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I’m….CUUMMMIIINNNGGG!!!!” She screamed. Rod was thrusting even harder, a small voice in his mind warning that his forceful movements may collapse the coffee table and dump them dating chinese women and rockville maryland on the floor, but he dismissed that thought as soon as it popped into his head. “I’m gonna pump the world’s biggest load of cum any second!” “dating usa in gay five star Do it you sick ass-er!” She squealed in hedonistic encouragement. My tight little shitter is on fire babe!” One final thrust was it took,

dating chinese women and rockville maryland
dating chinese women and rockville maryland the coffee table rocking unsteadily under the force of his movements as he threw his head back and his eyes clenched tightly shut. His body shook as his cock fired ropes of thick cream deep into her clenching ass, and she joined him in overwhelming climax. As his seed fired deep into her private passage her juices burst from her cunt, literally spray dating chinese women and rockville maryland dating chinese women and rockville maryland dating chinese women painting and rockville maryland his cock and thighs. The heady scent of primal fluids filled the room, adding to the depraved sensations they both struggled to absorb as they surrendered their minds and bodies to their decadent release. Rob put his hands on Carol’s back to steady herself, which drew another squeal and spray of cum as the nipple clamps bit harder into her tortured breasts. Realizing dating chinese women and rockvilledating chinese women and rockville maryland maryland what had happened, he reluctantly slid free and collapsed slowly to the floor, his chest rising and falling as he attempted to bring his breathing under control. He lay on the floor as his racing pulse gradually slowed, and gazed up at the prone form of his wife, still firmly secured to the coffee table with this creamy cum oozing from her freshly dating chinese women and rockville maryland ed ass and dribbling down her wet labia. Slowly he reached up and undid the velcro ties around her thighs, before crawling around and undoing the ties securing her wrists.

She still didn’t move, her body rising and falling rhythmically as he lifted her chin and kissed her softly on the lips. “There are no words that could express how fantastic that was.” He whispered, and her eyes flickered open as a lazy smile drifted across her face. “Among other things, you got that right!” She breathed. “I can see where you are, but my body still thinks you’re behind me, ing me like a wild animal.” He looked concerned for a moment. I’d hate to think I dating chinese women and got rockville maryland carried away!” “I’m sure you got carried away.” She replied. “But you won’t get a complaint from me. indescribable!” She finally found the strength to push herself up, and half-slid, half-fell onto the floor. “I’m not sure what happened to my legs.” She giggled. While I try and put myself back together, dating chinese women and rockville maryland you might feel like a shower? That could have you freshened up in case one of us decides we want to play some more fun games later?” While he was no prude, he could see the sense in Carol’s suggestion, as she was unlikely to feel comfortable taking his cock in her mouth considering where it had just been. “I’d chinese american women and dating black enjoy the chance to clean up a little. Meet you back here?” She surprised him by shaking her head. “When my legs decide to work I might top up our glasses and get some sun.

How about you meet me outside?” He smiled and nodded in agreement, before walking unsteadily off to the bathroom.

The shower was refreshing and invigorating, and dating chinese women and rockville maryland he spent some time thoroughly washing his cock and balls, feeling revitalized when he finally turned off the taps. His legs finally provided steady support as he toweled dry, and he dating chinese women and rockville maryland dating chinese women and rockville maryland strode through the house before opening the sliding door to see Carol lying naked on a sun lounge, her legs spread lewdly as she sipped her champagne. He slid a chair in dating chinese women and rockville maryland dating chinese and rockville women maryland front of hers and picked up his glass as he sat back, basking in the warmth of the sun and relaxing caress of the gentle breeze on his naked skin. But I’m surprised you didn’t want to join me.” She flashed a y smirk. “I’m sure I’d enjoy a shower, but I can’t bring myself to wash your juices away just yet. I’m loving the feeling of your cum inside me.” He looked down and could still see trails of cum leaking from her gaping ass. “Do you have any idea how y you look right now?” “No idea at all, babe.” She replied.

