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“ yes!” I screamed, and that was the last intelligible thing I said as everything else that sounded in my throat, and passed my lips were a series of primal grunt screams and moans. When I finally calmed down from my messy sticky climax, I was clinging to Alex for dear life, and he had his arms wrapped tightly about dating why women like bad boys my waist with his finger spread wide to grip the very tops of my ass cheeks.

Since he had shot off up in his room not long before, he had not cum yet, and to be honest I was glad for that. I wanted more of him, and the feeling his steely prick still buried deep in my hole was more then dating why women like bad boys enough for me to feel hungry for more of his sweet ing. Quickly I got up from his lap and heard his cock slip out of my cunt with a juicy dating why women like plop bad boys, and dropped back to my knees before his licking hungrily at his rigid shaft tasting my spent orgasm with every lash of my tongue. Then I stood up and bent over the back of the sofa with my knees firmly planted on the seat cushions. “Come on Alex!” I began, “Come me like a bitch in heat!” dating why I couldn’t women like bad boys believe how I was talking, and I guess at that time I was a bitch in heat. I was my brother’s bitch in heat, and I sorely dating why women needed like bad boys him to the ever loving shit out of me. Needless to say Alex did not hesitate as he quickly got behind me, and began to run the fat head who dating why women like bad boys

dating why women like bad boys
boys dating like women bad is why singer of mya harrison dating his glisten cock along the slit of my dripping pussy. When he found the opening he gripped me by my wide hips and slammed every hard thick inch into me.

I instantly screamed in pleasure, as I felt my drenched hole filled once more by that beautiful stick. Then my brother began to hammering my cunt

why dating women boys bad like
from behind with all he had in him. “Like this?” He grunted out from between thrusts. “You want me to you like this?” “ yes!” I exclaimed as I felt and heard his the front of his thighs and hips pounding against the fleshy mounds of my ass, his ball sack was slapping at my clit, and I dating why women like bad boys was lost in to moment. It was then that Alex took two fist full of my long black hair in his hands and gave me the cunt pounding I was begging for. I didn’t know which way was up or down, all I knew was that I had never been so stuffed with cock in all my ual life, nor had like why boys women dating bad I ever had a guy slam it to me the way Alex was. All I could do at that time was to shove my ass back to meet his jack hammering thrust with the rapid staccato of our union sounding in my ears with me gasping and screaming in pure bliss.

I came hard once again after about five minutes of him boys women like why bad dating using my cunt as his person hole, but he didn’t stop. He just kept hammering at my pussy with all he had in him. “ Mandy, I’m going to cum.” Alex groaned out, and I was so ready to feel him fill me with his thick jets of cock nectar. Shoot it in me, fill my cunt with your dating why women like bad boys cum!” I called out with a horse voice, and then I felt him shove all his cock into me and the shaft swelling inside me. With a deep groan Alex began to pump his fresh load of cum deep inside of me. That sent me off into outer space with me cumming hard for a third time, my cunt clamping down around the shaft of his convulsing cum spewing dick. Time and time again his meat pumped his seed inside, and I knew that it sealed us together for the rest of our lives. I don’t know how long he came inside of me, and when I came to Alex was lazily seated next to me on the sofa. His was slowly deflating, and pubic hair was matted with our combined cum. His chest was heaving from the forbidden we had just shared, and I collapsed beside him. I could feel the bad boys on line adult dating steady ebb of his nut juice leaking out of me as I leaned against him putting my head on his slightly sweaty chest. “I love you Alex.” I said in a women why bad like dating boys half whisper. It was as loud as I could talk since I was screaming so much that my throat was now sore. “I love you too Sis.” Alex said dating why women like back bad boys as he began to comb his fingers through my hair. **** There is more to tell, but for now this will be the end. Perhaps one day I will write dating why women like bad boys more of my love for my younger brother, and how we expressed that love for one another.

Until then, however this will be the end of part one to our ual dating like bad women boys why dating why women like bad boys dating why women like bad boys dating why women like bad boys saga. Things got really complicated this time and this chapter almost didn't make it. It should be bigger, longer, but I decided to post it before it took an even longer time to post and ended up never doing so. I'm also not promising anything related to a date for the next chapter because, now, I'm thinking about releasing it as soon as possible, but I know it doesn't work like that. Here goes some considerations: - As I said too many times before, even if it has good conventional scenes, this series is meant to get darker as it goes. - I'm not an English speaker and I know I make a lot of mistakes, but I have dating why women like bad boys dating why women like bad boys no one to proof-read for me in time to post, cause I'm really busy and the only time I have I write and I post, so, sorry for any mistake dating why women like bad boys or error. - All the characters follow the stipulated by the site in what regards to character's age. ***WARNING*** What follows is a fictional story which has focus on slavery and rape, but not made to offend anyone. If you feel offended by kidnapping, raping, humiliation or torture of any kind, please, quit reading. Cheers, A2O *** Chapter IX It was inebriating, like bad dating why boys women dating why women like bad boys dating why women like bad boys the way I felt. The piercing pain that she was now feeling, in a so, so sensitive place, it broke her.

