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"There is something I need to tell you, and it's not going to be easy." Carol paused, as if considering, and everyone remained silently waiting. "Some is dating a black man different is dating a black man different time ago, I realized that both my children were special. Not in the way all parents think their children are special, but in a more general, and unique way." is dating a black man different Minnie felt Adam take her hand in his, and noted how sweaty his palms were.

She was thankful for his consideration, however, and placed her other hand over his. "dating man is different black a I never told either of you about your father," Carol continued, and Minnie was confused. "I know you both joke about being test-tube babies, but I only ever saw him twice, and both times he... Well, he left me pregnant." Carol looked at both her children, meeting their eyes, and Minnie once again felt like an intruder in man a dating black different is is man a dating different black family business. "I didn't understand then how he was so easily able to disarm me, and have his way with me, until awhile back, when I saw you two making love together, and I... I wanted to join in, instead of stop you." She said this last in a rush. Nobody said a word, shocked and surprised, is dating a black despite man different what they all knew about each other, and what Carol was slowly revealing. "For days I stressed, and tried to understand my own feelings, until an idea hit man black different dating me isis dating a black man different a. What if it wasn't me?" Carol looked to Adam now, "I ran home and found one of your dirty socks, and stripped the sheets from your bed.

I is dating a black man different examined them both, and discovered something shocking." Carol once again paused, as she examined her tightly clasped hands in her lap.

So powerful, that they give an incredibly is dating a black man different strong reaction in any woman who catches a whiff of them." Carol looked back up, searching each of their eyes. "Are you saying that what we've been feeling is dating a black for man different each other is all because Adam creates pheromones that drive us crazy? We're not animals, to be controlled by our black comment dating man white woman lusts." April was vehement in her statements,

is dating a black man different
and Minnie wanted to agree, but she remembered when she had first met Adam. She had become horny the second he'd walked through the door. Yes he was is dating a an black man different extremely attractive man, but he was also younger than her. "The pheromones don't make you physically do anything. They do, however, make you extremely, er, horny, for the person creating them." "So, you're telling me that the reason you all are sleeping with me is because my body makes these pheromones?" Adam asked, and Minnie squeezed his hand in hers at the sound of the pain in his voice. "Pheromones may have made me horny for you, but it was you that made me love you," she told him, willing him to understand. He looked at her, and she noted the pain in his eyes, and pulled him into her embrace.

Regardless of what his body did to her crotch, it was his mind and heart that she loved. Minnie felt April join in on the hug, as she professed her love is dating a black as man different well. Minnie realized her cheeks were wet with tears, and didn't care as both woman cried with their man held between them. Minnie also noted that her is dating a black man different own feelings for April were the same, and told her so. April laughed through her tears, telling the brunette that she already knew, but that she loved her too. They is dating a black man different likely would have stayed like that forever, if Carol hadn't cleared her throat. "I'm not trying to tell you that what you're feeling, and I will admit that I feel the same, is not genuine, but I felt you should know everything. Especially considering the children you both bear." Minnie placed her hand protectively is dating a black man different over her abdomen. What about them?" There was no mistaking the fear in April's voice. "Your father made his own pheromones, as does your brother...

Once again, Minnie is dating a black man different found herself evaluating her feeling towards her dearest friend, only to find she didn't care. It didn't matter what had brought them to this point, the important is dating thing a black man different was that they were there now. It was Adam that put the pieces together, and Minnie mentally kicked herself for not having seen it herself. curse?" "Most men your age wouldn't think of it as a curse," Carol told her son. "But yes, there is almost no doubt that the child April carries will have the is dating a black man different is dating same a black man different genes, and likely the one Minnie carries too." "So you're telling me," April said, "that someday, our own children will likely seduce us with their own pheromones?" Minnie hadn't thought of that. She didn't know how she felt about the idea of sleeping with her own child. It was fine for her two lovers is dating a black man different to be siblings and do it, and she could accept that Adam and Carol had been together, but up till this point, she hadn't committed any incest herself. One that will hopefully either stop the production of the pheromones, or halt their effects on someone else." Carol swept her eyes along all of them before continuing. "I is dating a black man different know this is hard on all of you, but you need to know.

Well, not much of a man really, more like a complete douche bag asshole, but you is dating get a black man differa black dating different ent is man the idea. He stole the pheromones I had synthesized in order to study, and has been using them for his own ends." "Mom... Are you...?" Adam couldn't is dating a black man different seem to finish the sentence. "No, I seem to be immune to his advances, thankfully." Carol drew in a deep breath, and seemed to hesitate. The man that is is black dating different a man studying your babies is this same man." Minnie went numb.

