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She then stops massaging her left breast and moves it down to join her other hand. As she continues to rub the spot above her opening she pushes two fingers inside herself. To start with the girl moves them in and out very slowly but then increases the speed. Within minutes the girl is bucking her hips and yelling profanity. It then azdg dating sites in the world azdg dating sites in happens the world thazdg dating sites in e world the world she climaxes and her juices pour out of her. Then she does something incredibly repulsive the two fingers the girl had been using to bring herself to climax scoops up some azdg dating sites in the world of the juices and then sucks them into her mouth. I turn the TV off as fast as I can, what a freak but I can’t help noticing a tingling sensation azdg dating sites in the world azdg dating sites in the world azdg dating sites in the world and my heart rate is well up. Better go to bed, This time as I slide my panties down the wet spot is much larger, I will need to go to the doctors first thing Monday to find out what is wrong. As I lie in bed I can not help but picture how happy that girl looked, I start rubbing my nipples and world the sites dating azdg in massaging my breasts like the girl on TV, I can see how she might have enjoyed it and my nipples begin to harden and become more sensitive. I push my pyjama bottoms down and try and find the spot the girl was rubbing. I found it, its so AMAZING I rub faster and harder and then just like the girl on TV I move dating sites azdg the world in my other latest dating sites in the world hand down as I insert them into myself and start to have with my own hand an image comes into my head, it is Rachel and her see through white azdg dating sites shirt in the worldazdg dating sites in rong> the world, what would it be like to massage her breasts, then another image I picture myself like the girls in the the night before licking and sucking Rachel with her hot, soft azdg dating sites in the world azdg dating sites in the world azdg dating sites in the world and sweaty body pushed against mine. My hips buck and I lose control of many of my muscles as I climax for the first time in my 30 year life and my azdg hand dating sites in the worldazdg dating sites in the world ong> is now covered in my own juices. I lie in bed thinking about what I just did and feel so guilty for my thoughts. I am not religious but I was brought up on strong morals and what I just did was wrong. The biggest problem was I enjoyed every second of it and I still can not get the thought of licking Rachel in her most private of places. Then a strong urge comes over me, I wonder what I taste like, it was so wrong and disgusting but I couldn’t help but find out just this once, I stick out my tongue and bring my fingers to my lips.

Hmm not as bad as I thought it would be kind of like sweet and tangy potato chips with a bit of salt. I sucked what was left on my fingers and scooped up some more. That morning when I woke up I remember my dream

azdg dating but sites in the worldazdg dating sites in the world h6> it’s a haze and blur of passionate love making with the new girl from next door. I shake the sleep from my eyes, I go bring the paper inside before azdg dating sites in the world azdg dating sites in the world azdg dating sites in the world azdg dating sites in the world the sprinklers turn on and have a shower. As I am drying myself the door bell rings, I continue to dry myself as I walk to the door through the hall and as I start to wrap myself in the towel I call “Coming” The door opens and I fumble to try and wrap myself in the towel as fast as I can the dating azdg in world sites azdg dating sites in but the world<sites in world azdg dating the /i> in my rush I some how manage to drop it instead and it takes me an extra couple of seconds to cover myself.

I look up to see Rachel looking into my eyes “I am so sorry I thought you said come in” The tension in the room could have been cut with a knife and I try to push my embarrassment to the side but even as I tell her it is okay these things happens I can feel my burning cheeks obviously very flush. I tell her to make her self at azdg dating sites in the world world azdg in dating the sites azdg dating home sites in the world and ask her to maybe make us a coffee as I get changed.

As I am changing into a clean summer dress covered in little flowers I wonder what Rachel thought of my body. It could not have been a worse angle, an older woman crouching in a hurry to cover herself muscles contorting as I pick up towel as fast as azdg dating sites in the world azdg dating sites in the world azdg dating sites in the world I can. Oh boy and she would have seen my thick black bush, that is it I will shave it next chance I get.

I put my hair up in a pony tail and go join Rachel in the kitchen for a cup of coffee. We decide to take my car to the next town which is a 20 minute drive, it has to azdg dating sites in the world the dating azdg sites world in be one of the most annoying roads in the world, the speed limit changes continuously and there new dating sites for the deaf are so many hills and slopes to climb with a thousand pot holes but eventually we make it. Rachel does one of those coughs, the kind to get your attention, when I turn to look at her she gestures with her head to my crotch. I look sites in the dating world azdg sites in down dating azdg the world to see my dress has ridden its way all the way up it must have been from working the clutch and brakes so much. I grab a fist of the fabric

