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What kind of woman would be turned on by hanging naked in front of a paying audience? What kind of woman would enjoy having her cunt played with in tips for red headed men dating public. What are you?" She once again pinched Loser's clit hard between the tips of her fingers. Loser cried out in an almost scream and yelled, "She's a tips dating men red headed for slut!" She started crying and continued, "I'm a slut!

Please, please, please, please, please..., make me cum!" The audience was screaming "No! Make her suffer!" The MC came back onto the stage and asked, "Loser, do you want to cum?" Loser hung her head and answered in a hoarse whisper, "Yes!" The audience laughed and she cried out, "Please tips for red headed men dating tips for red headed men dating let me cum!" Turning to the audience the MC announced, "Big Momma, as Ultimate Winner, has claimed first rights. But Loser will be available for any and all of you tips for who red headed men dattips for red headed men dating ing have purchased special tickets. When your ticket number comes up on the screen, come forward and take what Loser has no choice but to give." Two stage hands released Loser from the straps and dragged her across the stage. Big Momma was lying back on a large pillow with her legs spread out in front of her. Additional pillows supported her head and shoulders so that it looked as if she were sitting in a big comfortable chair.

As Loser was thrust down between her legs, Momma said, "If you cum before I do, I will take you back into that ring and personally tear you apart. If you don't hold back your cum, you will feel pain from me that will make everything to this point seem like pleasure.

I don't care how many men you give your pussy or your ass to, but your orgasm tips for red headed men dating and your mouth are mine until you have brought me off twice. Now get you sorry-ass mouth down her and start licking and sucking.... and you had better make it really good or that bus won't be taking you home tonight." Loser felt ual heat boiling up inside her like she had never felt before, but somehow she held men red headed dating tips for tips for red headed men dating back her climax and lowered her lips to Big Momma's open cunt.

As she began to lap at the juices seeping from that slit, she felt someone grab her hips from behind and suddenly a prick was thrust forcefully into her own sopping slit. The thrusts of the person behind her forced her face harder into Big Momma's dating headed men red for tips crotch and forced her tongue deeper between Momma's labia. She began trying to find Momma's clit so that she could start taking her to her first orgasm. She found it, and Loser's tongue was soon licking circles around Big Momma's love button. Momma was bucking furiously against Loser's face, but Momma was a woman of tips for red headed men dating endurance. Two men had already spent themselves in Loser before Momma began moaning. The third man chose the less traveled route and entered Loser's ass, but she was so tips for red headed men dating tips for red headed men dating absorbed in trying to make Momma climax, that she hardly noticed. While the fifth, or perhaps it was the sixth, man erupted into her cunt, Loser finally felt the quivers of an orgasm beginning in Big Momma. She licked and sucked and rubbed her face across Momma's steaming cunt. Finally with a deep grunt Big Momma snapped her legs tips for red headed men dating tips for red headed men together dating, almost crushing loser's head between her massive thighs. Loser thought she would suffocate before Momma's legs relaxed slightly and Momma's voice boomed out, "That's one." She laughed and added in a softer voice, "The second one always takes a lot longer, honey, so you'd better get back to work with that tongue." It did take a lot longer. Loser lost track of how many men ed her cunt and ass while she tried to bring Big Momma to a second orgasm. It was becoming

tips for red headed men dating
harder and harder for her to even move because her own body wanted to explode, but Big Momma had not yet even started to breathe heavily.

Finally, about the time the dyke with the strapon attacked her ass, Loser started to feel the swelling in Momma's clit that meant an orgasm was starting to build. She lost herself in licking and sucking thinking only - perhaps even saying out loud - "When Momma cums, I can cum.... When Momma cums, I can cum." Eventually Momma was moaning and grunting and tips for red headed men dating Loser was grunting just as loud between her legs trying desperately to hold back a raging flood. Finally, Momma let out a tremendous guttural roar and once again clamped down tips for red headed men dating on Loser's face with her thighs. Her face was trapped on Momma's cunt, but the rest of her body jumped and thrashed as she experienced an unbelievable orgasm tips for red headed that men dating seemed to continue forever. The man who was trying to her from behind was thrown off. He grabbed her, pushed her down, and re-entered her, this time anally. Loser tips for red headed men dating was vaguely aware of the MC's voice calling out, "She's all your's ladies and gentlemen. You've got an hour until closing time so make best the tips for red headed men dating selling books on dating women best of it." And then suddenly she was awash in a sea of cocks and cunts. Some were in or against her mouth; some were tips for in red headed men datitips for red headed men ng dating her ass; some were in her cunt. At one point she was pretty sure that there were two pricks in her cunt at the same time, but everything was blurred by a overwhelming haze of unbelievable lust like she had never felt before. Finally, a loud bell sounded and the MC announced, "Closing time. Time to let Loser crawl home until next month." Target / Loser felt Big Momma pull her up to her feet and walk her out the door of the club and back to the van. She was naked and dripping with sweat, beer and cum.

