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“Now get to work on them!” Bobbi demanded, giving the thief more work to do. Cathleen loved the dominance Bobbi was displaying and grinned evilly at the head between her legs. That called for more work on her part as she leaned further back on James, giving better access to Ginger. James was a strong man and gripped the back legs of Cathleen, lifting her up so he could bounce her on his shaft. It did the trick because Ginger’s chin was grazing his balls. Since is stephanie march dating bobby flay the enslaved was trying to focus on Cat, he decided to just hold her there and hump up to her. Now, that was brilliant as he sped up

is stephanie march dating bobby flay
his efforts and gave him and Cat what they both wanted. He was picking up the mistress of the house as if she weighed nothing. He was pounding in her is stephanie march dating bobby flay so fast, his balls slapped under her chin.

And even more amazing, he didn’t slip out no matter how far he pulled out. She gave her best on big is stephanie march dating bobby flay march dating bobby is beautiful flay stephanie women dating service nebraska Cathleen since she had little choice anyway as she wielded the whip and her fate. Bobbi kept bobbing her head into the woman’s is stephanie march dating bobby flay is stephanie march dating bobby puss flay. She put herself in her place and did what she thought would feel good, licking and nipping her clit. Trent stepped in closer to see the girl work on flay bobby dating stephanie march is his superiors. The whip in Cathleen’s hand was draped down the back of Ginger, making it appear like a skirt of leather strips over her ass. James had Cathleen’is stephanie march dating bobby flay s legs spread as wide as he could get them and pounded away in her pussy. He saw the impending climax on her face as it scrunched up in bobby flay stephanie dating is march ecstasy beside his head. The whip raised and struck the slave with each word, “Suck” ‘slap’ “My” ‘slap’ “Clit!” ‘Slap’, this forced the girl to jerk upwards on her inflamed bud with every strike. Bobbi stepped aside on the first lash and watched as Ginger’s back turned a pinkish red from the bobby dating march is stephanie flay tips of the leather. It didn’t even look like Cathleen had swung it hard but the redness proved that it was hard enough. She tried her best to is stephanie march dating bobby flay is stephanie march dating bobby keep dating stephanie flay march bobby is flay the stricken girl in place while the climax lasted. When Cathleen finally settled down from her bliss, she pulled the slave off of the couple’s just to find a lusty smile on the girl as she licked the juices off of her lips. “Good lord Cat, this bitch liked it.” she said in awe. Cathleen panted a little and finally replied, “Yes, as much if not more than Ying enjoys a good beating.” having James put her down. How does one punish somebody that is stephanie march dating bobby flay is stephanie march dating bobby flay enjoys the punishment?” “Just her in the ass; that’ll do it.” Trent pointed out. “Yes” Cathleen agreed, watching the eyes grow large from the shocked thief. “Perhaps a nice big vibrator will do.” and walked to the cabinet, pulling out the largest of the vibrators. Waving it in front of the girl, is stephanie march dating bobby “Think flay you could enjoy this?” she asked. “No miss!” she screamed, and took to trembling at the sight of the toy.

She had the safety word is stephanie march dating bobby flay is stephanie march dating bobby flay flay dating stephanie is bobby march but refused to use it, not giving in and hoping she could trust Cathleen at her word. “Throw the bitch over the horse James.” Cathleen ordered, indicating the seat he was sitting on, and removed the clit clamp from her collar and clasped it on the lasso from her nipple nooses. James didn’t think she was is stephanie march dating bobby flay is stephanie march dating bobby flay serious as she showed the one vibrator nobody had courage enough to try anally yet. Even Lisa said she’d have to be drunk first to use the ‘D’-sized battery using monster in her ass. He decided to play along with it and snatched the girl up off of the floor. “No please!” she begged, is stephanie march dating bobby flay is stephanie march dating bobby flay as he threw her on her stomach over the heavy padding. Another erotic sight filled his eyes, watching the girl squirm for balance with her ankles tied to her thighs

is stephanie march dating bobby flay
and her elbows tied, keeping her arms to her sides. Cat waited until the girl faced away from her and swapped the oversized device for a much smaller one. A pink phallus with a bulbous center, Ying had used it for a butt plug but tired of it, having to replace the batteries so often. “Let’s get stephanie flay march dating is bobby is stephanie this march dating bobby flay in you good.” and squeezed the lube over her squirming ass.