“Why don’t you tell me?” He grinned back at her, feeling more comfortable with their totally uninhibited behavior with every hour that passed. There you are, lying back stark naked, your nipples long and hard with the clips biting into them, your legs spread and your pussy glistening in the sun covered in your cum, and your little ass still hasn’t closed and I can see trails of cum oozing dating chinese women out and rockville maryland. If you are not the iest bitch a man has ever seen I don’t know who is!” He enthused. She licked an extended finger and slid it lazily up

dating chinese and women and rockville maryland
down her slit. “You need to work on the correct terminology Rod. When we’re ing this isn’t a pussy, it’s a sticky, wet cum-covered cunt, ok? And dating chinese women and rockville maryland I’m your hot, willing slut!” He chuckled. I’m still getting used to having this hot woman around, who looks remarkably like my loving wife but doesn’t act anything like her. I’m starting to wonder if you’ve got a nymphomaniac twin sister you’ve never told me about.” She smirked again. “Does my behavior bother you?rockville maryland women chinese and dating ” He shook his head vigorously. This has been an amazing ride, and I’m in no ing hurry to get off just yet! But I have to admit I’m curious dating chinese women and rockville maryland dating chinese women about and rockville maryland where this all started, and where it’s going.” She surprised him by laughing heartily, before she regained control and smiled at him. “You probably won’t believe this, maryland and women rockville dating chinese chinese but women maryland dating rockville and I’m not sure myself. I mean…..I’ve had this feeling for some time that we were in a rut…and please don’t think that means I don’chinese and women dating rockville maryland t love you as much, because nothing could be further from the truth. But we always seem to be…..busy, either with work or social engagements or a hundred and one other things.” He nodded in agreement as he had been having similar feelings for a while now, and she went on. “Anyway, when we agreed to play this little game I dating chinese women and rockville maryland felt like I had been asleep for years, and I’d just woken up with all this energy, and….I just had this overwhelming feeling that I wanted to explore, and try dating chinese women and rockville maryland new things, and satisfy all these cravings that came out of nowhere. It’s so hard to explain but…..we’ve been making love for years and I’m not complaining about dating chinese women and rockville maryland that, but right now I don’t want to make love…I want to ….and ….AND !” She was looking at him as though trying to gauge his reaction to her confession, so he smiled and nodded for her to continue. “I’m sure there will be times when I feel like gentle lovemaking, and you are the most caring,
dating chinese women and rockville maryland
dating chinese women and rockville maryland considerate lover I’ve ever been with, but right now I just want to be your slut. I couldn’t do that with anyone else, and I think that’s because I dating chinese women and rockville maryland trust you completely. I know you would never deliberately hurt me, or just use me for your own pleasure. Even earlier, when you were so incredibly horny and you gave my ass such an awesome ing, you made sure I was ready for you, and I could feel you giving me time to stretch around your cock. That’s the kind of thing I’m talking about.” She was breathing deeply, her last words tumbling from her lips as though she was desperate to finish what she had started. “I guess that leaves
dating chinese women and rockville maryland
women chinese and rockville maryland one dating question babe.” He said softly. I’m loving everything we’ve done so far, what other things do you want to try?” She was relaxing again and lay back on the lounge, smiling as she took another sip.

“Anything either of us wants to try is fine with me, and if it doesn’t work we can put it down to experience and move on.

I enjoyed how you tied me to the table and ed me earlier, so maybe some light bondage could be fun, and I’ve still got plenty of toys we haven’t used yet. I bought those movies a couple of weeks ago as I thought we could watch them together and see what happened. I’ve had a look at most of them and there’s a European movie with girls that have pierced nipples and labia. I’m not sure if I’d want to do it, but dating chinese women and rockville maryland how would you feel if I had my nipples, and maybe even my labia pierced?” Rod’s cock actually jumped at the prospect of his wife wantonly displaying her private piercings dating chinese women and rockville to maryland him, and how he could use them. She saw his immediate reaction and giggled, attempting to conceal her amusement behind her hand. This is only going to work if we both