Big Momma threw her face down on an old rug in the back of the van and said, "Don't tips for red headed men dating want you rollin' 'round back here." She spread her arms and tied her hands to the supports of the front seat dating and sex tips for men and then spread her legs and tied her feet to the attachment slots for the backmost of the rear seats. A few minutes later the van started up and drove into the night. She was awakened by the sun tips for red headed men dating shining through the windows of the van and by the bouncing of the van as it went down what was obviously a not-very-well maintained gravel road. The bouncing lessened when tips for red headed men dating the van slowed and turned off into what appeared to be a farm yard. At least Target thought she could see a barn through the window of the van. Big Momma untied the ropes and pulled Target from the van. Another person was standing a little ways away holding what appeared to be a large video camera. Big Momma carried tips for red headed men dating Target over into an old, fenced section of the barnyard and literally threw her out into a large muddy area that stank of pig manure. "You can do what I tips for red headed men dating tips for red headed tell men dating you to do and I drive away leaving you here, or you can refuse and I take you back behind the barn and bury you with the dead pigs. Your tips for red headed men dating choice." "What do I have to do?" asked Target. After all she had been through, what could be demanded of her that was lower than what had already been red tips men dating for headed done. "My client wants one final image of you degrading yourself." yelled back Big Momma. "But you have to do it to yourself." Target stifled a cry, but her lower tips for red headed men dating jaw was trembling as she waited for Big Momma to finish. "If you want me to leave you here alive, you lay down in that pig wallow and you roll tips for red headed men dating yourself around until you are good and covered with mud and pig shit. Then I want you to lay on your back in the middle of that muck and masturbate tips for red headed men dating yourself to climax. And make sure it's real, 'cause the camera is going to do a real tight closeup of your face for the big 'O'." Target slowly fell men headed dating for tips red tips for red headed men dating tips for red headed men dating to her knees and began to scoop up mud and smear it on her body. "Don't pick it up," yelled Momma, "Roll in it." Target fell on her side tips for red headed men dating dating red men for tips headed and began to turn slowly in the mud and muck.

After she had rolled completely over three or four times and was covered from head to toe in the black tips for red headed men dating

tips for red headed men dating
slime, Momma yelled, 'That's good enough. Now let's see you rub that mud into your twat until you cum." Target lay back and put her hands between her tips for red headed men dating legs and slowly began rubbing herself. It wasn't until she looked over and saw the cameraman leaning against the fence obviously zooming in on a close up between her legs that suddenly she felt the heat rising within her. "Oh God!" she said aloud, "How can I be turned on by this. Having someone make of video of me doing this is turning me on! Knowing that this could be on the internet forever is taking me to orgasm.

What have I become?" Soon she was chanting an answer to headed red men her dating for tips own question, loudly yelling, "Slut..., Slut..., Slut..., Slut..., Slut..., Slut..., Slut...," in time with the rhythm of her hands until her chant turned into a wail and she arched her back high into the air with her hands held tightly over her clit. What seemed like a long time later, her body began to relax. As her muscles released, tips for red headed men dating her heels slipped suddenly in the mud, and she slapped back down into the muck and lay there breathing heavily. As she lifted her head to see what was happening, she could see a blue van pulling out onto the gravel road and speeding away. Target slowly lifted her sore body up out of the pig wallow and walked over

tips for red headed men dating
toward the barn looking for a hose or something to wash the filth from her body. = = = = = = = = Three days later Mary Morrison received a package by special messenger that had been relayed through two other special messenger companies. It was a finished video disk and several disks of raw video. She sat down with a glass of wine to watch what she hoped would be exactly what she asked for. Big Momma and her video team had captured tips for dating much older men every detail of everything that was done to The Target. Mary replayed the final images of Target masturbating in the pig wallow several times, finally letting it play as she stroked herself to a very tips for red headed men dating satisfying orgasm. Mary watched as the names of the cameraman and video editors were scrolled across the screen like at the end of a major motion picture. When the credits ended, Big Momma appeared on the screen. She was looking straight at the camera as she spoke. "I've done some weird shit for weird people in my life," she began, "but Mary, you are the weirdest. I know you checked me out very carefully before you hired me, but I checked you out just as carefully. I was impressed tips for red headed men dating
tips for red headed men dating
by how you made it impossible for anyone to trace anything back to you. I never would have found you tracing things back, but once you gave me the name of The Target, I traced things forward when I checked her out." Momma smiled and looked directly into the camera, "I knew who you were from before I filmed you ing yourself with that dildo on your apartment balcony." Mary gasped as she watched Big Momma speak directly to her. Momma's eyes were now looking directly into Mary's tips for red headed men dating eyes. "You planned your fantasy vacation very carefully from the moment where The Target - you - were pulled into my van, to the final scene where I dumped you tips for red headed men dating tips for red headed men dating tips for red headed men dating into the pig pen at your grandmother's farm." Momma smiled a broad smile. I know you rent out the land, but use the buildings as a vacation retreat. I also know that you won a whole lot more money in that lottery than people think you did.