azdg dating sites push in the world the hem down as fast as I can, too fast in fact that I managed to free my breasts revealing to Rachel my pink and white bra. I adjust myself so azdg dating sites in the world azdg dating sites in the world the azdg in dating world sites I am presentable and turn to Rachel. “It is not your day is it?” “No I guess not” As we walk towards the mall Rachel shocks me by telling azdg dating sites in the me world she thinks that not shaving of my pubic hair was an admirable thing to do, so many woman these days conform to impress men with hairless pussies making them look like little girls. I think to myself well if Rachel likes it then I will not shave it. Then she manages to shock me even more by explaining that she could not help azdg dating sites in the world azdg dating sites in the world azdg dating sites in but the world notice the wet patch on my panties and that the continuous bumps and vibrating from the poor road had made her a little horny too. I didn’t know if azdg dating sites in the world I should be embarrassed or relieved then I settled for both. The younger woman may have seen her panties and the large wet spot that had developed but at least she no azdg dating sites in the world azdg dating sites in the world longer needed to go to the doctors to find out what the problem was. This still confused her though she had driven on that road a thousand times and had never gotten azdg dating as sites in the worldazdg dating sites in g> the world Rachel put it horny, the only factor that was different was Rachel. As they walked around the mall for the next couple hours just window shopping for the moment they decided azdg dating sites in to the world get something to eat. Both girls just got a salad and sat down to eat their lunch. “I was meaning to ask if you are okay I heard some yells azdg dating sites in the world azdg dating sites in the world azdg in world sites dating the
azdg dating sites in the world
from your place last night” I could feel my face go bright red. “I umm, I ahh, I was just….” “No worries I understand” Oh crap this young girl sites dating azdg the in world azdg almost dating sites in the
azdg dating sites in world the worlworld in azdg sites d
the dating 10 years her junior knew she had been using herself for ual pleasure. “Hey do you know what I always wanted to do?” I shook my head in response waiting for her reply. “Go into an adult shop, all my toys were bought online.” I sat there I could not believe this girl, the conversation had become so taboo azdg dating sites in the world so quickly I mean what happened to talking fashion and celebrity gossip.

Before I knew what was happening Rachel was dragging me into the adult shop we passed earlier. I hope none of my friends see this being dragged into a shop by a younger girl rumours in small towns can be big problems. Inside I was very surprised it wasn’t dark and azdg dating sites in the world dingy or smelly or filled with creepy old guys. It was a well laid out shop with books, DVD cases and a walls were neatly covered with gadgets and gizmos evenly spaced azdg dating sites in the each world with there own particular spot. Rachel led me around the shop and asked me what toys I normally used. I looked at her with a look of serious doubt then

dating world in azdg the sites
replied “well to be honest last nigh was the first time I ever did something like that and it was the first time I ever orgasmed.” She looked like she azdg dating sites in the world was about to start laughing but then a large grin came across her face and her eyes filled with a look of jubilation. She then hurried around the shop picking 5 different azdg dating sites in the world azdg dating sites in the world boxes of the walls.

As Rachel was going around the shop picking these out I decided to wonder through the DVD section. There were all kinds of movies, girl on girl, boy azdg dating sites in the world on girl, boy on boy, gang bangs, grannies, anal the list went on and on.

It did not take Rachel long to come back with her pile of things and handed them azdg dating sites in the world azdg dating sites in the world to me with the words “buy these” Then I got worried when she said what a great idea you should get a movie to watch too, she started asking questions but azdg dating sites in the world she could see the look of concern on my face and she stopped. She told me it was okay these days to explore ones uality that even a straight woman such as azdg you dating sites in the world can watch a lesbian graphic movie, or even a male homoual movie, they are made to be watched.

She left me alone to pick a movie while she waited out the front. I ended up choosing a movie called cougars seducing teen cubs. I paid for all the toys and the movie and was a little surprised by how expensive it all was.

I left the shop with my discreet bag and went to find Rachel. She was in a brassier shop, I went over and joined her, I had been in the shop before azdg dating sites in the world

azdg dating sites in the world
and knew my way around.

I headed to my normal area just your run of the mill bras nothing fancy much like the bra I had on now white with a pink pattern over the cups and trim. After all a bra is functional and nobody ever saw them, well apart from in the car today. I looked over to where Rachel was, in a much more risky area with corsets, bustiers and even half cup and open bras. Rachel walked over to the change rooms which were around a corner out the way of azdg dating sites in the world prying eyes, I soon joined her I was surprised to see she hadn’t gone in yet. She said that she liked my choices but then asked me if I had any azdg dating sites in the underwear world I wore when I wanted to feel y. I shook my head and she passed me a couple of pieces she had picked out for me. We got changed in separate cubicles and then joined each other in the little adjoining space to complement each other. I almost creamed on the spot when I saw her she was wearing the most beautiful matching pair of panties and bra I had ever seen. I just wanted to go over and take them off her as slowly and carefully as possible and then rub the soft red azdg dating sites lace in the world against my skin while I kissed her. I soon became very self conscious of my own body as Rachel began looking me up and down and told me to turn around. I did as she told me and she said she loved it; it is a black and red corset with long black elbow length gloves. I was flattered by her complements and azdg dating sites in the world was surprised that I had managed to tie up the laces by myself. After changing again and looking around the shop once more we bought our new underwear and left. On the drive home I was more carful with the hem of my dress but being so close to Rachel in an enclosed space was making me wet again. When we pulled into my azdg world dating in the drive sites we agreed to have some coffee together before work tomorrow. I ate some tea and did some house work but all I could think of was trying my new toys. Eventually my curiosity got the best of me and I went and emptied the bag on the kitchen table. What the hell are these things Wireless egg, Magic wand, the vibrating nipple azdg dating sites in the world azdg dating sites in the world clamps scare me too much to even think of trying them, something called a cone which looked like a pyramid and then something that I knew what to actually do with a azdg dating sites in the world small non intimidating vibrator. Well I didn’t want to or know how to use any of the other strange toys other then the small, smooth, metallic vibrator. I lied down in azdg dating sites in the world azdg dating sites in the world bed and got naked, pressed play and watch as an older woman probably around my age began seducing a younger girl around the same age as Rachel. As I watched the movie azdg dating sites in the world azdg dating sites in the world I turned the vibrator on and rubbed it against my clit dating sites all over the world changing the setting to a random pulse. As the movie continued I thought about Rachel and what she was doing now, azdg dating sites in the world listening to the older woman teach the young girl how to make love and their moans began to mix with my own. Every time I thought about Rachel my arousal spiked.