The nice man that was going to pay for the pregnancy was the same man that had stolen Carol's work and was using it for his own ends? "What does he need to study us for, if he already has your work?" Minnie asked, as the thought occurred is black man different dating a

is dating a black man different
is dating a black man different to her. Carol explained how Harold's body seemed to become immune to the synthesized pheromones, and he wanted a way to make it permanent for himself, by studying their genes. Both younger women adamantly stated that they wouldn't go back, but Carol started to convince them otherwise. They were also helping with her research, and she
is dating a black man different
needed to hurry. It would all come to a head on Wednesday if she hadn't found a counter-agent by that time. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- JOURNAL NOTE: I can see that Harold is getting close to a solution.

I can only hope that I come up with one first, or we are all doomed. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- April was still sorting out is dating a black man different is dating a black her man different feelings, as her mother finished explaining the plan. Minnie and her would continue to get studied, and have their pregnancies paid for, while Carol would continue her research, is dating a black man and differa black man dating different is ent monitoring Harold's notes.

Her mother stood, and April almost giggled as everyone else stood at the same time. "Well, I'd better get back to work," she said, and April noticed that she didn't want her mother to leave just yet. "Why don't you stay for dinner?" Minnie asked, and April could have kissed is dating a black man different her. "All things considered, I don't know that me sticking around is such a good idea. My strong emotions have kept the pheromones in this house from overpowering me so far, but they can't last forever." April was about to answer when Minnie beet her to it again. "Would that be so bad?" To everybody's surprise, the glasses wearing brunette stepped up to the older woman, and placed her hand on her cheek. and relax?" Minnie drew her hand back, guiding Carol's face with it, till their lips met. Her mother let out a frustrated moan, before she capitulated and started returning the kiss. Looking to Adam, April noted that he was is dating a black man different just as shocked as she was. If they were the ones producing the pheromones, why was Minnie coming on to their mother? She soon realized she didn't care as she watched the two continue their kiss. Minnie's hands traveled down the older woman's back, till they landed of her tight rear. With a moan of is dating a black man different desire that was audible to all, Minnie pulled Carol tighter to her. Feeling a little left out, April looked to Adam, noticing that he was still staring in shock.

Leaning over, she grabbed the front of his shirt, and pulled him to her for a kiss of their own. Remembering what their mother had told them about Pheromones, is dating a black man different April took a deep breath as their kiss intensified, and did notice a discernable increase to the itch between her legs.

None of that really mattered though, as she is dating older black woman dating younger man a black man different is dating a black man different began working to get Adam's pants undone. The pheromones may have been what caused her to screw her brother in the first place, but not what made her is dating love a black man different him. With his pants off, April quickly removed her shirt, glad as always that she had stopped wearing bras when she was home, when she saw the hunger that covered her brother's face. He attacked her nipples hungrily, and the sensation seemed to drive a bolt straight to her pussy. The itch intensified, but she ignored is dating a black man different it for now; it would be satisfied soon enough. She let her hands fall to the back of his head, and hugged him to her, as he slavered over her tits. His hands worked at her skirt, and soon had it down to her ankles. Adam left off suckling her melons, and trailed kisses down her barely distended abdomen, to her already soaked crotch, as he moved her back to the couch.

She let out a deep moan of her own when she felt a few extra is dating a black man different ponds online dating his lips brush her inner labia a moment before his tongue dove into her. Another moan sounded, reminding her that they weren't alone in the is dating a black man different room, and April looked over to see that Minnie was completely nude now while Carol fondled the younger woman's smaller breasts. Carol's pants were on the floor, a is man different black dating and Minnie's hand was busy getting April's mother off. Minnie saw her looking, and winked seductively to her.

This started April's first orgasm of the night, is dating a black man different is dating a black and man different though it was a relatively small one, it still wracked her body with convulsions. April signaled for her friend to come over and join them, and Minnie did so, leading Carol by the crotch as she did so.

Minnie sat on April's face, while turning sideways and still playing with Carol. Adam's mouth worked its way back up to her chest, and she moaned into Minnie's cunt as his head bumped her clit, sending shivers of anticipation through her body. She lifted her is dating a black man different is dating a black man different legs wide in the air, and felt someone, likely her mother, grab her left foot and started sucking on her toes. No one had ever done this to her is dating a black man different before, and just as the rim of her brother's cock broke inside of her, she came hard. She soaked Adam's rod, and despite increasing her grip down there, his entry into her eased.