You bought two tickets with different big ball numbers when you were on that business trip to Pennsylvania. The other was the full jackpot that you claimed through a dummy corporation in another state." Mary sat mesmerized by what she was seeing and hearing on the screen. Big Momma continued, "I know you can afford it, but honey, don't waste your money setting this up again with somebody else. If you tips for red headed men dating want to go back up to the Wicked Whip, just give me a call. I'll pick you up and take you up there any weekend. Hell, I'll even tips for red headed men dating tie you up and make you ride naked in the back with a dildo buzzin in both holes - no charge." The camera zoomed in a little tighter on Momma's face. Her voice became softer, "And if you lose two more times, I'll buy your sorry ass so you can be my personal slave all of the time. I ain't quiet as rich as you are, but honey, I am just as kinky and I know I could outbid anyone else there except you." Big Momma laughed. You tips for red headed men dating tips for red headed men dating told the people at that office you work at that you were going on a one- month fantasy vacation. That was almost true, but your fantasy - so far - dating men for headed red tips has only lasted one weekend." A phone number appeared on the bottom of the screen. "Give me a call and we can find something else to do with the next

tips for red headed men dating
tips for red headed men dating three weeks... and maybe even longer than that." Mary picked up the remote and reset the video back to the scene in the pig pen. While it was playing, she brought up her email program and opened the draft letter of resignation that she had written but never sent after she found out that she had been a big winner
tips red dating men for headed
tips for red headed in men dating
the lottery. Then, watching herself masturbating in the mud, she picked up her phone and called Big Momma. = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = END OF STORY = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = “I don’t know how they do it, honestly.” “What do you mean?” “Keep up the secrecy. These women are nothing but strippers and prostitutes, selling themselves for money. What I’m saying is, I really don’t know how they can keep it a secret.” “You think people in their life don’t know?” “I don’t know how they could, who would be associated with someone like that? I don’t know Mary, I can’t even believe we’re talking about this right now.” My best friend in the whole world was sitting in front of me at my kitchen table, sipping her tea and going on and on about something she really knew nothing about. Truth is, it was something I didn’t know anything about either up until a few months ago. Which tips for red headed men dating I guess is really where I should be starting this story, but there was something about this particular conversation that brought back some of the feelings I used to have tips for red headed men dating myself on the subject. Not to mention she was the one who told me to check online for some extra work. It really feels like a lifetime ago that I tips for red headed men dating stumbled across the ad while I was looking for work online. Paul, my husband of almost 20 years passed away suddenly the summer before last from a heart attack and tips for red headed men dating I really got myself behind on all the bills while mourning him.

No one blamed me, and even had a lot of help offered to me from friends and family, tips for red headed men dating on both mine and Paul’s side. In hind sight I suppose I could have taken the help, I could have even asked for it now. I’ve always been men tips red for dating headed an independent type of girl and I was sure I could get by on my own. A year later and I was finally starting to come out of the haze tips for red headed men dating from losing the love of my life. I’d returned to my job as the science teacher at the local high school, but it was becoming clear that one income wasn’t going to be enough to support not only myself, but my 18 year old son Peter as well. He had his sights set on going to college next men tips for red headed dating fall and I really didn’t’ want to have to tell him he’d have to wait until I had enough money saved up. Luckily Paul and I had started

tips for red headed men dating
a fund for it a couple years back, but it was still a far cry from tuition. So anyways here I was, a 41 year old widow surfing the internet for red men dating headed tips job postings on the PC in my husband’s old office, hoping to find a way to send my kid to college. Having practically walked into my teaching job out tips for red headed men dating tips for red headed men dating
tips for of red headed men dating
college I’d never had to go on a job search before and didn’t really know where to start. My best friend, Joyce, told me to try some of the local job posting sites first and also gave me a list of some other ones to check out.

I pecked away at the keys, yawning, rubbing my eyes tips for red headed men dating tips for red headed men dating gay dating tips for older men and tightening up my robe, scrolling down a list of relevant jobs. There were a few for substitutes, some home schooling gigs, tutor work, and even some foreign jobs teaching english.

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