I could ask her to do anything in exchange of taking that thick needle out of her poor nipple. I could keep that going for hours if I wanted, I could do anything I wanted, not having to get her ready

bad boys why women dating like
for anything!

I could pierce her other nipple the same way, straight through it and inside her breast; also I could put them to use, wire them, and electrocute her. It would be a hell of a show, as should be anything I had planned next... Stretch her holes with my fists or making her sit in something larger, stick nettle leafs dating why women like bad boys dating why women like bad boys inside of her, burn her with wax, fill her with cold water...

The list was endless and, still, I wasn't totally fulfilled.

I inhaled deeply, savoring what I heard, what I saw, her eyes fixed on the other needle I had in my hand... I watched her intently as something felt wrong, out of place. I should be the target of her fear, I should be her everything, not just the man abusing her, torturing her. Not even befriending Gabrielle, the most capable and complete woman I had ever known had changed that! So a pair of expecting, frightened bright and grayish blue eyes came to mind and the answer was right there: Erika. It infuriated me, the thought that I had let that little immigrant change me somehow… I couldn't even punish her for that. I stepped forward, Candy cringed even more, screaming her guts out. I promise!" And she just got dating why women like bad boys louder when I grabbed her left breast and pointed the needle horizontally at the top of her nipple. DOOOON'T!" It didn't stop me of course and just like the first, the second needle came in, like I was piercing a big and soft pin cushion, with a damn big needle. AHHHHHHHHHH!" She just screamed and screamed as I slowly pushed the needle in, first inch, than the second. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" She trembled all over, her eyes terrified, looking down to that piece of steel sticking out of her. It was stages of dating dating why women like bad boys ideas and early a shame she couldn't see the other thin line of blood rolling down the beautiful skin of her breast. "This..." I said taking a step back and dating why women like bad boys releasing her breast. "This is what you mean to me, something to play with. You will have to earn it." She women that like it doggie dating kept looking down, breathless, letting her weight fall on her stretched arms, hanging. Her slender legs shaking and forced apart by the spreader bar cuffed to her ankles, her toes barely touching the floor. "You will need to look at me when I talk to you." I said stepping forward again and she startled, what was beautiful to watch. Candy gasped and her pierced breasts bounced, the two needles swinging in the dating why women like bad boys air and she trembled so hard I thought she would convulse. W-Wait!" She managed to beg as I leaned slightly forward. I went for her reddened pussy, punished by my whip women dating why boys like bad less than fifteen minutes ago, and I forced two of my fingers in, pushing them up with so much strength that her toes weren't touching the ground anymore, and I dating why women like bad started boys finger ing her. Me!" I said punctuating the words with harsher thrusts and she looked me deep in the eyes, like she was finally getting sucked into my world, seeing dating why women like bad boys dating why women like bad boys the devil in me for the first time. She was just shocked, widen baby blue eyes and tears.

"I'm the one who is torturing you, not the needles, not

dating why women like bad boys
my whip, not my fingers! Here!" I yelled pointing to my dark green eyes with my fingers who weren't busy assaulting her insides. Her hips tilted up by my fingers, hooked dating why women like bad boys inside of her, forcing against the upper wall of her pussy, they slipped roughly in and out of her, but it wasn't enough. Not stopping the movement, I managed to dating why women like bad boys force a third one in.

Not contracting them together, I kept them parallel, horizontal, forcing her to stretch sideways. "GWAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAA…" The yelp she gave me at first was beautiful but, as dating why women like bad boys the ravaging went on, it lost its sound. Her mouth kept open in an mute "O", dribble and tears soaking her pretty but distorted face, her eyes locked in mine for some instants until they rolled back and the only thing I could hear from her were her sharp and uneven breath and some guttural noises. Her head fell, rocking like the dating why women like bad boys rest of her body following the rhythm of my merciless thrusts, but her legs started to shake terribly as she was reaching the most improbable orgasm yet. Taking the chance of dating why women like bad boys dating why women like bad boys dating why seeing women like bad boys that amazing scene coming to life, I gave up forcing my fingers so fiercely in and focused on pushing them up against her g-spot and gaining speed. The girl started dating why women like bad boys dating why women like bad boys to have spasms, her insides were getting more and more wet and her breath was getting faster and faster. At that rate she would faint soon, I just hoped that she

dating why women like bad boys
would come before that happened. Five seconds later, I had my hand and forearm bathed by her, while she gave me a painful and sharp cry. Candy was orgasming and squirting,
dating why women like bad boys
while having her body hung in a terrible position, her beautiful breasts pierced deeply and my fingers ravaging her poor pussy, supporting all her weight in that single spot. I kept my fingers moving and, after each thrust, a little more of her juices spilled from her entrance while the girl howled indiscernible things at me. I kept it going for as dating why women like bad boys dating why women like bad boys long as I could and only stopped when her voice fled again and I noticed she was becoming numb, loosing conscience.