Please, it’s too big!” the girl screamed, “Stop! Please stop!” she pleaded, as Cat smeared the goo in her crack. Bobbi was done hearing the girl protest and grabbed a ball gag off of the shelf. Walking around to the other side of the horse, she wrapped it around the girl’s head, “Open up bitch!” and forced the rubber ball in her mouth. Her last words were muffled but it is stephanie dating march sounded flay bobby like ‘Oh God’. Feeling Cat’s finger enter her back side, the girl tried her best to squirm off of the horse. Cat wasn’t putting up is stephanie march dating bobby with flayflay is dating bobby stephanie march /em> that and removed her finger. She grabbed the whip one more time and released a few more swats on the girl’s ass, turning more of the creamy white is stephanie march dating bobby flay is stephanie march dating bobby flay bobby stephanie flay is march dating is stephanie march dating bobby flay march is bobby stephanie dating flay into pink. “Calm down bitch!” she demanded, “The more you fight, the more it hurts.” and rubbed where she struck, wiping the lube off of her fingers. “Spread her for me James.” she instructed, picking the pink bulb back up. James stepped over and grabbed a cheek in each hand.

Getting a firm grip, he spread her wide, watching the girl attempted to keep her asshole closed. Much against Ginger’s will, Cathleen circled her anus with the phallus. “Relax” Cat said, is stephanie march dating bobby flay and James saw the hole open up. “All recruits must have a butt plug at all times.” Cathleen tutored, “You are no exception. This will get you dating is march bobby flay stephanie ready for that.” speed dating new york 4 march and spread her hole with the nipple of the bulb. Like quicksand, the hole swallowed the tip and slowly took the bulge.

Ginger tensed from is stephanie march dating bobby flay is stephanie march dating bobby flay the alien invasion, “Relax I said” Cat admonished, and slapped her ass. Once she settled down again, Cat pushed the rest in and James saw her anus encircle the base of the vibrator. “There, that wasn’t so bad, was it?” Bobbi asked, holding the girl’s chin in her hand and patting her head. Ginger could is stephanie march dating bobby flay only reply with a nod and sighed from the duress she was under. It seemed it was there to stay as she was unable to push it out. At the turn of a switch, a b o b bobby ray dating vibration went through her rectum. “You should give her some dick James.” Trent suggested, watching over his shoulder. Cat perked up at is stephanie march dating bobby flay the suggestion, “Why yes James, fill her other hole.” and grinned, knowing the man had a good-sized cock. He watched the sweating slave turn to look behind her and give him a nod.

He’d have never touched her without consent and was thankful to get her permission confirmed. He stepped up to the struggling girl and

is stephanie march dating bobby flay
watched a moment, letting the sight of her muscles tensing affect him as she maintained her balance. Cat walked over to stand beside Bobbi, “Girl, you’re about to
flay bobby is march dating stephanie
get ed.” she informed her, and leaned closer to her ear.

“If you thought you could get off on an ass whipping, just wait till you get that is stephanie march dating bobby flay meat in you.” she whispered, looking at the puppy dog eyes. The girl had been tied up for a while and he didn’t want her to cramp up. His morals conflicted over that and the obligation of making sure that the girl got off too. He grabbed his manhood and guided it tom pelphrey and stephanie gatschet dating below the vibrator. Finding her