dating chinese women and rockville maryland
dating chinese enjoy women and rockville mardating chinese women and rockville maryland
dating chinese women and rockville maryland
yland it.” He nodded in agreement. “I know we’ll probably go through a phase where we like rabbits, and then we’ll probably ease back into something a little
dating more…realistic chinese women and rockville maryland
? But I agree completely that we’d gotten into a rut, and as long as we’re both conscious of that then we shouldn’t slip back into that dating chinese women and rockville maryland dating maryland chinese women rockville and pattern again.” She looked at him expectantly. “I’ve really enjoyed being in the position where I can tell you to do whatever I want. In fact it’s been quite…liberating to have that kind of power, but I don’t know if I can keep it up for a week, at least not at the pace we’ve been going at so far! I’d be happy to start sharing things a little more if that’s ok with you. Maybe sometimes I can be in control and other times you can chinese and women dating rockville maryland have a turn, is that fair?” “More than fair Carol.” He smiled. “I think I understand where you’re coming from now. The only thing I’m unsure dating chinese women and rockville maryland dating chinese women and about rockville maryland is if I can treat you the way you want me to, like a total slut.” He was surprised when she smiled at him, before she gave him the dating chinese women and rockville maryland assurance he needed. “All I can say is that you’re doing fine so far, and perhaps you can look at this way.

I’m not a guy, but isn’t what I’m proposing every man’s dream? Wouldn’t any man like a woman who behaves appropriately when he takes her out, but get her behind closed doors and she becomes….chinese rockville and maryland dating women chinese rockville women dating maryland and a ual wildcat, who just wants her man to use her however he wants to, and will give him anything he wants?” “Anything?” He asked. He stood and straddled dating chinese her women and rockville maryland as she lay on the lounge. “You really are a -crazy cunt aren’t you?” “YES!!!” She hissed, watching as he turned his back to her dating chinese women and rockville maryland dating chinese women and rockville maryland and reached back and spread his butt cheeks.

“I really got off sliding my tongue into your ass earlier, so it’s only fair you should have the same experience, so rockville chinese dating and women maryland dating chinese women and rockville maryland get busy with that hot mouth slut! And I’d like you to do a good job jacking my cock at the same time.

When I tell you I’m ready to dating chinese women and rockville maryland cum you’d better move fast, because this load is going all over your sweet, slut face, ok?” She put her glass down and leant forward until he could feel her breath against his skin. “There is nothing I’d enjoy more!” She whispered, just before he felt her tongue slide across his puckered asshole as her tiny hand wrapped around dating chinese women and rockville maryland his shaft and started stroking firmly.

******************************************************************************** Dean slid the chair back and stretched before rubbing his eyes as he attempted to focus on anything further than two feet away. He dating chinese women and rockville checked mdating chinese women and rockville maryland aryland his watch and wasn’t overly surprised to see it was just after eleven. “I can’t believe how fast the time passes when I’m writing; Katie’s probably wondering what the hell I’m doing!” He mused to himself, smiling when he recalled how nervous he was waiting to hear what she thought about his first segment. “Guess I’d better text her!” He mumbled to himself as he reached for his cell. “U still awake?” He texted, and wasn’t that surprised when she came straight dating chinese women and rockville maryland dating chinese women and rockville maryland back. “U think I could sleep knowing what yr doing?” She replied. “Finally done, sending now.” He had already attached his story to an email and clicked the Send icon. Thank u so much, going 2 read now.” As soon as this came through another followed. “May take a while, u know what happened last time! Maybe u should get some sleep and check yr phone in morning. Sleep well, love u!” He keyed a final reply as he shutdown his computer. “Love u 2, missing u dating chinese women and rockville maryland big time, can’t wait till yr home!” With that done he headed for bed, and fell into a deep sleep within seconds of his head hitting the pillow.

