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I stowed my bike in our garage, and entered the empty and silent house. By the time my parents came home about thirty minutes later, I was in bed with the lights out – again, as usual. What was not usual at all was how I felt and the thoughts and memories passing through my mind. There was still chef dating pelham alabama 33 hockey chef dating pelham alabama 33 hockey a bit of sore feeling inside me, but it was nothing in the balance against the pleasure that I had had – and would soon have again. I had put chef dating pelham alabama 33 hockey on my shortest skimpiest summer nightie which, because it was a year old, barely covered my hips. Under the duvet I was lying on my back, legs apart, and gently caressing my mound and fingering myself. I thought about how I had lost my virginity, and was glad that I had done so in that way; I thought about what chef dating pelham alabama 33 hockey might lie ahead of me, and was gladder still. The next Wednesday, I turned up at the Girl Guides meeting on foot, saying that my bicycle had a puncture. I

hockey 33 dating pelham chef alabama
had arranged this with Diana the previous week, and no one thought it odd when she offered to give me a lift home, as she would be passing through my neighbourhood. So I left with her, and she did indeed drive me home – after I had spent over two hours ing with Melanie and her at their house. The chef next dating pelham alabama 33 hockey week at Guides our announcement that getting a lift from her had been so helpful that I would be doing that in future was hardly noticed, and my Wednesday chef dating pelham alabama 33 hockey evening education in lesbianism continued. Melanie loved it that I arrived in my Guides uniform – she really had a thing for it, and would spent quite a while caressing my breasts before unbuttoning the shirt, and putting her hand up my skirt without taking it off. This foreplay turned me on a lot, especially when Diana joined in whilst still wearing her Guide Leader’s uniform. On one occasion, a couple of months later on, I said to Melanie as she was slipping her hand inside my bra that I chef dating pelham alabama 33 was hockey sure she would look y in uniform as well.

She paused for a moment, looking thoughtful, and the next week I got a wonderful surprise. She had visited a chef dating pelham alabama 33 hockey chef dating pelham alabama 33 hockey fancy dress shop and had hired a complete policewoman’s uniform, very authentic and convincing.

When I arrived, I barely had time to gasp in excitement before she turned me to face the wall in their entrance hallway, pulled my hands behind my back and snapped a pair of handcuffs on my wrists!

Melanie then proceeded to pretend to ‘chef dating pelham alabama 33 hockey strip search’ me, though the only garment completely removed was my panties – my shirt was unbuttoned and my tits pulled out of the bra, but both items were left chef dating pelham alabama 33 on hockey. I found this incredibly arousing, and when she roughly thrust two fingers up to their knuckles into my vagina, I came more intensely than at any time since our first session. Melanie hustled us both up to the bedroom, pretending to have us under arrest. Diana was ordered to strip off everything except her black hold-up stockings, and to

chef dating lie pelham alabama 33 hockeychef dating pelham alabama 33 hockey h6> on her back across the bed horizontally, so that her head was in the middle of one side of the mattress and her knees were hanging over the other.

Then chef dating pelham alabama 33 hockey I had my second surprise of the evening, an almost equally erotic one. Melanie produced some leather cuffs and rope, and fastened Diana in a spread-eagle X shape, with her pelham alabama dating chef 33 hockey right foot and right hand tied to each side of the headboard, and her left foot and left hand roped to the bottom two bedposts. Melanie told me to take 33 pelham off dating hockey chef alabama my shirt, but to keep on my bra, skirt and socks. I was then instructed to lie on top of Diana, face downwards, in a 69 position with my chef dating pelham alabama 33 hockey chef dating pelham alabama 33 hockey face at her cunt and hers at mine – my skirt was pulled up around my waist to give her full access. Melanie then fastened my wrists and ankles with cuffs to Diana’s, so that I was spread open in an X shape as well. This was deliciously erotic, and Diana and I at one began lapping at each chef dating pelham alabama 33 hockey other’s pussies. Meanwhile, Melanie took the police truncheon that had come as an accessory with the uniform, and proceeded to go from one side of the bed to the other in turn, forcing it into the vagina on view for four deep and long insertions. She continued this rotation for some time, and from the combination of the intermittent sudden shaftings and the cunt-lapping in between them, Diana and I were soon getting very high indeed.