is stephanie march dating bobby flay
entrance, he passed it up for her clit. Not only was she burning hot, which could have been the air condition on his dick for a while, but she was soaking wet. Trent was aroused at the sight already and asked, “Bobbi, you care if she sucks me off?” seeking her permission. “By all means honey, stuff her mouth with that cock.” she replied, glancing at his growing interest, “It’s not like she hasn’t had it before.” she added with a grin, and then unfastened the gag ball from her head. The vibrator was pulsing through her walls, making her pussy crave attention but wasn’t getting filled. Another cock appeared is march bobby stephanie in flay dating her face and the man fed it into her mouth. Listening to Trent give her instructions on servicing his cock to get him attract women march posted dating secret fully erect while Cathleen stood by dating is march bobby stephanie flay with that weapon of ass destruction in her hand. Bobbi squatted down to watch her husband’s cock pump in her mouth. Her body jerked in defiance of the bonds on her limbs and those damn lassoes and clip had numbed her nipples and clit. James was a bit in heaven, feeling that V-clamp make the bud stick out for him. Knowing the girl was suffering made him give up his own sensation and he reached between their legs to remove the clamp. He knew the blood would be is stephanie march dating bobby flay rushing back in it now and worked his cockhead even faster on her while it filled. That forced a long moan from the doubly penetrated girl and Trent looked at James, questioning what happened. James gave him a nod with a “You’re welcome’ grin, knowing he felt that hum on his shaft. Bobbi cupped her husband’s balls in her hand and said, “You treat my man right bitch and he’ll give you some cream.” and grinned, “Doesn’t that sound yummy?” is stephanie march dating bobby flay and watched her try to nod with a cock in her mouth, “Um hum” she hummed out and moaned a little more. Cat could tell that the girl was is stephanie march dating bobby flay working on a climax and swatted her lower back, surprising James, “Don’t you dare cum yet.” she demanded, but that only added to her pleasure. James is stephanie march dating bobby flay dating flay bobby is stephanie march made sure she did, swiping her clit back and forth speedily. He got a grip on the situation and squeezed her ass cheek. The vibrator was too convenient so he is stephanie march dating bobby flay
is stephanie march dating bobby flay
left the cheek and grabbed it. Using it like a joy stick, he stirred it around her ass and made joy from the stick. That did the trick as Ginger is stephanie march dating bobby flay is stephanie march dating bobby flay quaked in front of him. He didn’t know the octave she used to produce the stuttered scream but it was a high one. Trent didn’t let up off his pumping which was the reason why her scream kept getting interrupted. “Bitch, I said not to cum yet!” Cat screamed, lashing her across the backside repeatedly. Ginger is stephanie march dating bobbis stephanie march dating bobby flay y flay had never cum so much from outside stimulation. She squeezed her orgasm out without a cock in her cunt. The stinging from the lashings only added to the sensations and took her to a new height in climaxing. The shaft ramming her mouth was more than enough visual stimulation without the sight of Bobbi drooling beside her. It lasted so long, Trent eased up on his work to give her a chance to breathe. Cathleen stopped slapping the leather on her back and James backed off of her clit. His fingers around his cock were saturated from the girl’s orgasm and he let go of himself to sample a finger. Getting back to the basics, James grabbed is stephanie march dating bobby flay his tool and copied his play on the vibrator, swirling it around her entrance. Perhaps the vibrator made her so tight but he wedged to a stop after his is stephanie march dating bobby flay head entered her. It would do for the time being though as he manually ed it in and out of her with his fist. She squirmed around a little to is stephanie march dating bobby flay try and adjust so she could accommodate more of him. Whatever the size of that huge vibrator, the cock seemed bigger somehow. He broke her heart a little as his cock left her but made amends by shoving it in and out rapidly. Slowly, he stretched her out, taking in more and more of his shaft. She lost her is stephanie march dating bobby flay focus on the cock in her pussy as another went back in her throat. Things sped up as time slowed down and she was soon stuffed full in both ends. James could feel the vibrations on his cock as he worked his way in. He was satisfied with his depth for the moment and stroked in and out with that. She had more to take but he’d save that for later, giving her a thrill in the future. He could let go of his cock and grip her ass is stephanie march now dating bobby flay and steadily increased his thrusts. The rope that bound her arms was inviting so he grabbed it, giving him the leverage he needed to thrust in a little deeper. With James tugging on her bindings, she was jerking on the cock in her mouth. Trent felt the new effect and let her bob
michael victor over jones atlanta is stephanie march dating bobby flay flay dating march is bobby stephanie dating sites
him. “Tongue!” he demanded, slapping her cheek, “Give me some tongue.” and felt her velvet caress on the back side of his cock. He is stephanie march dating bobby flay smiled and took a tip form James’ playbook, gripping himself firmly. Grabbing a handful of hair, he fist ed her mouth with his meat. “Take that cock bitch!is stephanie march dating bobby flay ” Bobbi seethed, and grabbed more of her hair. “I want to hear some sucking.” and shook the head a little. Popping sounds emitted as her cheeks caved in and out. Bobbi could see her husband’s cockhead make rapid appearances between her lips. Ginger could only take the abuse pounding in her mouth as the cock in her pussy went deeper somehow.