Dean slept better than he had on any other night since Katie flew out, finally waking when his alarm became irritatingly insistent. Today was the day he would have a final run through on dating chinese women and rockville maryland his presentation before he delivered it tomorrow, and he had a specific ritual he followed on important days like this. Time was the key, and he always ensured he could enjoy a relaxed start that would see him arrive at work in calm, positive state if mind. He enjoyed a leisurely shower before dressing and heading to the kitchen for breakfast, and brewed dating chinese women and rockville maryland rockville dating chinese maryland women and a fresh pot of coffee before curiosity got the better of him and he checked his cell to see if Katie had sent a message last night. Pls check yr email." His curiosity piqued, he opened his laptop and hit the Start key, tapping his fingers absentmindedly on the table as he waited for it to start. Finally it was ready and he opened dating chinese women and her rockville maryland email, noticing she had also sent an attachment.

I hope you took my advice and went to bed last night. It’s three am as I send this, and I simply dating chinese women don't and rockville mardating chinese women yland and rockville maryland know what to say, in fact I've changed this so many times I've lost count. To say you are an amazing writer is a start, but it chinese rockville falls women dating maryland and so far short. If I didn't know you, I would read your story and be convinced you had been writing for years. To know you have been only doing this dating chinese women and rockville maryland for a few short days is so hard to believe. The first part you sent took me by surprise, but once I had enjoyed that I kept telling myself not to expect too much for the next part, as it would not have the same surprise factor. You had me spellbound in a few minutes, and totally captivated not long after. It took me maryland women chinese rockville and dating two hours to read it and I'm sure I don't have to explain why, and then I went back and read it again from the very beginning. I lost count women of dating rockville maryland chinese adating chinese women and rockville maryland nd the number of times I came, and my pussy, sorry, MY CUNT, is very tender right now! This is your story and I don’t know if you want to add anything more to it, but I think you should post it now, as you would leave it a point that you could pick with the next chapter if you choose write women maryland dating and rockville chinese more. Provided Mom is ok I’ll be home day after tomorrow, and I honestly can’t wait until I have your arms wrapped around me again.

Enjoy the attached photo, and dating chinese women and rockville maryland I hope it will provide some inspiration for when we’re together again.

XXX Katie.” He smiled, sipped his coffee, and clicked lesbian young and old women dating on the attachment, waiting as the computer completed a quick virus scan before advising it was ok to open. He opened it and almost dropped the mug in his lap, as there on the screen was a picture of Katie, taken women maryland looking dating rockville and chinesedating chinese women and rockville maryland strong> down her body, and graphically displaying her wrist embedded deep in her pussy. Once again she had managed to slide her whole hand inside, and he held his breath as dating chinese women he and rockville maryland noticed how far her labia were stretched, and the liberal coating of cum glistening on her arm, her thighs, and pooled on the bed. His cock snapped to attention and he dating chinese women and rockville maryland dating maryland groaned chinese women and rockville as his eyes moved over the screen, not wanting latin women for dating and relationships to miss the tiniest detail. The sooner Katie’s back, the better!” He could have easily sat at the table and dating chinese women and rockville maryland looked at her picture for hours, but time was passing and he needed to be on his way, so he reluctantly shutdown the computer and headed out the door. The day passed quickly, and he completed a full run-through of his presentation and made some last-minute adjustments to the PowerPoint slideshow which he would use to display supporting data and target charts. Finally satisfied he ran a backup copy and tidied up some other tasks so that he could take Thursday and Friday off to spend some quality time with his wife. With the work day over he stopped in at the market and stocked up on groceries, in no doubt that Katie was serious when she suggested she didn’t want to leave the house until women maryland dating chinese and rockville they ran out of chinese men and black women dating food. He added a couple of bottles of champagne to his trolley, and then saw a carton-buy special on their favorite white wine, so that went in as well. He wheeled the trolley out to the car and loaded his purchases into the trunk, before deciding he wasn’t in the mood to cook dinner, so he stopped into the dating chinese women and rockville maryland local Chinese restaurant and ordered take-out. When the car was unpacked he poured a glass of wine and ate dinner in front of the TV, catching up on the day’s news.

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