We were both writhing in our bonds, whilst we begged Melanie for release – not from our captivity, but to drive us to our orgasms. Her response was to discard the shirt and skirt of the police uniform, revealing that underneath it was a black bra, suspender belt and traditional stockings, but no panties.

She then put on the double-dildo strap-on (which had seen quite a few outings since my first visit), and chef dating pelham alabama 33 hockey gave first Melanie and then me a rough and rapid ing that took us swiftly over the brink – coming off herself as I screamed out my orgasm, one of the deepest and wildest I have ever had. And so I discovered my enjoyment of role-play and of light bondage, which have given me – and my lovers – great pleasure ever since. If you enjoyed this, check out my other stories ... there are several more schoolgirl/teen first-time ones. ACCIDENTAL LOVERS PART TWO HOME SCHOOLED CHAPTER 1 Alicia Cooper was thrilled when the Bennington School District had hired her two years ago.

She had been fresh out of the University of Northern Iowa with an education degree and was quite happy to get away from Cedar Falls and Iowa in general. She had grown up in the Corn Belt and while she had a great childhood, the conservative nature of the state was something that she really needed to get away from.

She had run into far too many people who took exception to her lifestyle choices. Many condemned her without chef dating pelham alabama 33 hockey

chef dating pelham alabama 33 hockey
even knowing or meeting her, her own family refusing to accept that she was biual was the most infuriating. They wouldn’t even listen to her, choosing to side with her now ex-husband. He had no problems with her desires as long as he got to take part. But when she had found someone who wouldn’t allow him into chef dating pelham alabama 33 hockey the fun and games, it had gotten nasty fast. She had been left destitute but with a strong desire to show everyone that she was quite capable of making it chef dating pelham alabama 33 hockey 33 alabama dating chef hockey pelham on her own. Still she couldn’t help but think how much easier everything would have been if she had just kept quiet and lived a traditional life. Being biual chef dating pelham alabama 33 hockey had been easy to hide when she was in high school, it was not at all unusual for girls to have sleepovers and be together constantly. That she and Suzy had chef dating pelham alabama 33 hockey still dated boy’s made it all the easier to hide their true feelings.

The girls had met on the first day of high school and bonded as best friends

chef in dating pelham alabama 33 hockey
just a few short weeks.

From training bras to gym shower shyness they had shared the tribulations of female adolescence. Both had desperately wanted a boyfriend, but neither could find a boy that met their expectations. The few they had were always awkward and selfish; they just wanted to find out what a kiss felt like, maybe a bit more. They both adored their ninth-grade science teacher, a younger man seemingly chiseled from granite. They often fantasized together about what they would do to him, though both where too chef dating pelham alabama 33 hockey chef dating pelham alabama 33 hockey big beautiful women singles dating alabama shy to attempt even the first step. It was during one of these fantasy sessions that they had shared their first kiss. Alicia had been going on and on about chef dating pelham alabama 33 hockey chef dating pelham alabama 33 hockey what a kiss could feel like, it was driving Suzy crazy and she finally had had enough. “If I kiss you, will you shut up already,” Suzy said. “chef dating pelham alabama 33 hockchef dating pelham alabama 33 hockey ey Like you would know how too,” Alicia laughed.

Without another word Suzy leaned in and pulled her friends mouth to hers. Their kiss was longer and deeper than chef dating pelham alabama 33 hockey chef dating pelham alabama 33 hockey either had thought possible. When they pulled apart, they just silently stared at each other for what seemed an eternity. Breaking the silence Alicia simply said, “Wow.” “chef dating pelham alabama 33 hockey Yeah.. “If we could find a dating lines phone in birmingham alabama boy to kiss like that, we’d be set.” “That’s for sure,” Alicia said, “but we could.. If you want too, that is?” “Uhh, yeah.. that might be a good idea,” the 16-year-old answered hoping her enthusiasm wasn’t showing.