She thought she had it all but was pleasantly mistaken. The illusion that the cockheads were touching each other appeared in her mind as is stephanie Trent march dating bobbyis stephanie march flay dating bobby fla

is stephanie march dating bobby flay
y let her have all of him, shoving in in her throat. With pubic hairs tickling her nose and ass, she climaxed on them.

Her muffled scream alerted Cathleen, telling on herself and the lashes from the whip started back up. Cat spun the whip in a circle over her back side, swatting with each pass, “Don’t cum bitch!” and sped up her twirling, making the tips of the leather straps kiss her flesh. Watching the blur of the whip and feeling the pulsing on his bobby march is flay stephanie dating is cock stephanie march dating bobby flay, James had to let go. Thrusting even deeper, his balls smacked on her clit, giving him the feeling of power. Watching the writhing and the muscles tensing against the is stephanie march dating bobby flay bonds worked him into frenzy. The stings on her backside and arms kept coming and so did Ginger. As she started to come down, another orgasm took its place, beginning is from stephanie march dating bobby flayis ong> stephanie march dating bobby flay

is stephanie march dating bobby flay<is stephanie march dating bobby flay /h6> deep inside her pussy. She climaxed again with both cocks pumping so rapidly, it was all a blur to her. Feeling hot liquid being pumped in her pussy was is stephanie march dating bobby flay is stephanie march dating bobby flay one thing, but the cock in her mouth was giving her the cream she was promised in large spurts. All three climaxed to the sound of Cat demanding the girl not to cum while Bobbi demanded the girl to swallow it all. James pulled the vibrating plug out of her ass to increase the pleasure of her climax and march flay dating bobby stephanie is finished with the load he was depositing in her. The gaping hole left behind from his extraction quivered as she rode the wave of bliss. Bobbi watched white cream drool stephanie bobby march flay is dating is stephanie march dating bobby flay out of the girl’s lips. Cathleen stopped her twirling and studied the pink marks she left behind. James recovered from his rapture and untied the bonds on her flay dating march is stephanie bobby is stephanie march dating bobby flay arms and then her legs while she just melted over the horse and panted. Bobbi praised the girl for her efforts, “You did good baby!” and caressed her head.

Trent squatted in front of her and gave a reassuring smile, “Yes she did, honey. Took it like a trooper.” and pinched her cheek. Cat helped with is stephanie march dating bobby flay is stephanie march dating bobby flay is stephanie march dating bobby flay the ropes and patted her bottom, “She was amazing.” and James replied, “I was impressed.” and snatched the girl up off of the padded horse. Taking is stephanie march dating bobby flay her to the cross, he laid her on the makeshift table. Grabbing some grape seed oil from the cabinet, he poured it over her. All four got to work, is dating flay bobby march stephanie giving her a massage while she fell into a semi-coma. Working her arms and legs, they brought the life back to her extremities. Rolling her on her side, Bobbi and Trent massaged her front while Cat and James worked on the back. “What do you think guys?” James asked, massaging an ass cheek, “Is she a keeper?” “I love her already.” Bobbi said, rubbing a breast between her hands. “Definitely a keeper James.” Trent replied, rubbing her labia. “So, I is stephanie march dating bobby flay is stephanie guess march dating bobby flay she passed.” Cathleen determined. “How about it Ginger, you think you’d be happy with these guys?” She moaned out a “Hell yeah” and mewed over the massage she was getting from four people. They had her sit up and Cat got a bottle of water from the mini fridge and handed it to her.

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