I stop rubbing my clit and slowly push the metal vibrator inside my very wet pussy.

I gradually increase the power setting but my fingers have become clumsy and instead of turning the dial at the base slightly I slip and turn it from 3 to 10, I shudder and squirm and a silent scream forms in my lips. Once the powerful orgasm subsides I azdg dating sites in the world azdg dating withdraw sites in the world the vibrator as fast as I can. I start to catch my breath and think of Rachel but unlike the other times my arousal does not fade. I start rubbing my clit again and massage my breast with my free hand. I work myself up to a second orgasm and this time it is much weaker and less of a surprise instead of azdg dating sites in the world the silent scream of shock I yell a loud AGHHHH and collapse in the sheets as I see the two women in the movie comforting each other. As I drift of to azdg dating sites in the world the world sites azdg dating in sleep I know that Rachel is in her bed and if she heard my scream of pleasure she knows what caused it. That morning as I’m getting ready to go sites world the in dating azdg over and see Rachel for our cup of coffee the phone rings. It was Rachel telling me she has been called into work early but wants to see if I would like azdg dating sites in the world to go out for tea. I suggest a nice little family run restaurant and tell her I will pick her up from work at six when she has finished. As 4:30 approaches I start to get ready for tea and decide to try on the corset I bought yesterday it would be nice to go out and have people complementing me for my nice figure even if it wasn’t my true shape. I did the straps as tight as I could causing me suck in my stomach and lift up and spread my breasts. Maybe azdg dating sites I would in the world put on some of my expensive perfume too and do my make-up properly instead of my usual lip balm and a little mascara. I put on my nice formal world the azdg in dating black sites dress with one of the length cuts to reveal my right calf. Finally I done on a nice pair of black leather high heals and pick up my handbag. Just before azdg dating sites in the world I leave on impulse I undo my pony tail and let my hair fall around my shoulders.

I pull up out the front of the café that Rachel works at and she is standing there still in her work clothes and holding a bag. She gets in the back seat and tells me she didn’t have time to change so she will do azdg dating it sites in the world on the way there. I can’t help but watch her in the revision mirror, her soft white body is so beautiful. I am a little disappointed when she covers up her white cotton panties and bra but the lovely silk white dress with its very revealing chest line stopped my mental complaints. Her first day of work appeared to be very uneventful apart from the boss stumbling and dropping a plate of soup on one of the customers.

We continued to complement each others outfits and she told me she liked my hair azdg dating sites in the world azdg dating sites in but the world preferred it in a pony tail so she could see my pretty face more clearly. It was during the main course that I almost choked to death when she asked me about the toys. I could feel my cheeks burning as I looked into her eyes and I could see her disappointment when I told her I was too afraid or confused to try anything other then the small metallic vibrator.

I was still a little hungry but not enough to eat an entire dessert so I suggested we share a piece of cake.

As we ate the chocolate cake together I told her how the cake tasted as sweet as she looked. When the bill came I paid for our meals california dating online service single and dating drinks and we walked back to my car. As we pulled into my drive way I asked her how about we have that coffee now. Rachel followed me inside and azdg dating sites in the world I started the kettle. We sat down and kept talking; it seemed we never ran out of things to say to each other. I got up as the kettle boiled and then dating sites azdg world went the inazdg dating sites in the world to the fridge to get the milk as I turned back around Rachel was standing right behind me, I dropped the milk as her lips pressed against mine.

It started like a normal kiss the kind you gave your mom as a kid but her lips parted and her tongue pushed against my lips. I slowly open my lips and our tongues start a slow practised dance. Her tongue was soft and warm and I could feel the heat in her body as my hand reached around her back and held her close to me. It azdg dating sites in the wordating sites the azdg world ld in was Rachel whom broke the kiss and she moved her mouth to my ear. “You know I could show you how to use those toys if you want.” We

sites world the azdg dating in
azdg dating sites in the world went upstairs leaving the water to cool and the milk to warm for the night. Once inside I went and collected the toys from the cupboard and returned them to the bed.

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