I quickly took my fingers out of her and, stepping forward, I took her in one arm, passing it under her butt and supporting her, as my other hand went for her nape.

Slowly now." I tried, but she was still fighting dating why women like bad her boys orgasm, her breathing was erratic, faulting dangerously while her face became paler by the time. I slapped her face, tried to bring her back, not to keep the torture but dating why women like bad boys to be sure she wouldn't die. She was still trembling all over and spasming, but she couldn't breathe. Candy, breathe for me and I'll take those needles out of you, come on!" Now my heart was racing. I was terrified of losing her but, differently from when something similar happened to Erika, I loved that. Candy had stepped up from being just another toy to something really interesting. "Come on!" I took her by the chin and forced her lost eyes to focus on mine. It was exciting to see

dating why women like bad boys
some red marks mixed with her juices on my fingers. I started to breathe out loud, slowly, my nose touching hers. Little by little those baby blue orbs came back to dating why women like bad boys life and she started reacting, slowly recovering her ability to breathe. I gave her some time, kept her close but not so much so my chest wouldn't force the needles dating why women like bad boys dating why women like bad boys deeper inside her breasts. When her breath started to sound a little more confident, I let go of her face and started massaging her back, while her head fell softly over my shoulder. Being a man of my word, I subtly ran my hand from her back to her front and, without notice; I took out the needle of her left breast. She dating why women like bad boys let out a high pitched gasp and then she fell in a sorrowful whimper, not removing her head from my shoulder. Apart from the way she cringed when I took why dating women boys like bad dating why women like bad the boys needle out, her body was absolutely limp.

"Do you want to take the other needle out by yourself?" I asked, and she slightly shook her head.

"Ok, be ready dating why women like bad boys then." I reached for the other needle and, differently from what I thought, she didn't cringe in advance nor showed any sign of reaction, other from the loud wail when dating why I pulled women like bad boys it out. At that moment I didn't regret at all spending all that money buying that girl.

Holding her tightly now, I unbuckled her wrists and carried her dating why women like bad boys to the torture table, just to unfasten the spreader bar on her ankles and soon I was just savoring the moment, the view. Her messy blonde hair, her relaxed but clearly women dating boys like bad why exhausted face, while she breathed deeply from her mouth and her chest heaved. Her breasts had one or two thin blood lines below her nipples, which didn't even seemed to dating why women like bad boys be pierced so deeply now. I couldn't believe how things could change so much in one's head in such a short period of time. Now I was absorbed in how happy I was at that moment. Some minutes ago I'd be really pissed about it, because I loved the fight, I wanted her to fight and scream every time boys bad like why dating women I punished her, but I knew deep in my mind that I had broken her. It was obvious by the way dating women who like to masterbate she kept her eyes closed and just rested in front dating why women like bad boys of me, over my wooden table, knowing that I was there. "Candy girl, can you bend your legs for me?" I asked gently, looking at her from two steps away. She opened her puffy eyes a little, looking at me with the most convincing pleading face I'd ever seen. Then she beautifully tried to move her legs, which trembled terribly and dating why women like bad boys fell back on the table. Pleas-se..." I approached her and she cringed, closing her eyes and crying even more. I took her reddened cheek on my palm and caressed it. I'dating why women like bad boys m proud of you." Her eyes were on mine again, confused, and I explained: "You're making progress, girl.

You have that in you, Candy, and now I'm sure I can dating why women like bad boys make you enjoy your staying here. You just have to let me." Her pupils dilated, her breathe became audible again, it was the truth sinking in and it was beautiful to watch the magic happening.

Not saying anything, I took her in my arms and led her to the bathroom. I put her sitting in a chair to wait for me to get the bathtub ready and, apart from the trembling, she didn't move. Just watched as intently as she could while fighting the obvious exhaustion she felt. I thought I had reached my limit of vanilla pleasures with Erika, but giving Candy a bath proved to be absurdly pleasurable too, in a very different way, but it was. It was more than dating why women like bad boys attending to the wounds of a broken bird. It was as if I was raping her for the first time, all over again, it was an invasion of her privacy. When dating why women like bad boys I got to take care of her nipples, while she sat over my lap, she groaned so nicely that I had to hold her close. She swayed her head from side dating why women like bad boys to side in sweet agony and, when she noticed I was enjoying that and I wasn't going to stop playing with her hurt nipples, she laid her head on my left shoulder and cried on my neck. I could feel the reflection of my every move directly from the way she trembled, the way she agonizingly rubbed her thighs together, like her body beautifully screamed at me to stop… However, there was pleasure in it. I could hear it clearly on her voice and notice it through the various tiny spasms she gave me. If Candy wasn't a born masochist, at least she had a vein for luxury strong enough to make her reach climaxes like that even in so much pain.

I was good at what I did, I knew that, but even I couldn't pull something like that, make an amateur like her to squirt like that, much less through torture.

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