Good night, I love you" "Luv you too", I replied as I thought of Karen and Lexi downstairs eating each other's pussy's. I knew it was going saturday night live online dating skit to be tough to stay up here from now on but I have to try and make everything appear normal. I fell asleep anticipating Shirley leaving for work around six in the morning giving me a few hours alone with the girls until I had to leave for work. Yes, the girls made their way into my bed as quick as Shirley left the next morning. But that's the beginning of a story for another time. Lydia was normally a pretty horny young woman, but lately she had been even hornier than usual. For weeks, she'd been having nightly wet dreams, waking up with her pussy wet and nearly on the brink of orgasm after dreaming about being gang banged by her family, ing mysterious strangers, and the most recent one which featured her fisting her own pussy.

It had been awhile saturday night live online dating skit since she had boyfriend, but she masturbated herself regularly -- at least once a day, and occasionally had random hookups with investigate ads use internet dating online guys she met out and about, though it'd been a little too long since she brought a guy home. She had a roommate, a girl named Anna who was a lesbian. Anna was constantly flirting with her y, big-titted, straight roommate.

Lydia was a brunette, ample-breasted, smart and a hard worker -- there were many things Anna found attractive about her. They were both in their early 20's, both with very high libidos, both open-minded and experimental. Anna was fun, a petite blond with pixie-cropped hair who was always down for a good time. She was thin, flexible, and toned from years of adolescent gymnastics, each of her tits a delicious handful. Even though she considered herself a lesbian, she had messed around with boys in the past and was very open-minded. She sometimes joined in for all-night threesomes when Lydia brought guys home. Although Lydia had always identified herself saturday night live online dating skit as straight, she began succumbing to Anna's ual advances after a few months living together.

It started with kissing and caressing while lounging around, which led dating and marriage customs in russia to hot make-out sessions, eventually getting to the point where they'd begun fisting each other. Lydia sometimes kept a butt plug in her ass saturday night live online dating skit saturday night live online dating skit while Anna fist ed her cunt, and loved that feeling of ultimate fullness! The other day, Anna agreed to pet-sit a large Rottweiler owned by her friend, Lucinda, who dating skit saturday online live night was going out of town for several days. Lydia was initially unenthusiastic about the dog staying at their place, as she was never a big fan of dogs, but Anna assured her that the big black dog was friendly, well trained, and lovable. Lydia wasn't completely enthused, but decided she'd be able to put up with saturday night live online dating skit the canine house-guest for a few days. The dog, Reno, was calm and indeed well behaved, and so was not obtrusive to his human hosts. He seemed at ease

saturday night by live online dating skit
the second day in their home, keeping a protective eye on the women. Anna had known Lucinda and the dog for a couple years, so she was saturday no night live online dating skit stranger to the animal. On the third day, Lydia came home from work to see Anna naked on the couch, holding her pink pussylips wide open so the big Rottweiler could lick into her pussy hole! Lydia's jaw dropped -- she knew Anna was open-minded, but had no idea she was THAT open-minded! She couldn't deny the y sight of her petite blond roommate nude on the couch, legs spread-eagle for the dog. Anna's little pink nipples were hard as diamonds on her perky B cup tits. Lydia could see Anna's arms and legs covered in goosebumps from Reno's tongue licking her pussy.

She dropped her arms, her pussylips folding back in on themselves. Her pussymound was red and her cunt looked swollen from her arousal.

"Um, sorry, I uh, thought you'd be home later..." said Anna, saturday online night skit live dating sitting upright on the couch. Lydia's eyes were on Anna's wet gash, thinking she looked even ier with the flush of her aroused cunt meat.

Lydia walked saturday night live online dating skit over to the couch and sat down next to Anna, patting Reno on the head. Lydia bent her head, her eyes looking up at Anna's, and placed saturday night live online dating skit her lips right on Anna's hard right nipple. Anna moaned at Lydia's mouth around her sensitive nub. Lydia switched to the other nipple, making Anna moan again. Anna

saturday night live online dating skit<saturday night live online dating skit saturday night live online dating skit /h6> moaned even louder as Lydia placed a hand on her thigh, just inches from her wet pussy mound. Lydia was turned on at the sight she'd seen walking in, with the big Rottweiler eating out her attractive roommate's y, delicious pussy. After Lydia sucked Anna's nipples a few more moments, she began passionately kissing dating her online night live skit saturday roommate on the lips, trading tongues for several minutes as the dog sat and watched from the floor. Their hands were exploring each other's bodies, Lydia's saturday night live online dating skit saturday night hand live online dating skit grazing Anna's mound and bare breasts. Anna began unbuttoning Lydia's blue work shirt, exposing Lydia's lacy bra and firm belly. Lydia's dark hair was saturday night live online dating skit up in a loose ponytail, her blue-green eyes on Anna's. Lydia threw her head back as Anna pushed her down on the couch and began planting kisses on saturday dating skit night online live her ample cleavage before removing the white lace bra. Anna hungrily licked and sucked her roommate's voluptuous tits, her tongue trailing all over the creamy, C cup saturday night live online dating skit sized mounds. Lydia moaned as Anna sucked her hard nipples and then kissed a trail down her flat belly. Anna was soon unbuttoning Lydia's black work pants and pulling them down, revealing sheer white lace panties. A dark patch of hair could be seen through the fabric. Anna licked her lips -- she loved ing around with her y, mostly straight roommate! Reno stared up at the girls from his advantageous position on the floor. Lydia moaned as Anna placed a kiss right on the crotch saturday night live of online dating skit her lacy panties. Anna savored the musty smell of Lydia's cunt after Lydia spent the day working. She peeled the fabric off of Lydia's pussy and saturday night live online dating skit admired the well kept patch of brown hair on her puffy cunt. Lydia was so turned on that her cuntlips were slick and glistening with her arousal. Anna got on her knees, looking up at Lydia with a heated stare, and began licking her slit from bottom to top. Lydia squealed at the sensation of Anna's tongue on her cunt. Anna had eaten her out before, and Lydia knew she was quite good at it. Anna's tongue lapped all along Lydia's moist slit saturday night live online dating skit saturday night live online dating skit and then circled around her hard clit, making Lydia moan loudly. The dog panted, his nubby tail wagging with excitement.