It was during their second kiss that tongues were exchanged, delving deep inside each other’s mouth. Further kisses brought the first touch as fingers crept over each other’s breasts, first over their blouses but soon beneath. They had each seen the other nude numerous times in the school locker room or while changing while playing dress-up. Each had secretly checked out the other to compare against their own growth. Suzy had envied Alicia’s breasts being slightly larger than her own. Her nipples were darker, almost like milk chocolate. Suzy likewise had seen the lush reddish hair her friend had kept trimmed between her legs; her own bush was sparse.

But now with hormones coursing through their bodies each was moving faster and further chef dating pelham alabama then 33 hockey ever intended and neither regretted it.

As clothes got tossed aside, each looked at the other with a new appreciation and desire.

Suzy had made the first move beyond chef dating pelham alabama 33 hockey a kiss when she lowered her mouth to Alicia’s breast.

It had felt so natural and elicited a gasp and moan from Alicia. Her nipple grew hard instantly and her back arched to press the nipple further to her friend and new lover. Suzy had immediately loved the taste and texture of her friend’s breast. She couldn’t chef dating pelham alabama 33 hockey resist the urge to touch herself and slid her fingers to her pussy, stroking it lightly. Alicia soon noticed her partner’s efforts and reached down, moving Suzy’s hand aside. With that she touched another woman’s slit for the first time. She knew what she liked and had touched herself often, she hoped Alicia liked the same. She pelham chef dating alabama 33 hockey lightly ran a finger through her friend’s fur, along the folds of the skin, feeling the moisture coating the lips. It was smaller than hers but still she knew, especially at the wide-eyed reaction the touch got from her friend. Caressing the hard nub with her thumb, she slid first one then two fingers inside Alicia and began slowly pumping chef dating pelham alabama 33 hockey chef dating pelham alabama 33 hockey chef dating pelham alabama 33 hockey them.

Pressing deeper with each pump, increasing tempo she watched her friend build to a climax. “Don’t stop, please don’t stop,” Alicia cried, “I’m pelham alabama dating 33 chef hockey hockey alabama pelham chef 33 dating so close, please don’t stop. Suzy felt her friend clamp down on her fingers; she could actually feel the muscles trying to pull them inside the pussy. She could smell her best friends aroma and found it intoxicating. It drove her on and made her want to do everything she could for her friend; it all felt so right. “chef dating pelham alabama 33 hockey Ahhhhhh YESSSSS, So good, yes, yes, go, please. YESSSSSSSSSSSS,’ Alicia hissed with her eyes squeezed tightly shut, her body convulsing and her hips pumping against Suzy’s hand. As Alicia came down, Suzy removed her hand and brought it to her face, licking each finger clean as she had routinely done following her own masturbation. Alicia smiled softly at her friend, leaned in and their lips meet. Tongues moved between them in the long, deep, passionate embrace. Pulling away, Alicia’s smile turned into a grin with a twinkle in her eye. “Your turn,” the redhead whispered as she pushed Suzy down on her back. Acting on instinct alone, Alicia began by lightly kissing her friends hockey pelham chef dating 33 alabama cheeks and neck. She worked her way slowly down between the breasts then let her tongue trace circles around a nipple. Tighter and tighter the circles drew in and the chef dating pelham alabama 33 tongue hockey touched the hard skin of the areola. It tightened and crinkled at her tongues touch, the nipple growing hard. She sucked it in, alternately nursing on it and chewing it like an eraser. She moved from one to other and enjoyed both as Suzy purred in delight and stroked her fingers through Alicia’s hair. Once again she began lightly kissing down Suzy’s body, stopping to run her tongue around and in her belly button.

Alicia continued kissing feeling the breathing rate of her best friend increase in rhythm. She dating 33 hockey alabama chef pelham could feel the fine down of her friends hair begin tickling at her chin. Her kisses traveled up the pubic mound and she soon felt the cleft of skin chef dating pelham alabama 33 hockey chef dating pelham alabama 33 hockey where the true treasure awaited. Alicia hesitated but a moment before taking her first taste of her friend’s juice. She had tasted her own on numerous occasions, but this was different. The taste was unlike anything she could easily describe – it was sweet but still tart, light but intense, it coated her face and she could feel it chef dating pelham alabama on 33 hockey her lips. Whatever and however it could be described, Alicia wanted more. Spreading Suzy’s dating and cheating in huntsville alabama legs wide, Alicia ran her tongue the entire length of her new lover’s alabama dating 33 chef hockey pelham chef dating pelham alabama 33 hockey slit. She found a clit much larger than her own, one that was still swelling up.