It only took a couple seconds for him to reach her innermost depths, intensifying her already strong orgasm. Her mouth was flooded by

is dating a black man different
Minnie's juices, as she too came from what April was doing for her. Minnie crawled off April, and got behind Adam, wrapping her arms around his torso, and reaching is dating a black man different down to play with April's clit. "You like ing your sister, don't you," April could just make out Minnie's words as her brother continued to slide is dating a black man different is dating a black man different his full length in and out of her. "How do you like the feel of my tits against your back, as your sister's pussy slides around your cock?"
is dating a black man If different
she said anything else, it was cut off as asian man dating black woman 20 Carol planted her snatch on her daughter's face. April reached up, and twisted her mother's nipples between is dating a black man different her fingers, while she sucked hard on the clit between her lips. Adam's prick and Minnie's fingers brought her to yet another orgasm (she couldn't remember having so many so quickly), and felt him slid out of her. As always, she felt empty inside, after having just felt so full only moments before. The emptiness between her legs was soon replaced by a mouth, that April realized had to be Minnie's, by the feel of the hair on her thighs.

April had to dating is different black man a admit that Minnie was better at this than her brother, though after some training, her brother was one of the best. Carol climbed off her daughter, and April saw black different a dating black dating man seeking white woman man is black is a different man dating Adam bending her over, and sliding into her from behind. Their mother's eyes rolled back into her head as he sank fully into her, and April wondered if is dating a black man different is dating a black man different is dating a black man different is dating a black man different she had the same look of lust on her face when her brother was between her legs. Her mother bent down even more, and used her hands to pull one of April's breasts to her mouth, grunting as Adam pounded into her. April closed her eyes, enjoying the sensations the two women were bestowing on her, as she felt Minnie start to slide her fingers inside her.

She started to buck her hips as she felt the brunettes full fist enter her, and start to open is dating a black man different is dating a black man different is dating a black man different is dating a black man different is dating a black man different and close. It seemed to hit all the right spots, and with that combined with her beautiful mother at her nipples, the world went white as she came harder is dating a black man different than ever before. Wave after wave of pure ecstasy beat against her body, driving it to new heights of bliss that she never knew existed or could be contained within the human body... As she finally came down, she realized that the room had changed again, as Minnie sat atop Adam's rod, riding him briskly. Carol was is dating a black man different is dating sitting a black man differis dating a black man different ent on her son's face, and leaning over to slobber over Minnie's pert breasts.

April let her hands drop down to her own hole, and slipped a is dating a black man different couple fingers inside with one hand, while using the other on her clit. She continued to watch the other three, until Minnie called out her own orgasm. A second later, Adam tried to announce that he was close, muffled slightly by Carol's crotch. To April's surprise, Carol forced Minnie off her son, and gobbled his huge a different man cock black is dablack different dating man is a ting into her mouth, licking up all the combined juices from all three women. This seemed to do it for her brother, and April brought herself off as she watched Adam shoot his wad deep into their mother's throat.

This in turn set Carol into another orgasm, as she shook and swallowed, and then shook some more. Throughout the night, the four coupled, till exhausted, they collapsed and slept. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PERSONAL NOTE: Success! I have figured out which genes control the production of pheromones, and have already devised how to get the genes into my system. It will be painful, to say the least, as I inject the required genes directly into my bone marrow. I should spend more time on testing, but there really isn't time.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shelly sat at her desk, completely stunned by what Adam had just told her. Everything is that dating a black man diffeis dating a black man different rent had happened was because he produced some sort of super powerful pheromones? She wanted to believe that she had been in control the whole time, but looking back man different is black dating a is dating a black man different on how things had played out over the last while, she could easily see how it could be true, and how she had deluded herself. She had given up is man dating different a black everything but her career for him.

Because she had thought that she loved him, but to find that it had all just been a chemical reaction, just seemed too cruel. With tears streaming down her cheeks, Shelly fled from her lover, knowing that he wasn't done talking to her. Fled from the man that even now, even is dating a black man different is dating a black man different knowing the truth, she wanted to run to, and be held.

She wanted to go back and feel his arms around her, and his stiff meat inside her. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PERSONAL NOTE: My whole body aches. Those needles are HUGE, and the pain of them drilling into so many places at once was nearly unbearable. I couldn't walk is dating a black man different for a whole day afterwards, and was warned to take things lightly today, but I am just so excited. The only real question I have right now is: should is dating a black man different I wait till my meeting, or start having fun immediately? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Harold knocked on the door to the CEO's office. He was still in a bit of pain

is dating a black man different
from the procedure, but he was confident in its success.

He had already noticed what few women were around, with the noted exception of Carol, glancing at him in is dating a black man different dating different a is black man desire. He would no longer need to worry about becoming immune to it, because he WAS it. The only cloud he felt now, hanging over him, was that slight smile Carol had given him before she left for her slut son's graduation. Well, he thought, I hope you enjoy ing your own son every day you are unemployed.

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