Anna repositioned, getting on her knees on the floor saturday night live online dating skit in front of the couch. Lydia was sitting on the couch, legs spread wide, her pussy inches from Anna's face. Anna bent over, her ass in the air, saturday night live online dating skit and dove back into Lydia's wet pussy. Lydia moaned at Anna's talented tongue, which was tracing circles over her clit. Anna stared up into Lydia's eyes skit dating saturday night live online

saturday night live online dating skit
as she sucked Lydia's cunt, lapping up pussy juices. As Anna began inserting a finger into Lydia's cunt with her mouth on her hard clitoris, Reno began saturday night live online dating licking skit Anna's pussy from behind.

Anna shrieked into Lydia's pussy as she felt the dog's cold nose on her asscrack. She didn't let up her cunt-sucking though, her tongue flicking and rubbing all over Lydia's clitty while she pushed a second finger into Lydia's warm cunthole. Lydia moaned louder, enjoying the sight saturday night live online dating skit saturday night live online dating skit of the Rottweiler licking Anna's bald pussy. The dog looked pretty adept at eating out human cunt. Anna was excellent herself at cunnilingus, and Lydia felt herself already on the brink of orgasm. Anna kept up a steady pace finger ing Lydia's pussy as she sucked her clit enthusiastically. Lydia grasped her large tits, starting saturday night live online dating skit to scream now that she was going to cum. Anna didn't slow down as she continued fingering Lydia's spasming cunt and licking the hard clit nub. As the powerful orgasm surged through Lydia's body, her legs shook and her pussy began creaming Anna's hand and face. Anna loved it, of course, and hungrily lapped up the pussy juice. Reno was still licking Anna's pussy and asshole as she was bent over on the floor, wiggling her ass in the animal's snout. Anna saturday night live online dating skit pulled her face off Lydia's pussy, which was still oozing pussy juice as Lydia's orgasm subsided. Lydia moaned as Anna reached in between her legs once more to her sensitive cunt. Anna coated her hand with Lydia's copiously flowing pussy juice and then began rubbing her own breasts with it, getting her tits all saturday night live online dating skit slick and shiny and then licking it off her fingers. They laughed, Anna's chest all covered with girl cum. Then Anna turned around and let the dog saturday online dating services comparison consumer reports night live online dating skit lick the cum off her small tits. Anna got to her feet and sat back down on the couch, but told Lydia to keep her legs spread.

She called saturday night live online dating skit Reno over and commanded the dog to come over between Lydia's spread legs. Lydia held her thighs open weakly as her roommate ordered the Rottweiler inches in front of her wet cunt. She was breathing hard, still catching her breath after her intense climax. Anna sat next to her, rubbing Lydia's breasts and flat belly and saturday night trimmed live online datiskit online dating live night saturday ng skit pussy mound. "Lick!" commanded Anna sharply as the dog was positioned in front of Lydia's wet pussy.

Lydia gasped as Reno's tongue immediately flicked out at her freshly orgasmed cuntlips. Reno eagerly licked up the pussy juice that was flowing from Lydia's aroused cunt. Anna rubbed Lydia's clit as the dog slurped its dating saturday night live online skit tongue all up and down her cunt, all the way down to her asshole. Anna continued rubbing Lydia's clit, knowing her roommate would soon cum again. Lydia's saturday night live online dating skit breasts heaved with her cries, her face flushed, another orgasm beginning inside her. She squeezed her nipples hard as pleasure washed over her, throwing her head back as saturday night live online dating skit she screamed out that she was cumming. Reno continued efficiently lapping up Lydia's pussy juice as more of her fluids oozed from her spasming cunt. As her orgasm began subsiding, she noticed Reno seemed to be getting excited, too -- his pink prickhead was starting to peek from his sheath. "Reno's owner, Lucinda, has trained him pretty well..." "Oh yeah?" said Lydia, breathless, her eyes wide on Reno's pink prickhead as the animal sat panting before her, still slurping at her pussy and thighs. he'saturday night live online dating skonline live dating skit night saturday it s trained to girls and eat their pussies!" exclaimed Anna excitedly. "I've ed him find singles live dating online largest before, he's amazing, s like a jackhammer!" Lydia was quiet, her eyes night dating skit online saturday live on the beast. Wordlessly, Anna got off the couch and got down on her hands and knees on the floor. She had a pair of socks ready, and reached saturday night live online dating skit over to put them on Reno's front paws. Lydia sat on the couch, silent as her roommate prepared to have with a big Rottweiler. "This dog is incredible..." saturday night live online said dating saturday night live online dating skit skit Anna as she got on her hands and knees. "Lucinda hasn't ed a man in years, she doesn't need to since she has this big dog!

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