She licked around it, hearing her friend moan in delight before sucking it straight into her mouth. The result was instantaneous, Suzy’s back arched and she let out an animalistic growl as she started to cum as never before. The feeling was much alabama hockey chef pelham dating 33 more intense than the orgasms she had ever managed on her own. She felt the pressure build as her friend licked and sucked at her clit. Suzy came is waves, 33 pelham dating hockey player suspended said dating girlfriend chef alabama hockey each harder than the one before but each leading her further up the mountain. She had never felt like this before – had never been so satisfied and complete. Then it chef dating was pelham alabama 33 hocchef dating pelham alabama 33 hockey key if a damn burst and feelings so intense racked through her. She lost all awareness as a feeling so intense and overwhelming gripped her very soul. He last conscious awareness was a slight pressure to her rear. Alicia could not believe how large Suzy’s clit had become; it was the size of one of her fingertips. She licked chef dating pelham alabama 33 hockey chef dating pelham alabama 33 hockey and sucked at it, getting more and more juice as her friend was obviously cumming. She could slide it between her lips and Suzy was so wet it was coating chef dating pelham alabama 33 hockey chef dating pelham alabama 33 hockey Alicia’s face. She ran her hands along Suzy’s thighs and used her thumbs to spread her open like a flower. Suzy was bucking and it was all Alicia chef dating pelham alabama 33 hockey chef dating pelham alabama 33 hockey could do to keep her lips on her friend. It was during this that Alicia accidentally let a finger slide into her friend’s asshole. The result had been instantaneous; chef dating pelham alabama 33 hockey Suzy had gone rigid, lifting up off the bed and pressing her young pussy into Alicia’s face. Then Alicia was surprised when juice didn’t flow but actually sprayed dating hockey pelham 33 alabama chef chef dating pelham alabama 33 hockey from her friend. At first she thought Suzy had peed but then she tasted the same intoxicating flavor she had been tasting all along. It was delicious and she drank all she could until her friend went limp. After a few last licks, Alicia climbed up and snuggled into her friend’s side.

“Yeah, wow is right,” Suzy chef dating pelham alabama 33 hockey softly answered back. The two kissed and then looked into each other’s eyes for moment before breaking into schoolgirl giggles. The two had kept their relationship a secret throughout high school. They had each dated boys and had lost their virginity on the same night after a school dance. After graduation Susan had gone average length of dating before marrige chef dating pelham out alabama 33 hockey of state to school and her parents had moved as well. The girls wrote each other but like their visits, the letters became infrequent until they stopped. Alicia had gone to the local community college, intending to transfer to the university after graduation. It was a dream not meant to be; instead she met and eventually married a man chef dating pelham alabama 33 hockey

dating hockey 33 pelham chef alabama
chef dating pelham alabama 33 hockey she had met at her part-time job. She had never kept her ual desires a secret from her husband and they had shared many a threesome though partners found on Craigslist.

It wasn’t until Alicia had met a single mom at a school function that trouble started. The two had hit it off immediately and it wasn’t long before their relationship had progressed. But the woman had no interest in Alicia’s husband or any man. Jealousy soon became apparent when he was left out of the fun. When he left her, there was no secret of why and it had been ugly. It wasn’t long before Alicia’s very conservative family made it clear that the shame was hers and her soon-to-be ex was the victim. Alicia never looked back as she completed her schooling alone and found a job as far from Iowa as possible. She alabama dating chef pelham hockey 33 had still felt alone in the world despite finding a few lovers to spend time with. But none could replace her first love in her heart. CHAPTER 2 Tommy alabama dating hockey chef pelham 33 and his sister scrambled trying to cover up as their homebound teacher Miss. Tommy was rambling and trying to conjure up a reasonable excuse. “She was helping me…” he stammered trying to find the words but how does one explain being in bed naked with his little sister, his hard cock buried deep inside her as she rode him.

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